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Deliver Now Can Import Cyberduck Bookmarks

Zevrix Solutions announces Deliver 2.6.16, an update to the file transfer solution with automatic email notifications. Deliver lets users send files over the Internet and local networks to pre-defined destinations. The app offers file compression, delivery history, automatic PDF creation and other powerful capabilities. It supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and other remote and local services, and allows to send files to multiple destinations at once.



Version 2.6.16 allows users to import bookmarks from Cyberduck – a popular libre server and cloud storage browser for Mac and Windows with support for FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Google Drive and other services. The bookmarks will be converted to Deliver destinations, which enables users to repurpose Cyberduck favorites for automatic delivery with email notifications.


“Deliver is a Mac app that comes close to fulfilling the laundry list of requirements,” writes Natalia Nowak on Mac360, a Mac app reviews site. “It gives you a methodology and work flow to send files safely and securely to many users over the internet or to local, secure servers.”


Deliver solves the problem of notifying recipients of Internet file deliveries automatically by eliminating the need to compose and send confirmations for each transfer.


Key features:

  • Transfer files to FTP, Google Storage, Amazon S3 and other servers
  • Automatic email notifications based on variable templates
  • Compress files automatically (zip/dmg)
  • Hyperlink to file for instant download by recipients
  • Encrypt disk images with passwords
  • Create lo-res PDF on the fly and attach to e-mail
  • Transfer history


Deliver can be purchased from Zevrix website for $19.95 (USD), as well as from Apple Mac App Store and authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download.

Output Factory Server Adds Hot Folder Watching Interval

Zevrix Solutions releases Output Factory Server 2.2.13, an update to output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. The software automates InDesign production workflow by processing files from hot folders. It offloads printing and exporting from InDesign to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the output process.



Version 2.2.13 introduces an option to change the hot folder watching interval in app’s preferences. The watching interval specifies the regularity Output Factory Server scans hot folders for updates and changes. Increasing the interval can help users eliminate premature processing of large files on slow networks.


“Output Factory Server is an extremely useful utility for a busy production facility or advertising agency”, writes David Creamer in Layers magazine. “The setup process is simple and users experience is very straightforward. It can save lots of time – which equates to money.”


Under the Output Factory Server workflow, production artists, prepress operators and designers copy InDesign jobs to hot folders that reside on a network. It then will process the files automatically on its dedication Mac station. Users can create hot folders for different output targets such as hi-res PDF, large format printing, JPEG files and so on.


Key features:

  • Output InDesign files automatically from watched hot folders
  • Output to multiple formats from a single hot folder
  • Supports PDF, PostScript, print, TIFF, EPUB and other formats
  • Variable output file names
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Run custom scripts
  • Automatic preflighting
  • PDF security presets for different workflows


Output Factory Server can be purchased from Zevrix web site for $699.95 (USD), as well as from authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The upgrade to version 2 is $350 for the licensed users of Output Factory Server 1.x and BatchOutput Server. Output Factory Server requires macOS 10.8-10.15 and Adobe InDesign CS5-CC 2020.

InterConneX Updated and Now Available

Econ Technologies, Inc releases InterConneX 2.0.1, the file sharing and management App for iOS. The latest InterConneX offers better support for Dynamic Type font sizes that can be configured in iOS. Beyond the obvious changes, many minor issues have been resolved to make InterConneX more reliable. Some minor cloud-based connection problems have been resolved and some rare crashes have been rectified.


InterConneX is a great to manage files on your iPad as the multi-tasking support for ‘Split View’ or ‘Slide Over’ makes Dragging & Dropping files between sharespaces in order to copy items to your Mac or cloud storage buckets.


Duilio Proni, President of Econ Technologies, Inc. said “Now that the iPad Pro is a viable laptop replacement for everyday use, InterConneX simplifies handing off your files between Macs, iPads and iPhones.”


InterConneX is a file management & storage app for iOS that enables you to control & share all your files & folders in one location. Share files with other iOS devices running InterConneX or share files with Macs running ChronoSync or ChronoAgent. The lineup of InterConneX, ChronoSync, and ChronoAgent links your files between iPhone, iPad, and Mac while harnessing the power of Backblaze B2, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and SFTP Servers. Try InterConneX for free. The first 3 sharespaces are free. If you need more, add unlimited sharespaces for $9.99 (USD).

Get File Manager Pro Version 1.0.1 by B-Eng in the Mac App Store

B-Eng today is proud to announce the release of the latest version of File Manager Pro 1.0.1, their dual panel file manager for Mac Computers. File Manager Pro is a file managing tool for Mac Computers with a dual panel layout that allows easy control and overview when handling and managing files on a Mac computer. The capabilities of File Manager Pro range from basic copy/move/delete tasks to compressing and decompressing files as well as comparing and synching directories, completed with an interactive, visual overview for a drives usage.

Get File Manager Pro Version 1.0.1 by B-Eng in the Mac App Store

Main Features of File Manager:
* One click copy function
* Folder sync
* Folder and file compare
* Interactive, visual disk tools
* Movie posters assignable as file icon
* Direct access for movie info
* Decompress and compress files
* Hex editor


“Like many others I find the Finder rather tiring to work with, especially when remembering that even on very old DOS computers where tools that could be used more intuitively. We decided to bring this feeling back and with a dual panel file manager, where you see both source and target directory for better control. Easier to use, we included a bunch of options that are either missing or complicated in the original Finder. Adding all the special functions that our developers are missing, we ended up with a very powerful tool that is easy to use and comes with everything for office workers like me as well as for dedicated developers. When I gave it to my daughter to check it out I was sure we had the right tool for everybody.” as Christian Schaffner, GM of B-Eng, told about File Manager Pro.


File Manager Pro 1.0.1 is 18.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

Together 3.7 Adds Touch Bar and Improves Evernote Import

Reinvented Software announces the release of Together 3.7 for Mac, which adds comprehensive support for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and improves Evernote import. Together is for collecting, organizing and searching all kinds of files. Just about anything can be added to Together for safe keeping, tagged, previewed, collected together in different ways and found again instantly. With iCloud, Together libraries can be seamlessly shared with other Macs and iOS devices.


The Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro works contextually, and Together takes full advantage of that. Across the app you can use the Touch Bar to create new items, import files and search the library. In the sidebar you can switch between Groups and Tags, add groups and folders, quickly view groups such as the Inbox and untagged items. In the item list you can switch between the list and thumbnails views, change how the list is sorted and resize the thumbnails. When editing notes and text documents, you can format the text, and when viewing any item you can tag, label, rate, share, favorite, encrypt and decrypt items with Touch ID.


Together’s Evernote Importer is a separate download that automates the process of moving from Evernote to Together. Evernote notes are converted to Together notes, except notes that only contain a single attachment and no text, which are saved as standalone files (e.g. an image or a PDF document), including tags, comments and dates. The new version of the Evernote Importer improves note conversion to handle things like checklists, converts web clippings to web archive files to preserve their layout, imports each notebook into a separate folder, and considerably speeds up import of large notebooks.


Together 3.7 for Mac costs $49.99 (USD) from Reinvented Software, is a free upgrade for all Together 3 users and requires macOS Sierra. A 15-day trial is available for download from the Reinvented Software web site. Together’s Evernote Importer is a free download that works with both the version of Together for Mac from the Reinvented Software site and the Mac App Store version. Together for iPad and iPhone is also available for $9.99 (USD) from the App Store, and requires iOS 10.

Stream, Transfer and Share Files Across Devices with StoAmigo

Compatible with multiple operating systems (iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows), StoAmigo enables users to quickly, easily and simply share, transfer and stream any file or folder between their computers and devices – but without tediously connecting cables, uploading to the insecure public cloud, or incurring storage limits and fees. Here’s a rundown of the key functions:


* Share: users can set individual download permissions and expiration dates – or go a step further and apply patented 2-Factor Authentication – to securely share any files or folder by sending a web link via email or social media post. What’s more, StoAmigo features a file mirror that allows authorized individuals (whether they’re using the app or not) to retrieve shared files and folders even if the source device is offline.


* Stream: users simply select the file they wish to stream via the app or web portal – such as music, photos, videos, movies and so on – and enjoy it on-demand. No uploading to a remote server is required, and users can also stream music directly to any Bluetooth-enabled device, or stream programming to their TV (currently StoAmigo supports Apple AirPlay and DLNA).


* Transfer: instead of waiting – and waiting – for files to upload to the cloud, users can rapidly transfer files and folders directly between their devices via drag-and-drop, or by including a link in an email or social media post (essentially the same approach that is used to share content as described earlier). There are no size restrictions, which is very welcome news for users who are frustrated with their email server’s limited capacity, or who don’t want to pay for a cloud storage subscription.


“Billions of people around the world rely on their devices and computers to stay productive and up-to-date, or just to access their favorite music, videos and so on. But accessing content from within this the multi-device ecosystem is often an exercise in frustration – and in futility as well,” commented Ben Ow, StoAmigo’s President and Chief Technology Officer. “That’s where StoAmigo is a total game-changer. It safely, securely and simply puts all files and folders at each user’s fingertips – no matter where they are, or what device they happen to have with them at the time. We’ve also designed the StoAmigo user experience to be consistent and seamless across all screens and platforms. Users can quickly stream, transfer, and share files with anyone – even if they aren’t a StoAmigo user.”


StoAmigo 2.1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category, and for Android devices from Google Play. Clients for MacOS and Windows, along with additional app information and screenshots, are available from the StoAmigo website.

StoAmigo 2.1.0
More Info
Download from iTunes
YouTube Video (Demo)

iFiles 2 for iOS Now Offers German and Polish Localization

Imagam, Inc. announces the release of their update to iFiles 2 with German and Polish localization. iFiles 2 offers a number of new features, including: SMB/CIFS client and server support, synchronization support, tabs (Multiple services can be opened; like Dropbox, Web Browser), new redesigned Interface, Document Provider Extension support, support for iPad split view as well as a redesigned interface.


iFiles 2 for iOS Now Offers German and Polish Localization


Supported Online Cloud Services and Protocols:
Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud,, OneDrive, SMB/CIFS, SugarSync, AFP (Mac Shares), FTP/FTPS, SFTP, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Rackspace CloudFiles, CloudApp, PogoPlug, WebDav, Amazon S3, ownCloud, 4Shared, also using Amazon S3: DreamObjects and UltiCloud.


Key Features:
* TABS – Multiple tabs can be opened at the same time
* WEB DOWNLOADER – Download files from the web using the build in Web Browser or Safari using iFiles Bookmarks. (HTML5 Videos are now supported)
* EMAIL – Send documents as email attachments directly from iFiles using iPhones email accounts or links to files stored in the cloud. (given service supports this feature)
* VOICE RECORDER – Use iFiles build-in voice recorder to create voice notes
* POPUP MENU – Tap and hold on file to display context popup menu with file operations
* PROPERTIES -View and change folder and files properties: color label, icon, and rename. For services with supported API you can edit: comments, description, tags/keywords, privacy, copy/generate links
* SHARE FILES – Share files with other iOS users of iFiles over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
* PDF VIEWER – Viewer now supports annotations, full-text search, bookmarks, highlighting, saving directly to a cloud service and more
* SECURE – If cloud services uses username and password they are stored using iOS Keychain, Remote access to your device can be secured with password, and device can be locked using passcode. (Your information is never send to any outside service)
* FILE OPERATIONS – Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, and create New Folders (Operations are supported for all cloud services given that service API supports it)
* ZIP/EXTRACT – Create archive files and unarchive many common archive formats: Zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip, and Bzip2
* TRANSFER MANAGER – Download, upload and transfer files directly between services without required to first download then upload files – Transfers support background mode and will resume if application is closed
* EASY UPLOAD – If your creating voice recording, importing photos or creating a text file, iFiles will automatically upload to the current location no matter if its local or remote
* CLIPBOARD PASTE – Paste text and photos/images directly to current folder
* OPEN IN – Open files in apps that support those file types
* PRINT – Print files using AirPrint
* TEXT FILES – Create and edit plain text files. (Locally or directly in the cloud)
* PHOTO IMPORT – Take Photos, record movies or import from your Photo Library – (Multiple selection support is coming in next update)
* MEDIA PLAYER – Playback audio and video files
* THUMBNAILS – Thumbnails are generated for local files: photos, videos and pdf files, thumbnails are displayed for cloud service if its supported


iFiles 2 (v2.0.2) is $4.99, and is available through the App Store.

File List Export 2.0 Offers Easy, Yet Powerful Want to View Directory Listings

Independent developer, Giorgos Trigonakis has released File List Export 2.0, the latest version of his popular folder and file list exporting utility for Mac OS X. File List Export offers users a way to quickly view and export a file listing of any Mac OS X folder.


Folder file lists can easily be exported as an Excel or comma delimited txt file, for easy viewing. The latest version of the app offers the ability to export the files list to a folder, as well as the ability to organize the files by kind, file extension, tag, and date.


In addition to creating a list of file names, the app can also offer a complete listing of metadata for each file. For every file, users can view the following info: Icon, File name, Date modified, Date created, Kind, Size, Path, Comments, Tags, Version, Pages, Authors/Artist, Title, Album, Track Number, Genre, Year, Duration, Audio BitRate, Audio Encoding Application, Audio Sample Rate, Audio Channels, Dimensions, Pixel Width, Pixel Height, Total Pixels, Height DPI, Width DPI, Color Space, Color Profile, Alpha Channel, Creator, Video Bit Rate, Total Bit Rate, Codecs, MD5 Checksum, and SHA256 Checksum.


File List Export 2.0 is $4.99, and is available through the App Store in the Productivity category.