Fidelity Media announces MegaSeg 6.2 DJ and Radio App for macOS Monterey

Fidelity Media introduces MegaSeg 6.2, the company's professional DJ and radio automation system for macOS. MegaSeg Pro is available in two editions, and includes automated music scheduling, events to insert tracks, IDs, or messaging, rules for applying artist separations, video playback with ambient visuals, hot keys for triggering sound effects, request lists with reminder notes, and other advanced features for professional DJs and VJs, radio stations, and hospitality businesses. The DJ edition focuses on core live mixing via visual beat syncing with multitouch gestures, multiple outputs for headphone preview, MIDI control, automatic volume, advanced categorization, track logging, and playlist integration.

Version 6.2 ships with with over 70 improvements and new features, and introduces a new video preview display within the edit dialog to set custom chapter markers, and displays the category list with their assigned colors. Radio stations can utilize cue sheet metadata for long mix tracks and shows, set events to insert podcasts directly from the Apple Podcast app or website, export play logs for SoundExchange, and use new Web Command Interface controls. DJs can control MegaSeg with more types of presenter remotes to segue, pause, and restart the last track, as well as use new MIDI controller presets for Numark's MixTrack Pro FX and Pro 3, Pioneer's DDJ-SR2, and Hercules DJControl Starlight and Wave. MegaSeg 6.2 is $199 and $99 (USD) respectively and can be downloaded from their Website.


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