BenchTest 2.0 released with Claris FileMaker Performance Lab Meeting

24U Software introduces BenchTest 2.0, a performance testing tool used to compare performance of various development techniques with different versions of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server as well as different hardware and OS configurations. The free performance testing tool now allows for scoring specific FileMaker client-server configuration performance and comparing it to others.

The main addition to the tool is a standard set of 111 performance tests that allow anyone to easily perform the same pre-defined test set to compare their configuration's performance with the reference laboratory equipment and calculate the performance score of the configuration being tested. The performed test results are automatically published on the BenchTest web page, and then sorted by the calculated score. 24U will also host a FileMaker Performance Lab online meeting to discuss BenchTest and FileMaker performance testing and optimization techniques. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, the 27th of October 2021 at 8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM GMT / 17:00 CEST. BenchTest 2.0 is offered as a Free Trial and can be downloaded from their Website.


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