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90 Day Diet Will Help You Lose Weight

Nikolay Iliev announces the release of Rina 90 Day Diet 1.4.0, an update to his weight loss app developed exclusively for iOS. 90 Day Diet is a quite simple and functional mobile application that can be used by anyone. Even the persons who never kept a diet in their entire lives can use this user-friendly weight loss app. This app is based on the extremely popular 90 days challenge diet.


Rina 90 Day Diet proposes an easy and effective food regime that works on separate nutrition. It comes equipped with multiple helpful and necessary functions that every weight loss app should have. Users who installed this appl will immediately receive recommendations and necessary information for proper everyday health menus.


The 90 Day Diet was created to help persons who want to lose weight in an easy manner and without any deprivation of any food products. The most important thing to do in this diet is to stick to correct food grouping nutrition. This means that users should correctly know what proteins, beans and legumes, carbohydrates and fruits are, and in what order they should consume them. Anyone who tries this diet should have no worries regarding a yo-yo effect after the end of the diet or the stress they can put on their bodies while keeping it.


90 Day Diet is considered an extremely pleasant and efficient food regime. The main reason why they think so is the fact that this diet does not impose any limits regarding specific food products and it relies on eating products that are from the food group corresponding to the specific day of the regime. For example, there’s a day for proteins, a day for beans and legume, one for carbohydrates and fruits. The day for carbohydrates is the day where most users will eat what they want the most. It’s the day where users can enjoy their favorite desserts and eat cake or chocolate. There is also a non-obligatory water day where users can consume only water.


This app is the weight loss solution that can be perfect for almost anyone. Besides helping users lose their extra weight, this diet has other major benefits for their bodies. It can help to improve the blood pressure, the metabolism and provide more energy for the body without having the need to consume food supplements or medications. Additionally, this diet will make the user’s hair and skin to glow and to be healthy and beautiful.


90 Day Diet app has a premium version that comes with many new extras. The premium version will help users access more recipes that can diversify their new healthy diet. This version also features modified and improved statistics that will allow users to trace their waist size reduction in inches or centimeters. Another advantage is the lack of ads in the premium version. Now users can focus on their healthy regime without being distracted by annoying ads.


Rina 90 Day Diet 1.4.0 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. For more information, please contact Nikolay Iliev.

iFiber App Can Help You Lose Weight – New Version 6.0 for iOS

Independent developer James Hollender releases iFiber 6.0 for iOS. This app allows users to find out how much fiber there is in well over a thousand different food servings which can be beneficial in helping them lose weight. This latest update now supports full screen usage of all iOS devices.



Users can record their intake for any food. The information is stored for one year and is presented in reverse chronological order, grouped by date, so the latest data is presented first in the list. Editing allows for changing the number of servings, changing the date and deleting records. Intake Items can be copied to the current day.


How can fiber help you lose weight?


Fiber is the part of plant-based foods that our bodies can’t digest. It passes through our digestive tract without providing nutrition or calories, and yet it is very healthy for us. Populations that eat greater amounts of fiber-rich foods are generally healthier.  Adding more fiber to your diet will likely help you lose weight and improve your health.


Information on fiber is derived from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference: Fiber, total dietary Content of Selected Foods per Common Measure. There are currently over 1,100 different food servings included, searchable using more than 2,500 names (some foods are known by different names or how they are prepared, e.g., “Egg, Scrambled” and “Scrambled Egg”). A few these have as many as six searchable names.


The iFiber app is available in the iTunes App Store for the iOS for $2.99 and can be found in the Health & Fitness category.



X Factor for iOS Helps Dieters Take Control of Their Weight

PeqApps has announced the release X Factor 3.9 for iOS devices. X Factor is designed to quickly and easily track your daily calorie balance. The allows users to quickly record weight, calories eaten, and activity calories. And with an Apple Watch and Health Integration enabled, activity calories are updated automatically.


X Factor for iOS Helps Dieters Take Control of Their Weight

X Factor’s powerful Target Weight feature helps you find the calorie balance that leads to your desired weight. Simply enter your target weight, and daily nutrition and activity calories. X Factor calculates your daily calorie deficit or surplus, projects changes to your weight, and how long it will take to reach your goal. X Factor takes into account that as your weight changes, so to does the BMR portion of your calorie balance, significantly improving this feature’s projections.

“I struggled to maintain a healthy weight for decades, but after creating X Factor 8 years ago, I was able to achieve a healthy weight, and maintain it for 5 years,” said Dan Hansen, founder of PeqApps. “It was only after I gave my phone to my daughter and stopped using X Factor that I started to gain weight again. So after a period of neglect, X Factor is back, with an improved design, and powerful new features. And I’m back to a healthy weight, with a confirmed belief: If you want to improve, measure.”


X Factor 3.9 is free, and is available through the App Store.