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Harry and Larry Challenges Gamers As It Leaves Them Laughing

Independent development team, Rasterzone Entertainment is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Harry and Larry 1.05, their new cartoon action game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Players will guide twin brothers Harry and Larry through an animated story line and 24 obstacle-filled aisles, dodging obstacles along the way while collecting tasty treats.



Players will guide the game’s characters through each level, dodging obstacles such as fish crates, snowballs, tires, and many other hazards along the way. Each of the game’s 24 challenging levels features a different kind of tasty treat to collect. Treats include pineapples, strawberries, candy canes, cupcakes, and so much more.


“Harry and Larry is the type of game that you can play no matter where you’re at! You can play a level or two while you’re in line at the bank, riding the subway, or anywhere else you want to avoid boredom,” shares Rasterzone Entertainment founder Alan Scarantino. “No matter where you’re at, you can play the game. No internet connection is needed, as all levels are stored on your device!”


Harry and Larry automatically move forward through the store aisles while the player controls their shopping cart with a simple up or down swipe of their finger. Left-handed and right-handed players will both find it equally easy to control the action.


Features Include:
* Fast cartoon-based action
* Animated storyline entertains players between levels
* Guide brothers Harry and Larry through an obstacle-filled grocery store
* One-finger control method is easy for left-handed or right-handed players
* Dodge obstacles strewn through the aisles
* Score points by collecting delicious treats
* Get a perfect record by collecting all the treats on each level
* Gain temporary abilities that help clear each level
* Epic melodies play during each level
* Grab all the treats to unlock Retro Mode
* No ads
* No in-app purchases


Each of the game’s 24 entertaining levels are set in one of four sections of the grocery store: boxed goods, the dairy section, the home and garden department, and even the seldom seen “Employees Only” back area of the store. Grab all of the treats in all 24 levels and unlock the special retro mode, featuring entertaining retro music and graphics.


Although the challenge increases with the completion of every level, players will find helpful objects along the way that unlock special abilities that will help them complete each level. Abilities include a one-use shield to protect against hazards, temporary invincibility, bounce bumpers that help grab extra treats, and speed-up and slow-down chambers that change the pace of the action.


“We had almost as much fun creating this game as players will have playing it,” exclaims Alan. “Plus, players won’t be subjected to any ads or in-app purchases required to play the game. Everything they require comes as part of the initial purchase and download in the App Store!”


Players are encouraged to take a cart for a spin, and Harry and Larry will come along for the ride. Grab some tasty treats for the trip but look out for those crates.


Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* Universal Application
* 249.2 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Harry and Larry 1.05 is only $3.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.


Rasterzone Entertainment
Harry and Larry 1.05
Purchase and Download

Furious Heroes: Saddle Up and Show the Boars Who is the Boss

Independent development team, Big Root Games is today proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Furious Heroes 1.3.5 an important update to their popular arcade game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Heavily armed boars are ready for battle, but nothing can stop a brave Viking named TurboAxe, who is primed for victory. It’s time to saddle-up a dragon and ride into battle.


In Furious Heroes, heavily-armed malicious boars have kidnapped our Viking hero’s girlfriend, and he’s not going to stand for that. He hops on to the back of his trusty dragon and takes to the skies, ready for battle. Each dragon has a unique skill and can be unlocked by completing levels of the game. Players can also power up their Viking’s skills, so they’re ready to show the boar’s who’s in charge.


The game uses a simple one-finger control system. Players simply tap and hold their finger on their device’s screen to make TurboAxe go up, lift their finger from the screen to allow the hero to go down. No need to worry about shooting, TurboAxe takes care of that.


“We love playing both playing and creating games, it’s our passion,” says Big Root Games Art Director and Executive Producer Sergey Ishmaev. “Furious Heroes is our first release, and we had so much fun creating it. We know gamers are going to have fun fighting their way through the challenges we’ve created for them!”


* An exciting arcade challenge with a humorous twist
* Dazzling graphics
* A variety of heroes and helpers
* A variety of bosses and aces provide a growing challenge
* Regular updates and new levels are on their way
* Dragons with unique skills
* Power up the Hero’s skills
* TurboAxe takes on new guises to battle the enemy
* Battle on land, in the sky, underwater, and underground


While each level of the game will present a new challenge to the player, they’ll also have the opportunity to unlock new skills for their Viking hero, plus they can unlock new dragons, each of which have their own unique skills, which will help players defeat the enemy. Collecting bonuses on each level helps players to easily pass difficult levels.



The game’s hero will face all sorts of challenges as he travels through the various lands in search of his kidnapped sweetheart. The battle will be waged in the sky, under the sea, on land, and even underground.


“The sneaky pigs are armed to the teeth and will employ all sorts of sophisticated killing machines to stop the mighty Viking TurboAxe, However, our hero will take on multiple guises to aid him in his fight with the boar tribe,” continues Sergey. “He becomes a wizard, a knight in shining armor, a Rambo-like warrior, and many more guises as he wages battle. (He even takes on the identity of a U.S. President. I won’t tell you which one it is, but he’s “Huge!”)”


Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Universal Application
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* 443 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Furious Heroes 1.3.5 is free and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. Convenient in-app purchases are available to remove ads and purchase additional game coins. An Android version of the game is available through Google Play.

Big Root Games
Furious Heroes 1.3.5
Download from App Store
Download from Google Play

Dragon Dreams for iOS Combines Elements of RPG, Quest, and Arcade Games

Independent development team, Eurostar today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Dragon Dreams 1.33, the important update to their entertaining and free-to-play game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Dragon Dreams combines the best elements of quest, role-playing, and arcade games into one easy-to-learn yet challenging game.


Dragon Dreams for iOS Combines Elements of RPG, Quest, and Arcade Games


Dragon Dreams allows players to guide their dragon through multiple levels of entertaining quest-based action. Players can fly their dragon using one of three easy-to-master control methods, guiding them to find hidden treasures while unlocking and upgrading their abilities, as they progress through each distinctive level of play.


“Dragon Dreams is the culmination of our efforts to create a game that’s easy enough for youngsters to play and enjoy, yet challenging enough that older children, and even adults can enjoy it,” says a Eurostar representative.


Players are introduced to their dragon when the game first starts, in a short tutorial that guides them through the controls and methods of playing the game. Here, players can learn how to guide their dragon through the game, preparing for the challenges they’ll face together.


The cave is an area where players can play with their dragon, interact and upgrade their abilities. Here, is where a secret quest awaits them. To decorate the cave players will need to possess crystals of different colors which could be found in magic dreams.



* Exclusive gameplay
* Combines Arcade, Quest and RPG elements
* Gyroscope, Joystick, or Swipe control
* 3 Dragon types offer unique skills
* 6 highly-detailed worlds
* Stunning atmosphere and level design
* High-Quality 3D Models
* Hand-Painted Textures
* Dragon’s cave with numerous interactive sights and secrets
* Entertaining music and sounds
* Free to play


As players progress through the game, they’ll discover three distinct types of dragons, explore 6 detailed worlds made up of high-quality 3D models and much more. Using one of three different control types: joystick, swipe, or gyroscope control, players advance through the game. Opportunities to upgrade, play, and interact with the dragons will present themselves.


Players will learn that they need complete each level quickly, as the faster each level is finished, the higher the reward they’ll receive. Players will develop their own style of play as they level up their dragon, upgrade their skills, and progress through the distinctive levels. Each level provides its own unique challenge to the player and their dragon. Along the way, the player’s journey is accompanied by entertaining music and sounds.


Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* Universal Application
* 596.9 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Dragon Dreams 1.33 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Convenient in-app purchases are available to disable in-game ads and to purchase coins to be used in the game. An Android version is available through Google Play.

Dragon Dreams 1.33

Blox Shock for iOS is a Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game

Notus Games Ltd is proud to announce the release of Blox Shock 1.0.6, an important update to their fun-to-play block elimination game developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Blox Shock is a simple and addicting puzzle game for everyone. It is easy and relaxing to play, but try to use the full power of your strategic thinking and logic to get the best results.


Blox Shock for iOS is a Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game


Players drag colorful blocks of different shapes to create lines. Completed lines are immediately blasted away to free space for more blocks. Shapes become trickier as the game progresses, but the more lines cleared the more points they gain. Removing several lines with one move gives extra points. The round ends when there is no more place for blocks.


Players can compare their results with other players worldwide. There are no time limits or other restrictions. It’s a fun and effective way to train your brain!


* Colorful and simple puzzle game
* Worldwide leaderboard
* Neat design
* Upbeat music track
* Free game with no limits
* Global leaderboard
* You can play anytime and anywhere


Device Requirements:
* Optimized both for iPads and for iPhones (Supports iPhone X)
* iPhone 5s or later and iPod touch
* iPad 5th Generation or later
* High definition Retina graphics
* Requires iOS 11.0 or later
* 17.9 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Blox Shock 1.0.6 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Match 3 Game About a Strange Bloom Who Eats Berries and Sometimes Farts

Skyway Lab is proud to announce the release of Bloomberry 0.30.113, an important feature update to their popular match 3 game for iOS and Android devices. In the best traditions of Candy Crush and Fishdom, Bloomberry is a fun-to-play simulator with a cumulative effect. In this mercenary-humanistic quest, players decorate a glade and house, grow plants, solve puzzles, make friends with funny characters and unlock new clearings. Create coziness in Bloom’s houses and he’ll give you his warmth!


* Unique gameplay: make match-3 combinations with berries, decorate houses and clearings and enjoy a fun story
* Hundreds of original match-3 levels and puzzles
* Complete mini-quests and other challenges that the Fairy has for you
* Take care of your pet, feed it lollipops, fruit, pastries, candies and other tasty dishes, and sometimes tuck it in to sleep
* Decorate the garden with flowers and beautiful butterflies will come to see you
* Assemble collections of gnomes and kittens
* Cute characters that can become your friends ” meet them all
* Connect to Facebook: visit your friends’ houses and give them gifts
* Clearings in different styles: Herbalist, Fisherman, Buddhist and many more
* Lots of beautiful decorations: an aquarium of fish, statues and more
* Your charming friend Bloom who is always glad to see you


Supported Languages:
* English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish


Requirements for Blumberry are minimal, and will install on any smartphone and tablet; Internet for the game is not needed. Players who love everything and more will be able to buy game content. Such games are always in the tops of Google Play and the App Store. People love them, but we love people.


Pricing and Availability:
Bloomberry 0.30.113 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Pro Golf Challenge Available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10

Magnin & Associates today introduces Pro Golf Challenge 1.0, their new game for iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Pro Golf Challenge simulates 9 or 18 holes of golf, selecting club from golf bag, challenging holes with trees, sand traps, and water obstacles. The game offers multiple game play modes, including local single player, or multiplayer multi-platform online play. Players can optionally share accomplishments via email, instant messaging, or social media.



Enjoy the convenience of being able to play a round of golf, any time you want, right on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows 10 PC or Surface.


Touch the club head to select and drag it up out of your golf bag. Pivot left or right to adjust your stance and aim. Use your finger as the golf club, touching the club head and dragging it to the right to wind up, and back to the left to hit the ball. You control the distance by adjusting how far and strongly you swing.


The View Button zooms out to let you see a bird’s eye view of the current hole. The Path Button lets you see the predicted path of the ball using the selected club. Your bag includes 3 woods, 7 irons, a wedge, and a putter. Automatically keeps score. Optionally shares your accomplishments via email, instant messaging, or social media.


Multiple gameplay modes:
* 1 Player, Front 9 (holes 1-9)
* 1 Player, Back 9 (holes 10-18)
* 1 Player, Full Course (holes 1-18)
* Free Play, practice whatever hole you wish
* 2 – 4 Players online


Challenging for all ages. Enjoy by yourself or go head-to-head online against invited opponent(s). Pro Golf Challenge is multiplayer and multi-platform, supporting most popular smartphones, tablets, and computers.


The game was produced by Ed Magnin, programmed and technical art by Willie Johnson, Jr, and level design by Austin Farrar. Matt Campana created the music and realistic audio effects. According to Ed Magnin, “We wanted to create a game where you could play a round golf anytime anywhere using your finger as your club.”


Pricing and Availability:
Pro Golf Challenge 1.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. An Android version is available worldwide from both Google Play and Amazon AppStore. A Windows 10 version is available from the Windows Store.

Gemtactix 2.0 is a Free Multiplayer Tactical Board Game For iOS and Android

Time Tracer Limited is proud to announce the release of Gemtactix 2.0, an important feature update to their free tactical strategy board game – made with the Unity(R) game engine software and released for iOS and Android devices.


Gemtactix 2.0 is a Free Multiplayer Tactical Board Game For iOS and Android


Gemtactix is an electronic version of a popular social mancala board game that has been played around the world. Gemtactix is a fun, social and tactical board game. The player’s objective is to win the game by moving their craft around the board to capture enough of the opponents golden gems to stop the opponent capturing their gems. The game ends when a player cannot capture anymore gems: The winner is the one with the most gems and gets to unlock gemstone treasures. There are 24 gemstone treasures to unlock plus one infinity move gem treasure that only a few will unlock.


Now with realtime multiplayer, players can challenge their friends or the world to a game match. In-game text chat is available during game play. The Gemtactix game is easy to learn as shown in the quick minute and twenty second YouTube demo video.


Player Game Levels:
Play against Galactic Control in three game levels or Play versus others around the world or your Facebook Friends:

L1 – Trainee Level: Player Versus Galactic Control Trainer.

L2 – Expert Level: Player Versus Galactic Control Expert.

L3 – Master Level: Player Versus Galactic Control Master.

Multiplayer – Player Versus World or Facebook Friends – internet connection required (WiFi or 3g+).

Multiplayer – Player Versus Mates in the pub, bar, cafe, restaurant, plane, beach … use the phone or tablet device just like the traditional board game (no internet connection needed).

Scores are based on the golden gems captured, the time taken and the difficulty level.


Game Graphics, Game Music and Special Effects:
Time Tracer Limited applies special effects, music and graphics to the board game to further enliven it. The theme of the game is space. For example in the Professional Level, background snow falling in space has a surreal effect when playing the game this together with the game play music is of a calming nature helping one to relax and think their way through the game. The game has victory music to accompany the thrill of winning and complementary solace music when a player loses a game. The music, sound effects and special effects can be turned off if desired.


Origins Of The Game:
The Gemtactix game is derived from mancala games originally played across Africa and the Middle East, in particular the variant mancala games played in Eastern and Central Africa. The origin of the games are a mystery: however what is known is that they have been played for many centuries as a social pastime for communities on Earth.


Pricing and Availability:
Gemtactix 2.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store.

Black Holes 2.0 for iOS and Android Now Available

8Ball Games today is proud to announce the release of Black Holes 2.0, an important feature update to their popular game title for iOS and Android devices. Black Holes is an awesome game in which you will have to avoid dropping your ball into the holes that are moving all over the field.




Players can compete with the whole world thanks to the integration with the 8Ball Games community. The community is a platform where gamers can see world ranking of the games produced by 8Ball Games. But not only this, awesome news are coming soon! Version 2.0 includes many game improvements and also introduces compatibility with iPad and Android devices.


In this new version there are many new features like:

* New 3D graphics
* New game dynamics
* New Power Up
* New world ranking
* New fun


Pricing and Availability:

Black Holes 2.0 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play. In order to play, registration to the 8Ball Games Community platform is required (it will only take a few moments). Players can buy items with real money. This feature can be disabled the in-app purchase in the settings. [GET IT HERE]