ChronoSync Express 1.3.7 released for macOS

Econ Technologies introduces ChronoSync Express, an update to its entry level backup and synchronization app. ChronoSync Express is the perfect utility for those who need to synchronize files and folders between two computers. ChronoSync Express launches in stealth mode for scheduled backups and quits automatically after all scheduled processes are complete. Easily create a disk image and make it writable, allowing it to be specified as a destination target to backup to. The software can also perform local backups to external hard drives, NAS devices and file servers.

Version 1.3.7 is now distributed as a Universal App Package, and offers full support for Apple Silicon/M1 Macs and macOS 12, Monterey. The new version also contains several new features and bug fixes. Additionally, numerous coercions and workarounds were implemented to eliminate Sync Task Document conflicts with the SyncTime application, and much much more. There are numerous UI tweaks to improve appearance on more recent versions of macOS. ChronoSync Express is $24.99 and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.


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