Pubblog Introduces MailSteward 15

Pubblog introduces MailSteward 15, an update to the company's popular email archiving solution for macOS. Easily store years of e-mail in a secure, searchable archive. MailSteward archives email in a relational database for easy access and safe backup of all your email. It works seamlessly with Apple Mail app or Postbox app to archive all your e-mail in a relational database on your Mac. MailSteward has a wealth of features for importing, tagging, saving, and exporting your vital e-mail information in a number of standard data formats.

MailSteward 15 is fully compatible with macOS 12 (Monterey) and sports a newly revised manual as well as and a number of bug fixes. Version 15 is also now a universal binary that runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs. All versions of MailSteward require macOS 11 or higher
(Big Sur, Monterey). Regular MailSteward uses a SQLite database, and can handle large volumes of e-mail, 250,000 or more. For very large volumes which require an industrial-grade relational database server, MailSteward Pro leverages a MySQL database server (MySQL must be installed and running on the host Mac). MailSteward 15 is available as Lite ($24.95), MailSteward ($49.95), and MailSteward Pro ($99.95) and can be downloaded from their Website.


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