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Super Candy Ball for iOS Offers Unique Fingertip Match Game

Star Sprite Studios is proud to announce the release of Super Candy Ball (v1.0), the company’s unique fingertip match game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Super Candy Ball is a new and different match game you won’t find anywhere else. In this fun, animated game, players must move candy balls so that they group freely to create explosive matches.


Escape from boredom and stimulate your mind by moving your finger and using your talent for solving puzzles. Collect stars to unlock special items to help them pass very tricky levels. Offering 4 different game modes, there are power ball, color bombs and various another magical booster to help with challenging levels. Take on this fantastic super candy ball along or play with your friends to see who can get the top score!


Super Candy Ball Features:
* Free to play and fun for everyone
* Offer 4 different game modes
* Power ball, color Bombs and various another magical booster to help with challenging levels
* Collect stars to unlock special items to help you pass those tricky levels
* Spin the wheel to earn daily rewards
* Starts off easy but gets challenging fast


Pricing and Availability:
Super Candy Ball is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Have fun playing Super Candy ball! if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Zhang Kai.

Download from iTunes

Create Booklet App Now Offers Custom Dark Mode

TheKeptPromise is proud to announce the release of Create Booklet 2 (v2.1), the #1 macOS app to create a real physical booklet of any size easily from PDF using any printer. Most people prefer sitting back and enjoying a physical book to leaning forward and squinting at a monitor. Reading stories, documents, poems, music, instructions, sermons, lyrics, etc. on paper is much easier on the eyes and handier. With Create Booklet transform a PDF or document into instructions for you and any printer to output and create a physical booklet.


Create Booklet performs it’s magic by making imposition (usually an arcane art only understood by a chosen few) easy. Imposition is one of the fundamental steps in the prepress printing process. It consists of the arrangement of the printed product’s pages, in order to obtain various sized booklets, faster printing, stitching, binding, cutting and reduction of paper waste.


“I facilitate writing workshops with different communities in a variety of settings: in libraries, universities, writing studios, and arts spaces for youth, adult learners, and marginalized folks. As part of these workshops, I create a final zine containing participants’ work and invite them to share their writing with an audience. I regularly use Create Booklet for all my workshops. It’s a serious time-saver. Create Booklet has resulted in a lot of happy community members.” – Fiona Raye Clarke


TheKeptPromise, CEO, Christoph Vogelbusch adds: “The world looks forward to Dark Mode in the macOS update Mojave coming this fall. We thought, why not make the Dark Mode style available in Create Booklet 2, today. So, Create Booklet can now display in Dark Mode customized with 2 tints, Aqua and Dark Aqua, running in the current macOS 10.13 (back to 10.10) but is also totally compatible with the future macOS 10.14 Mojave. Get the first taste of Dark Mode of Mojave by using Create Booklet today.”


Major Features – Easy to Use – This is all most people need to know.
* A single click workflow
* Booklet Factory: Process many booklets automatically. Apply the same presets to all or individually
* Create a booklet from any app: Our PDF Service let’s you print from any document directly into Create Booklet


* Advanced Settings: Find anything you need and fine tune Create Booklet for your product
* Custom Presets: Create your own Presets for your daily use. You can even mark it as default in the Preferences
* Mini Booklet Imposition: Design complex impositions, based on how your booklets should be on the big sheet of paper: We support fold and cut as well as cutting the full stack of paper
* Mini/Micro Booklet and Book supported
* Duplex Printer: Built for it
* Manual Duplex: Create Booklet can handle this too


Direct PDF editing:
* Insert Empty pages
* Insert images
* Insert complete PDFs
* Reorder pages
* Remove unneeded pages
* Split ladscape pages into two portait ones
* Rotate pages


Booklet Features:
* Export your booklet to a new PDF
* Instantly print from Create Booklet
* Select output print format and orientation
* Autocreate output paper size form the input document
* Decide which PDF boxes are used as media and as crop box
* Scale Pages based on fitting OR the input size
* Fine adjust and layout your PDF to the final output size
* Reverse booklet page order (allows right to left documents usage!)
* Print pages in straight order, necessary in some specific use cases
* Support for auto-rotation of landscape pages
* Add page numbers with positioning and font settings
* Split thick booklets into multiple thin ones or to create a book
* Easily find booklet splits: Create Booklet adds an empty page in between!
* Creep compensation! Shift content to the inside so you can cut off the paper stand out
* Easily staple booklets: Create Booklet adds staple marks on first and last page
* Rasterize complete PDF documents. Can save corrupted PDFs!
* Add a PDF crop box
* Print cut marks onto the first sheet of paper or all
* Create your own custom Imposition in our Mini Booklets feature
* Preview our cut guides before you print
* Dark Mode from macOS 10.10 to 10.14


Now the Create Booklet app for macOS does this for anyone. There have been digital imposition software in the past but they were either difficult to use, restricted to certain printers or crazy expensive. Even now some imposition apps cost $400 or more. Create Booklet takes this art and makes it available to use on any printer, by anyone, easily, for only $20 (USD).

Purchase and Download from Mac App Store

Keep It 1.4 Adds Markdown Editing, Encrypted Items, and More

Reinvented Software is pleased to announce Keep It 1.4 is available today. This version adds Markdown editing and previewing, encrypted items, and word counts for notes and other editable text documents. The Mac version also gains the ability to open anything in a window, show margins for any editable text document opened in its own window, and navigate the history of viewed items.


Keep It is a notebook, scrapbook and organizer, ideal for writing notes, saving web links, organizing documents, and finding them again. Available on Mac, iPad and iPhone, Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later. Keep It is the successor to Together, a brand new app that preserves the very best of its predecessor, but recast for today and the future.


Keep It 1.4 has a dedicated Markdown editor on both Mac and iOS. This includes syntax highlighting, editing assistance for things such as headings, emphasis, links, images and lists, and a choice of styles for both editor and preview.


Individual items can now be encrypted with a password, and temporarily viewed with that password, Face ID or Touch ID (including on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar). Encrypted files in Keep It are Zip files that use AES-256 encryption and can also be opened in apps that support that format.


In Keep It 1.4 for Mac anything can now be opened in its own window (or tab), and for editable text documents opened in their own windows, Keep It can now show margins to constrain the width of the text to aid readability. Keep It can also show a word count and other statistics such as the number of characters, sentences and paragraphs in notes and rich text files in the format bar on Mac (needs High Sierra or later), or below the text on iPad and iPhone.


Keep It 1.4 also includes navigation history to move back and forth between viewed items on Mac, improved previews for video and audio files, improvements when importing mail messages, the ability to copy clickable links to lists, and many other improvements.


About Keep It:
Pretty much anything can be added to Keep It, including notes, web links, Markdown, rich and plain text documents, PDFs, images, or any other kind of file, using drag and drop, its share extension, the Services menu, or a browser bookmarklet. Keep It can also create new files of any type from stationery, and uses iCloud to make everything available across your devices and to share folders and items with others.


Keep It has all the organization tools you could need, including folders, tags, colored labels, and bundles. Keep It stores everything you add as files in folders that you can access in the Finder on Mac or the Files app on iOS 11, and open in other apps for editing. Saving files to these folders will automatically add them.


Building on Together, just about everything in Keep It has been improved or streamlined to work consistently across Mac and iOS, while taking advantage of each platform’s unique strengths. Keep It’s innovative tag filter that can drill down through combinations of related tags, and works in conjunction with search, which offers suggestions and makes it easy to combine terms. Keep It for Mac’s Compact Mode reduces the app to a single column, ideal for using as a floating window, or alongside another full screen app in split view, as you would on iPad.


Pricing and Availability:
Keep It for Mac 1.4 requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or later, and is available as a free 15-day trial. A license for Keep It for Mac costs $49.99 (USD), and will include all Keep It Version 1.x updates. Together 3 users can purchase a $24.99 upgrade, or get a free copy if Together 3 was purchased during its final 6 months on sale. Keep It is also available on the Mac App Store, also with a free trial, and a choice of one-time purchases to buy Keep It, upgrade from Together, along with monthly ($2.49) or yearly ($19.99) subscriptions. Keep It for iPad and iPhone is available separately with either monthly ($1.49) or yearly ($9.99) subscriptions.

Observatory 1.3 for macOS Now Available

Code Obsession is proud to announce the release of Observatory 1.3, a large update to the only image management application that is specifically designed for astronomy. The update adds SkySafari integration, overlays and automatic tagging for variable stars, double stars, confirmed exoplanets, and much more.


Organize your astronomical images with Observatory. Plate solve, automatically tag and overlay millions of galaxies, variable stars, confirmed exoplanets, and other objects. Nondestructive calibrate, register, stack and process. Observatory includes Quick Look & Spotlight plugins for FITS, XISF (PixInsight) and SBIG images, supports these and many other image formats and lets you search and download images directly from professional astronomical image archives. Observatory is a Virtual Observatory. Easily search 10+ professional archives simultaneously and download research images from:

* European Southern Observatory
* W. M. Keck Observatory
* Gemini Observatory
* Hubble Space Telescope
* Spitzer Space Telescope
* WISE Space Telescope
* Palomar Transient Factory
* SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey
* Two Micron All Sky Survey
* Sloan Digital Sky Survey
* Digitized Sky Survey


* Display thumbnails, previews and metadata of FITS, XISF and SBIG images in Finder and other applications. Find images by exposure time, focal length, detector temperature, right ascension, declination and more using Spotlight.

* Relate image pixels to actual sky coordinates with Observatory’s plate solver or its interface to the blind plate solver. Plate solved images are automatically tagged, so you can find them back later by object identifier and category.

* Discover what’s in your images by overlaying millions of stars, galaxies, planetary nebulae, confirmed exoplanets and other objects of the Messier, NGC/IC, Tycho-2, CGPN, GCVS, WDS and PGC catalogs, or add the UCAC4 and USNO-A2.0 catalogs for an additional 500 million stars.

* Create multiple libraries and keep your images organized without copying, moving or altering them. Edit metadata, ratings, color codes, notes and attachments for individual images or multiple images at once.

* Aperture photometry with subpixel accuracy and error estimates, astrometry, image blinking, image statistics, and more.

* A nondestructive preprocessing workflow without the hassle of intermediate files. Calibration; cosmetic correction; binning; debayering; background neutralization; color balance; flatten background; chromatic align; register; normalize and stack.

* Open FITS, XISF and SBIG images at full bit depth in Acorn with help of our Acorn plugin.

* Observatory supports FITS, XISF, SBIG, DNG, NEF, CR2, TIFF, and many more image formats


Pricing and Availability:
Observatory is $79.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. For more information, please visit Code Obsession online.

Convert Illustrator to PowerPoint & Keynote With IR2Office

Recosoft Corporation, the creators of PDF conversion software and workflow automation plug-ins for Adobe(R) InDesign(R), has shipped IR2Office 2018. IR2Office is a new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator which converts Illustrator (.ai) files to the Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote formats while maintaining layout accuracy.


IR2Office converts the text, associated fonts, vector graphics, images along with the corresponding property information to the equivalent Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote data and property; converting every artboard to an equivalent slide in the final PowerPoint or Keynote document type.


“IR2Office solves the difficult issue of getting Adobe Illustrator content into Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote formats while ensuring the data remain editable. IR2Office is the latest addition to our tools of workflow automation solutions for Adobe Creative Cloud” – Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation”


IR2Office saves you valuable time in recreating Illustrator content in PowerPoint and Keynote as the Illustrator data and layout structure are maintained. IR2Office has been designed to provide seamless integration with Adobe Illustrator eliminating the necessity to acquire and install additional tools; resulting in enhanced workflow automation and providing huge cost savings in both time and expense.



* Support for Adobe Illustrator CC – IR2Office operates as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator enabling you to directly convert Illustrator CC 2015 or higher documents to the target format.

* Save to Office formats – IR2Office converts the Illustrator file to the Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote type.

* Accurate Conversion – IR2Office maintains the layout of the document when converted to the PowerPoint or Keynote type. Text, Vector Graphics, Images, Gradients and other object property information are converted appropriately.

* Simple interface – Simply open up the Illustrator file to export to PowerPoint or Keynote type and choose the Export to Keynote or Export to PowerPoint command.

* Exports all artboards – IR2Office converts all artboards in the Illustrator file to a corresponding slide in the resulting PowerPoint or Keynote file type.


Pricing and Availability
IR2Office 2018 is available immediately in the following configuration from the Recosoft web store (per license): ID2Office 2018 Annual subscription (macOS) $99.99 (USD).

Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! Hops Onto Mobile

Independent game developer, No Yetis Allowed today announced that its new mobile game Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! 1.1 is now available for download on The App Store. Based on the popular Peter Rabbit global animated TV series, Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! brings the Beatrix Potter favourite and his friends to life using vibrant 3D graphics and will surprise and delight young fans of the TV series. Packed with features, the game enables parents and children to spend time together exploring and interacting with the magical world of Peter Rabbit and his friends. Developer No Yetis Allowed also developed smash hit Pocket Shrek that had over 6.5 million downloads.


The app has been developed in association with Penguin Ventures (part of Penguin Random House), brand owners for Peter Rabbit and brokered by Silvergate Media, licensing agent for Peter Rabbit animation on behalf of Penguin Ventures.


Thomas Merrington, Creative Director for Penguin Ventures (part of Penguin Random House) said “In Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! No Yetis Allowed have enabled fans of Peter Rabbit and his friends to engage with these much-loved characters in an entirely new way. We’re thrilled with the innovation and incredible 3D graphics which combined, will offer our young audience a brilliantly immersive experience.”


In the game, children join Peter and his friends Benjamin and Lily in their search for the pages of Peter’s dad’s lost journal. Along the way, children can explore a multitude of iconic landmarks and locations including Mr McGregor’s Garden, Mr Tod’s house, and Peter Rabbit’s home. Interactive activities include fun spelling games, music tasks, number challenges and creative picture colouring for hours of endless entertainment.

Games include:

* Vegetable raids in Mr McGregor’s garden
* Pinecone bowling at the Squirrel Camp
* Ladybird hunting (watch out for the bees!)
* Strawberry raids at Mr Tod’s house
* Shape-matching games outside Peter Rabbit’s home
* Jeremy Fisher’s musical game
* Lift, bounce and throw blocks around Peter Rabbit’s home
* Balloon bouncing and bursting fun up in the secret treehouse
* Have fun with a toy train in Peter Rabbit’s bedroom


Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! aims to give fans of the Peter Rabbit TV series the most authentic experience possible. This includes the use of lifelike animations and stunning high-quality 3D graphics that mirror the art style of the hit TV show, as well as the use of the original voice talent, bringing the personality of each character to life. Players can also tap and swipe characters to trigger dialogue options and animations or tickle them just for fun!


Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go! features no in-app purchases or adverts, meaning parents can let their child play without the fear of additional payments. Plenty of additional content is planned post-launch, including mini-games such as Mr Bouncer’s target practice and more.

Purchase and Download

Emulsio 3.0: 4K Video Stabilization to iPhone/iPad

Creaceed today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Emulsio 3.0, a major upgrade to their video stabilization app for iPhone and iPad. Emulsio 3.0 adds support for 4K videos as well as a better rolling shutter distortion correction including third-party sensors (drones, GoPro (TM), etc.). This release also features an updated user interface with improved support for modern iOS features.


Emulsio 3.0 lets users stabilize videos using specific image analysis technology, providing full control over the process. This makes it a great companion app to video content creators (YouTube, etc.), even when using third-party cameras or drones, which are fully supported. Emulsio stabilizes 4K videos, which are typically not processed even on latest devices. And for videos recorded with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), Emulsio’s processing adds up to produce even smoother motion. The video can also be edited within the app; parts of it can be deleted or trimmed before final export. The user can compensate horizontal, vertical, rotational camera motion as well as rolling shutter distortion (wobble) which has been improved in version 3.0 with the possibility of adjusting the amplitude of correction depending on sensor. Emulsio comes with built-in preview to fine-tune results prior to final video export.


New features in 3.0:
* More accurate stabilization for 4K videos shot on device or from a third-party camera. 4K videos typically are not stabilized, but Emulsio lets you process them anyway.

* Rolling shutter distortion correction enhancement: amplitude of correction can be adjusted depending on sensor. Apple camera sensor values are provided, and third-party camera sensors can be calibrated within the app. Emulsio can now process videos from drones or GoPro(TM) cameras, including rolling shutter artifact correction.

* User interface has been refined to make stabilization settings easier to understand. Modern iOS features have been added or improved: Peek & Pop to preview videos from the import list (3D Touch on iPhone, long press on iPad), HEVC file handling (input / output), iPhone X, Drag & Drop and iPad multitasking.


Other features include:
* Non-destructive time editing
* Adjustable stabilization strength and motion intent (standard or cinematic)
* Stabilizer data reporting
* Black border handling
* Discontinuity handling in video stream
* iOS Photos extension to process videos directly in the Photos app.
* Live previewing & split-screen comparison of stabilized video vs. original one
* Frame by frame visualization of motion compensation and associated limits
* Optimized for 120 and 240 FPS videos
* Optimized for 64-bit devices
* Fast, GPU-optimized image processing to handle the video in a fraction of its duration


Pricing and Availability:
Emulsio 3.0 requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.0 or later. It can be freely downloaded on the App Store, and is localized in 14 languages. The stabilization can be tried out as well as video editing features. Pro Pack 2 offers support for 4K videos, improved correction of rolling shutter distortion including third-party sensor calibration, and removal of the watermark. It can be purchased within the app for $7.99/8,99Euro. A special upgrade price of $3.99/4,49Euro is available for users who previously purchased Pro Pack 1. Pro Pack 1 users otherwise keep the features they already had (standard stabilization and watermark removal).

WhenWorks: A New Appointment Scheduling Service for iOS Users

WhenWorks LLC is pleased to announce its new iOS app and web service designed to simplify the process of scheduling a meetings with others. WhenWorks 1.0.1 eliminates back-and-forth emails by allowing others to book time with you online, only when you’re free and only during time slots you’ve defined.


Setup is a breeze. Just install the app on your iPhone to create your free WhenWorks account and you’ll immediately have a web page where guests can book appointments with you online. WhenWorks integrates directly with the built-in Calendar app on your iPhone, so it always knows your real-time availability and instantly updates your calendar as appointments are booked online.


WhenWorks is ideal for anyone who needs to regularly schedule appointments with clients and colleagues, including sales people, technical support and training representatives, financial advisors, attorneys, educators, personal trainers, massage therapists, hair stylists, photographers and more.


How It Works:
1. Use the iOS app to create rules that define when, where and how long you’re available to meet with others.

2. Share your scheduling link with clients and colleagues to view your availability and book appointments with you online.

3. When a guest books an appointment, a confirmation email is sent to you and the guest and the event is added to your calendar automatically.


What Makes Whenworks Unique?
There are many competitive services in this space. What they all have in common is that they are purely web-based solutions. What makes WhenWorks unique is that it is a mobile app that integrates directly with the Calendar app on your iOS device, is far easier to configure and use, more secure, and always with you when you need it.


WhenWorks supports all of the leading calendar services (iCloud, Google Calendar, Office 365 and but is particularly well-suited for those who use iCloud, due to its deep integration with the built-in Calendar on iOS.


System Requirements – Scheduling appointments involves two parties:
* Host – a user who has created a WhenWorks account for Guests to view their availability and book appointments with them online. The Host must install the WhenWorks app on an iOS device running iOS 11 or greater.


* Guest – a user who visits the WhenWorks website to book appointments with a Host. Guests do not need to run the WhenWorks app. All a Guest needs is a web browser.


Pricing and Availability:
WhenWorks is available free on the App Store. All of its features can be used for free but heavy-users (based on the number of meetings booked each month) must pay a subscription fee for the Pro version.


* Online Scheduling Page
* Unlimited Event Types
* Support for iCloud, Google Calendar, Office 365 and
* Schedule up to 5 appointments each month


* Everything in the Free plan, plus
* Schedule unlimited appointments each month
* $5 per month or $50 per year