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MacXDVD Marks the 14th Anniversary with Sale

MacXDVD is marking the 14th anniversary of the launch of the legendary brand by giving customers the best gift of all: up to 70% discounts on its gift pack, together with its best-sellers DVD ripper and video converter. Today customers worldwide will save 70% or more on the 4-in-1 multimedia toolkit inclusive of DVD backup software, video converter, data transfer, and media player. To find the new sale-priced gift, feel free to visit MacXDVD Special Offer page.



MacXDVD Software began as a multimedia software company. Now in its 14th year as a multimedia solution provider, Digiarty has been successful at evolving and changing to stay ahead of other companies and has positioned itself in the most competitive way possible.


Specifically, The company’s ace products incl. MacX DVD Ripper Pro and MacX Video Converter Pro have been undergone several big overhauls, inclusive of unique title check mechanism meant to intelligently choose the right title from encrypted DVDs, level-3 hardware acceleration dedicated to offloading CPU-intensive DVD/video transcoding tasks to hardware, pre-configured profile expansion aimed at encoding media file to the specific device without needing to know the obscure parameter settings.


To commemorate the milestone, MacXDVD offers huge discounts on its popular products. Here are the highlights of the 2020 MacXDVD Anniversary Sale. Up to 70% off MacX Anniversary Special Pack, up to 56% off DVD Ripper and big savings on Video Converter:

MacXDVD Anniversary Sale is going to close on May 31, 2020. To take advantage of MacXDVD Anniversary Sale visit them on MacXDVD Special Offer.

MacX Video Converter Pro Updated with AV1 Downloader and Decoder

MacXDVD Software announced the release of the newest version of MacX Video Converter Pro. Like the previous versions that helped pave the way for major inflection points in video technology such as 4K UHD, HEVC, GPU acceleration, and HDR, Version 6.5.0 brings new capabilities to download AV1 content from YouTube and other online sites and decode AV1 codecs into other formats.



AV1 is an video codec that is designed to replace HEVC and VP9 for the same 4K quality “at an average of 30% better compression efficiency.” Developed by AOMedia, which includes Netflix, Google, Amazon Prime Video, and more big-name content providers, will become the next standard for video streaming over the internet. The codec is welcomed by video vendors as its less data consumption is suitable for unreliable networks and limited data plans.


The codec is more computationally intensive and can consume more power. Early adopters who want to stay ahead of the curve will meet limited hardware support. As an example, unless the latest device is used, e.g., 2020 Samsung 8K QLED TVs and LG’s 2020 8K TV, watching 4K/8K AV1 videos leads nowhere – the spinning wheel will struggle to decode the file. Before it gets more universal support, it requires 10x the time to decode AV1 codec than HEVC.


“While the world is in need of a transcoder to embrace AV1 content, we’re sprinting out ahead with MacX Video Converter Pro V6.5.0, adding the ability to download and decode AV1 videos @Ultra high HD resolutions for playback on any platforms”, said Jack Han, CEO of MacXDVD Software, “We had great success in the past with HEVC H.265 codec, both in the speed and quality. The AV1 upgrade builds on our robust tech base to deliver the best decoding quality and speed at all times.”



  • Free download videos encoded in AV1 codec “as-is” from YouTube and 1000 other sites; compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers
  • Transcode AV1 videos in 4K, 5K, and 8K @ 60fps, other frame rates to HEVC, H.264, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and 420 formats & profiles for smooth playback on smartphones, tablets, apps, TVs, gaming systems, etc.
  • The built-in Level-3 Hardware Acceleration (Intel QSV, Nvidia Cuda/NVENC, AMD), Hyper-Threading and Multi-Core are applied to offer superfast AV1 decoding speed on general performance processing chips, without giving too much burden on the hardware


MacX Video Converter Pro is normally priced at $59.95 (USD) for a single copy. Now it’s given away for free during the 2020 Spring Campaign. Get a free copy before April 30, 2020, at MacXDVD 2020 Spring Giveaway.

GraphicConverter Update Adds Image Editing Features

Lemke Software GmbH announces the release of GraphicConverter 11.1.3, an update to their popular image editing utility for macOS. The utility, considered by many as the “Swiss Army Knife” of image editing applications, can convert any of over 200 graphic file formats into any of over 90 other graphic formats.



This version 11.1.3 includes native 64 bit pcd import, plus code support, menu item for showing embedded sub images and as well as a selection of bug fixes and performance improvements.


“GraphicConverter 11.1.3 continues our tradition of continual improvement of GraphicConverter, as we work to add new features and make performance improvements that both new and long-time users will appreciate and find useful,” says Thorsten Lemke, founder of Lemke Software GmbH. “While we continue to work to improve the application, we also strive to keep things simple enough for even novice users.”


New Features:

  • Convert & modify: function rasterize PDF
  • Preferences convert/export IPTC
  • Preferences open/dds
  • Native 64 bit PCD import without usage of a helper application
  • Copy video dates to matching videos in destination folder
  • Batch action: add/remove margin with percentage
  • Browser: export of summary as CSV
  • Menu edit/copy/copy GPS as plus code
  • Menu file/new/items to create a new image from Exif preview, FLIR data and depth data (if that data exists)


Updated Features Include:

  • Prefs open/metadata: sorting of keywords, persons, categories can be enabled/disabled
  • Browser drop area context menu: show in browser
  • Enhanced xpm import and export (support of more colors)
  • Prefs browser/library: option for choosing original or modified images in the media library
  • Save as options tiff: option for disabling multipage support
  • Icon set export supports new iOS sizes
  • Updated localizations
  • Map display remembers display kind
  • Improved Exif export
  • Reverse geocoding sets the xmp location to the complete result
  • Equalizer dialog supports storage of settings
  • Notification dialog before saving password protected PDFs
  • Support for move folders in drop area
  • Browser: gps support for pdf documents
  • Find duplicates: added delete both button
  • ExifTool, libDynaPDF
  • Added plus code support to summary tab in the browser
  • Resample pdf convert and modify function
  • Tiff import supports float16 encoding
  • Slideshow: shorten filename option
  • Convert & modify:concat supports selected of color mode
  • Bug fixes


GraphicConverter offer users the best method of editing images on the Mac. The app’s editing features can be used to capture, import, convert, and export images. In addition, the app offers powerful slideshow capabilities, the ability to import images directly from cameras (even in the RAW format). GraphicConverter also offers powerful batch processing features, support for AppleScript, catalog generation, and much more.


GraphicConverter 11.1.3’s new enhancements provide even more powerful image editing and enhancement features than ever before. However, the app continues to be simple enough to use for even new users to dive right in, quickly and efficiently editing their images.


“We encourage Mac users to download the trial version of GraphicConverter and give it a try. We’re sure once they try the app that they’ll find out that it’s perfect for any graphic editor’s needs,” continues Thorsten. “We also look forward to hearing how photographers, both pro and amateur use our app. If they have any suggestions for the app, we urge them to email us and share them.”


GraphicConverter 11.1.3 is only $39.95 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. It can also be directly purchased online from the Lemkesoft website. Upgrades from older versions of GraphicConverter are available for $25.95 USD.

MacXDVD Kicks Off 2020 with Discounts on DVD Ripper

MacXDVD Software, a leading multimedia solution provider on macOS platforms, kicks off 2020 with up to 56% off discount on its best-seller MacX DVD Ripper Pro, together with an array of big savings on a UHD/HD video converter, 4K player, and iPhone manager galore thrown in for good measure.



Until February 7, 2020, everyone can participate in MacXDVD 2020 New Year Special Offer and grab discounts on the world’s most powerful DVD backup solution.


MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a professional DVD ripper that has long reputation for its comprehensive rich DVD ripping features and wide availability. It’s proficient in flawlessly ripping homemade discs, store-purchased titles, new DVDs, unplayable discs, and any type of DVDs on macOS (10.15 Catalina incl.). Whether to convert DVD into mainstream videos like MP4, H.264, H.265, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, 3GP, etc.; watch family & kids DVD movies on iPhone 11/Pro (Max), iPad, Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10( ), Galaxy Note, consoles; copy DVD to hard drive or other cloud storage; or stream them from NAS drive to Apple TV box or smart TV, the DVD ripper has every user covered.


With support for Hyper-Threading, Multi-Core CPU and GPU Hardware Acceleration, the Mac DVD ripper runs 5 times faster than other rippers. It makes it possible to convert a full DVD within 5 minutes only. The built-in High Quality Engine and Advanced Deinterlacing Accelerator will ensure visually lossless digital outputs.


MacX DVD Ripper Pro is normally priced at $67.95 (USD) for a single license copy. During the New Year special offer, this professional DVD back tool is available at $29.95, a 56% savings. More than that, customers can find up to 70% discount, a savings of $120 off the usual price on the complete DVD video conversion package, which includes the DVD ripper, 4K video converter, iPhone manager, and a lightweight UHD player.

Digiarty Launches Largest Black Friday Event with 75% Discount

Digiarty Software is launching the largest-ever Black Friday sale in the company’s 10 year history. Every shopper is eligible to receive a coupon code that delivers up to 75% discount on its best-seller for Mac specialized in DVD ripping, copying, video converting, resizing and media transfer.



Unlike many online retailers that run Black Friday promotion for five days, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, Digiarty goes even further and extends the holiday sales until Dec. 9, 2019. Get the coupon code to save up to 75% off and enjoy a life-time free upgrade on its 2019 Black Friday sales page.


It’s estimated customers are bullish on 2019 Black Friday weekend, with average spending forecasted to top $470, according to ICSC research. Digiarty further builds the excitement by releasing a historically huge discount offer over the course of the event. “Holiday shopping doesn’t necessarily mean moving through the crowd at the cost of family time, all to end up with overconsumption.” Said Jack, CEO of Digiarty Software, “At Digiarty, massive discounts are in the palm of your hand. You can purchase gifts at up to 75% off without blowing your budget.” “On top of that, there is neither hunger marketing nor price enhancement before sales.” He added.


The holiday gift WinX Black Friday Special Pack for Mac from Digiarty is not only cost-effective but also full-feature. Customer can take a sneak peek of the 4-in-1 holiday pack:


WinX DVD Ripper for Mac: A newly updated DVD ripping software with overhauled DVD analysis kernel. It rises to fame with the success of scanning any DVD, whether it is region-locked, sophisticatedly encrypted or damaged. It’s able to make 1:1 copies of DVD movie library without losing quality, and speedily turn DVD movies into digital MP4, H.264, HEVC, AVI, MOV, etc in minutes, so that customers can store DVDs in hard drive/cloud, or play the compact file on the go without a disc drive.


WinX HD Video Converter for Mac: With an ongoing focus on the latest trends in technology, WinX HD Video Converter for Mac makes timely support of 4K/8K UHD video, HEVC codec, and GPU acceleration. It is capable of handling conversions to everything from HEVC to H.264, MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, etc. – all at a dramatically accelerated speed. There are 420 user-defined profiles available for quick conversion to popular devices, including phones, smart TVs, and tablets. Customers are at the fingertips to download online content, compress oversized 4K/HD footages, make basic editing, adjust parameters, and more.


WinX MediaTrans: A great iTunes alternative that simplifies and safeguards the whole data backup and syncing process without erasing data. It can not only transfer photos, music, videos, ebooks, etc between iPhone iPad and computer but also make ringtones, create a playlist, convert files, password protect photos and videos against privacy leakage, all in one fell swoop.


5KPlayer: A video player that plays everything, including SD, HD, 4K, DVD, and Blu-ray discs. It supports files that come in HEVC, MKV, AVCHD, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, WMV, MP3, AAC, APE, FLAC, any formats – no third-party codecs required.


On top of the 75% off gift pack available throughout the holiday offer, customers can also take advantage of the event to get a single DVD ripper, video converter, and more, all at jaw-dropping prices.


Digiarty’s 2019 worldwide Black Friday event begins over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend and lasts until Dec. 9, 2019. During the period, WinX Black Friday Special Pack for Mac, compatible with the latest Windows 10 and macOS Catalina, is price-slashed to $49.95, from previously $199.95 (USD). Customers can get a head start on the gift lists and ready family for home entertainment by visiting the 2019 Black Friday sales page.

Convert Thanksgiving Media on Mac with WinX HD Video Converter

Digiarty is excited to deliver its powerful media solution — WinX HD Video Converter for Mac to save and convert favorite holiday-specific movies and music of any formats to Mac, mobiles, TVs, or any device with a screen at homes.



While thousands brave the cold for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, more others prefer to celebrate the holiday with families cozy at home against the near-record temperatures. Family reunion parties and Thanksgiving dinner parties are inseparable from contents like soft & smooth background music, football videos, and the beloved family-friendly movies. A case in point, the hit NBC sitcom ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving episodes will hit the theater across the United States on November 24 and 25. Friends and families do bond over via indoor entertainment.


That said, preparing the end-of-the-year media entertaining can be immensely stressful and draining. To get the Thanksgiving media lineup stocked with treats for every age and mood, try Digiarty’s powerful media solution – WinX HD Video Converter for Mac. The software is a combination of 4K video converter, video editor, media saver, and slideshow maker.


It has more than enough to make a family-friendly holiday weekend:

  • Save Thanksgiving songs, movies, videos in SD, HD, VR 360, 4K and even 8K from 1000 sites
  • Convert videos of any formats to MP4, MOV, WMV, HEVC, MKV, AVI, etc. without HEVC codec, other codec libraries for playback on mobiles, TVs, social sites, any devices
  • Cut, trim, edit, merge, resize, customize users’ favorite Thanksgiving movie moments & highlights
  • Create precious videos with family photo albums and music to share with families or friends


“Thanksgiving is family time. Whether families are getting together for a movie night, for an extravagant turkey feast with soundtracks, for thanksgiving with handmade videos, we’re here to help,” said Jack Han, CEO of the company. “It’s high time to share our solutions with families who want to make a better holiday with Thanksgiving-spirit movies and songs.”


WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is normally priced at $45.95. To celebrate Thanksgiving, the media solution is 75% off on its Official Page of WinX Black Friday Special for macOS.


MacXDVD Adds Support for macOS Catalina on Media Solutions

MacXDVD Software upgrades one of its flagship MacX DVD Ripper Pro and other media helpers with support for macOS Catalina. Mac users are now able to rip any DVD discs while enjoying the benefits of macOS Catalina.


The latest macOS Catalina includes dark mode, redesigned apps, and improved Find My Mac feature and more, definitely being a worthy upgrade for Mac. However, only a few programs in the industry own the full support of Catalina, and even some still adopt 32-bit apps, which will stop working with macOS Catalina. To keep up the pace with the new macOS and introduce a focus on 64-bit apps, MacXDVD includes macOS Catalina in support of its leading DVD ripper.


The upgraded MacX DVD Ripper Pro V6.2.4 allows macOS Catalina users to rip and backup any DVDs to MP4, MOV, AVCHD, MKV, iPhone 11/Pro/Max, 2019 iPad Pro, Apple TV, 4K TV, Samsung, Huawei within 5 minutes. One-click to digitize the overstocked DVD discs, regardless of 99-title DVDs, TV series discs, latest-released movies, homemade discs, etc. to personal movie library on Mac or portable devices.


To celebrate the new Apple releases, the upgraded MacX Media Management Suite, f.t. the upgraded DVD ripper, together with its 4K video converter, iPhone manager, and media player, is 70% off at $49.95 only.

New Features Added to GraphicConverter

Lemke Software GmbH announces an important update to their popular image editing utility GraphicConverter for macOS . The utility can convert over 200 graphic file formats into any of over 90 other graphic formats.


Users of GraphicConverter will find a large number new features in version 11.1, including a “fetch all used keywords” function, Duo-Tone Picture Invert, the ability to store the current frame of a movie next to the movie, a Preferences Browser Cache: prefetch option and much more.



GraphicConverter 11.1 offers important new functions that users will find incredibly useful,” says Thorsten Lemke, founder of Lemke Software GmbH. “We’ve also updated numerous previously-existing functions, still keeping things simple, while offering a wealth of functions that no other program can come close to.”


New Features:

  • Browser: fetch all used keywords function
  • Browser: fetch all used locations function
  • Image context menu inside border: offers change of color
  •  Picture Invert: Duo-Tone
  • Browser: location palette
  • Preferences: General/Misc option to select launch language different to system language
  • Image context menu: copy and apply aspect ratio
  • Browser: Option-Space stores the current frame of a movie next to the movie
  • Browser context menu: Interpolate Exif date enforced added
  • Browser context menu: Quick Convert into same Folder added
  • Browser context menu: Add XMP Faces as Finder Tags
  • Preferences Browser Cache: prefetch option
  • Browser context menu in flat view: Open enclosing Folder in new Browser added


Updated Features:

  • Localizations
  • Browser prefs: option to assign space key to full screen preview
  • Removed obsolete IPTC/URL comment from dialogs
  • Prefs convert&modify autoconvert: added optional additional delay for slow volumes
  • Added automatic deselection before page change
  • Added format options to c source export format
  • Added show submenu to browser context menu
  • Rewrite of interpolate Exif code; will now catch more cases
  • Autoplay option for QuickLook
  • Prefs slideshow: option to auto continue after click into file list
  • Preferences browser/misc: show path in footer
  • LUTs submenu is now sorted
  • Scale pdf supports non-proportional scaling
  • Sorting mode: orientation & name
  • Preferences memory: option to ignore selection as change of document
  • Batch action: macro
  • Edit/find QR code detects now bar codes, too
  • Slideshow shortcuts: q zooms 100%; w shows fullscreen
  • Measure of line dumps the angle to the comment area
  • Replaced command = shortcut with command 1 due a conflict with command + on US layout keyboards


GraphicConverter 11.1 continues to offer the best way for users to edit images on the Mac with the ability to import directly from cameras, powerful batch processor features and more.


“The new features we’ve added to GraphicConverter 11.1 makes it a better value than ever for both beginner and advanced users,” continues Thorsten. “We encourage Mac users to download the trial version and give it a try. We’re sure once they try it, they’ll find out that it’s perfect for any graphic editor’s needs.”

Language Support:
English, Germany, French, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Italian

GraphicConverter 11.1 is  $39.95 and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. It can also be directly purchased online from the Lemkesoft website.