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MacXDVD Marks the 14th Anniversary with Sale

MacXDVD is marking the 14th anniversary of the launch of the legendary brand by giving customers the best gift of all: up to 70% discounts on its gift pack, together with its best-sellers DVD ripper and video converter. Today customers worldwide will save 70% or more on the 4-in-1 multimedia toolkit inclusive of DVD backup software, video converter, data transfer, and media player. To find the new sale-priced gift, feel free to visit MacXDVD Special Offer page.



MacXDVD Software began as a multimedia software company. Now in its 14th year as a multimedia solution provider, Digiarty has been successful at evolving and changing to stay ahead of other companies and has positioned itself in the most competitive way possible.


Specifically, The company’s ace products incl. MacX DVD Ripper Pro and MacX Video Converter Pro have been undergone several big overhauls, inclusive of unique title check mechanism meant to intelligently choose the right title from encrypted DVDs, level-3 hardware acceleration dedicated to offloading CPU-intensive DVD/video transcoding tasks to hardware, pre-configured profile expansion aimed at encoding media file to the specific device without needing to know the obscure parameter settings.


To commemorate the milestone, MacXDVD offers huge discounts on its popular products. Here are the highlights of the 2020 MacXDVD Anniversary Sale. Up to 70% off MacX Anniversary Special Pack, up to 56% off DVD Ripper and big savings on Video Converter:

MacXDVD Anniversary Sale is going to close on May 31, 2020. To take advantage of MacXDVD Anniversary Sale visit them on MacXDVD Special Offer.

Get Powerful and Easy Audio Capture for the Mac With Sound Siphon 3

Static Z Software announces the release of Sound Siphon 3 which expands on Sound Siphon’s ability to capture any audio on the Mac. Sound Siphon makes it easy to capture your Mac’s audio. Use it to create virtual input audio devices that send audio from one app to another or, record right in the Sound Siphon app.


Sound Siphon has a brand new, easy to use interface that makes it easier than ever to create virtual input devices that capture the Mac’s audio. Use Sound Siphon to send audio between your favorite applications or easily record directly in the Sound Siphon application. Sound Siphon excels at recording Skype conversations, broadcasting game audio, recording podcasts, and much more.


New in Sound Siphon 3 are configurable channel mapping as well as a live mixer. Users have complete control over the final mix of audio enabling them to get their captured audio just right.


* Easy to use interface
* Capture system audio
* Capture specific application audio
* Include microphones and other audio inputs
* Live mixer
* Built-in recording


Sound Siphon 3 offers a free 14 day trial and can be purchased for $49 (USD), half the price of similar products. Special upgrade pricing is available for those that have purchased previous versions of Sound Siphon.

Find Your Voice Memos With AudioFile for iOS 1.0

Independent developer Stephen Morris has released AudioFile – Voice Memo Notes 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, his intuitive, easy-to-use audio recorder that features tags, notes, and more to help you find your voice memos and use them later.


Find Your Voice Memos With AudioFile for iOS 1.0


AudioFile provides a number of ways for users to organize and augment their voice memos. In addition to a title, recordings have notes that can include both text and photos. Tags serve as attributes that help to identify a recording’s contents and surface it later on when searching. Projects allow users to group recordings that pertain to the same work. Users can also mark their favorite recordings, so that they can quickly browse only the most promising ones.


“I’m a (very amateur) musician, so I occasionally come up with a melody or chord progression that I want to remember,” said Morris. “I’d usually record it with the stock Voice Memos app, but too often it would just become New Recording 47, get buried in the app, and I’d forget about it. AudioFile was my attempt to solve that problem.”


Recording is as easy as the tap of a button. Users can import audio from other apps into AudioFile, and share their recordings through Messages, Mail, and more.


Whether you’re a musician, journalist, student, or just like to use voice memos, AudioFile can help you keep things organized, take informative notes, and make better use of your audio recordings.


Feature highlights:

  • Quickly record voice memos
  • Add notes with text and photos
  • Tag for quick discovery
  • Group by project
  • Mark your favorites


AudioFile – Voice Memo Notes 1.0 is just $0.99 and is available through the App Store. [GET IT HERE]

Follywood – Dub Movies 2.2 #Pandamonium, Where Ridiculous Happens

Basebone Studios today is proud to introduce Follywood – Dub Movies 2.2, their entertaining video dubbing app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices.

Ever want to put your words in the mouth of others to make a point? Or maybe express yourself through parodies and pandas? Introducing Follywood, the ultimate Dubbing App that allows you to instantly record audio over your favourite film clips, viral videos, and videos of your own! Available today in the App Store and Google Play.

Follywood allows you to record your voice over short movies and share on social media and chat. Now with subtitles you can rewrite the script and become a Follywood Director! You don’t need any special talent to create your own hilarious movie. Simply adding your voice over a panda can be really funny.


Follywood - Dub Movies 2.2 #Pandamonium, Where Ridiculous Happens


Dub any Pandamonium video found in the Follywood application and win ridiculous prizes. Its easy, just download the Follywood application, select the “Pandamonium” videos, dub it with your unique awesomeness and share with #Pandamonium over your favourite social channels. Last entries are due February 28th, and winners will be announced in March 2018.


Follywood – Dub Movies 2.2 is free and is available through the App Store. [GET IT HERE] An Android version is also available through Google Play.