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Finding Photos is a Snap on Your iPhone With Fototriever

Adda Ventures, Inc. has released Fototriever 1.0, their new photo organization and management app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The app makes taking, tagging, finding and retrieving your photos easier than ever. The first-of-its-kind app uses voice-activated technology, allowing users to tag their photos by voice or text as soon as they’re taken.



When users wish to find a particular photo, they simply speak the name of the event into the iOS device, and the app quickly finds and displays the photo. No more searching and scrolling through endless photos, simply speak or enter search text, and the photo is quickly found.


By using Fototriever photographers can avoid the frustration of repetitive swiping to find their images. The user tags the photos as they’re taken (or they can be tagged at a later time), using the traditional formula of “how,” “what,” “where,” and “when.” The app allows creating tags either by the traditional keyboard method or by using the iPhone’s microphone to speak the tags.


Once the photos have been tagged, a photographer can then use voice commands to instantly find an image. For example, saying “Birthday, Zoo, Jonathan, March 2018” or any one of these words will instantly bring up all photos that have been tagged of Jonathan’s birthday at the zoo in March. Even years later, images can quickly be found with simple voice or text command. “See it, say it, save it.”


Main Features of Fototriever:
* Quickly tags photos as they are created, using voice or text
* Voice or text tag any photo already in your Photo Library
* Retrieve any photo anytime by voice or text
* Share photos by AirDrop, email, text, or social media
* Print images to AirPrint-compatible printers
* Totally free, no in-app purchases or subscriptions needed


Pricing and Availability:
Fototriever 1.0 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category. For more information about the app, visit the Fototriever website. Download Fototriever today and never have to hunt for a photo again. Happy photo taking with Fototriever. For more information, or to schedule an interview with the developers, contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind iPhone App Publicity.

Fototriever 1.0
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Zuvolo Cycling Is the Real-Time Location Sharing App for Cyclists

Zuvolo Ltd has released Zuvolo Cycling, what will become the ultimate social and location sharing app for cyclists. Quickly share your location and see your cycling friends in real-time. Let your loved ones see that you’re safe and well. Control over privacy is important – decide who can see you and when. Use Markers to mark meeting points on the map, share your favourite cafes, tag hills, and leave messages at important locations. Meeting up and keeping safe has never been easier.



Use Zuvolo Cycling before a ride when organizing an activity, and during the ride when meeting up and cycling to your markers. Users can start their activities whenever they want, allowing cyclists and their friends to share their location at the time they choose, and with whom they want. Add Markers on the map to make it easier to find meeting points, favourite locations, important places, the start of a hill climb, and for leaving messages at a particular location. Share markers on the map instantly for their cycling friends to see.


Main features:
* Share your location in near real-time with your cycling friends
* Let your family know where you are so they can see you’re safe
* Create Markers as meeting points, coffee stops or anything else that might be of interest on your ride
* Create a privacy zone, where you will never appear on the map


Zuvolo Cycling fully integrates with Zuvolo Friends and makes location sharing a simple and seamless experience for almost any situation or activity. Keeping your location up to date has never been easier.

Zuvolo Cycling version 2.0.11 is free and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

Zuvolo Cycling 2.0.11

Drug Abuse Prevention Features Now Available on Medidex’s MedManage mHealth App

Medidex Inc. has released MedManage 2.3.1, their cloud-based medication management system for patients, nurses, or caregivers, available now for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices.


The app allows common tasks which are often done manually or from memory to be done in the digital world. Create a portable medication list with directions so you never forget to take medication no matter where you are, understand information and look up side effects and warnings about the medication you are taking and find a permanent medication disposal drop box near you if you have unwanted or unused medication.


Count It! Lock It! Drop It!, with similar goals around medication adherence and medication safety, worked with MedManage to make another valuable resource available to its users; a drop box finder. This finder allows the app user to find a permanent disposal site nearest to the zip code they type in. MedManage locates the nearest site along with the location’s address, phone number and hours of operation.


Idle medications left in drug cabinets are easy targets for experimentation and abuse. Now it’s as simple as ever to dispose of your unwanted, expired or unused prescription medication and help reduce access to prescriptions in the home. Read more about the partnership at the Medidex Announcement Blog.


Count It! Lock It! Drop It! (R) (CLD) is a comprehensive community initiative for prescription drug misuse prevention based in Coffee County, Tennessee and locally in all 95 counties of Tennessee. The CLD initiative is leading a statewide effort associated with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Inc., an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to combat the misuse of prescription medication focusing on three simple steps: Count your pills, Lock them up, and Drop them for proper disposal. According to the Tennessee Department of Health, 6,879,698 opioid prescriptions were written in 2017, and it is CLD’s mission is to create a cultural shift around prescription drug misuse to help keep communities safe and drug-free.

MedManage 2.3.1 is free and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Medical category. An Android version of the app is available through Google Play.

MedManage 2.3.1
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Chickku App for iOS Brings Local into Social

Chickku LLC recently launched the latest version (1.2.4) of its local social app, Chickku app. The app, which can be downloaded from Apple iTunes and Google Play Store for free, helps users connect with other people, for common causes and interests, places and businesses in their local vicinity.



The app helps users in the following ways:

* Make new friends nearby: The app helps users to find people with similar interests and hobbies living in their vicinity. Like-minded people can communicate through instant messaging in the app, make introductions and meet to discuss and follow their mutual interests.

* Social profile: Users can create a dedicated wall page to showcase themselves so that people in their vicinity can get to know them and connect with them.

* Local causes: Every community faces some challenges and fights together to alleviate pain points. With Chickku app, users can find social causes in their area and participate in making their community a better place to live.

* Local promotions: Users can find local promotions, sale, discounts on their favourite products sold by the shops in their locality. Tuning into the Chickku app helps people save money by finding instant local deals..

* Local events: The app helps users find local gigs and events. From their favourite band playing in a club to a flash sale to cultural events, users can choose to get notifications of all the events happening in their area.

* Ratings & Recommendations: Users can find ratings and reviews by the neighbourhood on local restaurants, shops, and even service providers. The recommendations and reviews help users make educated purchasing.

* Buy/Sell locally: The free Chickku platform helps sellers showcase their products & services, and pricing & deals, online. Buyers, on the other hand, can find products they are looking for and can look up their prices before making a purchase decision.

* Instant Private Messaging: Users as well as local businesses can communicate with each easily with Instant Private Messaging feature provided inside the App. Connecting locally has never been easier.

Chickku 1.2.4 is currently available for free on the App Store under the Social Networking category and Google Play under the Dating category.

Chickku 1.2.4
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Scany WiFi Scanner and Network Toolkit Available for 50% Off

Happymagenta is offering its WiFi scanner and network utility toolkit Scany for 50% off during a special weekend sale from 22nd through 31st of January. Scany is great for home, office, corporate LAN and Wi-Fi hotspot owners, network administrators, security specialists, developers and everyone who needs to diagnose and resolve network issues and easily do everyday network tasks.


Scany WiFi Scanner and Network Toolkit Available for 50% Off


Scany finds all computers and devices connected to a LAN or Wi-Fi, even the hidden and firewalled ones, shows their names, addresses and manufacturers, and includes a wide set of network analysis tools, specially crafted to transcend existing analogs, including ping, trace, WHOIS, DNS lookup, port scanner and many more. Built from the ground up for mobile by an experienced network administrator, Scany outmatches other apps in many respects.


WI-FI LAN and Internet Scanner:
* Wi-Fi/LAN and custom/Internet network ranges scanning
* Detection of all network devices hidden
* IP/MAC addresses, vendor names, IP countries info and more
* Bonjour, mDNS, Mac OS X and iOS network names
* NetBIOS, Samba, LLNMR and Windows PC network names
* UPnP and SSDP/DLNA device network names
* Unicode and international network names support
* Device models detection (on OS X and iOS)
* Shared printers detection (on OS X)
* “Online”, “firewalled” and other host states detection
* Superfast smart algorithms optimized for huge networks


Instant LAN/WI-FI Browser/Lookup:
* Instant detection of all network names on LAN/Wi-Fi
* No need for a full deep network scan for a quick LAN overview
* Instant IP lookup by a LAN hostname (or vice versa)
* Type in (non-DNS) LAN hostname in almost all built-in tools
* Works with all supported Mac, PC and device names


Ping and Traceroute:
* Real-time network path traceroute monitor and ping
* Network path bottlenecks and packet loss visualization
* IPs, hostnames and info for each hop
* Reverse hostnames, AS numbers and countries info
* Multi-node and multi-path hops detection


Port Scanner:
* Superfast detection of predefined and custom ports
* Open, filtered/firewalled and closed TCP/UDP ports detection
* Detection of extra services/ports with protocol level probes


* WHOIS of any IP, domain or AS number
* IPv4 and IPv6 WHOIS support
* All top level domains (TLD) support
* Support for all internationalized domain names (IDN)
* Support for WHOIS trace across a chain of WHOIS servers
* Custom servers usage (type “-h host” in query)
* Custom ports usage (type “-p port” in query)


* Support for A, AAAA, ANY, CNAME, PTR, NS, MX, SOA, SRV records
* Support for “-t type” option or just add record type into query
* Support for ” trace” and ” all” options typed in query/hostname field
* Support for custom DNS server and port via “-h host” and “-p port” options
* Support for DNS queries to local multicast IP addresses (automatically)


Wake On LAN, Wi-Fi or Over Internet:
* Wake on LAN/Wi-Fi or cellular/Internet
* Detection of router external IP for pre-saved/pre-scanned hosts
* Detection of MAC addresses ignoring bogus ones (for sleeping hosts)


Network Information:
* Wi-Fi IP address and network mask info, SSID, BSSID
* Cellular and VPN IP addresses and network masks
* External router IP address detection
* Default gateway/router IP address detection
* DNS servers detection


Extensive Export, Import and History:
* Copy and email all data and history
* Export and import separate hosts, entire or all groups
* Export separate lists of Bonjour, PC, UPnP/SSDP or a list of all hostnames
* Export a list of free IP addresses
* Export a list of busy IP addresses
* Export text and .SCANY files via email as attachments
* Open .SCANY files from email in Scany or Net Status
* Export as text, .TXT and/or .CSV files via email
* Choose data fields to export


Scany (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) is available on the iTunes App Store for a 50% off special sale price of $3.99 (USD). More information, including screenshots and videos is available on the Happymagenta website.


Scany – Network Scanner 1.10.3
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Spyglass GPS & Compass with Augmented Reality Available for 50% Off

Happymagenta is offering its powered by augmented reality GPS navigation toolkit Spyglass for 50% off during a special weekend sale from 22nd through 31st of January. Spyglass is great for hunters, boaters, hikers, explorers, travelers, teachers, students, all outdoor enthusiasts, professionals and engineers.


Spyglass GPS & Compass with Augmented Reality Available for 50% Off


Spyglass is an essential GPS toolkit for outdoors and off-road navigation. Packed with tools it serves as binoculars, heads-up display, hi-tech compass with maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon, rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and camera. It saves your custom places and waypoints, navigates precisely to them later, shows them on maps and using real-time augmented reality displays detailed GPS info, measures distances, sizes, angles, and does a lot more.


Compass and Gyrocompass:
Accuracy improvement techniques, special compass modes and calibration methods available in Spyglass only make it a real instrument – the most advanced and accurate digital compass.


Finder, Tracker and AR Navigation:
Spyglass operates in 3D and uses augmented reality to show real-time object positions, info and directions to them overlaid over camera or maps. Save current position, add points from maps, manually enter location coordinates and bearings, add stars by hand or use a built-in star catalogue. Find saved places and objects later simply by following directional arrows. Spyglass tracks multiple targets simultaneously and shows their info – distance, direction, azimuth, elevation and estimated time of arrival. Copy, paste and share locations, coordinates and map links using many supported formats.


GPS, Speedometer and Altimeter:
Find and track your location and get detailed real-time GPS data – coordinates in dozens of formats, altitude, course, current, maximum and vertical speed, using imperial, metric, nautical and surveying units.


See your and targets’ positions on maps using different map styles and alternative map providers – plan waypoints and measure distances.


Track Stars, Sun and Moon and Navigate by Stars:
Track positions of stars, Sun and Moon with arc second precision – use them as a reference to calibrate compass for maximum accuracy.


Optical Rangefinder:
Measure distances to objects in real time with a rangefinder reticle similar to sniper sights.


Sextant, Angular Calculator and Inclinometer:
Find out heights of objects and distances to them – measure visually and calculate dimensions and distances.

Spyglass (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) is available on the iTunes App Store for a 50% off special sale price of $3.99 (USD). More information, including screenshots and videos is available on the Happymagenta website.

Spyglass 3.9.9
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Tabby Awards Honors Best iOS Apps & Games of 2018

The Tabby Awards has announced the iPad and iPhone winners from the 2018 Mobile App Awards and Mobile Game Awards competitions.


iOS App Award Highlights:
Award-winning iOS apps included Spotify, TikTok, Headspace, Waze, Rosetta Stone, Eventbrite, Twitch, and Airbnb. With nearly 2.5 million (non-game) consumer apps available in the App Store, the app award winners are positioned in the top 0.002% of all iOS mobile apps.


iOS Game Award Highlights:
Award-winning iOS games included Fortnite, MARVEL Contest of Champions, PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends, REAL Racing 3, and My Talking Tom 2. With over 800,000 games available today on iOS, the event’s mobile gaming award winners represent the top 0.004% games. The 2018 iOS App and Game Award winners are presented below by device type and category:


Mobile App Awards – iPhone:
* 10% Happier: Meditation
* AccuWeather
* Airbnb
* AliExpress
* Brilliant
* Calm
* Calorie Counter * MyFitnessPal
* Cozi Family Organizer
* Eventbrite
* Evernote
* Florence
* Instagram
* Khan Academy
* Procreate Pocket
* Rosetta Stone iPhone App
* Seven * 7 Minute Workout
* Spotify
* Strava
* TikTok
* Tinder
* Twitch
* ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing
* Waze


Mobile App Awards – iPad:
* Airbnb
* Calzy 3
* comiXology
* Fabulous * Motivate Me
* Goodreads
* Headspace: Guided Meditation
* Instagram
* Netflix
* Pinterest
* Spotify
* Steam
* Twitch
* Zoom


Mobile Game Awards – iPhone:
* Asphalt 9: Legends
* Brawl Stars
* Candy Crush Friends Saga
* Cube Escape: Paradox
* Donut County
* Draw In
* Flip Trickster
* Fortnite
* Frost
* Gorogoa
* Hooked Inc.
* Into the Dead 2
* Lara Croft Go
* MARVEL Contest of Champions
* My Talking Tom 2
* Noblemen: 1896
* Playdead’s INSIDE
* Real Racing 3
* The Sims Mobile
* Ultra Sharp


Mobile Game Awards – iPad:
* Battlelands Royale
* Hearthstone
* Lineage 2: Revolution
* Machinarium
* MARVEL Future Fight
* Minecraft
* Offroad Bus Simulator: Real Coach Bus Driving
* Riptide GP: Renegade
* ROME: Total War


This list is also published on the Tabby Awards website where these category-leading apps and games can also be downloaded. This news release is intended to aggregate the iPhone/iPad award winners as a supplement to the prior Mobile App Awards and Mobile Game Awards releases.


Award Process:
With all iOS apps and games eligible and under consideration, winners were selected based on a combination of quantitative metrics and qualitative factors.


The analytical evaluation component focused on app store user review scores submitted over the course of 2017 to measure user engagement. The qualitative component – benefiting from the Tabby Awards expertise in judging app and game awards since 2012 – focused on user interface, design, and innovation. The degree of tablet-optimization was also a key factor in the assessment of iPad apps and games. Please refer to The Tabby Awards online for additional information regarding our mobile app award events.

The Tabby Awards
2018 Mobile Apps and Games Award Program

The First Apple Search Ads Course Is Now Available

Mokool Training is presenting the first Apple Search Ads training on the market for the Apple App Store. This training is showing companies an alternative to getting cheaper advertisement then the popular Facebook Ads for apps, but individuals new to the marketing tool are often unsure of how it works or how to get started. In celebration of the New Year, Mukul Verma, CEO of Mokool Apps, is offering the first complete Apple Search Ads Course.


The course is designed for a newbie to full understanding in 90 minutes. The course is available online via on-demand video through mobile and TV access. Individuals enjoy full lifetime access, enabling them to revisit any topic whenever they like. A certificate of completion will be awarded.


The course’s creator provides easily understandable descriptions and explanations about every aspect of Apple Search Ads that developers can immediately begin to use. Individuals will learn how to set a campaign, about exact search matches, and the difference in basic and advanced campaigns levels.


Wording is extremely important for any marketing endeavor and even small change of negative keyword will adversely affect a campaign. The Apple Search Ads Course shows developers how to choose words with a positive connotation and what words to avoid, along with how to select optimal keywords.


Individuals that avail themselves of the course will learn how market pricing works, the pricing structure, what a tap through rate (TTR) is, and the cost per tap (CPT). Cost is always a consideration, particularly for new developers. The Apple Search Ads Course shows individuals how to get better quality users at a more cost-effective price and how to wield their Apple Search Ads budget most effectively.


The course addresses the use of big data and how to read the reports that users receive. Verma also reveals valuable tips on inviting users, how to upload 1,000 keywords at a single time, name dropping, and plugins that will help make the process easier for users.


The Apple Search Ads Course is a powerful and indispensable tool for anyone that want to obtain better marketing results at an accelerated pace and at cost-effective rates to grow their business. Highly engaging, no prior Apple Search Ads experience is required to take the course. It’s ideal for beginners that want to gain installs and make the most use for Apples free $100 USD Credit and it’s equally effective as a refresher course.


Get the Apple Search Ads course at a limited time discounted price – Apple Search Ads Course. Apple is currently offering $100 USD to new users of Apple Search Ads, the combination of the Apple Search Ads Course at a discounted course price will help your business get new users quickly.

Apple Search Ads Course
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