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Learn Japanese and Explore Tokyo on the Go With Tokyo Ride

Sola K.k has released Tokyo Ride, their very first Japanese learning application. The user controls Riku -the manga styled main character- through Tokyo while learning Japanese and exploring the city. There is a dedicated Tokyo Map section in the game, where the user can learn other interesting facts about all of the famous landmarks and places of Tokyo.



Designed with the player in mind, Tokyo Ride is enjoyable for all ages and Japanese levels. “Pick the game mode suitable for your needs and beat high scores. Play according to your schedule, each game can be extended or shortened based on your preferences. Perfect for studying on the go. Tokyo Ride is not only a learning application, but also a fun game to keep you entertained and encouraged to continue studying.”


* Easy and intuitive controls
* Quick, fast paced sessions ideal for studying on the go
* Test your knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana
* Study guide with all the Hiragana and Katakana characters with their pronunciation
* 3 different game modes to suit your needs
* Learn interesting trivia about Tokyo landmarks
* Simple but fun visual design


Tokyo Ride is available for free worldwide on both the App Store and the Google Play Store in the Game category in English.


Sola K.K
Tokyo Ride
Download from the App Store

Top Contacts Brings Powerful CRM Features to iOS

Retexlab LLC has released Top Contacts 1.0, their advanced contact manager for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Top Contacts brings powerful CRM features to a user’s list of contacts. Anyone can log all relevant information for each contact in the app, including information, events, tasks, and files.



A built-in calendar and to-do list help users plan and track all of the activities on their contact list. The pro version of the app automatically syncs all of the information across devices via iCloud.


It’s easy to navigate the contact list and turn those connections into relationships. View contacts in a traditional list view, or switch to table mode to allow viewing and editing contact fields without the need to open the contact card. Top Contacts offers quick access to recent contacts, providing an easy way to call, send an email or a text message with just a few taps on the iPhone’s screen.


Top Contacts makes it easy to add tags, create groups, or color code contacts. Important contacts are easily highlighted to keep them in sight. Customizable filters allow quick access to information. Sorting by any field allows arrange contacts in any way.


Features include:
* Use groups, tags, and color markers for easy access and navigation
* Set up customizable filters to get to needed information
* View contacts in a traditional list, or try the table mode
* Edit contact fields right in the table without opening the contact card
* Link contacts to each other and track relationships
* Customize contact information card to fit all needs
* Plan and track activities via integrated Calendar
* Manage tasks with built-in To-Do list
* Attach documents and other files to your contacts
* Sync the information across devices via iCloud
* Import contacts from the Contacts app or from CSV, XLSX files
* Export contact list to PDF, CSV and XLSX files


Customizing contact cards is a snap. Users can add custom or predefined fields, remove unneeded fields. Fields and sections can be rearranged and organized to provide better structure to all information. Each field knows which type of information it can store, making it more convenient to enter data, while reducing mistakes. Contact cards support Text, Number, Date, Time, Price, Checkbox, Combobox, Phone, Email, and URL fields.


The app’s powerful calendar and to-do list is available for all contacts, providing a separate calendar (with two views), and to-do list for each contact. Reminders can be set for important events or follow up calls, and support for recurring events is available. Users can also assign tasks and events to one or many contacts, and an easy-to-use search function helps users find calendar events.


File management is made easy, as documents and other files can be attached to contacts, documents and files can be previewed directly in the app, as well as be printed or shared. Powerful iCloud features allow syncing across all supported devices, saving your data directly to your iCloud Drive, no third-party services are used. All information can be protected on the device via password, as well as Touch ID or Face ID.


By using the Top Contact app’s advanced filtering features provide customizable filters that can be configured with multiple conditions. Filter templates can be saved and applied with a single tap.


The powerful import features allow anyone to import contacts directly from the iOS Contacts app, or from CSV or XLSX files. The Pro version allows contacts to be exported to PDF, CSV, XLSX files as well as be printed to an AirPrint-compatible printer. Share contacts and documents via email or messages, or simply open them in other apps.


While Top Contacts is available as a free download, pro version features are available via a convenient in-app purchase. Pro features include the ability to sync information across all devices via iCloud, the ability to export contacts to PDF, CSV and XLSX files, and the removal of ads.

Top Contacts 1.0 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. An upgrade to the Pro version is $9.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available via a convenient in-app purchase. As a special limited-time app launch offer, users can upgrade to Pro at a 30% discount, for just $6.99 USD.

Top Contacts 1.0
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The Pixel Dance Floor is Hoppin’ in Block Party for iOS

Independent developer Pixamo has released Block Party 1.0, their dazzling musical puzzler for iPhone iPad, and iPod touch devices. Block Party is an easy to learn, yet tricky to master, puzzle challenge. Players start with an empty dance floor and must strategically place partygoers to complete lines to clear space on the floor for more dancers.


Players work to build a reputation as the best pixel party master New York City has ever seen. Throw parties on forty pixel-packed levels, ranging from Manhattan to The Bronx. As the dance floor begins to fill, players must place each group of revelers to fit them onto the floor, clearing space as they create lines. As each level is completed, the parties get crazier and the dance groups get tougher to clear from the floor. However, run out of room on the dance floor and it’s game over.


The Game’s Great Features Include:
* 40 levels
* Addictive gameplay
* Endless play on each level
* Awesome retro pixel graphics
* Fantastic music
* Pixamo rewards
* Free, with no in-app purchases


Party goers come to request help throwing parties for their friend and celebrities, with each party taking place on a different dance floor. When VIP celebrities show up, and players squeeze them onto the dance floor, they get to actually tweet in real life about the celeb’s appearance at the block party.


Real celebrities and their Twitter handles are included in the game, with such Twitter favorites as Chance the Rapper,, Bella Thorne, and many others hitting the dance floor. Players can even tweet a request to be a VIP, possibly getting to make a future appearance in the game.


BlockParty also offers a unique Pixamo Rewards system, where completing tasks in Block Party will earn rewards for use in other Pixamo games, including “Pizza Dog” and “Let Them Eat Slime!” This allows players to level up their total Pixamo Ranking.


Pricing and Availability:
Block Party 1.0 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Block Party 1.0
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Magzter Now At 50 Million Downloads and Counting

Magzter, the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand, has now crossed 50 million downloads, which is a phenomenal achievement by any yardstick. This humongous feat has become possible due to Magzter’s consistent efforts in introducing innovative new features every month to attract new users across the globe.


In addition to Magzter’s iOS and Android apps, Magzter also powers more than 7,000 magazine apps of renowned publishers on App Store and Google Play. Magzter’s catalog of 10,500+ magazines from 4,000+ publishers is undoubtedly the largest and most diverse collection, which spreads across 40+ categories and 60+ languages.


While a recent study revealed that fake news spreads 70% more quickly on social media, it has become extremely difficult for the common man to identify and neglect such misleading information. Magzter brings together more than 10,500 trusted sources of content from 50+ countries including the USA, UK, Canada, India, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Philippines, and Turkey, thereby acting as the one-stop solution for keeping people updated on all the latest happenings across the globe. Magzter ensures that its users get timely information on their favorite topics from the most renowned and dependable sources, which ultimately saves the time and energy of users.


Magzter started curating articles from best-selling magazines couple of years back, and it became an instant hit among the readers. Soon after launching articles, Magzter introduced ezRead 2.0, which presented magazine pages in responsive layouts that are automatically optimized for any size screen – smartphones as well as tablets.


Magzter GOLD, the ‘All-You-Can-Read’ subscription model which offers unlimited access to 5,000 magazines and premium articles at one low price, has been attracting thousands of new readers every month. Magzter has also been conducting exciting contests to motivate more readers to take up digital reading. Such innovative strategies from Magzter have been instrumental in crossing the 50 million download mark.


With its latest GPS-based offering, Smart Reading Zone, which provides unlimited access to thousands of best-selling magazines and curated premium articles for any location instantly, Magzter is increasingly becoming the preferred digital reading partner of hundreds of airports, hotels, restaurants, malls, clubs, libraries, corporates, educational institutions, and other commercial entities. By encouraging millions of people to read digitally, Magzter has so far saved 221,000 trees and other natural resources, thereby playing an active role in fostering green revolution.


Pricing and Availability:
Magzter – Digital Magazine Newsstand 7.5 is free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the News category. The Magzter app is also available on the web, Google Play and is expanding to more platforms soon. Magzter’s easy purchase and renewal systems ensure subscriptions are paid on time, eliminating the need for paper checks and postal mail issues. Users can buy thei

Magzter – Digital Magazine Newsstand 7.5
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Mindboo – Boost Brainpower With a Fun and Challenging App

Mindboo 1.2.0 takes users on a quest from the foundation laboratory to the Mars laboratory. While this may sound like a simple task, it is anything but – because to reach their destination users must solve various challenges that put their skills to the test, including concentration, memory processing, math, focus, analytical thinking, spatial reasoning, logic, deduction, inferences, and more.


Mindboo - Boost Brainpower With a Fun and Challenging App


Each lab along the way poses new and interesting tests. Overall, there are three types of challenges: those that users can try to solve on their own such as puzzles, those that involve physical movements like walking, challenges jumping, running and so on, and those that involve competing in real-time against friends or other users around the world. For head-to-head play, users can team up with friends, chat with other players, and increase or decrease their “brain power” (i.e. their score) based on results.


Other Mindboo special features include:
* Outstanding graphics and sound
* Compete in online events
* Leaderboard integration
* Detailed performance tracking

Mindboo 1.2.0 is Free (With In-App Purchases).

Mindboo 1.2.0
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Scandy Pro for iOS Gets an Update With in-App Measurement Tools

Scandy LLC today is pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.8 of Scandy Pro for iOS. This latest release offers measurement tools, so that users can take linear measurements of scans by dropping points directly onto the mesh.


Scandy Pro for iOS Gets an Update With in-App Measurement Tools


“We are excited to bring these additional tools to Scandy Pro for iOS,” said CEO and co-founder Cole Wiley. “As depth sensors are added to more mobile phones, we think users will find more ways to create and interact with 3D content on their devices. Scandy Pro for iOS continues to be the most feature-rich 3D scanning app for mobile devices.”


Scandy Pro for iOS is a 3D scanning and editing platform that allows users to create 3D content with their iPhone X. After capturing a 3D scan with the front-facing TrueDepth sensor, Scandy Pro users can save their mesh, edit the file with crop, decimate and smooth tools, measure their files in Augmented Reality space, and upload their 3D content directly to Sketchfab.


* Full color 3D scanning with on-device meshing – no uploading or cloud processing required
* Mesh inspection with user-controlled lighting tools
* In-app editing tools including plane crop, decimate, and smooth
* Ability to drop points on a mesh and measure distances between them
* Upload 3D content directly from the app to a Sketchfab account
* Export files in .PLY, .OBJ or .STL formats


Scandy Pro 1.4.7 for iOS is free to download. Users can capture 3D scans and inspect the mesh with viewing tools before deciding whether to save the file. Every user is given a free scan save per week. Users may opt to purchase additional scans for $0.99 per scan. Scandy also offers unlimited saves with subscriptions: Weekly Unlimited for $2.99, Monthly Unlimited for $7.99, and Yearly Unlimited for $59.99 (USD). Scandy’s mission is to make 3D content creation on mobile devices an easy and fun experience for every user.

Scandy Pro 1.4.8
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Spoiler Alert! Food Safety – Labeling and Tracking for the Food Industry

Complete System Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Spoiler Alert Food Safety 1.5.1, an update to their popular mobile application. Spoiler Alert was specifically designed to change the way the food service industry labels, tracks and monitors the age of food product from fresh to finished. Easily configured for your products, built-in alerts take the guesswork out of what stage your product is in allowing owners and managers to monitor, even over multiple locations.



With this powerful tool you can eliminate waste and maintain compliance with food safety regulations “preventing” Spoiler Alert features a unique label printing system, equipped with eco-friendly “wash-away” labels that adhere to any container, and dissolve completely under running water (in just seconds). Easily print legible labels allowing employees to see at-a-glance: the item, prep date/time and expiration date/time.


QR code scanning tells the system when product is sold or wasted for quick processing. Spoiler Alert is an open system solution that allows for import of product and employee information and export of label activity for long term archive or analysis. With the information provided by Spoiler Alert, owners and managers can make better decisions on product reorder points and prevent waste by acting before product goes out of date.


Easy to setup, easy to integrate and easy to use, this invaluable app and labeling system will more than pay for itself in food cost, time and waste savings. Spoiler Alert! This is the food safety app you’ve been waiting for.

* Labels, tracks and monitors the age of products from fresh to finished
* Easily configured and customizable
* Alerts on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
* Free to share with staff
* Maintain compliance with food safety regulations
* No more illegible handwritten labels and paper log sheets
* QR code scanning for efficient product tracking
* Export of label activity for long term archive or analysis
* Eco-friendly “wash-away” labels (in just seconds)


Hardware Requirements
1) Brother WiFi capable QL- series printer such as the QL-810W or QL-820NWB (Available on our website).
2) Compatible label stock as sold on our website or any DK-4205, DK-2205 compatible labels (Dissolvable label stock available on our website).


Spoiler Alert Food Safety 1.5.1 is Free (with In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. For more information please contact Robert Balog.

Spoiler Alert Food Safety 1.5.1
Download from iTunes

Subway Train Simulator 2D Transforms People into Subway Train Operators

As a passenger, virtually everyone has ridden a subway (a.k.a. metro, underground, tube, etc.) at one time or another. But very few people have ever experienced what life is like for subway train operators, whose job is to keep everyone safe by skillfully navigating their train day after day. While performing that important job takes years of training and testing, now anyone can experience the next best thing by downloading the fun and free app “Subway Train Simulator 2D“.


Developed by Daniel Viktorin and available at no cost for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows 10, Subway Train Simulator 2D features 89 stations that are connected by 21 unique lines spread across over 100 kilometers of underground, elevated, and underwater rails. Users must safely transport their fully-animated and lifelike passengers by controlling the speed, acceleration, and brakes of their train. Each successful trip earns coins, which can be used to unlock new lines, reveal new stations, and purchase upgrades.

Other special features that make Subway Train Simulator 2D the most extensive subway simulation game on the market include:

* Ultra-realistic train sounds
* Detailed “Eco City” map
* Authentic subway signalling system
* Visually spot other trains, including those heading in the opposite direction
* A “paint shop” to change any train’s appearance


Plus, at any time users can tap the question mark symbol in the game to understand their current situation.


Subway Train Simulator 2D (v1.2.18) is Free (with In-App Purchases) and available through the App Store. It is also available for Android, MacOS & Windows 10.