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Rogue Hacker for iOS – Decide the Fate of an Underground Network of Hackers and Spies

Independent game developer, Jeffrey Yim today released Rogue Hacker 1.0, his new game title developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Your choices will decide the fate of an underground network of hackers and spies. Manipulate the dominant factions of the network in a dynamic interconnected story that changes depending on your choices. Beware, your choices may have unforeseen consequences. Maintain the balance of power between the factions and engage in thrilling hacking missions where your reflexes will be tested.

You’ve gone Rogue and the world is overrun by four hacker factions. Your decisions and hacking skills will keep the balance of power between them all. Every decision matters, your choices control which factions remain in power, who will go to war, create alliances, or remain at peace. You may have gone Rogue, but all the factions rely on you to get things done.


Choose your own path as your decisions affect how the dynamic story unfolds. The branching stories constantly change depending on your decisions and who remains in power. But beware; every decision might have implications in the future that may dangerously shift the balance of power. It’s game over if a faction gains absolute control or loses all their power.


* Branching story depending on your decisions
* Intense Fast-Action Hacking
* One tap controls
* Upgradeable hacking powers


Hack into rival factions’ computer systems with your ever expanding loadout of hacking powers. Hack into the deepest systems with simple one tap controls, while unleashing devastating powers with the push of a button. Race against time as each system will be locked down if you take too long to hack it. Security nodes will put up a fight with multiple levels of firewalls. Avoid firewalls at all cost, one touch and you’re toast.


You’re not the only one fighting to be the ultimate hacker. Compete online with global leaderboards to see who has hacked into the deepest system. How many systems can you hack? How far does the system go?

Pricing and Availability:
Rogue Hacker 1.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Promo codes are available to members of the press. For more information, please contact Jeffrey Yim.

Bumble Bom Bee is the Future of Match Gaming on iOS

Conchware today has announced the release of Bumble Bom Bee 0.0.515, a maintenance update to their popular game title for iOS and Android devices.

Bumble Bom Bee, the world’s first physics-based tile matching game is one of the most challenging and intuitively fascinating puzzle games to be introduced in recent times.


By taking the basic gaming principle of swipe-to-match we have moved into a new realm of possibility in which mechanics that consistently generate results in the inherently unpredictable world of physics and mathematics are now a reality.


Through extensive study of geometry and bees we have discovered a way to spontaneously generate order out of the inherently random movements of multiple objects, allowing for gameplay experiences which have never been possible or seen before now. The dynamics and flexibility of such a system allows for a player to do anything they please and although you might not know where the tiles are going, when they stop you are always presented with a perfect honeycomb.


In addition to everything mentioned so far Bumble Bom Bee also makes extensive use of multiple game modes, obstacles and objective that combine into many different combinations of levels and of a specially designed A.I. created to help the player throughout their game play experience. This A.I. does everything from show the player how different obstacles work in the tutorials, teaching beginner players how to play the game without the limitations of language barriers, to offering valuable hints and suggestions when the player cannot find a move and automatically shuffling the board if no moves are possible. As a result Bumble Bom Bee is a game that, while instantly familiar to millions, is unlike any other game on earth.


Bumble Bom Bee 0.0.515 is currently available for Free at iTunes App Store in the Games category. Bumble Bom Bee is also available in Android for Free at Google Play Store in the Casual category.

Review: Spectra – Camera Painting for iOS: Complete Paintings Using the World Around You

If you’re like me, you enjoy casual puzzlers. However, they all seem to run together after a while. Wouldn’t it be great to be faced with a new challenge? Enter Spectra – Camera Painting for iOS. This puzzler challenges users to complete on-screen paintings by using their iOS device’s camera to capture colors from the world around them.


Spectra offers an unusual twist on puzzle/color matching games. Users are presented with an unfinished work of art, and are challenged to help complete the image by pointing their device’s camera at various real-life objects to complete a selected color. Beginner images begin with matching four colors, while later images require quite a few more colors to be found and matched.

Review: Spectra – Camera Painting for iOS: Complete Paintings Using the World Around You

The game sounds simple, but players will quickly find the game to be an interesting challenge, especially in later rounds. I quickly discovered that matching colors isn’t an exact science, and I found my self finding objects that I thought were an exact match, but required a bit different lighting to match the required color.


I got some funny looks from friends and family members while playing the game, but when I explained it, they asked for me to send them a link so they could try the game! Then we were all pointing our iPhones at various objects in the room, (sometimes even each other), trying to complete the coloring in our images.


Early levels make it pretty easy to match the colors, but once you’re on the expert level, you’ll find it a devilish challenge to make just the right match. The three levels of challenge are Novice, Expert, and Master. (I never did quite reach the Master level. But, I’m still trying!)


The game also makes use of the iPhone’s built-in flashlight to allow capturing colors in dark environments, like dark corners, or even behind furniture. (The brighter light offered by the flashlight can also help you create various shades of colors to match just the right hue in later levels. Make use of the “pinch-to-zoom” feature too, which helps you find just the right color hidden in other objects.)


The app is free, and offers 8 paintings to get you started. That, may not sound like a lot, but the three skill levels for each painting will definitely keep you challenged for a while. And when you do run out, you’ll find a large number of additional painting packs, all available via coins, which purchased in-app for $0.99 to $3.99. (You also earn coins by completing each painting.)


Additional Painting Packs include:

* Abstract
* Art Nouveau
* Cakes
* Cartoons
* Cubist
* Folk Art
* Futurism
* Graffiti
* Impressionist
* Natural World
* People
* Pets
* Pointillist
* Pop Art
* Sport
* Surrealist
* Transport
* Travel Art
* Wildlife



Honestly, I have been playing this game for quite awhile before I was ever asked to do this review. I have to say it’s the type of game I wasn’t sure I would like, but has proved to be a winner. I won’t say I play it every day, but it is certainly a great game to play while you’re in the waiting room at the doctors office, or while waiting for an oil change to be completed. (Just be prepared for a few odd looks!)


I highly recommend Spectra – Camera Painting to anyone who is looking for an offbeat puzzle challenge that really is unlike anything they may have played before. And, for the rock-bottom cost of “free,” it doesn’t cost a dime to try it out.


Rating: 4.0/5.0


Spectra – Camera Painting is free, and it’s available in the iOS App Store. [GET IT NOW]


Note: The above review was commissioned by the developer, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Launches on iOS

Application Systems today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Nelly Cootalot 1.1, the company’s new adventure game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The game was selected by Apple as Best of Mac App Store 2016 and is now coming to iOS! Nelly Cootalot was created by award-winning British comedian and filmmaker Alasdair Beckett-King and boasts a fantastic voice cast including Tom Baker (Doctor Who). In this hilarious classical style point & click adventure game pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot sets sail to rescue birds hypnotized by the villainous Baron Widebeard.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Launches on iOS

Nelly’s journey will take her from Port Rubicund in the South Seas to the lonely isle of Gloomholm in the icy north. Explore a charming hand-drawn world, meet outlandish characters and face perplexing challenges in search of the Treasure of the Seventh Sea. The game offers full voice acting in both English and German, with an incredible cast including the legendary Tom Baker (Doctor Who, Little Britain) and Thomas Reiner (Raumpatrouille Orion, Futurama). It also offers text localisation in French, Spanish and Italian.


* Full Voice-Acting in English & German
* Art & Animation in glorious High Definition
* German, Spanish, Italian & French Localisations
* Over 45 Unique Characters & 35 Locations



Nelly Cootalot first appeared in the 2007 freeware game Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Alasdair created this short game as a birthday present for his girlfriend, and it became a favourite on the indie adventure scene. In 2013 Alasdair ran a successful Kickstarter to fund a new stand-alone Nelly game. With the support of over 1000 backers, Alasdair teamed up with Application Systems Heidelberg in 2014. With ASH on board, the project rapidly grew in scale, adding cross-platform support, text localisation, German voice acting and tons more animation in glorious High Definition. The budget grew from the modest Kickstarter haul to a six figure sum, with a team of 45+ people across 4 countries. Blimey, we’ve been busy!


With a “pay once – play forever” model, Nelly Cootalot 1.1 is $2.99 and available through the App Store in the Games category. As a bonus the iOS version features a set of pirate themed iMessage stickers.

Haul Cargo Across America In 18-Wheelers with Truck Simulator USA

Ovilex Soft’s massive nation state of more than 600,000 Facebook fans – along with over 100 million users around the world who have downloaded the company’s roster of stunningly realistic 3D driving simulator apps – can clear their calendar for hundreds of hours of fun, now that that the much-anticipated Truck Simulator USA has arrived.


Available at no cost for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play), Truck Simulator USA is a certainly a worthy addition to the Ovilex Soft family. As usual, the aspect that leaps out from the moment the app launches are the spectacular graphics. Whether they’re taking a sidelong view of a mammoth 18-wheeler or peering out from behind the windshield at the road ahead, users will be in awe at the level of detail. From the subtle halo around the illuminated headlights, to the greenish hue of a roadside cactus on a desert highway, to photographic-realism of the pavement and asphalt markings – and the list goes on Truck Simulator USA is a master class in design. And still, that’s just the start.


The glory of all Ovilex Soft’s apps is always the gameplay and UX, and Truck Simulator USA exceeds expectations on both fronts. Users get to select and customize a wide range of trucks, and then hit the open road and haul their cargo such as cars, gravel, food, fuel, and more – throughout USA, Canada or Mexico. There is night and day driving, various climate conditions and environments (such as sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, mountain, desert, and so on).


There are also multiple driving controls, including tilt steering, gears, handles, buttons, levers, headlights, and a virtual steering wheel that uses AI and physics to create an ultra-realistic driving experience. There’s also a manual transmission with H-shifter and clutch, lifelike engine sounds that roar and hum accordingly, and the possibility of incurring visual and mechanical damage just like a real professional American trucker.


Users can head out on a journey across the country or continent, join a convoy in the multiplayer mode, or see if they have the business acumen and driving skill to succeed in career mode. Users can also request new trucks via Ovilex Soft’s social pages.


Truck Simulator USA 1.2.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Play at the Mahjong Resort Paradise

Element Cell Game Limited today is proud to announce the release of Mahjong Resort Paradise 1.0, the company’s new game title developed for iOS and Android devices. Mahjong comes from China, yet belongs to the whole world. Owing to its comprehensive cultural content as well as its merits of being interesting, competitive, and helpful to wisdom and friendship, it has been an enjoyable pastime for people all over the world for nearly a century. Mahjong Resort Paradise was inspired as a way to expand the Olympic spirit, advocate a healthy, scientific and friendly Mahjong culture as well as to improve the communication and development of the competitive Mahjong game.


* No Registration Required – You just check-in into Mahjong Resort Paradise automagically
* Make Guild and Play with Guildmates – You can invite friends to join the game, or make new friends through Guild
* Be the Top Mahjong Master – Check the leaderboard out to see who’s the best Mahjong player
* Every week, special rewards will be given to the top players
* Special Mode – Other than Standard Taiwanese Mahjong rules, you can also try our SP modes in multiplayer


Mahjong Resort Paradise 1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Geeks vs Gangsters – An Addictive Idle Experience

After a lot of polishing, Idle Game Studio today is very pleased to announce the release of Geeks vs Gangsters 1.0.1, the company’s new mobile idle game for iOS and Android devices. Gigantic amounts of money, thousands of upgrades and near limitless possibilities through an extensive talent system are waiting to be discovered in Geeks vs Gangsters. In a struggle for wealth and power, the two iconic factions, Geeks and Gangsters, are battling each other in the form of monthly competitions to finally settle which path leads to true prosperity. It’s up to you who is going to take the lead, are you a Geek or are you a Gangster?

Geeks vs Gangsters - An Addictive Idle Experience

“I love idle games. I’ve played a lot of idle games since the genre emerged, but I felt like every title missed that little something special. It all began when I thought it would be awesome to have an idle game with this and that feature, why didn’t anyone code that yet?” explained Lars Krakhecke, owner and founder of Idle Game Studio. “I took a dive into the world of Unity3D game development. Everything was going great and after testing an early build, my friend asked me to publish this game, and so Idle Game Studio was born. It seemed to be a daunting task, creating that first game all by myself. There was a whole lot of work to do, starting from creating assets and ending with a solid marketing plan, but step by step it beautifully transformed into my passion project. The only thing I could do was to make it my passion project to create that one idle game of my dreams and I can’t believe I really did it! Now that Geeks vs Gangsters is out, I’m already planning on creating more exciting new games, Idle Game Studio certainly won’t stay idle for long!”


Tap your way to incredible richness, team up with your friends and lead your team to victory in the competitions. Buy all those tasty upgrades and unlock every feature hidden in Geeks vs Gangsters. Are you up for the ultimate idle challenge?


Geeks vs Gangsters 1.0.1 is Free and available through the App Store. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Blins is a New Physics Puzzle Game for iOS

Independent developer, Vladimir Vlasov is pleased to announce the release of Blins 1.2, an update to his unique physics-based puzzle game developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Blins is an exclusive iOS game based on the physics simulations. The goal of the game is to navigate balls through physics fields and labyrinths. A player has to draw objects which serve as obstacles on the way of the balls.


One of the key features of the game is that any object drawn by a player becomes a physics body that fully obeys the laws of physics inside the game. The fact that a player can draw any kind of 2D shape provides limitless number of solutions for each level which are, starting from level 26, algorithmically generated. These two factors make Blins exceptionally diverse for a puzzle game. The minimalistic design utilises colour coding that determines physical properties of objects. Such approach to graphics creates apparent connection between appearance of an object and its physical role in the gameplay making it easily understandable for a player.


The game suits very well for people who like to solve puzzles without predesigned solutions in their own way. Each level in Blins supports limitless solutions depending on a player’s skills. Interesting feature is that a player with the progress in the game learns not to memorise particular solutions but learns to understand why this solution was in fact successful. This obtained knowledge helps to solve more complicated levels with ease.


Extensive use of the laws of physics in the game can be particularly educative for children, who can become familiar with the basis of physics such as attracting and repelling forces and collisions of solid bodies.


Blins 1.2 can be downloaded for Free worldwide from the App Store in the Games category. In the Free version, the first 18 levels are available. The full game can be unlocked via in-app purchase for $0.99.