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Student Interns Taught Remotely In Online Game Development

During the recent school closings, due to the coronavirus pandemic, both the Dallas ISD and the Dallas County Community College District, a group of game development students who were working as interns for a local game developer were able to continue their internship duties online.



Magnin & Associates has been an Industry Partner with the Dallas ISD Conrad HS H-TECH collegiate game development program for the past 4 years. Ed Magnin had been meeting with students weekly at Conrad High School and the at Richland College where the seniors attend full-time. A group of students had been helping test Magnin’s games. Recently as they enrolled in a college internship class, they transitioned into helping program or creating artwork for the project. Magnin also asked Professor Christopher Curra, the Program Coordinator, to help find him a few more qualified students.


Since Magnin & Associates has operated remotely, the latest crisis was much less of an issue for them. Students were able to participate in online discussions and group chats with him and each other via Skype. They were able to benefit from screen sharing, to learn from Magnin’s senior programmer Willie Johnson, Jr, and get help with adjusting the settings on their game engine and 3D software. Students have asked to observe programming meetings where bugs are fixed and new versions are made ready for release.


The interns play tested Magnin & Associates Extreme Bowling Challenge which was released on March 24 for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Windows PC, and Xbox. The students are now participating more significantly on the next project, which will remain a secret for now, but should be available before their semester ends.

Edge Flip – A New Fun Slide Puzzle Game

Lume Studio, an app-development firm that specializes in casual games and puzzles, has designed Edge Flip as an addictive multilevel slide puzzle game that combines various adventures and battles with competitive enigmas. It is a highly engaging game that has users tapping for hours, making their way through an addictive maze experience by solving multiple puzzles.



Pablo Santana, creative director at Lume Studio, says, “We’ve focused our attention on creating an exciting user experience with immersive graphics and addictive gameplay. A lot of user feedback has been incorporated in the final design of the game, and we hope that Edge Flip builds the next step in mobile puzzle- a F2P game of the highest artistic quality offering puzzle fans a satisfying and mind-crunching experience from the start to the end.”


Magic, fantasy, impossible geometry, unique landscapes, Edge Flip takes users on a magical exploration with Goddess Morrigan, who must be taken across the game by solving mysterious puzzles, revealing hidden paths, sliding, solving mysteries, and beating all the Celtic gods in the puzzle boss battles. The game includes concepts from Celtic mythology, Rubik’s cube, and immersive motion graphics for a never-seen-before combination of puzzle, art, and magic.


“Edge Flip is a unique puzzle game that is about surprises, challenge, and magical moments. The game introduces new mechanics, allowing players to intuitively discover their abilities and the rules of the fantasy world,” explains Pablo, who stresses on the unique aspect of balancing challenge and delight in Edge Flip, an interesting multi-player game.


Main features:

  • A multilevel slide puzzle game that combines puzzles, adventures, and battles, offering a tough challenge and brainstorming opportunities
  • An ideal way to sharpen your mental reflexes with Physics-based, isometric puzzles
  • Solve unique puzzles and enigmas of increasing complexity to collect precious gems and unlock new levels
  • Discover new slide block game with challenging brain teasers for Rubik’s cube fans and speed-cubers
  • Single and multi-player gameplay available for extra fun


Exercise your grey cells with an extra dose of adventure in this all-new puzzle game that is designed to provide hours of addictive gameplay. Players interact directly through sliding tiles, buttons, and rotating structures to manipulate the world and solve each puzzle and kill hours, albeit productively.


Edge Flip is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

The Witch’s Forest released on Mobile

Toward Inc. announces The Witch’s Forest 1.1.9, an update to the fun-to-play Black Forest casual RPG title for iOS and Android devices. This version offers minor bug fixes with optimaized performance. Featuring a beautiful and unique graphic design, The Witch’s Forest offers a unique style of gameplay. Players only grow the world tree The forest was beautiful and tranquil due to the World Tree and the witch, the sources of magic.



The world tree began to burn because of an unknown power. The witch, the guardian of the forest, lost her power, and the forest became contaminated. Owing to the Light Sprite’s sacrifice, the world tree began to sprout again, and the witch awakened. Grow the World Tree to recover the magic power to purify the forest with the witch and reveal the mysterious power!



  • Collect spirits to restore the world’s magic
  • Explore the forest and collect various items
  • Upgrade and craft equipment to strengthen your witch
  • Purify the forest by defeating monsters
  • Quick and easy battles
  • Decorate your witch with beautiful and unique hairstyles and wings
  • Conquer the mysterious tower to reveal the source of your power


The Witch’s Forest 1.1.9 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. An Android version is available on Google Play.

Shadowgun War Games Available Worldwide On Multi Devices

MADFINGER Games announces that Shadowgun War Games, is now available on iOS and Android devices. Players can get in on the action by downloading the game from the App Store or Google Play Store today.



Shadowgun War Games is a ftactical first-person shooter that brings the responsive gameplay of its predecessors to the multiplayer arena in intense 5v5 team-based battles. Eagerly anticipated by more than 1.5 million pre-registered users, Shadowgun War Games boasts the same high level of visual quality that earned its predecessor, Shadowgun Legends, the “Most Beautiful Mobile Game 2019” award from Google Play.


Users can choose from a gallery of heroes, each with unique personalities and skills to match their play style. With an emphasis on quick pick-up-and-play action, War Games offers console-quality team-based action for everyone with access to a mobile device.


Shadowgun War Games scales its performance to ensure smooth and visually-triumphant gameplay across the widest possible range of mobile handsets, including the ASUS ROG Phone II, the high-performance smartphone designed for mobile gaming.


“Madfinger’s custom support of our 120Hz/1ms AMOLED display and Kunai Gamepad makes the ROG Phone II the best way to experience the exceptional Shadowgun War Games.”, said ChihHao Kung, Global Technical PR Director.


“MADFINGER Games are experts at using Unity to push beautiful visuals that are optimized to scale across a variety of devices, all without sacrificing the performance demanded by competitive shooters. Shadowgun War Games is the team’s most ambitious effort yet – a gorgeous, blazing-fast, online shooter that really shows off what Unity is capable of on mobile devices. Congratulations to the team on another big launch, ” said Brett Bibby, Vice President, Engineering, Unity Technologies.


“2020 marks the ten year anniversary of our studio,” said Marek Rabas, CEO of MADFINGER Games. “We’re starting the celebrations early with the launch of Shadowgun War Games. We’ve poured ten years of passion and experience into this game, and we can’t wait to hear what the community has to say.”


Shadowgun War Games is now available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more, visit the game online.

MacDroid – File Transfer between Mac and Android

Electronic Team, Inc. announces MacDroid 1.0, new to the company’s macOS software lineup. MacDroid is a helpful addition to those who own and work with Mac or MacBook computer and an Android phone. The two devices cannot natively have the data transferred between each other, hence there is a need for an interface that will simplify matters.



With MacDroid one can connect an Android to their Mac and transfer photographs, music, videos as well as entire folders between computer and device. An Android device has to be connected to the computer with a USB cable.



  • Allows mounting internal and external Android storages
  • One can edit Android files on Mac without moving them to computer
  • Doesn’t need any additional plugins or extensions
  • Supports all Android and MTP devices


MacDroid offers two connection modes to its users – MTP and ADB. ADB mode is recommended by the developers of the app as it offers stability and efficient speed of data transfer. MTP connection is somewhat easier and more versatile. It actually allows connecting other devices, that might not be running Android OS, but as long as they support MTP connection, one can transfer files from them too. Such devices as MP3 players or cameras can connect in MTP mode.


MacDroid 1.0 can be obtained from the developer’s website. The free MacDroid allows file transfer from Android to Mac. The PRO version allows file transfer from Android to Mac and from Mac to Android with the possibility to edit Android files on Mac without having to actually save them on computer. Download MacDroid is sold as an annual subscription with auto-renewal and costs $19.99 (USD) per year.

SyncMate 8 is macOS Catalina, iOS 13 and Android 10 supported

Electronic Team, Inc. releases SyncMate 8, carrying highly improved stability of the synchronization process for the latest versions of operating systems for all the devices, thanks to fully updated sync mechanism. SyncMate 8 now fully supports macOS 10.15 Catalina, iOS 13 and Android 10.



SyncMate is a safe and trustworthy app for macOS for syncing data between Mac and multiple devices like other Macs, Android and iOS devices, as well as numerous online accounts and cloud storages like iCloud, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft services (Office 365 Home and Business, Outlook). MTP devices and other mounted storages are supported as well. One can sync contacts, calendars, playlists, bookmarks, reminders and much more, as well as transfer files and folders (music, videos, images, etc.).


With SyncMate one can manage SMS messages by simply connecting an Android or iOS device to Mac. One will find advanced text message management possibilities useful: send text messages and browse through call history straight from Mac.

All registered users of previous versions of SyncMate Expert can upgrade with 50% discount. Contact the developer’s Support team for assistance. Those who own Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee will receive an activation code for SyncMate 8 Expert automatically via email. All other users are welcome to test Free Edition of SyncMate and get Expert Edition to unlock additional sync options (pricing starts at $39.95).

Play 20Levels Match Puzzle Games Offers Discounts and Luxury Gifts

Abu Dhabi-based entrepreneur Huda Al Enezi has released 20Levels – Match Puzzles & Win 1.0.10 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. The mobile game doesn’t just entertain but also enhances the player’s shopping experience. The game combines the famous color matching gaming model with exciting shopping opportunities that help the players save money big-time.


Whereas most of the color-matching games available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are confined to winning game points and being content with that, winning in 20Levels jumps out of your mobile phone and becomes a reality when you can save money and avail discounts through the coupons and other discount opportunities in various retail stores. The more you win, the greater the percentage of discounts that you get. Hence, playing and winning in 20Levels becomes not just enjoyable, but also profitable.


It is a simple puzzle game available both on Android and iOS. It connects real-life shoppers with real-life discounts and savings. The interface and the flow of the game have been purposely kept very simple and straightforward to appeal to the broadest user base. The focus of the game is not the complexity of solving the color matching game but gathering opportunities for saving cash and receiving gifts and discount coupons. The challenge is to finish 20 levels in as little time as possible. In between you also watch a video and answer the ASK ME to survey to get reword moves and times, to find clues to add to the excitement and sense of adventure.


Want to save time or feeling stuck? From within the game, you can purchase boosters and color matches that can remove obstacles and help you move to the next level faster and with ease.


Before you start playing the game, you can decide whether you are playing for discount vouchers and coupons from well-known brands or the “Mystery Box”. Whereas, for discount vouchers and coupons, you know for which items you will be playing and attempting to score points, with the mystery box, although it is a secret what you’re going to end up with, the prices are of much greater dimension such as smartphones, tablets, other expensive gadgets and appliances, and luxury clothing.


20 Levels, allows shoppers to participate, win and redeem discounts for purchases at a number of incredible online retailers, just like yours! With every new level achieved, they will unlock a reward and as you might expect, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


The game is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. For further inquiries and collaborating as a merchant, contact Huda Al Enezi.

20Levels – Match Puzzles & Win 1.0.10 is free and is available worldwide through the App Store. An Android version is also available through the Google Play Store. In-app purchases are available.

Google says PaigeeWorld Contains Adult Images and Removes App from Google Play

PaigeeWorld is a Social Network for young Artists with over 1 million subscribed artists and has been ranked as a top 1000 website in the USA. PaigeeWorld is one of the few art sites that is rated for all ages. The site says adult content has never been allowed on PaigeeWorld and never will be allowed.

PaigeeWorld has over 100 volunteer Moderator, Feature Team and Welcome Team members from around the world that moderate content 24/7 keeping the PaigeeWorld community safe for all ages. Most of our volunteers are community members between 16 and 21 years old that have been long term members of PaigeeWorld.

Today, PaigeeWorld was removed from Google Play, as Google flagged 2 of the screenshots representing PaigeeWorld on Google Play as being “adult oriented.” Google feels that the images have violated the following policy:

Real-life, simulated, or fantasy subjects portrayed with:
* Clothing that provides excessively tight, or minimal coverage of breasts, buttocks, or genitalia
* Sexually suggestive poses
* Disproportionately large breasts, buttocks, or genitals
* Breasts, buttocks, or genitals that extend past the border of the icon

PaigeeWorld has asked their community and their Social Media followers if they agree with Google. The site says that far not one person responding has felt that these images are “Adult”. Here are some of the comments:

* @toocamely, Again, they have boobs. Is that so wrong. Everything is well covered. If they want that down. They should just delete all their female pictures because that’s unfair.
* @daughter0fzeus, No this is perfectly age appropriate THIS MAKES ME SO MAD! … smh
* @ambu101, I feel as though PaigeeWorld has very good rules and guidelines I feel google is being very protective and should back off a little bit that is just me
* @savonah1, Nope. It isn’t adult. It’s part of the natural female body -w-
* @xxniamhcxx, This image is NOT adult, cleavage is natural for a woman, and also many other apps contain this kind of stuff so theyre being petty.
* @churroferret, That’s not adult, that’s a very detailed and nice image. Has Google even SEEN anime girls?
* @animeloverblue, Is just a anime girl Google probably haven’t watched anime
* @Rawane Hassoun, That’s absolutely dumb for one it’s art and it’s not revealing even!! Ridiculous of Google for removing your app for this silly and unreasonable thing.
* @Jourdan Christina Wicks, Cleavage is nothing, a nipslip would be much more severe. Crazy how many other mobile apps have nearly naked women in them but yours somehow got cut down for it after being on there for FOREVER.

While PaigeeWorld is a very popular social network, they say they have very little revenue. The site says 100% of all of their revenue since they launched goes to development and operations of the community.

The screenshots in question are linked below for your viewing.

PaigeeWorld 4.0.2
Download from iTunes
Screenshot 1 (Is this Adult?)
Screenshot 2 (Is this Adult?)