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360Works MirrorSync 6 Makes FileMaker Synchronization Easy

360Works announces MirrorSync 6, the easy-to-use FileMaker data replication tool can quickly and seamlessly sync an offline database running on FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro with a database hosted by FileMaker Server. It can sync various configurations of SQL databases, such as MySQL, Salesforce, Amazon DynamoDB or Redshift, and WordPress with FileMaker. This new version also makes it very easy to synchronize two FileMaker Servers to handle mission critical tasks like server clustering for load balancing and data disaster recovery.



Jesse Barnum, President of 360Works, says “MirrorSync 6 is the most major change since version 3. One of the biggest features is that MirrorSync can now automatically detect all new fields and tables.” In version 6, there is no need to re-configure or re-paste script steps when you have solution changes (for client-to-server sync, as well as server-to-server).


Overall, the MirrorSync configuration client and sync management has been greatly improved. Creating and editing configurations is much faster, especially for many tables. Sync status updates are more responsive, and configuration changes can be made without canceling active syncs. New fields and layouts are automatically detected and added to the sync. Auto-detection of primary keys, creation / modification timestamps, and writebacks has been greatly improved. In addition, the configuration client no longers requires Java to be pre-installed, and is signed and notarized for compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS X without annoying security pop-ups.


Automatic File Transfers Between Servers:
When setting up a server-to-server sync for the first time, you no longer need to manually download, copy, and upload the databases between the servers. Just install MirrorSync 6 on both servers and click the ‘sync now’ button. MirrorSync will transfer the files (even for multi-file solutions) and run the initial sync.


Automatic Version Update Between Servers:
If you’ve used MirrorSync 4 or 5, you’re familiar with the automatic update feature, which automatically sends database updates to users in the field. MirrorSync 6 now uses the same approach for server-to-server syncs. Just modify a single calculation field, and MirrorSync will replace the database on the spoke server with a new version after the next successful sync. You can even schedule this feature, so that it runs overnight without disrupting connected users.


MirrorSync 6 Makes Syncs Safer:
Deletion scanning now runs two separate checks to ensure a record has been deleted before deleting on the other side of the sync. Checks have been added to make sure that no client record exists in the MirrorSync table before downloading a copy for the spoke to sync. Recover mode is now more discerning about which records to re-write after a previous failed sync which helps to prevent situations where recovery could cause a large number of records to be modified. Lastly, there have been multithreading improvements for storing and accessing the internal sync database for better reliability.


Robust Enough for the Largest of Files:
For users with large databases, MirrorSync now utilizes streaming when reading from FileMaker Server and Pro/Go. This allows fetching data of unlimited size, while reducing RAM requirements.


MirrorSync now supports custom location for temp files. This is particularly important when using the database download feature with very large databases; you can now store these temporary copies on an external volume with more free space than the boot drive.


Easy Migration:
After upgrading your existing MirrorSync 4 or 5 installation, existing offline databases in the field will continue to be able to sync with the new MirrorSync 6 server. You can utilize MirrorSync’s automatic version update feature to update these users to the latest version after completing a sync with their older version.


Notable Features in MirrorSync 6:

  • Automated deployment and version management for server-to-server syncs * Now uses the Data API (instead of XML or xDBC)
  • All new MirrorSync script, re-written to support new features in FileMaker 17 and later
  • Unlimited tables
  • Leverages new FileMaker features for much faster container field syncs
  • Configuration client is now a standalone application that does not require Java to be installed
  • Added support for Get( UUIDNumber ) primary keys
  • Added support for the iPod touch (which is a great and inexpensive option for offline data collection)

MirrorSync 6 is available now. You can download the software instantly from and start syncing with the new improvements. MirrorSync is free for 1 FileMaker Pro/Go device, with additional devices priced at $8-$95 per device depending on quantity. This price is for a single FileMaker solution, with addition solutions priced at $200/each, and server-to-server syncs priced at $1,600 – $2,000 depending on the types of databases. All prices are one-time costs, not annual.

24U PhoneCompanion 3.0 for FileMaker Pro 17 Now Available

24U Software is pleased to announce the release of 24U Phone Companion 3.0, a new version of the company’s popular FileMaker plugin for Mac and Windows.


Offering robust telephony integration, 24U Phone Companion enables your FileMaker solutions to interact directly with your phone system to save you time and let you take better care of your customers.

* Make calls by clicking a button you avoid calling wrong numbers
* Run script on incoming call to lookup caller’s record before answering
* Automate evidence of phone calls so you can focus on the contents of your calls
* Know the number dialed to be able to provide call center service for different companies
* Use raw commands to get the most out of your own PBX


What’s new in version 3.0:
24U Phone Companion 3.0 adds support for SNOM VOIP phones, support for 48 new phone systems and script steps for even easier implementation. Added support for Voice Over IP systems using SNOM phones is successfully tested with RingCentral. When user has SNOM phones and 24U Phone Companion 3.0 he can use hosted IP phone systems.

* Support for SNOM VOIP phones lets you integrate cloud-hosted phone systems, such as RingCentral
* New version of TeamCall which is faster, more stable, and adds support for 48 new phone systems, such as Mitel on macOS
* Script steps for even easier implementation


When FileMaker users have SNOM phones and 24U Phone Companion 3.0 they can use hosted IP phone systems. The better and wider support for new PBX models makes it easier for users to integrate their FileMaker apps with their phone system without being too constrained in their selection of the right platform. By using calculations for processing data and scrip steps to trigger actions, integrating telephony with users custom app is now even easier and more intuitive than ever before.


System Requirements and Compatibility:
24 Phone Companion 3.0 requires OS X El Capitan 10.11 or newer and FileMaker Pro 16 or newer. Recommended is macOS Sierra 10.12 and FileMaker Pro 16 or newer. Windows 7 and FileMaker Pro 16 are minimum requirements for using the plug-in on the Windows platform. Windows 8.1 or newer and FileMaker Pro 16 or newer are recommended.

24U Phone Companion 3.0 is immediately available for download free of charge as a fully functional 14-days trial version, which can be activated after purchasing a license. Licenses for 24U Phone Companion start at $79 per user and $840 (USD) per switch. Volume discounts are available for 5 or more users. Existing customers can upgrade to the new version at 30% off the regular prices. Until 10 December 2018 customers can upgrade at 50 % off the regular prices!

24U Software
24U Phone Companion 3.0
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24U Toolbox Plug-In 3.0 for FileMaker 17 Now Available

24U Software has released version 3.0 of 24U Toolbox Plug-In, an update of their popular toolbox of useful external function for daily use in FileMaker Pro 13 thru 17. 24U Toolbox Plug-In 3 can convert rich-text to HTML with CSS, producing much cleared and customizable results than GetAsCSS. By producing clean dynamic HTML content the websites will render faster and rank higher in search engines. The new version adds convert rich-text to HTML with CSS, support for Native iOS FM Go apps and Support for FileMaker Cloud.


What’s new in this version:
* Get rich text as HTML to generate crystal clean HTML and CSS
* Support for Native iOS FM Go apps
* Support for FileMaker Cloud


24U Toolbox Plug-In is a robust FileMaker Pro plug-in which allows your FileMaker Pro databases to:
* Execute FileMaker or System shell scripts to automate tasks inside/outside of FileMaker Pro
* Execute SQL commands to develop faster and keep your solution clean
* Match & replace regular expressions to find & replace text fast using patterns
* Merge data values into text while maintaining styling to apply templates quickly and easily
* Lookup DNS name for IP & vice versa to find out who is connecting from where
* Get current public IP to know more about clients and discover potential security attacks
* Define global keyboard shortcuts to avoid unnecessarily excessive use of script triggers
* Obtain precise microsecond timestamps to measure nearly unmeasurable chunks of time
* Get the type of a FileMaker variable to let your scripts make the right decisions
* Share variables between databases to avoid creating too many external data sources

24U Toolbox Plug-In 3.0 is immediately available for download free of charge as a fully functional 14-days trial version, which can be activated after purchasing a license. Licenses for 24U SimpleHasp Plug-In start at $49 (USD) per user, $499 per server. Volume discounts are available for 5 or more users. Existing customers can upgrade to the new version at 30 % off the regular prices. Until 13 November 2018 customers can upgrade at 50% off the regular prices!

24U Software
24U Toolbox Plug-In 3.0
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24U Software Releases fmRESTor for FileMaker Data API

24U Software today is proud to announce the release of fmRESTor for FileMaker(R) Data API. fmRESTor is an object-based PHP library developed to interact with databases and custom apps hosted on a FileMaker(R) Server via the new FileMaker Data API from within PHP code.


With fmRESTor, PHP developers don’t have to learn FileMaker Data API in detail, they can just create a new object, passing it necessary parameters to connect to the database, and use fmRESTor’s easy to understand methods to access or modify their data. fmRESTor will take care of authentication, exceptions, logging, and even session preservation in order for the PHP code to be a well-behaving client for the FileMaker Data API without the developer having to worry about these technical details.


Features of fmRESTor:
* One object class conveniently handles everything
* Automatically generates authentication token
* Re-uses existing token to avoid unnecessary additional connections
* Automatically re-generates expired token
* Handles exceptions and provides meaningful error results
* Can handle raw form data for easier container uploads
* Provides customizable debug logging


24U believes that the whole FileMaker developers community will benefit from the FileMaker Platform not only having new powerful RESTful API, but also developers using the API nicely and efficiently, therefore they decided to make this library available as Open Source.


System Requirements:
* PHP 5.5 or greater
* cURL
* FileMaker database hosted on FileMaker Server 17 or FileMaker Cloud 1.17


Pricing and Availability:
fmRESTor is available as open source, licensed under the “GNU LGPLv3” License. 24U greatly appreciates contributions, but cannot provide free support for the library. Developers may hire 24U to help them with their projects, either by purchasing developer-level support or by utilizing 24U’s custom development services.

24U Software Launches New Xgode Online Service

24U Software is proud to announce their launch of 24U Xgode, a new online service lets FileMaker developers easily build a native app for iPhone and iPad from a FileMaker Go(R) app in less than 15 minutes. With this simple service it is possible to turn a custom app based on the FileMaker Platform into a native app without having to learn or use any development tools other than FileMaker Pro Advanced. The only things that are needed are a valid Apple Developer account, a custom FileMaker app, and graphics for the app’s icon.


What this service does:
* Turns a custom FileMaker Go app to a native app for iPhone and iPad
* Does not require to download, learn, and use any developer tools
* Does not require the developer to own a Mac
* Lets the developer use plug-ins in the owner’s app
* Generates a secure web installation page for an in-house distribution


System Requirements:
All that is needed to create native apps with this service is a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced and an Apple Developer Program membership. Xgode can be tried free of charge in demo mode. Apps built in the demo mode will display a splash screen informing users they were built by demo version of Xgode.


Pricing and Availability:
Xgode is available for $9 (USD) for an individual build, $19 for monthly subscription, and $199 for an annual subscription. Subscriptions allow for unlimited number of builds during the subscription period. A simple Tic Tac Toe game app created with FileMaker Pro Advanced is available as a free download for those who want to try this service out and do not have their own app ready yet.


24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 6.0 for the FileMaker 17 Platform

24U has released 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 6.0 for the FileMaker 17 Platform. With 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 6, 24U improved the input dialogs with the possibility of adding Pause/Resume and Cancel buttons and adds support for native iOS apps built with the FileMaker(R) iOS App SDK.


What’s new in this version:
* Added support for Native applications built with the FileMaker iOS App SDK
* Input dialogs with buttons
* Fixed minor bugs
* Behaviour of parameter “minlines” documented
* SDialog_SetCalculation example added
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In allows FileMaker solutions to interact with users via professionally looking dialogs to provide excellent user experience with minimum development effort. Since its first release back in 2001 the plug-in has grown to a feature rich user interaction addition for FileMaker solutions, while still retaining its ease of use and offering syntax that’s as simple as the dialog it is supposed to display.


Most customers use 24U SimpleDialog primarily to save development time and provide better user experience in their solutions: Vincenzo Menanno, director of FileMaker development at Beezwax, said at FileMaker DevCon 2014: “The biggest value that we get with SimpleDialog is creating solutions that look professional, keep the user informed, and provide us with a great solution for our clients. SimpleDialog is very easy to use and once we use it we use it over and over.”


Recommended configuration:
* Mac: Any Intel Mac, 4 GB RAM, macOS High Sierra 10.13, FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced.
* Windows: 1.6 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 or newer, FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced.


Minimum Requirements:
* Mac: Any Intel Mac, 2 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, FileMaker Pro 14 or newer.
Windows: 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows 7 or newer, FileMaker Pro 14 or newer.


Pricing and Availability:
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 6.0 is immediately available for download free of charge as a fully functional 14-days trial version, which can be activated after purchasing a license. Licenses for 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In start at $49 (USD) per user, volume discounts are available for 5 or more users. There is also new license for mobile application. It costs $499 (USD) for 1 app. Existing customers can upgrade to the new version at 50 % off the regular prices if placing order within 14 days upon release, and 30 % off if buying later.

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Fox 1.0 – New Royalty Software for FileMaker Pro 15 Platform

Today OFFICER solutions announced the release of Fox 1.0, a new addition to their software line of royalty applications for entertainment companies. Fox 1.0 easily transforms huge sales reports for content sold on the internet into detailed royalty statements for artists, musicians and other right holders.


The software plays nicely with any digitally sellable asset, like books, apps, stock photos, fonts, games and films and has been optimized for the use at independent record labels. Catalog data and sales can be easily imported for royalty processing. The software supports any currency (incoming & outgoing) and royalty statements can be issued as PDFs, CSV and Excel files in english or any other, user-definable language.


“The music industry has transformed tremendously in the past years. Streaming music over services like Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube has become the main driver for income and officially surpassed physical and download sales in 2016” says Rudolf Chelbea, founder and CEO of OFFICER solutions. “While consumers profit from great offers and affordable pricing models for their music and movie enjoyment, the companies behind the content are having trouble to keep pace with the growing amount of big data. Hundreds of thousands of sales lines with values around $0.003 or less have to be analyzed, identified, resulting royalties calculated and paid to the original artist. That’s a tough task without a suitable software.”


It is a not so well-known fact that 70% of the music world wide is released by smaller, independent record labels. Unfortunately, the growing amount of data does not scale proportionally with the income of these companies and consequently, they can not afford huge royalty applications that cost ten thousands of dollars. OFFICER solutions has developed Fox 1.0 to solve this dilemma by offering an affordable royalty software for smaller companies.


Fox 1.0 is a real, installable software application for Macintosh(R) and Windows(R) computers, based on the newest FileMaker(R) Pro 15 platform. It is available as a timely unrestricted license for a one-time fee or as a monthly subscription. A special, low priced startup package is available for newcomers to enable them with a professional accounting tool for their digital sales at an early stage. More and extensive information is available on the company website.

FileMaker Add-Ons Now 25% Off

SeedCode is thrilled to announce their Year-End Sale. All SeedCode’s FileMaker Templates and Add-Ons are discounted 25% off through the end of the year.


“There are a whole class of apps that are tough to build but easy to modify once they’re up and running: Calendars and Maps are a great example. This is where add-ons and templates can give developers a big head start. SeedCode lets you quickly add value to existing solutions and this year-end sale lets you start the year with the tools you need to build up your solutions,” says John Sindelar of SeedCode. “Our customers use SeedCode add-ons so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel–then they spend their development resources customizing the add-ons for the unique features of their business.”


DayBack Calendar is a great example of how this works for customers. Multi-Day Resource scheduling is something you won’t see in Google Calendar or iCal. It lets you see your workload as a series of columns, each representing the tasks, activities or appointments allocated to each resource. These “resources” can be people, trucks, rooms–anything that customers are competing for within your company. Customers modify the calendar to show their own fields, and run their existing scripts when events are dragged to a new resource in the calendar. And just because customers have modified DayBack, it doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of features in new versions of the calendar.


“If you’ve already integrated DayBack Calendar into your FileMaker solution you know that we’re releasing regular in-app updates to add new features,” says Sindelar. “This innovation means that DayBack just keeps getting better once you start using it, and it we look forward to deploying more great new stuff this way.” Recent in-app updates to DayBack Calendar include a pivoted schedule view, and breaking out your schedule by resource at longer time scales.


Some of SeedCode’s newest products that are on sale include:
* DayBack Calendar: add a drag-and-drop calendar that helps you balance your workload
* ProMaps: adds a scriptable map to visualize your found sets and plan routes
* GoZync: SeedCode’s unlocked sync framework for FileMaker Go is now even faster and easier to set up
* SeedCode Complete: a head start for new solutions, linking contacts, projects, and invoices to DayBack Calendar


All SeedCode solutions are unlocked so users can not only link them to their own work, but can modify them as needs change. Solutions are also extensively documented and implementation packages are available for customers who don’t want to do the integration themselves.

SeedCode Year End Sale
DayBack Calendar for FileMaker
Pro Maps for FileMaker
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