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Recosoft releases PDF2ID 2020

Recosoft Corporation has shipped PDF2ID 2020, the latest version of the PDF-to-InDesign converter plug-in for Adobe InDesign(R) 2020. PDF2ID 2020 supports Adobe InDesign 2020 in addition to supporting InDesign CC through CC 2019 for the macOS and Windows platforms. Additionally, PDF2ID 2020 automatically recognizes Bullets and Numbering creating the associated property in InDesign. Finally, PDF2ID 2020 adds enhanced Page Layout property controls including support for Vertical folds and Facing pages.



“Over the past few years we directly spoke to our customers in ascertaining which features they wanted to see in PDF2ID; we were able to deliver the majority of these with PDF2ID 2020 while adding support for Adobe InDesign 2020” explained Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation


New Features:

  • Support for InDesign 2020 – PDF2ID 2020 now supports and integrates with InDesign 2020. InDesign CC through CC 2019 are supported as well.
  • Page Layout Property – PDF2ID 2020 allows specifying the page layout orientation allowing greater control over the standard page orientations recognized. Vertical Fold and Facing Page types can now be specified for a specific range of pages.
  • Bullets and Numbering recognition – PDF2ID 2020 recognizes and processes Bullets and Numbering; applying the specific paragraph property, related text and creating the associated stylesheet.
  • Convert Complex vector graphics to externally linked vector files – PDF2ID 2020 includes a new option that collects a set of complex vector graphics objects into externally linked vector graphics files.
  • Support for latest macOS APIs and technologies – PDF2ID 2020 fully supports macOS 10.15, including the elevated security enhancements and requirements. Additionally, the entire file management mechanism has been replaced with modern macOS filing API’s.
  • Layout processing enhancements – Layout processing enhancements have been made across the product including enhanced table generation, paragraph recognition, graphics processing and text frame generation.


PDF2ID 2020 is available immediately in the following configurations from the Recosoft web store (per license):
* PDF2ID Standard 2020 US $199.00
* PDF2ID Professional 2020 US $299.00
* PDF2ID Standard 2020 Upgrade US $99.00
* PDF2ID Professional 2020Upgrade US $149.00

Package Central Update for Adobe InDesign Supports Creative Cloud 2020

Zevrix Solutions updates Package Central 1.11.9, its document packaging workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Originally developed for a major publisher in the United States, the software automates InDesign packaging by processing files from hot folders. Package Central offloads file packaging to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the document collection process.



Package Central is now compatible with the recently released InDesign 2020 featured as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. The update is offered free of charge to Package Central users. The same version of Package Central can be used with any release of InDesign from CS5 and later.


Package Central solves the problem of centralized packaging and archiving of InDesign projects in a workgroup environment while serving unlimited users on a network. The software lets production artists, prepress operators and designers simply submit files to watched hot folders that reside on a network. The app then automatically collects InDesign files along with their fonts and links into the destination folder specified in the hot folder settings.


Key features and benefits:

  • Automatically collect InDesign files from hot folders
  • Update modified links automatically
  • Create PDF and IDML files on the fly
  • Automatic email notifications of process stages and errors
  • Serves unlimited users on a network
  • Compose variable folder names
  • Detailed processing history


Package Central can be purchased for $149.95 from Zevrix website. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for registered users. Package Central requires macOS 10.8-10.15 and Adobe InDesign CS5-2020.

Output Factory Updated Modified Links in Book Chapters

Zevrix Solutions announced Output Factory 2.4.2 automates and simplifies workflows of printers, prepress houses, publishers, and design agencies worldwide. The software helps eliminate repetitive tasks as well as costly errors through batch processing with time-saving output options.


Version 2.4.2 addressed an issue in which the option to automatically update modified links ignored images in InDesign book parts. Output Factory now ensures that this powerful feature updates modified images in all chapters of InDesign book files in the processing queue, which saves users the time and hassle of updating the links manually.


“Output Factory has been the single biggest time-saver I’ve encountered in ten years of print production,” says Mike Agate, Head of Production of Which?, Europe’s largest consumer rights organization. “Easily saves hours a week, producing bullet-proof documents over and over… With the reduction in head count and efficiency savings, it must have paid for itself 500 times over.”


Key features:

  • Batch output InDesign files automatically
  • Export page groups as a single PDF files
  • Variable output file names
  • Insert text from InDesign document into the output file name
  • Output files to multiple formats with one click
  • Create PDF security presets
  • Layer versioning: output layer combinations as single files
  • Eliminate errors with automatic preflight


Output Factory can be purchased from Zevrix website for $170 USD (Lite version $120), as well as from authorized resellers and Adobe Exchange. Trial is also available for download. Output Factory requires macOS 10.8-10.14 and Adobe InDesign CS5-CC 2019.

LinkOptimizer Update for Adobe InDesign Supports macOS Catalina 

Zevrix Solutions releases LinkOptimizer 5.3.11, an update to image workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer automates complex image manipulation tasks and helps InDesign users reduce the link size, save time and production costs, and repurpose InDesign documents for web and mobile devices.



It now supports the recently released macOS 10.15 Catalina by solving several issues that could result in incorrect location of duplicated InDesign document as well as image relinking errors on the new system. The update is offered free of charge to the licensed users of version 5.


“LinkOptimizer has changed my life and saved me days and days of work as a retoucher for an international quarterly magazine,” says Steve Krason of Chicago based SK Design Group. “It’s a lifesaver”.


LinkOptimizer works automatically with Photoshop to eliminate the excess image data of InDesign links, perform essential image adjustments such as color conversion and sharpening, and convert image formats. For example, with just a click of a button users can:

  • Batch process multiple InDesign files and books
  • Scale and crop images to match their dimensions in InDesign
  • Change their resolution to 300 dpi
  • Convert RGB images to specific CMYK profile
  • Flatten images
  • Resave JPEGs as PSD
  • Run a Photoshop action on each image


LinkOptimizer can be purchased from Zevrix website for $259.95 USD (Lite version: $179.95) as well as from Adobe Exchange and authorized resellers.

PDF Checkpoint Processes Affinity PDF Files Now

Zevrix Solutions updates PDF Checkpoint 1.9.6, their PDF preflight and conversion automation tool. PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, splits, exports as images and optimizes multiple Adobe PDF files. It is an ideal solution for users.  It is fast, affordable and easy to use app to check PDF files for errors and convert them to the desired format and color space.

It adds the ability to process PDF files created by the Affinity line of professional creative products developed by Serif: Publisher, Designer and Photo. Affinity tools offer an affordable and powerful alternative to the industry-standard trio of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.


“It’s a great idea to enable color profile conversion in PDF files so easily,” says Dr. Wolfgang Lorenz from Munich, Germany. “PDF Checkpoint saves me a lot of time when submitting ads for large magazines.”


PDF Checkpoint is designed to automate and simplify PDF workflows:

  • Batch conversion and preflighting of PDF files
  • Check PDF fonts, colors, images and metadata for specific attribute
  • Convert PDF color mode using ICC profiles
  • Split files into single page PDFs
  • Export PDF as images with specific resolution, color and page scale
  • Check files for specific PDF/X tags


Users can preflight a folder of PDF files and convert them to TIFF images at 300 dpi while scaling each page by 50%. They can also create print-ready PDFs from such apps as Apple Pages and Swift Publisher by converting colors to the recommended CMYK profile.


Pricing and availability:
PDF Checkpoint is on the Mac App Store and Zevrix website for $39.95


PDF2ID v4.6 Offers PDF to InDesign CC 2017 Conversion

Recosoft Corporation, the developers of PDF conversion software and plug-ins for Adobe(R) InDesign(R), is proud to announce the release of PDF2ID Standard and PDF2ID Professional v4.6; the latest PDF to InDesign conversion plug-ins for InDesign CC 2017. PDF2ID v4.6 includes support for Adobe InDesign CC 2017 for both the Mac and Windows platforms. Additionally, PDF2ID v4.6 contains improvements in reconstructing PDF tables as InDesign tables. PDF2ID v4.6 also adds several stability improvements and an enhanced PDF graphics to InDesign graphics conversion.

PDF2ID v4.6 Offers PDF to InDesign CC 2017 Conversion

“PDF2ID has been the go to plug-in for PDF to InDesign conversions since 2007; the latest release for InDesign CC 2017 demonstrates our continued commitment to the Adobe Creative Cloud platform”- Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation”


PDF2ID converts PDF and Windows XPS files into fully editable InDesign files allowing PDF and XPS file content recovery and reuse within InDesign. PDF2ID is the de-facto PDF conversion plug-in for InDesign, allowing anyone to open, convert and edit PDF and XPS documents in InDesign; eliminating the need to acquire additional PDF and XPS conversion tools.


Key New Features
* Integration with InDesign CC 2017: PDF2ID has been enhanced to operate seamlessly with InDesign CC 2017

* Table Construction enhancements: The table reconstruction of PDF2ID has dramatically been improved to recognize even more different type of data as a table

* Compound path and other graphics enhancements: Improvements have been made to handling and application of Compound paths and graphics for better reproduction in InDesign

* Stability Improvements: Many improvements have been made further improving the stability of PDF2ID


System Requirements:
* macOS 10.6.8 or higher
* Intel based Mac
* InDesign CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 or CC 2017
* Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
* Minimum Pentium III computer
* InDesign CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 or CC 2017


PDF2ID v4.6 is a free release for all PDF2ID v4.5 Standard/Professional licensees. PDF2ID v4.6 is available immediately in the following configurations from the Recosoft web store (per license):

* PDF2ID Standard v4.6 US$199.00
* PDF2ID Professional v4.6 US$299.00
* PDF2ID Standard v4.6 Upgrade US$99.00
* PDF2ID Professional v4.6 Upgrade US$149.00


For more information on Recosoft PDF converters and InDesign related solutions, visit Recosoft online.

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For one day only, LinkOptimizer, the popular workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign by Zevrix Solutions, is available for 50% off. Discount website BitsDuJour is offering the huge discount for one day only, March 8. The app helps reduce InDesign link size, eliminate excess image data, convert image colors, formats and more, resulting in savings of gigabytes of disk space, reduced production time, and more. Read more