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RC Club – The Ultimate Augmented Reality Radio Control Simulator for iOS Devices

Warm up your engines and prepare to go full throttle! Abylight Studios today is proud to announce the worldwide release of RC Club 1.0, the ultimate radio control simulator for iOS11. Thanks to the augmented reality technology powered by ARKit, RC Club combines real-world physics with intuitive controls to drive a bunch of amazing cars wherever you are. Feel the rush of adrenaline performing impressive stunts and hit the road anytime, anywhere.


RC Club is a realistic simulation of a radio controlled car performing as it would on the real world: gravity, speed, acceleration, weight, friction, forces, lights, shadows… RC Club is an intuitive simulator accessible to all. Drive inside a supermarket or in the street, every circuit can be possible!


* Real world RC simulation
* Stunning graphics with real physics
* Sport Car, Drifting Car, Monster Truck or Cargo Track, each one with its own physical performance
* User-friendly interface for all ages


Future Plans:
We look forward to learn what the players think and get their feedback to continue evolving the game. So, RC Club will keep growing in upcoming updates: customization and balancing options for cars, more physics effects or multiplayer mode among others. For more information, visit Abylight Studios online.


Compatible Devices – RC Club requires iOS 11 and one of the following devices:
* iPhone SE
* iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus
* iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus
* iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus
* iPhone X
* 9.7-inch iPad (2017 model)
* 10.5-inch iPad Pro
* 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017 model)
* 9.7-inch iPad Pro (2016 model)
* 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2016 model)
* 56.5 MB
RC Club – AR Motorsports 1.0 is free and is available in the App Store.

Match 3 and Win Real Prizes With Prize Fiesta

Prize Fiesta 1.41.11 for iOS and Android devices is the first match 3 game that delivers actual prizes to each winner’s home.


Prize Fiesta rewards players loyalty – time on the game increases the chances to win – and is therefore a great way to win prizes without any gambling whatsoever. In fact, the prize awarding processes were prepared by US and EU attorneys and guarantees that no gambling is involved and that they comply with local laws.


Prize Fiesta is available at no cost for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and can be also played via Facebook or the web. The game is created by Full Game Ahead, which has awarded more than $1 million to prize winners through its suite of games that include Maze Fiesta, Coin Pusher Plus, Bang Up box and more.


Racking up points on Prize Fiesta is easy to understand, challenging to achieve, and addictively fun. Users try to match up three similar icons, which disappear from the game board and are replaced. Along the way, users also try to collect mushrooms and fill their piggy bank. Once their piggyback is loaded with coins, it’s off to the delightful “Prize Cavern” to browse for available prizes – such as home electronics, gadgets, devices and other goodies – which, if won, are delivered to each winner’s home.


Other Prize Fiesta special features include:
* 14 unique dreamlike worlds to play (with more on the way)
* Exceptional graphics with fast, fluid animation
* Fun sound and music (with mute option for those that want to play at night, on a flight, etc.)
* Several daily bonuses for users who happen to be playing at the right time.
* 3 different winners per week on the app’s Facebook world contest


Prize Fiesta 1.41.11 is Free and available in the App Store. An Android version is available on Google Play as well as via Facebook and the web.

Endless Space Runner Lands in the App Store on May 30th

Rocklien Run, and indie game developers in Melbourne, Australia will be hitting the App Store on the 30th of May 2017! The game is a beautiful free-to-play fast paced, cartoony 3d spaced theme runner. Super fun and easy to learn, but punishing and hard to master. It features a wide range of fun unlockable and upgradable ships, collectable weapon powerups and blastable combos, and cute cool and crazy enemies! Pre-release access is available directly from the developer.


Rocklien Run features:
* A wide range of fun unlockable and upgradable ships
* Collectable weapon powerups and blast-able combos
* Fast paced space themed endless game play
* Cute, cool, and crazy enemies
* iMessage stickers
* Fun filled times ahead

Rocklien Run
YouTube Video (Trailer)

The Path Rush Coming Soon

LHD Games, the developers of acclaimed mobile game Twisty Board (named by Apple in the App Store’s monthly Top 10 Best Arcade Games), are proud to announce the up and coming release of The Path Rush, a fast-paced and addictive reaction based game. Launching 23rd Feb 2017 for iPhone and iPad, with the Android version following on 16th March 2017. The app will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

The Path Rush Coming Soon

Players must use precise reactions to navigate a block through the 3-dimensional maze, making turns and jumps to avoid obstacles and survive as long as possible. Make a move too early or too late and the block will fall by the wayside, therefore turns must be timed to perfection to ensure progress.


The Path Rush features two main game modes:
* “Levels” challenges players to complete 150 levels of increasing length and difficulty. To complete a level the player must successfully navigate to the goal; failure to turn or jump at the right time sends the player back to the start, or alternatively coins can be used to resume play from the last position.


* “Endless” offers a never-ending maze where players must aim to record the highest score possible. Each successful turn scores one point, however the pressure mounts the further into the endless maze the player navigates.


To assist users their block can be powered up using coins (which are earned via gameplay or by watching in-app videos). Coins can also be used to continue play from the last position and get closer to completing the level or gaining a high-score.


Other features include:
* Arcade-style 3D graphics
* Fast and smooth gameplay
* Ever-changing in-game colours
* Test co-ordination and reactions
* Win coins
* Global leaderboard
* 150+ levels


The Path Rush is coming 23rd Feb 2017 for iPhone and iPad and will be available worldwide in the App Store. An Android version will follow on 16th March 2017 and available on Google Play.

Find All the Hidden Words in This Addicting Game

Palindrome Mobile today is pleased to announce the release of WordGenius 1.0, their new Hidden Words game for iOS and Android devices. Become a word genius! Search, find and crush all the hidden words in this addicting word brain game. It starts out easy with four letters, but gets challenging quickly. Fans of word games rejoice, there is a new word game in town! WordGenius promises to keep players engaged with fun and addicting levels of brain twisting challenges.

Find All the Hidden Words in This Addicting Game

The game mechanics are simple enough. The player is presented with a grid of letters containing the jumbled up hidden words. He/she slides along each letter to form a valid word, causing the letters to be removed from the block, and the remaining letters above to fall through. When all of the letters have been cleared, the player has completed the level.


The real challenge of WordGenius, though, is not spotting the location of the hidden words (although that can be tough), but to solve the words in the correct order. Solving in the wrong order will lead to an unsolvable block later on, which is what makes the game especially challenging in the higher levels due to the sheer number of words required to solve.


Game Features:
* 22 chapters with over 370 addictive puzzles
* Starts out with simply four letters, but gets challenging as you progress
* Simple gameplay: guess the word, slide letters to form letter chain, and let the wordfall
* Not an ordinary word search game, forces one to think how to solve words in the correct order
* Have fun while exercising your brain
* Boost your concentration and memory, and enhance vocabulary
* Get hooked and lose track of passage of time
* Finish the word marathon, complete your word journey and win the trophy


WordGenius 1.0 is Free and available through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Space Toads Mayhem is Coming to GEEK 2017

LimeVibe Games is delighted to announce that Space Toads Mayhem (listed by Kotaku UK as one of notable upcoming shooters of 2017) will be coming to GEEK 2017 held at Dreamland Margate (Kent, UK). Paying homage to classics from the 1980s, this arcade-style, topdown shooter will be part of the Indie Zone throughout the whole event, from 17th to 19th February 2017.

Space Toads Mayhem is Coming to GEEK 2017

For five years GEEK has been bringing people together to meet, make, and play. Taking place in Dreamland’s iconic and newly refurbished Hall By The Sea, in the Roller Room, Ballroom and the arcade area, this time around GEEK will be encouraging everyone to participate in all genres of gaming: board games, computer games, retro and next generation, card games and real world games.


Fans of retro-inspired shoot ’em ups who may have played the first version of Space Toads Mayhem at Insomnia 59 will be treated to a succulent new demo – with new levels and mission briefings among many other awesome things.


“Our first public demo at Insomnia 59 was a great success. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it was awesome to see all the amazing gamers and devs.” says Lukasz Snopkiewicz. “We’re really looking forward to GEEK 2017 – meeting people, seeing them play the game, their joy and their reactions is absolutely epic! As we approach placing Space Toads Mayhem on Steam Greenlight, we’ll certainly continue presenting the game on events like that” he continues.


The complete game, coming to PC and Mac in 2017, will offer a single player campaign as well two arcade modes: survival and hardcore – the latter shall prove challenging even to seasoned coin-op veterans. More information and regular updates can be found on the game’s website and social media. Media are encouraged to contact Lukasz regarding interviews, features and demo requests via his Twitter or email.

Original New Interactive Story App Troubled Waters Launches

People in search of an immersive new interactive story app that blends an emotionally gripping storyline with creative and addictive “what will happen next?” gameplay, can now head to the App Store or Google Play and download the new release Troubled Waters by 4 Deuces Gaming, LLC.

Original New Interactive Story App Troubled Waters Launches

Unlike most interactive story apps that are predictable, boring and forgettable, Troubled Waters is a brilliantly original offering that dials up the intrigue and drama right away. Here’s the back story: a teenager named Alex sneaks on an ocean voyage, and as a result of this illicit transgression is thrown overboard. Miraculously however, Alex doesn’t perish. Instead, a single possession: an old two-way radio that could stop working at any moment, allows Alex to call for help while clinging for life.


It’s the mission of each Troubled Waters player to help Alex survive by communicating through the radio, and selecting the right responses that guide to safety. In total, the castaway needs to make over 280 vital decisions. The right advice keeps Alex alive to face the next challenge, while the wrong advice could end in a watery grave. Other Troubled Waters special features include:


* The option for players to receive push notifications when Alex needs help and advice, so they can respond when it’s convenient
* Outstanding sound effects and music that greatly enhances the overall playing experience (with available mute option)
* The option for players to Tweet their progress directly from the app


Troubled Waters 3.0 is $1.99  and available through the App Store. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Wordrops for iOS & Android is an Addictive New Word Puzzle Game

Independent developer, Chiranjeev B. Sagar today is proud to announce the release of Wordrops 1.0, his addictive new word puzzle game developed for iOS and Android devices. Perfect for both children and adults alike, Wordrops is a free game that not only will keep you entertained but will also make you think. Designed with cool and mesmerising graphics, Wordrops is fun, addictive and very easy to use. But don’t be fooled by its simple interface. This game will definitely challenge your brain. And with this you have a high chance of winning a prize at the end of the month for playing the game!


Game-play is extremely simple, with options to play individually as well as with thousands of registered players. Once you enter the battle arena look around. Letters will start dropping from the top of your screen in the form of asteroids thus continuing the space theme. Hurry up! Quickly select the letters to form a legitimate word and click submit. Voila, you have your first points. Continue selecting letters and forming words. Like Scrabble, each letter has different points, so choose wisely to make the most of the letters. Each level has a stipulated number of points. Earn them and you will move forward. Keep an eye on the timer or you’ll lose! If you top the leader board at the end of the month, Wordrops will send you a large monetary prize.


What makes Wordrops unique is that it is not only a game, but it is also a brain gym. It features beautiful and original graphics that depict the beauty of space quite remarkably. You will also notice the highly fun and addictive background music and sound effects that keep the game-play very entertaining. All of this combined gives a superior and highly entertaining experience.


Wordrops offers a variety of features. The game supports three different languages so you can play in French, English and Spanish as well. Enhance your vocabulary in all three languages while having unlimited fun. The app has many levels that won’t let you get bored at all. A intellectually superior boredom buster specially made for people who do not like wasting their time on juvenile games.


Wordrops 1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.