24U releases Bridge for Phidgets 4.0 for FileMaker

24U Software introduces Bridge for Phidgets 4.0, an update to the company's plug-in for Claris FileMaker. Bridge for Phidgets enables custom apps made with Claris FileMaker to sense and control the physical world via smart devices made by Phidgets, Inc. Existing customers use Bridge for Phidgets in a wide range of different industries, including compliance testing of electrical equipment, identifying and tracking patient charts in hospital, automatically sorting sheep, opening door to gym for customers identified by RFID loyalty card, or robotics prototyping.

Bridge for Phidgets version 4.0 adds support for all current smart VINT Phidget sensors and server-side automation using FileMaker Server. The new version now allows for deferring all the Phidgets interactions to the FileMaker Server and implementing much more robust automations. It is even designed to recover from crashes and restarts, so that whatever automated workflow configured with it will keep working until it is intentionally disabled. Bridge for Phidgets 4.0 is $49 (USD) and can be downloaded from their Website.


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