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eWeather HD 3.6 for iOS Adds new Apple Watch Glance, More

Elecont LLC has released a new version of eWeather HD 3.6. eWeather HD for iPhone & iPad introduces more than 15 new features and improvements. A New Glance for Apple Watch will help you to plan your outdoor activities.


eWeather HD 3.6 for iOS Adds new Apple Watch Glance, More

In addition to new Apple Watch weather app, eWeather 3.6 HD introduces a new feature – location-aware alerts for severe weather events. To receive alerts wherever you go, you ever don’t need to start the app – you’ll get weather warnings for your location automatically using PUSH notifications. In addition to severe weather alerts, you may setup current temperature on home screen badge and weather reports on lock screen for your current location or any other location added from list of favorites. You may even add four additional places to be informed about weather where your relatives live.

eWeather HD for Apple Watch offers most accurate hour-by-hour weather forecasts, temperature of air, sky conditions, “feels like” temperatures, UV index, chance of precipitations, wind speed and direction, geomagnetic activity index, humidity, dew point.


For a limited time, eWeather HD 3.6 is available for $2.99, and is available through the App Store in the Weather category.

Proloquo4Text 3.0 for iOS Gives a Voice to Users Who Have Speech Difficulties

AssistiveWare has released Proloquo4Text 3.0 for iOS, an update to its text-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app. Proloquo4Text allows literate children and adults who have difficulty speaking or have lost their voice completely, a voice to communicate.



Proloquo4Text 3.0 for iOS Gives a Voice to Users Who Have Speech Difficulties



Version 3.0 brings a number of new enhancements, as well as new features designed to improve the user’s experience. The app adds ten new voices for English, German, Swedish, French and Norwegian that are available as a free download from within the app.

AssistiveWare works closely together with users to ensure the usability and usefulness of their products. All the new features and enhancements introduced in this major update are based on feedback from the user community.

The update also brings support for the iPad Pro, and the new iOS multitasking functionality. The Play button is now larger, and easier to tap for users with fine-motor challenges.


“With Proloquo4Text we want to enable users to communicate with minimal effort and actively participate in society,” CEO of AssistiveWare, David Niemeijer explained. “Through user feedback we learned that many of our users don’t speak their text in Proloquo4Text, but show the screen to their communication partner. The new full screen and flip text features makes that significantly easier, both for the user as for the communication partner.”


Proloquo4Text 3.0 is $119.99, and is available through the App Store. It includes over 100 free Text to Speech voices in 18 languages. The update is free for existing users.

Do4Who Version 2 Includes Apple Watch App

Good Binary Limited has released Do4Who 2.0, an update to their popular productivity app for iOS. Do4Who learns who is important to you, and prioritizes your work schedule accordingly. The new release includes an Apple Watch app, and includes a new look.

The app learns who is important to you and uses this to prioritize your work accordingly. It presents you with a list of people you need to deal with automatically prioritized in the order you need to deal with them. So, for example, work that your boss has asked you to do is shown higher up in your list than work you may be doing for one of your peers.

What’s new in Version 2:
* New dark look interface
* Extensively updated for iOS9 and Apple Watch
* Separate your work tasks from your personal ones
* Summarises the number of tasks including how many are urgent, late or due today
* Left swipe to complete a task quickly or to postpone it until tomorrow
* Person or project name can be typed in or chosen from your contact list
* Apple Watch App – see all of your tasks on and mark them as complete from the watch
* Apple Watch Complication – see whoever is at the top of your list on your watch face


Do4Who 2.0 is $2.99, and is available through the App Store in the Productivity category.

Heart Graph Version 4.0 offers native Apple Watch App

Smoky Cat Software Ltd. has released Heart Graph version 4.0 with a native Apple Watch app.  Heart Graph offers high resolution graphs of a user’s heart rate, while also offering a comparison of those graphs and other workout statistics between sessions. The new app allows Apple Watch users to view the time spent in different heart rate zones while exercising, including a graph of up to 12 hours of their recent heart rate data.


Features of Heart Graph include:
* Display a graph of heart rate against time during workouts or for other periods of activity
* See a graph of heart rate on your Apple Watch while exercising
* Review up to 12 hours of recent heart rate data acquired by the Apple Watch
* Import heart rate data for Workouts in Health (e.g., from Apple Watch or other device)
* Review all workouts offline (e.g., to spot trends in training)
* Add textual notes to each workout (e.g., to record details of a particular session, sets, reps, general health etc.) and search for workouts based on the notes entered
* Share workout data with friends via email or Facebook
* Device rotation to landscape for iPhone and iPod touch maximizes screen area for graphs


Heart Graph 4.0 is free to download from the App Store in the Health and Fitness category. A single $2.99 In-App Purchase enables the Premium Features of the app, offering:


* Enable heart rate zone display for summarizing workout intensity into five configurable zones
* Record resting heart rate
* Compare workout statistics (such as resting, max and mean heart rate) over time to look for trends in training
* Analysis of heart rate zone totals across sessions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
* Compare heart rate graphs directly from one session to another
* Import heart rate data from the Health app for a custom time period of up to 24 hours
* Calculate calories burned during each workout
* Import and export workout data from other apps or your computer using Garmin TCX format files
* Export data to CSV file for further analysis in software such as Excel
* Save workouts to Dropbox as TCX or CSV files
* Attach an image of the heart rate graph and heart rate zone summary to emails or Facebook posts for sharing with others

Speed Tracker Offers GPS and Trip Log for Apple Watch

AppAnnex LLC has released Speed Tracker GPS Speedometer and Trip Computer 5.3, an update to its popular iOS app. The app offers a GPS speedometer, Trip Log and Trip computer, all combined into one app. Speed Tracker is on sale for 75% off the regular price. The promotional price will be in effect until May 31th, 2016.


Speed Tracker now offers an extension for Apple Watch, allowing users to start/stop trip recording and check their speed, distance traveled and other trip stats right from their wrist.


The app also includes a built-in GPS navigator mode, allowing users to switch to navigation mode, allowing them to check their current location on the map, allong with the distance they’ve already covered.


Speed Tracker 5.3 is $0.99 (70% off regular price of $3.99) until May 31, 2016, and is available in the App Store.

Samaritan iPhone and Apple Watch App Makes Driving Safer

Blue Eyes Innovation LLC has released Samaritan 1.0, their new navigation app for iOS devices. The new app uses a driver’s iPhone and Apple Watch to automatically detect if an accident has occurred, and sends out a distress alert if needed. Users store their emergency contact information. Once an accident has occurred, users receive a prompt to contact their emergency contact, either via email or direct call. Read more

Fitmanual – Helps Users Complete the Apple Watch Activity Ring

Developer Jan Roskosch has released Fitmanual 1.5, a combination Apple Watch and iPhone app that calculates a user’s burned calories for workouts and activities at which they could not take their Apple Watch with them. Once the calories are calculated, they are added to the Activity Ring in order to allow users to make their daily goal. The app tracks 25 activities. Read more