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SyncMate 8 is macOS Catalina, iOS 13 and Android 10 supported

Electronic Team, Inc. releases SyncMate 8, carrying highly improved stability of the synchronization process for the latest versions of operating systems for all the devices, thanks to fully updated sync mechanism. SyncMate 8 now fully supports macOS 10.15 Catalina, iOS 13 and Android 10.



SyncMate is a safe and trustworthy app for macOS for syncing data between Mac and multiple devices like other Macs, Android and iOS devices, as well as numerous online accounts and cloud storages like iCloud, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft services (Office 365 Home and Business, Outlook). MTP devices and other mounted storages are supported as well. One can sync contacts, calendars, playlists, bookmarks, reminders and much more, as well as transfer files and folders (music, videos, images, etc.).


With SyncMate one can manage SMS messages by simply connecting an Android or iOS device to Mac. One will find advanced text message management possibilities useful: send text messages and browse through call history straight from Mac.

All registered users of previous versions of SyncMate Expert can upgrade with 50% discount. Contact the developer’s Support team for assistance. Those who own Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee will receive an activation code for SyncMate 8 Expert automatically via email. All other users are welcome to test Free Edition of SyncMate and get Expert Edition to unlock additional sync options (pricing starts at $39.95).

Play 20Levels Match Puzzle Games Offers Discounts and Luxury Gifts

Abu Dhabi-based entrepreneur Huda Al Enezi has released 20Levels – Match Puzzles & Win 1.0.10 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. The mobile game doesn’t just entertain but also enhances the player’s shopping experience. The game combines the famous color matching gaming model with exciting shopping opportunities that help the players save money big-time.


Whereas most of the color-matching games available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are confined to winning game points and being content with that, winning in 20Levels jumps out of your mobile phone and becomes a reality when you can save money and avail discounts through the coupons and other discount opportunities in various retail stores. The more you win, the greater the percentage of discounts that you get. Hence, playing and winning in 20Levels becomes not just enjoyable, but also profitable.


It is a simple puzzle game available both on Android and iOS. It connects real-life shoppers with real-life discounts and savings. The interface and the flow of the game have been purposely kept very simple and straightforward to appeal to the broadest user base. The focus of the game is not the complexity of solving the color matching game but gathering opportunities for saving cash and receiving gifts and discount coupons. The challenge is to finish 20 levels in as little time as possible. In between you also watch a video and answer the ASK ME to survey to get reword moves and times, to find clues to add to the excitement and sense of adventure.


Want to save time or feeling stuck? From within the game, you can purchase boosters and color matches that can remove obstacles and help you move to the next level faster and with ease.


Before you start playing the game, you can decide whether you are playing for discount vouchers and coupons from well-known brands or the “Mystery Box”. Whereas, for discount vouchers and coupons, you know for which items you will be playing and attempting to score points, with the mystery box, although it is a secret what you’re going to end up with, the prices are of much greater dimension such as smartphones, tablets, other expensive gadgets and appliances, and luxury clothing.


20 Levels, allows shoppers to participate, win and redeem discounts for purchases at a number of incredible online retailers, just like yours! With every new level achieved, they will unlock a reward and as you might expect, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


The game is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. For further inquiries and collaborating as a merchant, contact Huda Al Enezi.

20Levels – Match Puzzles & Win 1.0.10 is free and is available worldwide through the App Store. An Android version is also available through the Google Play Store. In-app purchases are available.

Google says PaigeeWorld Contains Adult Images and Removes App from Google Play

PaigeeWorld is a Social Network for young Artists with over 1 million subscribed artists and has been ranked as a top 1000 website in the USA. PaigeeWorld is one of the few art sites that is rated for all ages. The site says adult content has never been allowed on PaigeeWorld and never will be allowed.

PaigeeWorld has over 100 volunteer Moderator, Feature Team and Welcome Team members from around the world that moderate content 24/7 keeping the PaigeeWorld community safe for all ages. Most of our volunteers are community members between 16 and 21 years old that have been long term members of PaigeeWorld.

Today, PaigeeWorld was removed from Google Play, as Google flagged 2 of the screenshots representing PaigeeWorld on Google Play as being “adult oriented.” Google feels that the images have violated the following policy:

Real-life, simulated, or fantasy subjects portrayed with:
* Clothing that provides excessively tight, or minimal coverage of breasts, buttocks, or genitalia
* Sexually suggestive poses
* Disproportionately large breasts, buttocks, or genitals
* Breasts, buttocks, or genitals that extend past the border of the icon

PaigeeWorld has asked their community and their Social Media followers if they agree with Google. The site says that far not one person responding has felt that these images are “Adult”. Here are some of the comments:

* @toocamely, Again, they have boobs. Is that so wrong. Everything is well covered. If they want that down. They should just delete all their female pictures because that’s unfair.
* @daughter0fzeus, No this is perfectly age appropriate THIS MAKES ME SO MAD! … smh
* @ambu101, I feel as though PaigeeWorld has very good rules and guidelines I feel google is being very protective and should back off a little bit that is just me
* @savonah1, Nope. It isn’t adult. It’s part of the natural female body -w-
* @xxniamhcxx, This image is NOT adult, cleavage is natural for a woman, and also many other apps contain this kind of stuff so theyre being petty.
* @churroferret, That’s not adult, that’s a very detailed and nice image. Has Google even SEEN anime girls?
* @animeloverblue, Is just a anime girl Google probably haven’t watched anime
* @Rawane Hassoun, That’s absolutely dumb for one it’s art and it’s not revealing even!! Ridiculous of Google for removing your app for this silly and unreasonable thing.
* @Jourdan Christina Wicks, Cleavage is nothing, a nipslip would be much more severe. Crazy how many other mobile apps have nearly naked women in them but yours somehow got cut down for it after being on there for FOREVER.

While PaigeeWorld is a very popular social network, they say they have very little revenue. The site says 100% of all of their revenue since they launched goes to development and operations of the community.

The screenshots in question are linked below for your viewing.

PaigeeWorld 4.0.2
Download from iTunes
Screenshot 1 (Is this Adult?)
Screenshot 2 (Is this Adult?)

Match 3 and Win Real Prizes With Prize Fiesta

Prize Fiesta 1.41.11 for iOS and Android devices is the first match 3 game that delivers actual prizes to each winner’s home.


Prize Fiesta rewards players loyalty – time on the game increases the chances to win – and is therefore a great way to win prizes without any gambling whatsoever. In fact, the prize awarding processes were prepared by US and EU attorneys and guarantees that no gambling is involved and that they comply with local laws.


Prize Fiesta is available at no cost for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and can be also played via Facebook or the web. The game is created by Full Game Ahead, which has awarded more than $1 million to prize winners through its suite of games that include Maze Fiesta, Coin Pusher Plus, Bang Up box and more.


Racking up points on Prize Fiesta is easy to understand, challenging to achieve, and addictively fun. Users try to match up three similar icons, which disappear from the game board and are replaced. Along the way, users also try to collect mushrooms and fill their piggy bank. Once their piggyback is loaded with coins, it’s off to the delightful “Prize Cavern” to browse for available prizes – such as home electronics, gadgets, devices and other goodies – which, if won, are delivered to each winner’s home.


Other Prize Fiesta special features include:
* 14 unique dreamlike worlds to play (with more on the way)
* Exceptional graphics with fast, fluid animation
* Fun sound and music (with mute option for those that want to play at night, on a flight, etc.)
* Several daily bonuses for users who happen to be playing at the right time.
* 3 different winners per week on the app’s Facebook world contest


Prize Fiesta 1.41.11 is Free and available in the App Store. An Android version is available on Google Play as well as via Facebook and the web.

Man Vs. Missiles for iOS and Android Now Available

Spiel Studios Pvt. Ltd. has released Man Vs. Missiles 1.1, their latest game for iOS and Android devices. The casual, yet challenging game, tests players piloting skills by flying their plane for as long as they can, while avoiding and destroying incoming missiles which are continuously trying to bring them down.

Man Vs. Missiles for iOS and Android Now Available

Pickup power-ups like shield & boost to protect you from missiles and go faster respectively. Also deploy flares to destroy these missiles when they get too hot to handle. Start from Level 1 and climb up the ladder as you complete each level with unique objectives.


With each level you pass, you get new planes and upgrades which get unlocked in the shop. Spend the coins that you collect during the game to buy these items. Also invite your friends and post your high score on Game Center and Play Services. Get the game now and start playing for Free!


Man Vs. Missiles 1.1 is Free, but offers In-App Purchases and is available through the App Store in the Games category. An Android version is available on Google Play.

Bumble Bom Bee is the Future of Match Gaming on iOS

Conchware today has announced the release of Bumble Bom Bee 0.0.515, a maintenance update to their popular game title for iOS and Android devices.

Bumble Bom Bee, the world’s first physics-based tile matching game is one of the most challenging and intuitively fascinating puzzle games to be introduced in recent times.


By taking the basic gaming principle of swipe-to-match we have moved into a new realm of possibility in which mechanics that consistently generate results in the inherently unpredictable world of physics and mathematics are now a reality.


Through extensive study of geometry and bees we have discovered a way to spontaneously generate order out of the inherently random movements of multiple objects, allowing for gameplay experiences which have never been possible or seen before now. The dynamics and flexibility of such a system allows for a player to do anything they please and although you might not know where the tiles are going, when they stop you are always presented with a perfect honeycomb.


In addition to everything mentioned so far Bumble Bom Bee also makes extensive use of multiple game modes, obstacles and objective that combine into many different combinations of levels and of a specially designed A.I. created to help the player throughout their game play experience. This A.I. does everything from show the player how different obstacles work in the tutorials, teaching beginner players how to play the game without the limitations of language barriers, to offering valuable hints and suggestions when the player cannot find a move and automatically shuffling the board if no moves are possible. As a result Bumble Bom Bee is a game that, while instantly familiar to millions, is unlike any other game on earth.


Bumble Bom Bee 0.0.515 is currently available for Free at iTunes App Store in the Games category. Bumble Bom Bee is also available in Android for Free at Google Play Store in the Casual category.

Haul Cargo Across America In 18-Wheelers with Truck Simulator USA

Ovilex Soft’s massive nation state of more than 600,000 Facebook fans – along with over 100 million users around the world who have downloaded the company’s roster of stunningly realistic 3D driving simulator apps – can clear their calendar for hundreds of hours of fun, now that that the much-anticipated Truck Simulator USA has arrived.


Available at no cost for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play), Truck Simulator USA is a certainly a worthy addition to the Ovilex Soft family. As usual, the aspect that leaps out from the moment the app launches are the spectacular graphics. Whether they’re taking a sidelong view of a mammoth 18-wheeler or peering out from behind the windshield at the road ahead, users will be in awe at the level of detail. From the subtle halo around the illuminated headlights, to the greenish hue of a roadside cactus on a desert highway, to photographic-realism of the pavement and asphalt markings – and the list goes on Truck Simulator USA is a master class in design. And still, that’s just the start.


The glory of all Ovilex Soft’s apps is always the gameplay and UX, and Truck Simulator USA exceeds expectations on both fronts. Users get to select and customize a wide range of trucks, and then hit the open road and haul their cargo such as cars, gravel, food, fuel, and more – throughout USA, Canada or Mexico. There is night and day driving, various climate conditions and environments (such as sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, mountain, desert, and so on).


There are also multiple driving controls, including tilt steering, gears, handles, buttons, levers, headlights, and a virtual steering wheel that uses AI and physics to create an ultra-realistic driving experience. There’s also a manual transmission with H-shifter and clutch, lifelike engine sounds that roar and hum accordingly, and the possibility of incurring visual and mechanical damage just like a real professional American trucker.


Users can head out on a journey across the country or continent, join a convoy in the multiplayer mode, or see if they have the business acumen and driving skill to succeed in career mode. Users can also request new trucks via Ovilex Soft’s social pages.


Truck Simulator USA 1.2.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

eBook Search 3.0 Offers Over 8 Million Free eBooks and All New Design

Inkstone Software today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of eBook Search 3.0, an important update to their free eBook search solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. eBook Search offers readers the ability to search a wide number of free eBook resources, as well as the ability to download the books to their device for their immediate reading pleasure.

eBook Search 3.0 Offers Over 8 Million Free eBooks and All New Design

eBook Search offers readers the ability to search for and read over 8 million free eBooks from sources such as iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, Kobo, and many other eBook collections. The app also connects to free book catalogs maintained by Feedbooks, Baen Books, Project Gutenberg, Smashwords, ePub Bud, ManyBooks, and the Internet Archive. Its sleek modern interface is designed to work in any device’s native resolution, making it perfect for users of any mobile device.


Once a user finds the eBook they are looking for, it only takes a few taps to download to their device, and open it up in most popular reading apps. Or, if they want to put off downloading the book until a later time, they can send a link to their own inbox to remind them. Users can also share their finds via handy sharing abilities.


* Access to over 8 million free eBooks from iBooks, Feedbooks, Baen Books, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive and more
* Discover over 2.3 million premium iBooks
* Access to the Calibre eBook management software over Wi-Fi
* Open books in most iOS EPUB and PDF reader apps including iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, and Kobo
* Readers can e-mail eBooks to themselves for reading on other platforms
* Native app optimized for all iPhone and iPad devices


“We are all voracious readers at Inkstone, and love helping other eBook fans find great free books to read and enjoy. We’re proud that our efforts have resulted in having the number one book discovery app in the App Store,” says Inkstone CEO Patrick Thompson. “Since its release in 2011, eBook Search for iOS has had over 8.5 million downloads, and has been consistently ranked in the top 25 of the App Store’s free books category.”


It doesn’t matter what kind of reading material a user enjoys; they can find it by searching eBook catalogs with eBook Search. Thrillers, mysteries, fantasies, science fiction, romance, manga, comics, non-fiction and more can all be found using the app. Plus, readers are sure to stumble on wonderful books they have never heard of, leading them down unexpected paths of knowledge and excitement.


What’s New in Version 3.0:
* A new sleek modern design from Italian designer Nicola Armellini
* Optimized to work in native resolution across all iOS devices
* Advanced search in a number of the eBook catalogs
* The ability to edit book metadata and mark books as read
* Access to the popular ePub Bud catalog with over 1370 free children’s books
* Access to the new and improved free Baen science fiction book catalog
* Access to the ManyBooks catalog with over 30,000 classics


eBook Search not only allows readers to search for free eBooks, the app also includes a custom iBookstore catalog that offers handy advanced search access to over 2.3 million premium and free offerings from the extensive iBooks library. And, Inkstone’s eBook Search for Android brings access to the same great collection of over 8 million eBooks to Android devices. Android users can now experience the same comprehensive access to free eBooks that iOS users have long enjoyed.


“With the update of eBook Search, we’ve made the app even easier to use. Plus, with the addition of three new book catalogs, it offers access to more eBooks than ever before,” continues Patrick. “Plus, it doesn’t matter which platform your use, as Android and iOS users both now have access to our terrific app!”


eBook Search 3.0 is free, and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Books category. Convenient in-app purchases are available to remove ads and add additional catalogs. A “Pro” version (3.1) is available for $0.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies). An Android version is also available through Google Play.