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Minim 3.0 for macOS 10.15 Released

SweetP Productions announce Minim 3.0, an update to their advanced Safari content blocker Extension. With Minim, it’s easy to block any or all page resources from the domain you are visiting and also from any third party sites. iCloud support is included for convenient sync between your various Macs.



A content blocker stops url resources from downloading. For example, a lot of websites load images from other websites. With a traditional blocker, these images would be hidden, but still actually download to your computer. With a content blocker, the images are not downloaded at all.


Why use Minim? It’s integrated right into Safari as an extension. Minim is built using the latest macOS technologies to be fast, and does not degrade your browsing experience. It enhances your internet, as everything you decide to block is not just hidden (like javascript based blockers) – but is actually blocked from downloading at all. This has the effect of speeding up your browsing by avoiding download of junk data.



  • Configure global block rules for all domains
  • Setup Exception domain overrides with fully customizable block options
  • Optionally configure to only block exception domains
  • iCloud support for preferences and Exception domains
  • Export/Importing of exceptions for archiving
  • Notifications
  • Handy Safari contextual menu options


Built with the latest technologies, and integrated right in to Safari as an Extension, Minim can help declutter the internet and/or provide a basic level of privacy.


Minim 3.0 is $19.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

DEVONthink Keeps All Your Data Private


Reuters released a report of intentional flaws in the security of iCloud backups. DEVONtechnologies always had a focus on privacy and has published a short guide on how to keep data on iOS devices and Macs secure and private.


According to Reuters, the backups iOS devices upload to iCloud are encrypted but not end-to-end. Sources say Apple has a secondary key that allows them top retrieve the backups even without the data owner’s keys. Depending on the laws of the country of question, agencies could ask Apple to hand over the data without the device owner’s knowledge.


For DEVONtechnologies, a customer’s data belongs to the customer alone. Their products, DEVONthink, DEVONagent, and DEVONsphere, even their freeware, don’t collect any data that they don’t need. They also never share customer data with anyone unless the customer explicitly tells them to. DEVONtechnologies uses a private installation of Matomo for analyzing anonymized website traffic, advocates using Ghostery or Pi-Hole for blocking trackers, and has closed their Facebook page.


To help its customers DEVONtechnologies has published a short guide on their company blog that explains how to opt out of iCloud backups, encrypt data locally, and sync it securely between devices. Some of the tips specifically target DEVONtechnologies’ document and information management applications, others deal with privacy in general and include using FileVault, saving sensitive files to secure disk images, and encrypting backups.


“You don’t need to be in a shady business to have data on your devices that you would like to keep to yourself. We have always believed that your data is yours and when you share it with the world you do so intentionally. Our products and services are designed around this principle.” – Eric Boehnisch-Volkmann, President of DEVONtechnologies


DEVONtechnologies’ Privacy Policy defines in easy to understand language what data the company or its application collect and for what purpose.

Together 3.6 introduces iCloud for all with macOS Sierra

Swansea, United Kingdom – Reinvented Software today is proud to announce the release of Together 3.6 for Mac, bringing iCloud to the directly sold version for the very first time.


Together is for collecting, organizing and searching all kinds of files. Just about anything can be added to Together for safe keeping, tagged, previewed, collected together in different ways and found again instantly. With iCloud, Together libraries can be seamlessly shared with other Macs and iOS devices. Changes made on one device will automatically appear on others.


With macOS Sierra, Apple has made iCloud available to all apps, whether or not they have been purchased through the Mac App Store, and Together 3.6 makes that a reality, meaning that anyone who has purchased Together 3 and is using Sierra can now use iCloud, and those who purchased version 2 of Together from anywhere can get a discounted upgrade directly from Reinvented Software.


In addition to the iCloud changes, Together 3.6 adds new library management features, improvements for smart groups in iCloud, the ability to import many kinds of text documents as notes, and a variety of other improvements to many areas of the app. Together 1.6 for iPad and iPhone was also released last week with new features such as Spotlight content searching, improved text formatting for notes and rich documents, updating smart groups, an improved Share extension and more.


Pricing and Availability:
Together 3.6 for Mac costs $49.99 (USD) from Reinvented Software, is a free upgrade for all Together 3 users and requires macOS Sierra. A 15-day trial is available for download from the Reinvented Software web site. Together 1.6 for iPad and iPhone is $9.99 from the App Store, and requires iOS 10.


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