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Winter Dragon Edition of Math Classroom Challenge 1.25 Now Available

Titan Deep Space Company today is pleased to inform that Math Classroom Challenge (MCC) has been updated to version 1.20. MCC, the kids version of Math Combat Challenge, is now available for iPhone and iPad, and iPod touch. Developed with Metal API, MCC is an educational and interactive game that generates random math exercises in an safe 3D environment for children.


Winter Dragon Edition of Math Classroom Challenge 1.25 Now Available


New features:
This new version adds two little dragons. Specifically:

The two dragons are held at a certain distance from the stage. From time to time they will come down, turn around and then rise again. If watered, the dragon will reduce the number of errors caused by dynamic panels by one. But remember: if you use them too much, they can get angry, and not only won’t make a mistake, they’ll add up to one. In each game the maximum number of times until this happens will be different. Will you risk one less mistake?

* Static panels are not changed. Benny the pet will still mark the right numbers to solve the static panels with his ray.
* Some minor enhancements and tweaks, mainly with the Metal API and adaptations for the iPhone X.
* Remember you can dynamically configure the view movement in the config panel, if it is too slow or fast for you.
* Thank you for your feedback, and have a nice Math Day!


“Math Classroom Challenge is a excellent (iOS) app for learning basic Math skills (i.e. additions, subtraction, etc.)” (


About Math Classroom Challenge:
Achieving an interest in mathematics that reaches all ages is a primary goal for us. To that end, the company has developed a version of Math Combat Challenge specially designed for the little ones: Math Classroom Challenge for kids. This version has no enemies, and no weapons. Instead, the player throws water with a water hose to the numbers, solving the static and dynamic random panels, from sums to equations.


Math for the little ones:
Math Classroom Challenge is designed especially at children aged five to twelve, although the game can of course be configured to be a challenge at any age. We intend to create several modules with different possibilities and mathematical challenges, and this first module is specially inspired by Christmas.


With the help of Benny the puppy, the youngest will be able to learn mathematics, playing with the help of a tutor, or they will learn mathematics by themselves from a certain age. The game allows you to set the type of operations to solve, and the maximum number of errors, or an unlimited number of errors. You can also set the maximum time, up to a maximum of fifteen minutes. The entire environment is designed, both visually and in sound and music, to be accessible for all ages, even the youngest.


Learn the numbers while playing:
The game can also be used for children to learn to recognize the numbers that fly around the stage, without even having to solve the exercises if they don’t want to. The enemies of the original game have been eliminated, and the weapons have been replaced by a water hose, with which the player will throw water at the numbers to solve the static panels, or else to the correct solution in the dynamic panels. But the most important thing is to introduce young people to the world of mathematics in a fun and entertaining way.


“The Math Classroom Challenge is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), and we are considering publishing it for Windows and Mac if players are interested,” explained Ignacio Campomanes, developer at Titan Deep Space Company. “We started with mobile devices because these kinds of games can then take you everywhere, and enjoy mathematics anywhere. This environment is already included as a free scenario in Math Combat Challenge for Windows and Mac, so if you own that game, you have Math Classroom Challenge for these operating systems. Mathematics for everyone, and also for the little ones.”


Pricing and Availability:

Math Classroom Challenge 1.25 is only $0.99 USD (with no additional purchases or on-screen advertising) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. [GET IT HERE]

Math Classroom Challenge 1.20 – Enhanced Math Panels & Rocket

Titan Deep Space Company has updated Math Classroom Challenge (MCC) to version 1.20. MCC, the kids version of Math Combat Challenge, is now available for iPhone and iPad, and iPod touch. Developed with Metal API, MCC is an educational and interactive game that generates random math exercises in an safe 3D environment for children.


New features:

This new version has some new elements. Specifically:


The new button that allows to generate random math dynamic panels manually can be pushed twice. Just touch the button and a random problem will appear as usual. Throw water to the right solution with your water hose. If you don’t push the button, random math problems will generate at random intervals. Now, if you push the button again while the panel is active, the dynamic math panel will be placed in front of the player, so the player can interact with it easily, and there is no need to move the player to find the panel. This feature will be very appreciated by kids that don’t want to move if they don’t want to. The player can use or not this new feature, so playing as usual is still possible. The difficulty of the game changes by using or not this new feature.


Another feature is “The Rocket”. Whenever three math dynamic panels are solved, a rocket will fly across the stage. While the rocket is flying, new points gained will be multiplied by two. This will improve the game by adding a new element to obtain more points. Solving the maximum dynamic math problems while the rocket is flying will be a challenge for kids. Again, this is a feature that can be used only if the player wants to.


Math Classroom Challenge 1.20 is $0.99 USD and is available in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]

Find Them All: My Pets for iOS – Interactive Educational App for Kids 2 – 8

Knbmedia has released Find Them All: My Pets for iOS, the fourth in their series of “Find Them All” Educational apps for kids 2 – 8. A guided introduction, entirely spoken in 8 languages, to 48 different pets.


Find Them All: My Pets for iOS - Interactive Educational App for Kids 2 - 8


The 100% interactive app features 7 different activities, including: Match the Pet, Win an Animated Card, Take a Photo, Find the Pet in the Dark, Make a Jigsaw Puzzle from a Photo, Play the Quiz and Watch Videos. My Pets also allows kids to arrange all the cards they win in a virtual album, keep a photo album of all the photos they take, and print, fold, cut out and paste their own paper albums.


On launch in landscape orientation, kids are greeted by the Sun, smiling and speaking from the top left corner of the screen. He acts as a friendly guide through every activity, and provides positive reinforcement each time the child makes a correct selection. The first activity, Match the Pet, challenges kids to scroll left or right and find the full size animal that matches the thumbnail beside the Sun. Only one pet is present each time the child looks, but it can be easily overlooked amidst the terrain and plant life of its natural habitat. Matching and touching the animal, kids are rewarded with an animated playing card showing a close-up illustration and announcing the correct pronunciation of the species in 8 languages.


Having collected at least 12 playing cards, kids win their own blue camera with zoom lens. Using this camera, they can frame and photograph any pet from far left to far right. Taking a photo of any animal unlocks a brief description, which can be heard aloud. In the Find the Pets in the Dark activity, players try to touch as many animals as possible before night falls. Once it is dark, kids can use their flashlight to find the missing animals. Make a Jigsaw Puzzle from a Photo allows children to take a photo and then turn it into a jigsaw puzzle by shaking the iDevice (the more they shake, the more pieces). Puzzles can be easy or hard, from 4 to 42 pieces. The Play the Photo Quiz activity asks kids to find any animal with a question mark superimposed on it. Touching it brings up an interactive quiz, where kids can show off all they have learned. Lastly, players look for a kid with a camera and win a video.



  • Contents: 48 animals to discover.
  • Entirely spoken: children are autonomous, even the youngest ones.
  • Multi-lingual: the names of the animals are available in height languages. You can choose to change the language in which the game is played.
  • Educational: discover animals through photos, sound, videos and audio commentary.
  • Adapted to each age group: numerous activities during short games with difficulty levels adapted to the child.
  • Safe: No adverts, no external links and a special parents’ zone.
  • Multi-user: each child can have their games with their settings.
  • Printable booklet: albums can be printed and assembled through folding.


Figures in the Find Them All Collection:

  • 192 animals
  • 96 dinosaurs
  • 72 characters from Fairy Tales and Legends
  • 48 (96 planned) pets
  • 800 audio commentaries in 8 languages
  • 200 videos and 800 photos
  • 40 updates since the first launch in 2011.
  • Rated 4.5 stars and more than 5000 reviews worldwide


Find Them All: My Pets 1.0.0 is free and available in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]

The Award-Winning Digital Playground Busy Shapes Is Back With a 3D Twist

Award winning Edoki Academy today is thrilled to announce the release of Busy Shapes 2 (v1.04), their new educational app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Busy Shapes 2 offers a fun and enjoyable learning experience for children from the age of 4, exercising important developmental skills through engaging gameplay.


Busy Shapes 2 is a 3D object manipulation game in which children navigate objects through the environment to reach a goal, bringing them to the next level. This is achieved through the use of tools, such as buttons, springs, bombs, moving platforms, and secret passageways. Obstacles will provide challenges that can be overcome using strategies and solutions that the child will learn and develop as they play. These challenges are designed to nurture and sharpen a variety of educational skills, such as spatial reasoning, coordination, agility, and critical thinking.


As the continuation of its highly successful predecessor, Busy Shapes, within Busy Shapes 2 the team at Edoki Academy have improved upon the strategies and systems that made Busy Shapes so popular. With 100 levels, four dazzling worlds with unique themes, a variety of tools and obstacles, and highly engaging gameplay, Busy Shapes 2 is sure to develop and nurture important skills, all while being incredibly fun.


* 100+ visually and sensorially stimulating levels
* Unlimited attempts to foster the simple pleasure of solving a puzzle


Avoid hidden traps:
* Sticky patches
* Glass box
* Barriers


Discover numerous magical tools to help you along your journey:
* Springs
* Planks
* Bombs
* Moving platforms
* Secret passageways


Experience 4 beautiful worlds inspired by nature designed by Parisian studio iP3:
* Tangy fruits
* Underwater creatures
* Erupting volcanos
* Celestial delight


A Proven Pedagogical Approach:
Like its predecessor, Busy Shapes 2 is inspired by Swiss clinical psychologist, Jean Piaget’s pioneering theory of cognitive development. Piaget believed that children in their earliest stage of development learn best by exploring and manipulating the world around them. The award winning prequel to this app, Busy Shapes, has over 1,000,000 downloads. As the second game of the series, Busy Shapes 2 is a continuation and evolution of all the things that made Busy Shapes so popular and enjoyable. Busy Shapes & Busy Shapes 2 are part of a specific collection of critical thinking apps developed by Edoki Academy. Crazy Gears and Busy Water are also part of this collection and have both won Awards.


Spatial Skills for Success:
Spatial skills predict a young person’s achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s the mental feat that architects and engineers perform when they design buildings. The capacity that permits a chemist to contemplate the three-dimensional structure of a molecule, or a surgeon to navigate the human body.


Language Support:
Busy Shapes 2 supports English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese languages.


Busy Shapes 2 (v1.04) is $2.99 and available through the App Store in the Education category.

Endangered Animals – Practice Statistics – New Educational iPad App

Gebo Kano ehf. today is proud to announce the release of Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics 1.0, a new educational title developed for iPad. Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics is a statistics, nature knowledge and math education rolled into one. Learn about animals in danger and other environmental issues through an interactive trip through statistics and facts.

Endangered Animals - Practice Statistics - New Educational iPad App

Learn statistical concepts
* The mode
* Least value
* Greatest value
* The median
* The mean


Create and read charts and tables
* Frequency tables
* Line charts
* Bar charts
* Pie Charts


Endangered Animals – Practise statistics is an interactive educational material for children aged 9 to 12. The app contains realistic projects about statistics and is created as extra material along with conventional statistic teaching methods. Additionally, the app includes simple explanations of the concepts and operations that are used in the projects. The theme is endangered animals, and it’s full of information about animals and environmental issues. Therefore, it’s ideal for themed work about the environment or animals or as entertainment for children with a special interest in animals.


Each chapter starts with an introduction of the chapter’s content. After the introduction, the user solves statistic problems related to the chapter’s material. Some of the tasks involve answering questions from data and pre-made charts. In others, the users make their charts from data. In the Panda chapter, for example, the user is supposed to investigate how much bamboo a group of pandas eat on average in a day and the Rhinoceros chapter, the user ought to make a bar chart demonstrating the horn size of couple of rhinos.


A help page opens when a user enters a chapter for the first time. The help explains the concepts and operations relevant to that chapter. In chapters about line charts the help explains line charts, in chapters about bar charts, the help focuses on those and so on. This help does not open automatically when the user enters a chapter a that has been opened before, but it can always be accessed by tapping the help button for operations.


Help for the interface with information about how the interface works is also available at the tap of a button. Among other things, it includes information about how to create bar charts, how the calculator works and how to answer questions of each type. The material is not set up in a particular order so the user can work on the chapters in any order they wish, repeat them if necessary or only work on selected chapters. It’s, therefore, possible to pick and choose those chapters identified with the school material being worked on at any given time.


Every part has few tasks. Intriguing information about the material is shown between tasks. When a user finishes a chapter, recognition in the form of an information card about the animal being worked on is opened. The information card appears in the animal book which can be accessed from the app’s main menu. The app is designed by a primary school teacher and takes into account math, nature and statistics curriculum.


Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics 1.0 is $2.99 and available through the App Store in the Education category.

KidsYam’s Math Rangers Teaches Basic Math to Kids

Netdiver Co., Ltd. today is proud to announce the release of KidsYam’s Math Rangers 1.0.1, their new children’s educational app developed for iOS and Android devices. With amazing kids learning apps features, Netdiver has the winning combination that will help kids train basic math skills in the fun way.


Train Math Skills From The Bottom Up:
Netdiver maintains their focus on the fact that children give up math early because they don’t have interest in math. Moreover, math is the subject that kids can’t learn the next level of math concept when they understand the former level of math concept perpectly. Therefore, Netdiver released KidsYam’s Math Rangers to help kids to learn basic math calculation skills gradually and perfectly.


Math Quiz Game For Kids:
At its core, this is a well designed educational math quiz game. It contains learning and training numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It will most certainly be fun and challenging to kids when they play KidsYam’s Math Rangers.


Fascinating Graphics And Storylines:
Netdiver had made an effort to design this game to let kids familiar with and like math. Adorable characters and interesting game play of KidsYam’s Math Rangers make kids to enjoy and like math.


Kidsyam’s Math Rangers Features:
* Training basic math calculation skills by stages – Kids can train basic math calculation skills, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, through 3 levels of 6 stages
* Fun to learn and play at the same time – Through the gamification of education program, kids can enhance their basic math skills with interest
* Challenging game play – By defeating space pirates, kids can train basic math skills amusingly


KidsYam’s Math Rangers 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Hay Day/Farmville meet Montessori for Thanksgiving

Edoki Academy, the French award-winning educational startup, today is proud to announce the release of Montessori Nature 1.2, an app offering a fun gardening experience for children from the age of 4, designed by Montessori teachers. Montessori Nature was designed to be highly engaging for kids and 100% safe for for parents; there are no in App purchases.

Hay Day/Farmville meet Montessori for Thanksgiving

The story behind the app:
Nowadays, it is easy for children to become disconnected from nature in our bustling city landscapes. What if technology could help cultivate an engagement with nature that inspires curiosity, a love for its marvels, and in effect re-introduce our kids to the natural world? When designing Montessori Nature, this is what we had in mind. This app offers a very realistic environment in which kids have to plant, nurture, harvest, and sell their crops (Paid app, no additional purchase required after download).


According to Maria Montessori, a connection with nature is vital to a child’s development and spiritual well being. There is nothing more exciting than getting to taste a fresh tomato grown from seed to plant, digging in soil to discover creepy crawlers, or observing bumblebees as they pollinate a patch of marigolds. Montessori Nature prepares children for these experiences by offering a realistic simulation that can be transferred to real life!


While they are busy tending their garden, children will notice the impact of seasons, the weather, pests, bees… on their crops. They will develop organizational and planning skills without even noticing it. They will also understand that natural resources are scarce and that it is vital to manage them. With Montessori Nature, children will get excited about nature and maybe even want to get a “real” green thumb! This realistic digital ecosystem will ignite children’s curiosity as they manage natural resources to grow fruit, veggies, and flowers. Edoki Academy strongly encourages children to try and start their own little patch. The PDF located inside the app explains how to start by planting Basil.


Montessori Nature also offers a unique Multiplayer mode for children to join forces in creating the lushest garden. If you can’t beat them, join them as they say. Parents are always looking for games that get children playing together rather than one against another. This mode is ideal for teachers who want to use the garden as a “reward” and create a real class project. It is also wonderful for parents/grandparents who live in a different city.


* 100% customizable for endless hours of play
* 100% educational: learn about plants’ life cycles and needs
* 100% safe for parents: sell the fruits of your labor to earn nature coins
* 100% motivating: expand and modernize your yard with watering robots, weather frogs, lamps, and more from the catalog
* 100% collaborative: work on your garden with up to 30 peers in real time (amazing for classrooms)


100% comprehensive:
* Watch the bees pollinate the flowers to make honey
* Observe the difference in seasons
* Protect your plants from pesky pests like rodents and ravens
* Manage natural resources to nurture a lush garden


Bonus: iOS 10 users will also benefit from cute iMessage stickers when they download the app: a turkey, an animated scarecrow, a mole, a blooming tree and more.


To celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Montessori Nature 1.2 is offered at the promotional release price of $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available through the App Store in the Games category. It will be available soon on the Google Play Store and a free Web version of this game is also available on our website.

Times Table Master Marks a New Era in Student Education

Washington, District Of Columbia – Times Table Master, a new app designed to help students master a key skill in math, was released today by a group of tutors who saw a better way to teach times tables. The app takes away the need to create problem sheets, and randomly generates unlimited problems for students to practice as much as they want. It is available now for iPhone.


“Drilling works well, but printing out thousands of pages of problems necessary for students to master their times tables was wasteful” said Michael Buchanan, one of the app’s creators. “Instead, we made it easy to get an unlimited number of randomly generated problems. Working in the business let us see that there was a better way to do this.”


The app is also smart – it looks at what the student is doing well and where they need improvement, and modifies the problem sets to both build confidence and challenge the student. “It might not be truly random, but the algorithm we’ve written makes it worth it” says Buchanan.


Students should find it easy to learn their times tables with this app, and parents should find it easy to track their student’s progress. “We wanted to make it easy to see how a student is improving. After all, that’s the goal here.” says Buchanan. The app includes tracking functionality, showing exactly the information that is used to build up the algorithm and generate problems.


Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 10.0 or later
* 13.1 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Times Table Master 1.0.1 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Versions for other mobile platforms are in the works. For more information, please contact Michael Buchanan.


Times Table Master 1.0.1
Purchase and Download
App Icon


Times Table Master is a group of former tutors who gathered together to make learning math easier. With over ten thousand combined hours of tutoring experience, this group knows the best ways to help students learn. They’re currently working on a line of products to make learning multiplication easier for students. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2016 Kyle Buchanan. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.