GeekSuit, LLC is a leading evangelist for the Mac platform since 1999, including popular website brands prMac, MacDeveloper and MacScripter.


Publish once, broadcast the word.

prMac is a free press release distribution service aimed at enhancing the visibility of press releases in the Mac world. With a Publish Once, Broadcast Many philosophy, we offer world-wide agency distribution services as well as top-notch RSS feeds.


Your world scripted

Since 1999, MacScripter has achieved great status amoung Applescripters, second only to Apple's. Macscripter is the largest Applescript centric website, second to Apple's own.


Develop, and test.

MacDeveloper helps companies and individual software developers alike improve the quality of their products by providing a platform to have their applications properly tested from a well informed, and energetic Beta Pool.

App Review Helper

Paid Review Enhancement

With the explosion of the mobile market, many popular media sources have embraced paid reviews as their revenue model. App Review Helper seeks to pull all of these resources into one convenient location so you can send your app descriptions directly to the media for timely reviews.


Develop, Test, Distribute

iBetaTest is a community centered around testing Mac software. Testers get to help improve the applications they use everyday, find new and cool apps before anyone else, and earn FREE or heavily discounted software. Developers get high-quality testing from well informed and energetic users.

Client Folder Maker

Fully customizable folder hierarchy app

Client Folder Maker utilizes a very simple approach to building custom folder sets for any job. Easily add, rename, or delete folders in the hierarchy and create new files under the folder tree. You can use any other variables in addition to, or in place of the Client Name or Job Number, so the possibilities for personal customization are endless.