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Mevo App Design Delivers with a Holistic Approach to Wellness Lifestyles

The new Mevo – Weight Loss and Fitness app allows you boost your health and fitness all in one place while rewarding you as you progress, and aspires you to do more. Mevo offers a comprehensive approach to fitness that helps users achieve their nutrition, exercise and health goals with a holistic unity that other medtech products simply aren’t designed to do.



No one can do the heavy lifting for you. But with the easy-to-install and even easier to use Mevo, the “absolute fitness” app, there’s an entire community to support you as you embark on your journey to better health. It’s not just about tracking your fitness goals or getting that all-important workout reminder to keep you on target. It’s not the diet information – the calorie counter, the recipes, the meal plans and more – to help you shed those pounds or maintain the healthy weight you have. It’s not even the pedometer for your walking or your runs, or the live yoga sessions via your mobile, although Mevo offers all of the features and more.

* Unified dashboard with food, water and exercise tracker
* More than 500 exercise plans, 100  workouts and video tutorials
* Earn credits toward celebrity workouts with Lauren Gottlieb
* Social is made easy, with a connected wellness community at your fingertips


Mevo 1.1 is Free (with in-app purchases), and is available through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

X Factor for iOS Helps Dieters Take Control of Their Weight

PeqApps has announced the release X Factor 3.9 for iOS devices. X Factor is designed to quickly and easily track your daily calorie balance. The allows users to quickly record weight, calories eaten, and activity calories. And with an Apple Watch and Health Integration enabled, activity calories are updated automatically.


X Factor for iOS Helps Dieters Take Control of Their Weight

X Factor’s powerful Target Weight feature helps you find the calorie balance that leads to your desired weight. Simply enter your target weight, and daily nutrition and activity calories. X Factor calculates your daily calorie deficit or surplus, projects changes to your weight, and how long it will take to reach your goal. X Factor takes into account that as your weight changes, so to does the BMR portion of your calorie balance, significantly improving this feature’s projections.

“I struggled to maintain a healthy weight for decades, but after creating X Factor 8 years ago, I was able to achieve a healthy weight, and maintain it for 5 years,” said Dan Hansen, founder of PeqApps. “It was only after I gave my phone to my daughter and stopped using X Factor that I started to gain weight again. So after a period of neglect, X Factor is back, with an improved design, and powerful new features. And I’m back to a healthy weight, with a confirmed belief: If you want to improve, measure.”


X Factor 3.9 is free, and is available through the App Store.

Heart Graph Version 4.0 offers native Apple Watch App

Smoky Cat Software Ltd. has released Heart Graph version 4.0 with a native Apple Watch app.  Heart Graph offers high resolution graphs of a user’s heart rate, while also offering a comparison of those graphs and other workout statistics between sessions. The new app allows Apple Watch users to view the time spent in different heart rate zones while exercising, including a graph of up to 12 hours of their recent heart rate data.


Features of Heart Graph include:
* Display a graph of heart rate against time during workouts or for other periods of activity
* See a graph of heart rate on your Apple Watch while exercising
* Review up to 12 hours of recent heart rate data acquired by the Apple Watch
* Import heart rate data for Workouts in Health (e.g., from Apple Watch or other device)
* Review all workouts offline (e.g., to spot trends in training)
* Add textual notes to each workout (e.g., to record details of a particular session, sets, reps, general health etc.) and search for workouts based on the notes entered
* Share workout data with friends via email or Facebook
* Device rotation to landscape for iPhone and iPod touch maximizes screen area for graphs


Heart Graph 4.0 is free to download from the App Store in the Health and Fitness category. A single $2.99 In-App Purchase enables the Premium Features of the app, offering:


* Enable heart rate zone display for summarizing workout intensity into five configurable zones
* Record resting heart rate
* Compare workout statistics (such as resting, max and mean heart rate) over time to look for trends in training
* Analysis of heart rate zone totals across sessions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
* Compare heart rate graphs directly from one session to another
* Import heart rate data from the Health app for a custom time period of up to 24 hours
* Calculate calories burned during each workout
* Import and export workout data from other apps or your computer using Garmin TCX format files
* Export data to CSV file for further analysis in software such as Excel
* Save workouts to Dropbox as TCX or CSV files
* Attach an image of the heart rate graph and heart rate zone summary to emails or Facebook posts for sharing with others

FlexBright Offers Blue Light Filter to the iPhone

Intelligent Apps, LLC has released FlexBright 2.0, an update to their productivity app for iOS devices. The app continuously monitors exposure to blue light from your device, and prompts you to change the brightness if it detects high eyestrain. The new version adds a blue light filter, allowing users to adjust the blur light level of their device.

Blue light that emanates from mobile devices has been linked to eye fatigue, and also can prevent a good night’s sleep. FlexBright works in the background, monitoring your exposure to blue light, offering an automatic adjustment for the screen’s brightness and blue light level at certain times of day, including sunrise and sundown. The app also offers charts displaying all of the adjustments the app has made over the past twenty-four hours. Read more