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Intro 1.0 for iPhone – Contacts on Steroids

Intro Limited today is proud to announce the worldwide release of their new contacts and personal network management tool, Intro 1.0 for iPhone. Intro focuses on learning names, recognizing faces, and retrieving information about people you’ve met. It’s like Contacts, on steroids.


Intro solves three primary problems:
* How can I quickly record information about people I meet, so I don’t forget them?
* How can I find information about those people later, when I can only recall fragments?
* How can I learn people’s names, so that they just pop into my head when I see the person again?


Founder (aka. Intro’s Origin Story):
Intro is the work of Dr Duncan Babbage: “I qualified as a clinical psychologist in New Zealand. A main focus of my doctoral research and subsequent clinical practice was on neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. I’ve always had problems with identifying people out of context, and even more with learning and recalling people’s names. I’d never forget my actual loved ones, but some days I couldn’t even pull up the names of colleagues and acquaintances I knew reasonably well. I got great at covering for it, but maybe you know how terrible that feels at times. Inspired by my work with people with significant memory problems after brain injuries, I realized neuropsychological research on errorless learning could help to address my own issues with learning people’s names. I initially built a tool simply for myself. I used it for several years to learn people’s names, and to keep track of the several thousand people I have met since. Even knowing the research that said an errorless learning approach would work, I was thrilled and amazed as I experienced the result. Seeing a person again and having their name just pop into my head, honestly for me it felt like unlocking a superpower! Meanwhile, along the way I heard from a lot of other people who reported a similar need. Intro is the result–a tool to help everyone connect more effectively with people.” Dr Duncan Babbage, Founder and Developer, Intro.


The Intro App:
Personally coded by Duncan, Intro brings together his personal experience of these issues, and the expertise in how to address them, into a powerful productivity tool that is designed for how your brain works. Add people, make connections, create groups, and add a dated history of notes on each. Dial up avatars for people using our custom illustrations, and you can then use an avatar search later to identify people out of context. Meanwhile Intro’s Learn tool, based on neuropsychological research on errorless learning and spaced retrieval, is remarkably effective at making a person’s name just pop into your head. Finally, if a user enables the feature, Intro will sync with their iPhone Contacts, enabling users to manage all contact fields in either app.


Private by Design:
Intro is a native iPhone app, exclusively for iOS 10 and newer. User-entered and synced data remains on customer devices–it is not uploaded to Intro’s servers (essentially, we have none) nor to any other service. “How secure are my servers? I don’t even have a server. Your data stays on your device. Period. This isn’t a social network, and it’s not a communication platform. The Intro app isn’t about you sharing your personal network with me, or with anyone else. It’s a completely private tool you use, for your own benefit.” Dr Duncan Babbage, Founder and Developer, Intro.


A One Person Multinational:
Intro was planned, designed, and all app development was undertaken by Duncan Babbage. The extent of contracted work for the project was the custom avatar illustrations made for Intro by Emma Scheltema of Emma Scheltema Illustration. Intro is available today in all 155 iOS App Store countries. As such, Intro is an example of how technology platforms like the iPhone and iOS App Store have in recent years enabled one-person companies to become global exporters, with customers throughout the world.


Device Requirements:
* Designed for iPhone
* Requires iOS 10 or higher
* Compatible with all versions of iPhone 5 and newer, including iPhone SE


Partnership Model:
Intro’s business model is a subscription-based partnership with Intro users. Intro Limited is a bootstrapped (self-funded) company and is not seeking external investment. Instead, it is focused on building a viable business in partnership with committed users. Intro’s users will be people who recognize the value in ensuring there is a viable business behind a productivity app that they rely on. A subscription model squarely aligns the interests of Intro’s users and Intro Limited.


The Intro app is free to download, with the free version providing contacts management. A one-month free trial is available to unlock the full features of the app, such as the errorless learning tool, avatar creation and physical features search. Ongoing use of these app features requires a monthly subscription (US $2.49, Euro 2.49, GBP 2.29, Yuan 16.00, Rs 189, A $3.49, NZ $3.99/month, similar prices in other local currencies). If a user ends their subscription, they can continue to access all data they’ve created in the app during any previous subscription period, and can continue to do contact management. Customers who begin a free trial and continue their subscription during the initial launch period will be identified as Intro Foundation Customers. Intro plans to look after our Foundation Customers. Intro is available today from the iOS app store worldwide.
Intro is available to the public today for download in the iOS App Store.  [GET IT HERE]


Archisketch 2.9 for iPad Now Available

Open Screen Ltd. has released the latest version of Archisketch, their scale-aware sketching app for iPad. With its freehand sketching features and solid line drawing tools, Archisketch provides a simple, effective early-stage design and development solution with none of the complications of the CAD and BIM software traditionally used in the design industry.


Archisketch users are not only enjoying the ease with which they can now produce scale drawings but many of them are also finding the app to be a useful stepping stone to the digital age. Take dvdbrwn, for example, who ended his five-star App Store review with these words: “This review from a senior, now transitioning to digital drawing after 35 years in the world of paper, pencil, pens and brushes.” Or Ian Clifford, a Project Engineer from Revolusun Massachusetts, who said: “The app is great by the way and saves me so much time! Actually it got me a big raise at work, once I was able to show how much faster solar systems could be designed.”


As well as adding a number of new features and improvements, this version of Archisketch will allow works to be submitted for the “Archisketch Drawing Contest”, which is running during the month of February 2018.


Archisketch Drawing Contest:
Open Screen Limited is now accepting submissions for its “Archisketch Drawing Contest“, with more than $2,500 in prize monies to be won. The competition is free to enter and it’s open to all existing and potential users of Archisketch. The competition aims to demonstrate the wide variety of work that can be produced using Archisketch on the iPad. If you are not an Archisketch user, you can still participate in the competition by becoming a beta tester. This not only gives you full access to Archisketch and allows you to submit to the “Archisketch Drawing Contest”, but it also lets you use the application’s upcoming drawing features in your submissions. To register as a beta tester or for more information on the “Archisketch Drawing Contest” please visit the Archisketch Competition Page.


New Features:
Version 2.9 of Archisketch features major improvements to the polygon drawing tool – users can now select multiple nodes and then either move them, delete them or round off their corners. In addition, improvements to PDF integration allow sub sets of pdf pages to be imported from multi-page PDF documents. And, wherever possible, non-rasterised PDF files are now generated for emailing. Other enhancements include the ability to search for specific projects by title, and refinements to the measuring tools, allowing for the rounding of two decimal places.


Archisketch 2.9 is available immediately from the App Store as a free download for use with up to 50 shapes in two projects, with an in-app purchase for unlimited shapes and projects for US$9.99 (USD). Version 2.9 requires iOS 11 or later on an iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro. Support for Apple Pencil requires an iPad Pro.

GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2 Now Available

The graphic design company, Graphic Node today is pleased to announce the release of GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2, an important update to its high-quality templates for iWork products for Mac. Destined to become one of the most vibrant productivity and graphics templates marketplace on the Mac App Store, GN Templates for iWork is an all-round productivity assistant, packed with productivity and graphics templates, designed for an unmatched variety of productivity suites and image-editing applications.


GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2 Now Available


The ideal tool for users of iWork, GN Templates for iWork provides you with over 10,000 unique designs for Pages documents, spreadsheet templates for Numbers, first-class slideshow themes for Keynote, over 2000 images and graphics for illustrating your content. All templates are available in the US and international paper sizes. The new update adds hundreds fresh elegant and easily-customizable designs. New game-changing interface and the new section for Pictures which is completely free. All templates are available in the US and international page size.


Templates for Pages:
The premium-quality Pages Templates set offers over 3100 beautiful and functional templates for Apple’s Pages. It includes a variety of template types, from business cards and brochures to posters and invitations. Pages Templates features a compelling combination of a modern and professional print layout and the gripping feel of creativity, adding a note of sophistication to your content.


Templates for Numbers:
The high-quality Numbers Templates collection offers diverse and useful templates for Apple’s Numbers. Use them for your business or personal needs. Handle your day-to-day tasks without difficulty. Customize the templates to your requirements: create tables, make calculations, draw diagrams, insert images thus tackling your job efficiently and effortlessly.


Keynote Templates:
Keynote Templates consist of huge variety themes for Keynote presentations. These are more than just pretty backgrounds – each one of them includes up to 24 different master slides, which lets you choose the best layout for your information. The themes are available in up to two sizes: standart 4:3 and widescreen 16:9. Let us take care of the appearance of your presentation, while you focus on the content.


Graphics is a collection of over 2000 beautiful, detailed clip-arts, illustrations.


Royalty-free stock images, illustrations, photographs in a fast-growing library. Can be used in both personal and commercial projects.


GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2 is free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

Hyperbolic Software Releases Tidy Up 5

Hyperbolic Software today is proud to announce the release of Tidy Up 5.0, the new generation of duplicate finding and disk tidiness app, developed exclusively for macOS.


Hyperbolic Software Releases Tidy Up 5


Tidy Up is a utility for Mac owners seeking to reclaim disk space taken up by duplicate files and folders. Tidy Up 5 is fully-featured and more powerful than ever, designed for pro users that need a modern and efficient tool.


Tidy Up 5 is completely re-engineered, and was developed focusing on efficiency. It employs a completely customizable, fast and accurate search algorithm that scans any mounted drive volume (hard drives, optical discs and portable drives) without writing an index. Tidy Up also has the capability to scan the databases of popular applications such as Lightroom, Photos, iTunes, Mail, iPhoto and Aperture.


Some of the new key features are:
* Modern and efficient interface
* Search in Lightroom
* Search for Hard Links
* Result organized by file kinds
* Result organized based on path of files (if search was performed in multiple locations)
* Automatic mark for removal
* Removal at administrator level
* Completely customizable criteria
* Search for duplicate folders
* Restore the removed (or moved) items if a mistake was made
* Report missing files for the supported apps
* Report empty folders
* Save the result to continue the cleaning job later
* Export the result to consult it in a spreadsheet app
* Plus many more…


Tidy Up 5 can be purchased starting from $28.99 (USD). Currently, Tidy Up 5 is available on the Company website.

Informant 1.0 Now Available on Mac App Store

Fanatic Software, developers of the wildly popular Pocket Informant, is announcing the availability of Informant for macOS in the Mac App Store.


Informant is a superior personal productivity system that allows users to combine multiple personal or work calendars from different sources such as iCloud and Google. Many people who cannot access their personal calendars on workplace networks can use Informant to have all of their Calendar, Tasks/Projects, and Notes data with them all the time, even without an internet connection. Informant is a cross-platform planner app that combines your Calendar, Tasks, Projects, and Notes into a single app. It closely follows the GTD (R) methodology, and also can be used with Franklin-style planning methods or a simple task mode.


Informant is one of the easiest calendar apps to setup because it accesses all your native Apple data. The 30-day calendar view uses tiny-type and is much more useful than the default Apple calendar. The project management feature in Informant surpasses the native reminders app with features such as sub-tasks, and start and end dates.


Get this Mac-based version or Informant for macOS as a one-time purchase of $49.99 (USD). The iOS version of Informant (Informant 5 for iOS) is now available as a subscription of $25/yr which also includes a subscription to the Informant Sync service.[GET IT HERE]

Simplify the Movement of Data on Your Mac With Enact

Mac-Chi has released Enact 1.0.7, their new productivity app for macOS computers. The app offers Mac users the ability to edit, print, and share information from their computer’s clipboard or keyboard via a large number of methods.


Simplify the Movement of Data on Your Mac With Enact


In addition, users can share posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, save the information as a new note, an addition to an existing note, or print the information directly to their printer. The app also offers the ability to jump to any open tab in the Safari with a click of the mouse in the Mac’s Menu bar or Dock.


Users can quickly create a text file, post text directly to popular social networks, or share the data via AirDrop with other Mac or iOS device users. Clipboard contents can also be shared in a variety of file formats including plain text, rich text or PDF formats.


Enact is designed to grow in the future, using an “dataSource -> embedded capabilities -> dataTarget,” API model. The developer says new capabilities will be added to the app in the near future, encouraging users to subscribe for 3 months to see for themselves how the app will be improved.


Current Features Include:
* Highly Customizable User Interface
* Custom formatting of information before sharing
* Change font, font style, and font size of datasource
* Provides a sentence and paragraph listing for any text
* Share from Enact to popular social networks, including Facebook and Twitter
* Share with other Mac and iOS users via AirDrop
* Print formatted information
* Save and share info in popular file formats, including .txt, .rtf, and .pdf
* Jump directly to any open Safari tab from the Mac Menu Bar or Dock
* Use information from any selected Safari tab
* Drag text onto the Exact Dock icon to customize before dispatching
* Save directly to a new or existing note in the Apple Notes app
* Create a reminder in the Reminders app
* Send text as an SMS message in the Mac Messages app
* Compose an email from your datasource to send in the Mail app
* Have your Mac read aloud highlighted text from the app
* New dataSources for Spotlight and Google Chrome on the way


“We’re not offering a normal short trial period. As we get started, I know a few days is not enough to understand what Enact has to offer. This is what’s behind our $0.99 3-month ‘get to know us’ offer,” continues Steve. “Buyers can benefit from Enact right now, but they’ll also get to discover how the app will expand over the next few months. Enact was designed from the ground up to plug in new stuff; Chrome and Spotlight are up first. A subscription really fits our engineering/product rollout at least for the next 6-8 quarters, but know we’ve got a subscription-less, snap-on version of Enact that will begin to make more sense as a product later this year.”


Three in-app purchases are available:
* Use – 3 months of Premium – $0.99 USD “pay-as-you-use”
* Subscribe – Auto-renewing 3 months subscription – $0.99 USD
* Buy – Premium – $12.99 USD A one time cost. No upgrade fees or subscription fees – ever


Enact 1.0.7 is free to download and is available through the Mac App Store. [GET IT HERE]

FxFactory Debuts Final Cut Pro X 3D Sports Graphics Plugins

FxFactory today released a new Final Cut Pro X plugin called XEffects 3D Sports Graphics. Developed by partner Idustrial Revolution, the plugins combine to fulfill the need in sports of displaying, fixtures, teams, in play graphics, results tables and of course, name supers and associated locators & tags.


FxFactory Debuts Final Cut Pro X 3D Sports Graphics Plugins


“Our previous pack of sports graphics for FCPX that have a flat design sold well ” said Peter Wiggins, plugin developer at Idustrial Revolution “So we thought we would offer an alternative, this time designed with glossy bars that animate on in 3D space”


Although designed for sports coverage, the plugins can also be used in other types of video and television production.


“As the plugin offers so much customization we can see the pack being used in many different productions” said Wiggins “All the color palettes and animations match, so individual plugins can be combined to produce complex graphics quickly. Perfect for getting a lot of data over, but still looking great ”



  • 10 preset color palettes in every template or choose your own
  • Use images or video in panels – No drop zones for easier tweaking
  • Many display options and XY positioning on every template
  • Adjust overall strip width and depth of every item
  • Display up to 12 rows with 4 globally moving text columns
  • Build In & Build Out animations on every template or toggle off for cuts & dissolves
  • Layer up titles for ‘Change ons’
  • Drop Zones for team badges and flag images
  • 4K Ready


Idustrial Revolution’s designers and editors have been at the forefront of using Apple technology and software in creating content for broadcasters, corporate users and videographers. They have been successfully producing products for Final Cut Pro for over 10 years.


Pricing and Availability:
XEffects 3D Sports Graphics is distributed on the FxFactory app store. It is being launched at a discounted price of $39 USD (Normal price $49) for one week until the 6th February 2018.

Written Down: Journaling App for iPhone and iPad

Tinkerbuilt LLC has announced Written Down 1.0.2, an important update to their new journaling app for iPhone and iPad. Written Down offers a simple and modern way to journal everywhere you go. Journals sync quickly, privately and securely across all your iOS devices via iCloud. You can collaborate with family and friends by sharing journals that sync privately via iCloud. Lock journals to keep them private and secure using a passcode with support for unlock using Touch ID or Face ID.


Written Down: Journaling App for iPhone and iPad


Pick your own journal colors, icons, and backgrounds. Choose different app themes, colors and typography to customize and make Written Down beautifully yours. Entries are enriched with details such as time, date, location and weather as you add to your journals. You can add tags to categorize and search your entries by topic, feeling, interest, activity, goal, people and more. What makes Written Down different?

  • Other apps require you to trust another 3rd party with your private data. Written Down uses iCloud for fast and secure data sync across your iOS devices. You already trust Apple to keep your data secure. This way no one else has access to your private journal data, including us.
  • Other apps don’t let you work together when you need to. With Written Down you can invite other iOS users to collaborate and share journals privately via iCloud. No other journaling app lets you collaborate this easily.
  • Other journaling apps are often complicated and expensive. Written Down is free for 1 journal with a reasonable subscription price to activate all premium features on all your iOS devices. It is a simple, easy to use app. Even though we have many more features planned for the future we won’t let it get complicated to use.



  • Unlimited entries
  • Unlimited journals
  • Unlimited photos
  • Sync quickly, privately and securely across devices via iCloud
  • Collaborate and share journals privately with others via iCloud
  • Passcode lock with support for Touch ID or Face ID unlock
  • Entry reminders with notifications
  • Import and export formats
  • Backup and restore
  • Location added to entries
  • Add temperature and weather to entries
  • Tag entries to categorize and search
  • Search and browse entries by text, tag or date
  • Choose your own journal colors, icons, and backgrounds
  • App themes (including light and dark night themes)
  • Over 15 app typography choices
  • iOS Dynamic type size supported
  • iOS Smart invert supported


Pricing and Availability:
Written Down 1.0.2 is free for 1 journal (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. Upgrade to Written Down Premium by purchasing a single $4.99 subscription to get unlimited journals, sync, journal sharing, themes, and more.