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Unmarked Software Releases TextSoap 8.3.1 Update

Unmarked Software today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of TextSoap(R) 8.3.1, an update to its award-winning text processing and editing utility for macOS. TextSoap 8.3.1 is a maintenance release designed to improve stability and address issues reported by customers.


Among the issues addressed in this release:
* TextSoap Menu would (sometimes) require two clicks to display currently selected group.
* Function keys (without a modifier) could not be used as hot keys to activate cleaners in TextSoap Menu.
* Title Case action cleaner could cause crash with some text.
* Additional under-the-hood changes made that improve reliability.


The TextSoap 8.3.1 update is free of charge to all TextSoap 8 customers. Customers who purchased directly may download the update immediately from the Unmarked Software web site or using the check for updates option within the app.


TextSoap saves you time by automating your efforts to fix those strange formatting issues you encounter every day when working with text.


TextSoap 8.3.1 has a suggested retail price of $44.99 (USD). TextSoap may be purchased directly from Unmarked Software. Discounted upgrades for existing customers may be purchased directly from Unmarked Software. Upgrades start at $22.99 (USD).

Geff – The Virtual Guitar Effects Rack for OS X

Indie developer, Nikolas Konstantakopoulos from Granny’s Audio today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Geff 1.0, his new virtual guitar rack for OS X. Geff is a standalone audio effects application to use with your guitar, like you would a collection of stompboxes. It includes a variety of effects from the following categories, including Drive, Delay Lines, Filtering, Dynamics, Time Modulators, Amplitude Modulators, Reverb and more. Add as many effects and re-arrange them as you like.

Geff - The Virtual Guitar Effects Rack for OS X

Geff is separated to three components, Header or Input component, Middle or Effects, and the Footer or Output component. As their names suggest, the Input component manages the audio input, the Effects create and includes the used effects, and the output manages the audio output. In addition, Geff has the ability to map your MIDI controller to almost any of its parameters, very easy. Geff’s offers many useful features, including:


Header / Input:
* Stereo Input supported
* Change input channel on the fly
* 3 band input equalizer


* 39 effects to choose from (see bellow for the full list)
* Add as many effects as needed
* Any effect type can be created multiple times (e.g. having 3 “Vanilla Overdrive” effects)
* Rearrange or delete effects with a simple click
* Every effect can be temporary bypassed
* Every effect has a minimized view


Footer / Output:
* 3 band output equalizer
* One click fast output mute – This is as a precaution for any loud noise from stacking many distortions or useing to much feedback
* Output audio level
* Record our audio


Mapping – The mapping of a MIDI controller to Geff’s controls is very easy and fast:
1) Toggle the MIDI mapping ON (indicated by the flashing icon);
2) Hover your mouse over the Geff’s control you want to map;
3) Move the MIDI controller you want to assign to that Geff’s control;
4) Repeat for any other mappings you want;
5) Done!


Effects List:
* Drives – Vanilla Overdrive | Non Linear Overdrive | Driver Tan | Distortion | Fuzzy | Cheby 500 | The Crusher
* Dynamics – Noise Gate | Normalizer | Compressor | Expander | Limiter
* Modulation (Time) – Chorus | Chorus-er | Flanger | Wah-Wah | Level Wah | Phasor | Level Phasor | Vibrato
* Modulation (Amplitude) – Tremolo | Amplitude Modulation | Ring Modulation
* Delays – Delonely | All Star Delay | Reverse Delay | Multi-Tap Delay
* Pitch Shift – Pitch Shift (Delay based) | Pitch Shift (FFT based) | Octaver
* Reverb and Misc – Reverb | Stutter
* Equalization – Bottom Shelf | Top Shelf | 1 Band Eq | 3 Band Eq | 15 Band Eq | 31 Band Eq | FFT Gate


Geff 1.0 is $19.99 and available through the Mac App Store in the Music category.

Do you want to monitor Internet Data used by your PC – TransData does it

AppYogi Software today is pleased to announce the release of TransData – Network Data Transfer Rate 1.0, the company’s new utility developed exclusively for Mac OS X. TransData – Data Monitor App features a unique, single threaded algorithm to accurately monitor the download and upload speed of the personal computer network. This convenient Menu Bar app records and display total data used with respective interface of your mac. A neat floating widget with up/down data transfer rate with Micro View enabled and data transfer rate and data usage is showed in a graph with Macro view, when enabled. For better visuals, lite and dark themes are also provided.


* Shows network data transfer rate in Kbps/Mbps with up/down speed on your menu bar
* Get total internet data used by PC with respective to interfaces connected
* Beautiful widget which shows up/down data which you can place anywhere on your screen
* Displays connected network name with local IP
* Shows data rate on a graph with respect to time
* Graph displays real-time bandwidth data at 1-second intervals
* Also graph show total data used with respect to interfaces
* Refresh rate can be customised as per the requirement in preferences
* Beautiful user interface with dark/light themes for graph and floating widget
* Its an essential utility which every PC should have to monitor data rate with usage over an interface


* Up/Down Speed : Upload/Download of Data transfer rate per second (Kbps/Mbps)
* Up/Down Data : Upload/Download of total internet date used over a respect interface
* Micro View: Floating widget on desktop with Up/Down data transfer rate
* Macro View: Graph which shows Data transfer rate with respect to time


App Preferences:
* Refresh Rate: Adjust as per your requirement (5 sec recommended)
* Data: Show only date usage in the menu bar when enabled
* Up/Down Speed: Show Upload or Download data transfer rate on menu bar when enabled
* Active Speed: Automatically toggle and display upload or download data transfer rate in menu, which ever is highest
* Dark/Light Mode: Enable, as per the preferences for floating widget and graph


“TransData – Network Data Transfer Rate App is not another tool for testing,” explained Bharath Patel, co-founder of Bangalore based AppYogi Software. “Its is to get accurate download and upload speed with data usage on/by your personal computer network with details displays. It features an unique algorithm that cannot be tricked by PowerBoost or similar speed enhancement tools. So, the results you achieved will be 99.8% accurate as per your system data speed. The app works best on systems that have a 64-bit processor and the download size is 1.3 MB. The app provides accurate download and upload speed with retina icons and also Works with Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacPro, Mac Mini.”


TransData – Network Data Transfer Rate 1.0 is only $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. This price is 50% discounted for holiday Season. Normally its $9.99 USD.

TransData – Network Data Transfer Rate 1.0
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NeoFinder Mac 7.0 Disk Cataloging Software Debuts

Norbert M. Doerner has released NeoFinder 7.0, a major rewrite of their disk cataloging software for the Macintosh. The new version offers a new, clean user interface, integrated Adobe XMP (IPTC) editing (including keywords from a controlled vocabulary), audio thumbnails for songs, improved cataloging and database engines for better performance, web galleries, and much more.

NeoFinder Mac 7.0 Disk Cataloging Software Debuts

NeoFinder 7.x is a paid upgrade to licensed users of NeoFinder 6.x and the old CDFinder, upgrade price starting at 19 Euros. New licenses start at 29 Euros for a NeoFinder Private License.


New features and improvements of NeoFinder 7.0:
* New clean and dark or white user interface
* NeoFinder can now directly edit Adobe XMP (IPTC) metadata, both internal (for supported file formats) and external sidecar XMP
* NeoFinder now supports Ratings for photo, video, and prepress files. Both in cataloging, and in editing and searching
* NeoFinder now fully supports editing XMP Keywords, including a controlled vocabulary list of all your keywords
* Previews of audio files (NeoFinder is again the first tool to even offer this). Generate 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 second sound snippets, and play them in the Inspector
* New Details View is a mix of List View and Icon view with more details
* New Cataloging engine that is 20% faster, and can handle more modern file systems better
* New Database engine with improved performance
* Catalog Backblaze B2 storage buckets directly from within NeoFinder (requires Mac OS X 10.9 or newer)
* Put your catalogs in the web with the new Web Gallery for a nice HTML web export (Business License) with details page and thumbnails, both in Icon and List style
* Groups for Smart Folders and Albums: Organise your Albums and Smart Folders in groups, and even put groups into groups
* You can even edit keywords, ratings, and XMP fields for multiple selected items at once
* Compare pictures, and find similar motives, or different versions of the same image
* Get place name information for items with a Geotag, and optionally write this into the image
* New extended database file format that can handle much more than 4 GB of data per cataloged volume
* New Item menu in the main menu bar puts Ratings, Labels, and other item related options in one central place
* NeoFinder now remembers your Cataloging Preferences inside of each catalog, and uses them for an Update. You can edit them in the Inspector
* AutoUpdater also uses the saved Cataloging Preferences, and allows you to change them
* New View Settings window with optional 13pt font size, and all options for the four different View styles
* List View now has all the IPTC/XMP columns, too
* Thumbnails of photos and movies and now be 1024, 2048, and even 4096 px in size! This requires the new, extended catalog format to be activated
* New XML export with optional thumbnails (Business License)
* The Icon View now has a second line of text with helpful details for every file and folder
* Improved Inspector with Find context menu for many data fields, to find similar items quickly
* Much improved handling when the NeoFinder database folder is write protected. NeoFinder now first checks that when trying to catalog a disk, and will immediately show an error message – In that case, the selected NeoFinder database folder is also automatically revealed in the Finder, so you can check and adjust the access privileges
* Easier installation: NeoFinder now automatically moves itself to /Applications, if you want this
* Find items by Month or Date in any year
* You can now open multiple selected items at once with a double click
* Finding all photos, movies, or songs in a folder and all sub folders now also works for entire catalogs (in the context menu)
* It is now possible to sort the Column View with the little menu underneath it, just like the Icon View and the new Details View
* Sorting with the Sort Menu is now also possible by Kind, Rating, Comment, Path, and Label
* The Wikipedia Inspector can now copy the description text directly into the XMP caption of the selected file
* If you rename a file in the Finder from within NeoFinder, it will automatically rename a suitable sidecar file automatically
* New command in the context menu to Select All Duplicates in the results window of a Find Duplicates command
* NeoFinder now uses the new EXIFTool version 10.12 for geotagging
* After using the Tab key to get to the next edit field, Inspector always makes sure that this new edited field is actually visible
* NeoFinder now catalogs the video codec of video files, and displays it in the Inspector
* NeoFinder now catalogs thumbnails and metadata of “.webm” video files, if ffmpeg is installed
* When using ffmpeg to catalog video thumbnails, NeoFinder now also tries to find a sidecar XMP file with metadata
* Improved handling of “find date is after” or “before” for all date related searches
* The Spotlight search now also deals with Keyword or Tag parameters, and finds the suitable items from your disks
* Improved handling of ID3 tags in MP3 files created by certain Windows and Mac software
* You can now minimize all progress windows into the dock
* Improved accessibility
* Many many further improvements and little fixes
* NeoFinder 7.0 now requires Mac OS X 10.7 or newer


NeoFinder Highlights:
Cataloging – NeoFinder catalogs metadata of songs, movies, fonts, and photos, including the MP3-Tags of several audio file formats, EXIF, GPS, and IPTC data of photos. NeoFinder also edits Adobe XMP data, including keywords. All these are arranged clearly in the user interface, and can be extensively searched. For numerous photo and video formats, fonts, text files, and even audio files, NeoFinder generates thumbnails during cataloging, displaying them in all list and icon views.


Networking – Store your catalog database on a server for access from all Macs in the network, and with the sidekick product abeMeda (was CDWinder for Windows) even from Microsoft Windows.


Mobile – Keep your NeoFinder database with you on your iPhone or iPad with the separate NeoFinder for iOS app.


Integration – Offering a tight connection to major productivity tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Roxio Toast, FileMaker Pro, Apples Spotlight and Finder, and the extensive support of drag&drop into other applications, NeoFinder can support many workflow scenarios.


Geotagging – Only NeoFinder offers the integrated GeoFinder, which searches for photos taken near a spot, or the KMZ export for coordinates and photo thumbnails as a way to give geolocated photos to friends. NeoFinder can even geotag photos itself, no other software needed. And only NeoFinder displays amazing facts about any geolocation in the unique Wikipedia Inspector.


Since the initial release of CDFinder 1.0 in 1996, more than 70,000 customers in 100 countries around the world are using CDFinder and now NeoFinder to organise their digital library, and manage their data archive and backups, including NASA, IKEA, BBC, Mattel, Rand McNally, Pfizer, Random House, Oracle, and Warner Bros.


NeoFinder 7.x is a paid upgrade to licensed users of NeoFinder 6.x and CDFinder, upgrade price starting at 19 Euros. Cross-grades for users of competing applications (DiskLibrary, FileFinder, CatFinder, Canto Cumulus, Disk Tracker, DiskCatalogMaker, Atomic View, iView Media Pro, Extensis Portfolio, and more) are available. A free NeoFinder demo version can be downloaded from the NeoFinder website, the price for new users starts at 29,00 (EUR). Multiple user packs are available for network users.

LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign Now Supports Creative Cloud 2017

Zevrix Solutions today is pleased to announce the release of LinkOptimizer 5.0.12, a compatibility update to its workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Awarded 4 out of 5 stars by Computer Arts magazine, LinkOptimizer automates complex image manipulation tasks and allows to significantly reduce the size of InDesign links, save processing time and reduce production costs.


The new version makes LinkOptimizer compatible with the recently released InDesign and Photoshop CC 2017. The update is offered free of charge to licensed users. The new version also fixes an issue with processing duplicate links across multiple documents, improves handling of legacy InDesign files, fixes an error related to Photoshop sharpening filters, and offers several other improvements and fixes.


“LinkOptimizer makes me extremely happy”, says Nynke Tiekstra, the owner of design studio ColtsfootMedia in Friesland, Netherlands, “It converted 10000 images in a 1800 pages project saving us at least 40 hours work, and it proved to be 100% accurate.”


LinkOptimizer works automatically with Photoshop to eliminate the excess image data of InDesign links, perform essential image adjustments and convert image formats. For example, with just a click of a button users can:

* Scale and crop images to match their dimensions in InDesign
* Change their resolution to 300 dpi
* Convert RGB images to CMYK
* Resave JPEG files as TIFF
* Run a Photoshop action on each image


At the end of processing, LinkOptimizer reimports images to InDesign at 100% in their precise position. As a result, users can save gigabytes of disk space, accelerate document output, reduce job turnaround and cut costs through faster processing.


LinkOptimizer can be purchased from Zevrix website for $259.95 USD (Light version: $179.95) as well as from Adobe Exchange and authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for LinkOptimizer 4.x users and $130 to upgrade from previous versions. LinkOptimizer requires Mac OS X 10.7-10.12 and Adobe InDesign / Photoshop CS3-CC 2017.

Cyber Monday @ Badia Software-50% off plugins for InDesign & QuarkXPress

Badia Software is pleased to announce its Cyber Monday Sale, today November 28 only. All plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and XTensions for QuarkXPress are priced 50% off, including upgrades and volume purchases! This is the biggest online sale of the year, but it only lasts 24 hours!


All XTensions for QuarkXPress are ready for QuarkXPress 2016, and most plug-ins for Adobe InDesign are already compatible with the recently-released InDesign CC 2017. Here are the online Cyber Monday sale prices (per license) at Badia Software:


* BigPicture: $39.99 (regular $79.99); For InDesign and QuarkXPress – New version for InDesign CC 2017 now available
* Printools: $49.99 (regular $99.99); For InDesign and QuarkXPress – Includes free upgrade to upcoming version for InDesign CC 2017
* Exportools Standard: $34.99 (regular $69.99); For InDesign and QuarkXPress – New version for InDesign CC 2017 now available
* Exportools Professional: $59.99 (regular $119.99); For InDesign and QuarkXPress – Ready for InDesign CC 2017
* ContactPage Pro: $29.99 (regular $59.99); Standalone app – Can also create contact sheets in InDesign and QuarkXPress
* FullMeasure: $29.99 (regular $59.99); For QuarkXPress
* IDML Import: $34.99 (regular $69.99); For QuarkXPress
* Duplica: $34.99 (regular $69.99); For QuarkXPress


To receive the 50% discount, users simply need to enter Discount Coupon CYBERMONDAY while checking out from Badia Software’s online store.

Image Smith 2.3 Released on Mac App Store

San Francisco, California – 128bit Technologies announced today the release of Image Smith 2.3, a handy batch processing app for images that can quickly process a single image, or a huge number of images. This saves a massive amount of time when working on large image projects.


Process a ton of images all at once! Tired of wasting countless hours converting and editing your pictures? Editing a large number of images is a time consuming, mind numbing repetitive process if you don’t have an application like Image Smith to do it for you – in a fraction of the time!


Batch format and convert images:
Use Image Smith as a powerful batch image processing tool. With a variety of features you can easily scale, re-orient, re-colorize, convert, and flatten images. Image Smith can open most picture file types, and output in common industry standard formats like JPEG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and more.


Create smaller, web-friendly copies:
Use the pre-defined presets in Image Smith to scale or stretch images down to formats suitable for web banners, e-mailing photos, creating backups, and more! This is ideal for taking large photos from your camera (which are typically greater than five megabytes each these days!) and scaling and converting them down to a manageable size of only a few hundred kilobytes for easy image management.


Professional image manipulation:
Many power-user features are also included: changing the color levels, applying a sepia effect, inverting, changing the contrast, auto-leveling, extracting image masks, and rotating by angle. You can also instantly preview the effect of each setting before processing the entire set.


Image Smith Features:
* Over 30 image size presets
* Scale image widths and/or heights
* Stretch image widths and/or heights
* Output as JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, and a variety of other formats
* Preserve GIF animation
* Change JPEG output quality
* Rotate by 360 degrees
* Flip image horizontally
* Flip image vertically
* Invert image
* Change image hue, saturation, and brightness levels
* Modify image contrast
* Apply a Sepia effect
* Automatic Leveling
* Preview effect settings before processing
* Strip or keep image transparency
* Export image without mask
* Export mask only


System Requirements:
* OS X 10.7 or later
* 64-bit processor
* 15.6 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Image Smith 2.3 is now available on the Mac App Store, or on the MacAppware website for only $14.99 (USD).


Image Smith 2.3
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MacAppware is a division of 128bit Technologies and a dedicated Mac software developer currently offering design, image editing and disk utility applications; unique commercial use font collections; and a carefully curated rotation of bundles and deals. Copyright (C) 2016 128bit Technologies. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Unmarked Software Releases TextSoap 8.1 Update

Unmarked Software today announced the release and immediate availability of TextSoap 8.1, a significant update to its macOS text processing tool, bringing user interface improvements, and adding significant new features based on customer feedback.


Inserting regular expression meta-characters is now easier than ever. The new options are available for all find and replace fields, either in the text editor window or with custom cleaners. In addition to common sequences for returns, tabs, and digits, TextSoap 8.1 offers support for Unicode properties, capture and quantity. “The new insert special button is another step forward in helping customers work with the complexity of regular expressions,” said Mark Munz, developer of TextSoap.


The new search history feature gives users access to the last 25 searches, making it straightforward to convert interactive searches into custom cleaner find and replace actions.


QuickClean provides a quick way to associate shortcuts to a collection of cleaners. Users can select a custom or built-in group to have the shortcuts (cmd-1 thru cmd-9) associated with the first 9 cleaners.


Additional improvements include a more traditional toolbar for text edit windows, a new text editor preference tab and appearance preference tab, dynamic text field sizing for find and replace custom cleaner actions, and an improved mechanism for defining TextSoap Menu global shortcuts.


TextSoap 8.1 also adds the following new cleaners:
* Fix up macOS name to rename “Mac OS X”, “OS X” to “macOS”
* Reverse Line Order
* Remove All Spaces
* Remove All Whitespace


TextSoap is the premier tool to automate tedious text document cleaning. Automatically remove unwanted characters, fix messed up carriage returns, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Life is too short to do this stuff by hand.


Supported Languages:
* US English


System Requirements:
* Requires macOS 10.10 or later


Pricing and Availability:
The TextSoap 8.1 update is available immediately and is free of charge to all TextSoap 8 customers. Customers may either update from within the app or directly download the update from Unmarked Software’s web site. TextSoap 8.1 has a suggested retail price of $44.99 (USD) and is available directly from Unmarked Software’s web site. Upgrades for customers of previous versions are available through the web site.


Unmarked Software
TextSoap 8.1
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