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Student Interns Taught Remotely In Online Game Development

During the recent school closings, due to the coronavirus pandemic, both the Dallas ISD and the Dallas County Community College District, a group of game development students who were working as interns for a local game developer were able to continue their internship duties online.



Magnin & Associates has been an Industry Partner with the Dallas ISD Conrad HS H-TECH collegiate game development program for the past 4 years. Ed Magnin had been meeting with students weekly at Conrad High School and the at Richland College where the seniors attend full-time. A group of students had been helping test Magnin’s games. Recently as they enrolled in a college internship class, they transitioned into helping program or creating artwork for the project. Magnin also asked Professor Christopher Curra, the Program Coordinator, to help find him a few more qualified students.


Since Magnin & Associates has operated remotely, the latest crisis was much less of an issue for them. Students were able to participate in online discussions and group chats with him and each other via Skype. They were able to benefit from screen sharing, to learn from Magnin’s senior programmer Willie Johnson, Jr, and get help with adjusting the settings on their game engine and 3D software. Students have asked to observe programming meetings where bugs are fixed and new versions are made ready for release.


The interns play tested Magnin & Associates Extreme Bowling Challenge which was released on March 24 for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Windows PC, and Xbox. The students are now participating more significantly on the next project, which will remain a secret for now, but should be available before their semester ends.

Edge Flip – A New Fun Slide Puzzle Game

Lume Studio, an app-development firm that specializes in casual games and puzzles, has designed Edge Flip as an addictive multilevel slide puzzle game that combines various adventures and battles with competitive enigmas. It is a highly engaging game that has users tapping for hours, making their way through an addictive maze experience by solving multiple puzzles.



Pablo Santana, creative director at Lume Studio, says, “We’ve focused our attention on creating an exciting user experience with immersive graphics and addictive gameplay. A lot of user feedback has been incorporated in the final design of the game, and we hope that Edge Flip builds the next step in mobile puzzle- a F2P game of the highest artistic quality offering puzzle fans a satisfying and mind-crunching experience from the start to the end.”


Magic, fantasy, impossible geometry, unique landscapes, Edge Flip takes users on a magical exploration with Goddess Morrigan, who must be taken across the game by solving mysterious puzzles, revealing hidden paths, sliding, solving mysteries, and beating all the Celtic gods in the puzzle boss battles. The game includes concepts from Celtic mythology, Rubik’s cube, and immersive motion graphics for a never-seen-before combination of puzzle, art, and magic.


“Edge Flip is a unique puzzle game that is about surprises, challenge, and magical moments. The game introduces new mechanics, allowing players to intuitively discover their abilities and the rules of the fantasy world,” explains Pablo, who stresses on the unique aspect of balancing challenge and delight in Edge Flip, an interesting multi-player game.


Main features:

  • A multilevel slide puzzle game that combines puzzles, adventures, and battles, offering a tough challenge and brainstorming opportunities
  • An ideal way to sharpen your mental reflexes with Physics-based, isometric puzzles
  • Solve unique puzzles and enigmas of increasing complexity to collect precious gems and unlock new levels
  • Discover new slide block game with challenging brain teasers for Rubik’s cube fans and speed-cubers
  • Single and multi-player gameplay available for extra fun


Exercise your grey cells with an extra dose of adventure in this all-new puzzle game that is designed to provide hours of addictive gameplay. Players interact directly through sliding tiles, buttons, and rotating structures to manipulate the world and solve each puzzle and kill hours, albeit productively.


Edge Flip is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Extreme Bowling Challenge for Multiple Platforms

Magnin & Associates introduces Extreme Bowling Challenge 1.0, their new game for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Windows PC, and Xbox. It’s like having your own bowling alley in your pocket.  Have a lane to yourself or bowl against up to 3 AI players.  Gamer can challenge up to 3 friends online.


There are five unique types of gameplay:

  • Normal 10-frame bowling game with automatic scoring
  • Curve ball – pins are positioned on a curve stretching the length of the lane
  • Interception – avoid a sliding triangular block which knocks you off course
  • Ramp – your ball goes airborne off a ramp, landing just before the pins
  • Turbulence – giant blowers from either side push your ball off course


Extreme Bowling Challenge is multiplayer and multi-platform, supporting most popular smartphones, tablets, and computers. User can share player accomplishments with Facebook, Twitter, email, or instant messaging. Universal App – supports iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, including standard, Retina, and iPhone X displays.


The game was produced by Ed Magnin, programmed by Willie Johnson, Jr, playtested by game dev student interns from Richland College – Daniel Batts and Lorenzo Torres, along with Dallas ISD, Conrad H-TECH students – David Hayes, Amber Roberson, and Collin Porter. Matt Campana created the sound effects.


According to Ed Magnin, “It is like having a bowling alley in your pocket, with traditional as well as extreme gameplay modes, both single player or multiplayer with up to 3 online friends.”


Extreme Bowling Challenge 1.0 is $2.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. An Android version is available worldwide from both Google Play and the Amazon AppStore. A Windows 10 PC and Xbox version is available from the Windows Store. For more information, please contact Ed Magnin.

Brush Up Your Soccer Skills With Fans Of Soccer: Disc Football

OM Entertainment’s Fans of Soccer: Disc Football 1.0.11, which bagged the Best Sports Game title in the 4th International Mobile Game Awards for the Middle East and North Africa, has been updated with new features like World Cup and New Events. Now, users can enter thrilling matches against worldwide competitors and also win exciting rewards for every achievement in the game.



Always wished to be a soccer star? With a thrilling soccer-themed disc game – Fans of Soccer – built by OM Entertainment, a games and entertainment company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Powered with eye-catching and extremely immersive graphics, the app has garnered over [number] users within a few months of its launch. Most fans find themselves addicted to the progressive gameplay that includes one-on-one matches, a World Cup, and various team-based and individual tournaments that are also highly rewarding.


“Soccer is a rewarding game that exercises the brain and the body. No wonder, soccer superstars need a lot of physical exercises as well as mental alacrity. That’s also why we created Fans of Soccer, a mini soccer-themed game that provides hours of fun while provoking users to plan and strategize their moves across progressive levels of complexity to establish their prowess as a soccer player,” explains Omar Alsuwailem, Founder of OM Entertainment.


The amazing graphics, engaging gameplay, individual and group tournaments, worldwide leaderboards have made this game extremely popular with users. However, OM Entertainment decided to offer more to its loyal users by improving their gaming through new features that include challenges at every level, new superpowers to boost scores, World Cup and New Events for thrilling matches, and Championship and World Cup Leaderboards that applaud the best players and also serve as motivation for the others.


Fans of Soccer simulates various soccer tournaments and leagues while allowing players to enter multiple tournaments, play one-on-one, and even decide whether they wish to play attack or defense. Instead of the blood and gore or mindless running, it encourages users to put their brains at work and make their dream of becoming a soccer superstar real.


Features of the game:

  • Soccer-themed disc game with progressive levels
  • Play with friends or opponents from across the globe
  • Be a part of multiple matches of different durations
  • Enjoy short mini-games to get your daily dose of soccer excitement
  • Enter tournaments, new events, and the World Cup, and win exciting prizes after every achievement
  • Earn superpowers to boost your score and improve your chances of winning
  • Feature on Championship and World Cup Leaderboards and enjoy the satisfaction of winning from worthy opponents
  • Enjoy multi-level gameplay allows you to play attack or defense – enjoying every aspect of the game on your mobile


Are you ready to be the soccer superstar you always wished to be? Try Fans of Soccer to polish your game or simply enjoy some Soccer fun, as and when you please.


Fans of Soccer: Disc Football 1.0.11 is available for Free with In-App purchases on the App Store in the Games category and also version 1.0.12 available for Free with In-App purchases on Google Play in the Sports category.

Creepy Little Monsters For iOS And Android

Independent developer, James Mole announces the global availability of Creepy Little Monsters, an adventurous arcade game for Android and iOS platforms. It is a fresh take on the challenging gamescape of the 80s and 90s. There are a total of 20 mind-blowing levels that are super fun and thrilling for the everyday gamer. With arcade style graphics, scary enemy monsters and tough levels, Creepy Little Monsters delivers the most captivating gaming experience.



Gamers will enjoy the overall dynamics of Creepy Little Monsters as it is completely Ad-free. Playing the game is tough and will force the user to repeatedly attempt and increase their chances to clear each level making it a very addictive title.


Key Features:

  • Arcade style graphics
  • Fast paced
  • Defeat scary monsters
  • Play 20 exciting levels filled with super tough challenges
  • Score points
  • No Ads
  • No pop-ups
  • Free to play
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Loaded with challenges


Creepy Little Monsters brings inspiration from the massive retro hit of the 80s – Zx spectrum. It is not very complicated as the controls are simple and intuitive, helping the character survive for longer to score more points and clear more levels. A game built with pure joy and bring happiness to the retro game lovers.


Creepy Little Monsters is GBP 0.99 and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store and Google Play Store in the Gaming category.

Fans of Soccer for iOS and Andriod – Anywhere, Anytime

OM Entertainment, a company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has released a high-octane soccer-themed disc game Fans of Soccer 1.0.11 , that will give you the thrill of competing in premier soccer leagues around the world on your smartphone.



“Run, strike, aim, shoot, and goal – being a soccer superstar requires a lot of planning and strategy. That’s why we decided to create this mini soccer-themed disc game that provides users with hours of fun, chasing the ball across progressing levels of complexity and adding to their superpowers with each level they win,” says Omar, Founder of OM Entertainment. “The game not just tests the alacrity of the players but is designed as a strategic game that also puts their minds at task to plan their win against worthy opponents from across the world.”


The app has simulated various soccer tournaments and leagues, making it possible for players to live their dream of being a part of a premier league and score that winning goal against a worthy opponent.


Features of the game:

  • Soccer-themed disc game that can be played with friends or random players from all over the world
  • Get superpowers in every round to increase your chances of winning
  • You can enter multiple tournaments or challenge your friends to play one-on-one
  • A multi-level gameplay allows you to play attack or defense – enjoying every aspect of the game on your mobile
  • Constantly updated leaderboards display the top players – always giving you the motivation to win
  • Now you can compete with your opponent in all-new ways every month
  • Win exciting price after every achievement


Fans of Soccer 1.0.11 is available for Free with In-App purchases on the App Store in the Games category and also for Free with In-App purchases on Google Play in the Sports category.

Shadowgun War Games Available Worldwide On Multi Devices

MADFINGER Games announces that Shadowgun War Games, is now available on iOS and Android devices. Players can get in on the action by downloading the game from the App Store or Google Play Store today.



Shadowgun War Games is a ftactical first-person shooter that brings the responsive gameplay of its predecessors to the multiplayer arena in intense 5v5 team-based battles. Eagerly anticipated by more than 1.5 million pre-registered users, Shadowgun War Games boasts the same high level of visual quality that earned its predecessor, Shadowgun Legends, the “Most Beautiful Mobile Game 2019” award from Google Play.


Users can choose from a gallery of heroes, each with unique personalities and skills to match their play style. With an emphasis on quick pick-up-and-play action, War Games offers console-quality team-based action for everyone with access to a mobile device.


Shadowgun War Games scales its performance to ensure smooth and visually-triumphant gameplay across the widest possible range of mobile handsets, including the ASUS ROG Phone II, the high-performance smartphone designed for mobile gaming.


“Madfinger’s custom support of our 120Hz/1ms AMOLED display and Kunai Gamepad makes the ROG Phone II the best way to experience the exceptional Shadowgun War Games.”, said ChihHao Kung, Global Technical PR Director.


“MADFINGER Games are experts at using Unity to push beautiful visuals that are optimized to scale across a variety of devices, all without sacrificing the performance demanded by competitive shooters. Shadowgun War Games is the team’s most ambitious effort yet – a gorgeous, blazing-fast, online shooter that really shows off what Unity is capable of on mobile devices. Congratulations to the team on another big launch, ” said Brett Bibby, Vice President, Engineering, Unity Technologies.


“2020 marks the ten year anniversary of our studio,” said Marek Rabas, CEO of MADFINGER Games. “We’re starting the celebrations early with the launch of Shadowgun War Games. We’ve poured ten years of passion and experience into this game, and we can’t wait to hear what the community has to say.”


Shadowgun War Games is now available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more, visit the game online.

Book of Demons: Tablet Edition Pops Up On iPad

Thing Trunk announces Book of Demons, papercraft Hack and Slash, is getting a Tablet Edition. Ready your iPads to save the Paperverse by tapping, slashing and wielding magic cards on your way through the Archdemon’s dungeons. Decide the length of quests, discover the treasures and dangers that await under the Old Cathedral with the new iPad release trailer.



The PC and Mac version of Book of Demons had an outstanding launch on Steam in December 2018. It has met with Very Positive reactions from the gamers. As of today, the game is holding a 92% positive rating based on over 7000 reviews. Over the last year, and during the earlier period of Early Access, the game amassed a notable number of industry awards, including CEEGA 2019 Best Design and Casual Connect 2016 Best Game Art.



  • Play as Warrior, Rogue or Mage classes
  • Award-winning unique papercraft art-style
  • With Flexiscope you decide the length of quests
  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons
  • 40 magic cards plus magical and legendary variants per character class
  • Roguelike Mode for fans of an extreme challenge
  • 70 different types of monsters, with different traits and custom mechanics
  • 3 underground realms and epic Quest Boss battles


Book of Demons is the first installment of Return 2 Games – a series of original mid-core titles, inspired by the early golden days of PC gaming. Two new games in production – Book of Aliens and Book of Demons: HELLCARD – have already been announced and can now be wishlisted on Steam.


Book of Demons: Tablet Edition is available now on the Apple App Store with the special launch discount for $4.99 (USD). The game works on all iPads that run iPadOS 13.