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Houdah Software Joins WinterFest Sale. Get Great Mac Software Cheap

Houdah Software has joined up twelve other publishers of Mac software and productivity books for WinterFest 2018. The annual WinterFest sale is a celebration of carefully crafted software and books. Software made by creators. For creators. Designed to work together.


The WinterFest sale offers discounts a curated selection of fine apps and books. Customers can purchase any of the participating products directly from the respective publisher. The WinterFest discount is available by following the links from the WinterFest homepage or by using the coupon code WINTERFEST2018.


For a limited time, Houdah Software, Aeon Timeline, Apparent Software, Bare Bones Software, Eastgate, DEVONtechnologies, Literature and Latte, Nisus, Smile Software, Sonny Software, Take Control Books, and Timing offer their tools and ebooks at a 20-25% discount.

Available discounts include:

* Aeon Timeline: The timeline tool for creative thinking
* BBEdit: Power tool for text
* Bookends: The reference manager you’ve been looking for
* DEVONthink Pro Office: Your paperless Mac office
* DEVONagent Pro: Your personal research assistant
* HoudahSpot: Powerful file search for Mac
* HoudahGeo: Photo geocoding and geotagging for Mac
* ImageFramer Pro: Your art, showcased
* Nisus Writer Pro: Powerful word processing for your Mac
* Panorama X: Collect, organize and understand your data
* PDFpen: Powerful PDF editing
* Scapple: Quickly capture and connect ideas
* Scrivener: Your complete writing studio
* Storyspace: Serious hypertext narrative
* Take Control Books: Essential books about Mac and iOS
* TextExpander: Type more with less effort
* Timing: Automatic time tracking for Mac
* Tinderbox: Visualize and organize your notes, plans, and ideas

The applications on offer for WinterFest strike the magic balance of being essential yet almost invisible. Tools that assist without getting in the way.These eager helpers keep you abreast of your notes, your tasks, keep information at your fingertips, help you type faster, or take care of nitty gritty details while you do what you do best: create.

Houdah Software
WinterFest 2018
HoudahSpot – File Search for Mac
HoudahGeo – Photo Geotagging
Houdah Software Store

iPhone XR Guidebook – eBook: All About the iPhone XR and iOS 12

Tap Guides is today delighted to announce its latest book: iPhone XR Guidebook. Brought to you by the expert team at Tap Guides, and written by best-selling technology author Thomas Anthony, iPhone XR Guidebook is packed with top tips and in-depth tutorials. You’ll uncover the history of the iPhone’s development from 2007 to 2018, learn about iPhone XR features such as Face ID, discover how to use iOS 12 and its built-in apps, plus much more.



With the largest LCD display ever shipped in an iPhone, the same camera lens included with the iPhone XS, and the most powerful chip ever included in a smartphone, the iPhone XR is an incredible piece of technology. Arguably, it’s also the most beautiful, coming in six bold color choices: white, black, blue, coral, yellow, and product red. iPhone XR Guidebook explores this amazing new smartphone, and unveils everything you need to know about iOS 12. By the time you’ve finished reading iPhone XR Guidebook you’ll be a pro in nearly everything iPhone and iOS related.


Inside you’ll discover:
* The history of the iPhone
* The exclusive features of iPhone XR
* Detailed app tutorials
* The secrets of mastering mobile photography
* How to edit photos
* Essential Settings and configurations
* Troubleshooting tips


iPhone XR Guidebook is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the iBookstore in the Computers category.

Tap Guides
iPhone XR Guidebook

Think2Write Helps Students Write Better, Well-Structured Essays

Niles Technology Group has released Think2Write, the new and improved version of the essay writing apps Essay Czar, Essay Writing Workstation and Essay Writing Wizard that sold successfully in the Apple App Store for 8 years, from 2009-16. Used in over 400 schools by teachers and personally bought by high school and college students, the apps were listed multiple times as top language arts apps and featured several times in the App Store and other education publications.


Think2Write is bigger and better and delivers a lot more:

* Think2Write is an iBook with the same excellent content from the essay writing apps that has been updated and re-formatted. The new iBook format provides much more versatility where it can be used. Switching from preparing an essay on your mobile device to writing an essay on your Mac with the same instructional content is now a breeze.

* Think2Write is your source for one-on-one writing assistance for students, who want help fully understanding writing assignments and in developing logical, well-structured outlines.

* Think2Write is a platform on which, with one click of a button, a civic-minded citizen or company can sponsor a middle school class, high school class, or sports team where each student receives our one-on-one writing assistance and essay writing guide.

* Think2Write is an engagement platform that delivers a monthly essay writing instructional digest to keep students learning critical thinking skills, as these skills pertain directly to essay writing.


With the switch to Think2Write in the iBook format, students now have the identical instructional content with the same look and feel on mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops. Students can also seamlessly write essays with the iBook open side-by-side on the same Mac as their main word processor, which is something they could not do with the mobile-only app,” explained Michael Niles, President of Niles Technology Group. “Our mobile apps put us on the essay writing map for iPad and iPhone, but we realized the apps simply were not enough; we needed to work and look the same on Macs as well. Therefore, we solved the issue with a new approach and business model that deserved a new name, Think2Write.”


The iBook is also the gateway to a community dedicated to the teaching of essay writing from a critical thinking perspective. It became clear, based on interaction with users, that the aforementioned essay writing apps were developing a fledging community of teachers and parents who desired a critical thinking approach to writing for their students and children. It was amazing how many asked for more writing assistance on an ongoing basis.


This community aspect led us to create and develop a Think2Write Patreon portal, continues Mr. Niles. Combined with the iBook, this community builder allows us to offer more. Users can now easily decide which other essay writing services best fit them for what length of time; a very student-friendly, family-friendly, budget-friendly approach.


To herald the start of this new community, Think2Write’s first 200 patrons on Patreon will receive one of the following upgrades: you will either be automatically upgraded and receive the benefits of the next level up in rewards or, if you are a sponsor of students, the number of sponsorships will be automatically doubled. These upgrades will remain in place for as long as you are a patron.


Think2Write is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method to teach students the logical and critical steps necessary to consistently write well-reasoned, informative essays.


Pricing and Availability:
Think2Write (v1.4) is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Writing category. We invite you to learn more about us at Think2Write online. [GET IT HERE]

Artist Rich McLean Shares His 25-Year Artistic Journey With iBooks Readers

Author and artist Rich McLean is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution… ART; 3.5 the update to his eBook that illustrates the artist’s twenty-five-year journey through both traditional and digital art. McLean shares works ranging from urban landscapes to simple still life works found in everyday surroundings.


Artist Rich McLean Shares His 25-Year Artistic Journey With iBooks Readers


A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution… ART; contains a rich array of images representing the artist’s full command of the intense visual language of the illustrative arts. The book is bereft of the written word, allowing the rich collection of images composed of multiple symbolic narratives, lovingly celebrating spiritually rich dimensions as well as physical locations, to speak to the reader.


“I’ve worn various ‘visual hats’ during my career as an artist, providing me with a unique opportunity to view life and art through a variety of lenses,” shares artist Rich Mclean. “I’ve spent time as a fine artist, a traditional drawer, children’s illustrator, web designer, news graphics artist and digital artist. I’ve also lived through periods of reaction to this insane world that surrounds us all. I see my discordant time as a valid spiritual awakening. I am grateful for this alchemy and the chance to share my awakening with the world.”


Each page of the book contains an image that tells a story, with each of the artist’s works coming together to provide a sense of what it means to be human. Each page is designed to raise questions and present ideas to help the observer make sense of what it means to be human. The artist’s hope is that each reader will bring something different away from their time with his works.


The eBook is designed to be accessible on any of the reader’s iOS devices via the iBooks app. The iBooks format allows readers to enjoy the book in the same manner they would any book, enjoying the artist’s works page-by-page, swiping back and forth. Readers can also jump directly to a favorite page, or bookmark pages of interest so that they can be viewed again or shared with others.


Version 3.5 of the book offers extra, never seen before images from the artist’s private collection, improved usability and interface along with more poignantly designed pages that compliment each artwork plate and is more user friendly. It also includes extra information about the artist.


Mr. McLean is currently studying for his Doctor of Philosophy at Victoria University in Melbourne. Readers of this book will be able to appreciate the evolution of the concepts for McLean’s doctorate, which is a dissertation that explores the ethics of being human in a posthuman world.


“I’ve always been a creative and imaginative person, sketching, painting and creating sculptures through my early childhood and into adolescence,” continues Rich. “Although I did well in school, I was a surly yet friendly child and adolescent. I came close to leaving school, but I was lucky to have had key mentors that influenced me into continuing my education and developing my artistic and literary skills. I feel it actually saved my life.”


In addition to this book, Mr. McLean has made his art available for viewing and purchasing in the form of prints from his website. Visitors of the site can also learn more about the artist and his various works, including his other books.


Pricing and Availability:
A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution… ART; 3.5 is just $5.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through iBooks. An Android version of the eBook is also available for $5.99 USD. Physical copies of the book are available beginning at $109.00 USD.

eBook Search 3.0 Offers Over 8 Million Free eBooks and All New Design

Inkstone Software today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of eBook Search 3.0, an important update to their free eBook search solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. eBook Search offers readers the ability to search a wide number of free eBook resources, as well as the ability to download the books to their device for their immediate reading pleasure.

eBook Search 3.0 Offers Over 8 Million Free eBooks and All New Design

eBook Search offers readers the ability to search for and read over 8 million free eBooks from sources such as iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, Kobo, and many other eBook collections. The app also connects to free book catalogs maintained by Feedbooks, Baen Books, Project Gutenberg, Smashwords, ePub Bud, ManyBooks, and the Internet Archive. Its sleek modern interface is designed to work in any device’s native resolution, making it perfect for users of any mobile device.


Once a user finds the eBook they are looking for, it only takes a few taps to download to their device, and open it up in most popular reading apps. Or, if they want to put off downloading the book until a later time, they can send a link to their own inbox to remind them. Users can also share their finds via handy sharing abilities.


* Access to over 8 million free eBooks from iBooks, Feedbooks, Baen Books, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive and more
* Discover over 2.3 million premium iBooks
* Access to the Calibre eBook management software over Wi-Fi
* Open books in most iOS EPUB and PDF reader apps including iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, and Kobo
* Readers can e-mail eBooks to themselves for reading on other platforms
* Native app optimized for all iPhone and iPad devices


“We are all voracious readers at Inkstone, and love helping other eBook fans find great free books to read and enjoy. We’re proud that our efforts have resulted in having the number one book discovery app in the App Store,” says Inkstone CEO Patrick Thompson. “Since its release in 2011, eBook Search for iOS has had over 8.5 million downloads, and has been consistently ranked in the top 25 of the App Store’s free books category.”


It doesn’t matter what kind of reading material a user enjoys; they can find it by searching eBook catalogs with eBook Search. Thrillers, mysteries, fantasies, science fiction, romance, manga, comics, non-fiction and more can all be found using the app. Plus, readers are sure to stumble on wonderful books they have never heard of, leading them down unexpected paths of knowledge and excitement.


What’s New in Version 3.0:
* A new sleek modern design from Italian designer Nicola Armellini
* Optimized to work in native resolution across all iOS devices
* Advanced search in a number of the eBook catalogs
* The ability to edit book metadata and mark books as read
* Access to the popular ePub Bud catalog with over 1370 free children’s books
* Access to the new and improved free Baen science fiction book catalog
* Access to the ManyBooks catalog with over 30,000 classics


eBook Search not only allows readers to search for free eBooks, the app also includes a custom iBookstore catalog that offers handy advanced search access to over 2.3 million premium and free offerings from the extensive iBooks library. And, Inkstone’s eBook Search for Android brings access to the same great collection of over 8 million eBooks to Android devices. Android users can now experience the same comprehensive access to free eBooks that iOS users have long enjoyed.


“With the update of eBook Search, we’ve made the app even easier to use. Plus, with the addition of three new book catalogs, it offers access to more eBooks than ever before,” continues Patrick. “Plus, it doesn’t matter which platform your use, as Android and iOS users both now have access to our terrific app!”


eBook Search 3.0 is free, and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Books category. Convenient in-app purchases are available to remove ads and add additional catalogs. A “Pro” version (3.1) is available for $0.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies). An Android version is also available through Google Play.

Projecte Omega – A New Way to Dream

Projecte Omega, a neuroscientific company specializing in the development of audiovisual technological tools that train and enhance brain capacities in 2D and 3D environments with augmented reality capability, launches to the market a set of neurorelaxing infographic images to promote the reconciliation of sleep through devices based on iOS and Mac.


The brain continues to work actively. It never rests, not even during sleep. However, it needs our mind to be disconnected to perform without interference with maintenance tasks that will enable us to face the next day in good physical and mental condition. Our governing body consumes one fifth of the total supply of glucose and oxygen to the body, despite the fact that it only represents 2% of body weight in our species. Nighttime rest is vital for our body.


With this release Projecte Omega aims to reach the population as a whole with an efficient tool to help sleep at a reasonable price and does not require therapeutic follow-up.


Projecte Omega was conceived in the mid-90’s, due to the need to find new visual elements for neural stimulation to enhance brain plasticity, an innate feature of the human brain. This plasticity refers to the capacity of the neural networks to adapt and respond to a new or remodelled function. Our project is based on neural stimulation of the brain. It is a powerful complementary diagnostic tool for disorders in neurological development, behaviour disorders, cognitive impairment and training in cognitive prevention.


In previous qualitative studies developed during fieldwork with the Visuals Neuromodelators Omega applications and programs, we found a noticeable degree of post-surgery recovery in a population of 1019 patients with different pathologies: Behaviour disorders, Mental Retardation, Autism, Dyslexia, Ictus, Alzheimer’s, Phobias, Paranoia and Stress.


Projecte Omega is $1.99 and is available worldwide through the iBook Store in the Health & Fitness category.

Projecte Omega
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Just in Time for Halloween: The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow for iOS

iClassics Collection today is proud to announce the release of The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1.0.1 for iOS and Android devices. Washington Irving is the latest classic author to be re-imagined and added to the interactive and unabridged iClassics’ app book library. Set to spook and captivate those looking for a scare if they dare (Ages 8-14), The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow joins a spectacular range of immersive iClassics reading apps including iLondon, iPoe, iWilde, iDickens, iDoyle, iLovecraft.


This year, why not mark Halloween with this frightful family favourite and latest addition to iClassics’ interactive book app collection; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The infamous headless horseman has been brought to life in Washington Irving’s original and creative work. This eerie tale by Washington Irving has sent shivers down many spines over the years. The iClassics collection has returned to tell the classic American ghost story, Sleepy Hollow. This latest release is enriched with illustrations and high quality sound effects, as well as interactivity and spectacular soundtracks, enabling the readers to enjoy a completely immersive experience with the classic text.


Key features:
*All stories include interactive and artistic elements to aid the child’s reading of the original text
*Jump to any page in the book with the handy table of contents
*Leave the app at any moment and return to the same page
*As well as brushing up on their modern classics, readers can also educate themselves on the authors biographies, further improving their knowledge


Illustrated by Aitor Prieto and directed by David G. Fores, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow includes 52 illustrations, 67 animations and 52 interactive pages and 50 minutes of Original Soundtrack by Adri Mena and Miquel Tejada.


A collection of 11 Edgar Allan Poe short stories served as the starting point for iClassics, and it was shortly followed by the iLovecraft, iWilde, iDoyle, iDickens collections and most recently the iLondon collection. There are six collections that readers can enjoy in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


Various international awards have consolidated the Spanish startup iClassics Productions as a cultural, educational, ludic and creative project. Having accumulated more than 900,000 downloads and received thousands of positive reviews by users; iClassics leads the way in the interactive book market.


For a limited time, The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1.0.1 is offered at the special price of $2.99 USD until 2nd November 2016 ($4.99 thereafter), or equivalent amount in other currencies, and available worldwide through the App Store in the Books category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play. For more info contact Gavin Pattison.


iClassics Productions
The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1.0.1
Purchase and Download (iOS)
Purchase and Download (Android)

iClassics Releases iLondon: The immersive Jack London experience

Barcelona, Spain – iClassics Productions, in commemoration of the anniversary of Jack London’s death, today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of iLondon 1.0.1, their new immersive reading collection in the iBookStore. The iLondon collection is the latest addition to the interactive iClassics library, which already includes the iPoe, iWilde, iDickens and iLovecraft collections.


This new interactive collection includes several stories by the author of “White Fang,” “The Call of the Wild,” “Keesh” and “Moon-Face.” It will be part of their growing classic library for mobiles and portable devices. Through magnificent illustrations, sound effects, animations, interactivity and spectacular soundtracks, iClassics enriches some of the best classic literature, transforming reading into a unique, interactive experience.


A collection of 10 Edgar Allan Poe short stories served as the starting point for iClassics, and it was shortly followed by the iLovecraft, iWilde, iDoyle and iDickens collections. There are currently six collections that readers can enjoy in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. These are available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon AppStore. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will be the next collection on offer.
Various international awards have given to the Spanish startup iClassics as a cultural, educational, ludic and creative project. Having amassed more than 900,000 downloads and received thousands of positive reviews by users; iClassics leads the way in the interactive book market.


Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 336 MB


Pricing and Availability:
iLondon 1.0.1 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Books category. There are also versions available on Google Play and Amazon.


iClassics Productions
iLondon 1.0.1
Direct Download Link
Media Assets


iClassics Productions, S.L was founded in 2015 by the experienced management team of Play Creatividad. iClassics Productions, S.L is formed by creative and talented individuals, who apply their skills and drive to create uplifting book apps using the masterpieces of universal literature. iClassics collection brings classical literature alive and is though for the new generations through entertainment and the use of cutting edge technologies. We’ve reinvented the ‘reading’ concept by transforming it into a unique immersive experience where the user engages, interacts, and feels part of the stories. iClassics does not only makes book apps, we became a reference for interactive literature. All Material and Software (C) 2016 iClassics Productions, S.L / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.