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Prizmo Go 2.0 – Instant Text OCR for iPhone and iPad

Creaceed announces today the release of Prizmo Go version 2.0, a major upgrade to their text capture app for iPhone and iPad. Prizmo Go 2.0 brings a new, more powerful, built-in neural network-based OCR in more languages, cloud-based handwriting recognition (English only), and translation to 59 languages.


Prizmo Go 2.0 is an innovative app that lets the user take a picture of printed or handwritten text and then recognizes it using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, avoiding the frustration of retyping it on screen. Part of said text can then be selected directly from the photo by swiping through it. Users can then interact with it or just copy/paste it to other apps or to the Mac.


Recognized text can be edited within the application, or read aloud with built-in speech synthesis. Information detected in the text such as website urls, phone numbers, email addresses, QR codes, or physical addresses can be specifically activated. Text translation to 59 languages is also available as a new feature of version 2.0.


Blind and low-vision users can also take full advantage of Prizmo Go 2.0, as not only does it propose extensive support for VoiceOver but it also brings specific features such as pre-shooting instructions, automatic angle correction, and automatic text-to-speech playback.


Prizmo Go 2.0 also introduces a new subscription model, as an addition to pre-existing options that remain valid (see details below).


New features in 2.0:
* Cloud OCR option in 26 languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic
* Handwriting recognition (English only)
* Translation to 59 languages

* Robust neural network-based built-in OCR in 23 languages (no internet connection required): Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian Bokml, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian


Other features include:
* Real-time, augmented-reality inspired text highlighting in camera preview
* Accurate text selection by swiping through the picture
* Innovative image stabilization with sharpness tracking
* QR code recognition
* Copy/paste to the Mac with Universal Clipboard
* VoiceOver support, including spoken guidance prior to actual shooting
* Optimized for latest iOS, Drag & Drop, 3D Touch Quick Actions & haptic feedback, iPad Multitasking (Slide Over / Split View)
* Automation: Action extension, Apple Workflow compatibility (callback URL), Open In


Pricing and Availability:
Prizmo Go 2.0 can be freely downloaded on the App Store from the Utilities category. Text recognition can be tried out, but access to result is limited. Text access (copy/paste, interactions) can be unlocked by purchasing the Export Pack for $4.99 as a one-time purchase. 10 tokens will be received to test Cloud OCRs both for printed text and handwriting. Cloud OCR requires units to be operated, units that can be purchased directly within the app: 100-pack is $0.99, 1000-pack is $4.99 (USD).


Premium Plan is a new subscription option introduced with version 2.0 that unlocks all the features of the Export Pack and allows unlimited use of Cloud OCR recognition (print and handwriting) as well as a new cloud-based text translation to 59 languages (exclusive feature). Premium Plan is available as a monthly subscription for $0.99 per month or yearly for $7.99 (USD) per year. Users who previously purchased the Export Pack are offered special introductory pricing on the Premium Plan (60% OFF first year, yearly plan only).

Play With Puppies and Dolls in AR on iOS

Sprite Labs today is pleased to announce that Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies got its AR update today which allows kids to interact and play with Anya and puppies in their world (with AR), changing their clothes, playing games and dancing along.


Play With Puppies and Dolls in AR on iOS


Anya is a unique app. She is a doll that a child can bring into their life and interact with, tickle and dress her and her puppies. She can pet the puppies and play games with them too. With Apple’s ARKit, Anya and her puppies come to life in the real world. Anya and her puppies can be in a doll house, on a coffee table in the living room, on the kitchen table, or anywhere a child would like to play with them.


Anya is a cute little girl who dances, sings and plays interactive games like twirling a hula hoop, pop the bubbles and maracas. She repeats what you say. You can even dress her up and tickle her, she makes funny faces too! The puppies do everything a cute puppy does, fetch, sit, roll and dance!


This app uses the accelerometer creatively; a user can make Anya twirl the hoop if the he/she moves the phone in circles, stop and she drops the hoop. This app is loaded with interactive play, she blows the bubbles and the user can pop them with a tap or pop multiple bubble with simultaneous taps, tap her feet and she will dance, tap her nose and she makes a funny face and more. She is quite emotional too, just like all little girls! Making her definitely a fun-to-play-with app.


“Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies AR is loved by millions of kids worldwide. And now with Augmented Reality, we bring them to life in the real world. This opens a new frontier for us to explore, and we are very excite for what the future holds,” explained Nikita Kapoor, Founder at Sprite Labs. “This is a Universal app, so it will work great both on the iPhone and iPad.”


Pricing and Availability:
Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies AR 4.4 is Free (With In-App Purchase) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. [GET IT HERE]

Quick’Nap is a Power Nap Music Timer for iPhone

KerCodex today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of “Quick’Nap” version 1.0 for iPhone devices. Quick’Nap is a very simple alarm clock App which wakes you up with progressive music chosen out of your iPhone library. And a cute manga character is helping you all along!


Quick'Nap is a Power Nap Music Timer for iPhone


Power naps between 10 and 30 minutes quickly revitalize your awareness and efficiency.


An alarm mode is also available for the occasional overnight sleep.


* Choose nap duration up to one hour and tap start
* Alarm mode by setting time in the next 24 hours
* Choose one or more wake-up title out of your iPhone music library
* Adjust progressive wake-up volume characteristics
* Default soft alarm sound available
* Security notifications are triggered if you accidentally leave the App
* Sleeping screen luminosity adjustment
* Energy saving mode by leaving iPhone face down on bedside table
* A cute manga help character


Pricing and availability:
Quick’Nap (v1.0) is entirely Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. [GET IT HERE]

General-Knowledge Trivia Game Simply Trivial Available for iOS Devices

Simply Trivial(TM) is a classic trivia game available on the Apple Store today from Northern Bound, LLC. This laid-back trivia game offers hundreds of custom questions in 10 general-knowledge categories and specialty sets of questions on a variety of topics such as Television and the 70’s.


General-Knowledge Trivia Game Simply Trivial Available for iOS Devices


Simply Trivial provides hours of fun in a non-competitive atmosphere with pleasant music and a relaxing, retro environment. Users play at their own pace earning awards and Simply Trivial “Caps” to use on game hints or to purchase specialty sets of questions. And, gameplay won’t be interrupted with ads, because Simply Trivial has no advertising.


Simply Trivial will continue to add more content in the coming weeks, particularly with more sets of specialty topics, like the 80’s, Toys & Games, U.S. States, St. Patrick’s Day and an Easter edition.


Pricing and Availability:
Simply Trivial 1.0.11 is a free-to-download app (With In-App Purchases) and no advertising. It is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. [GET IT HERE]

The Popular Mac Gro CRM Platform Now Includes Stripe Integration

Gro Software today announced a Gro CRM integration with Stripe. Gro CRM is a remarkably easy to use and intelligent Mac CRM software platform for small business contact management, customer relationship management and enterprise resource management made exclusively for Apple users and their devices. Stripe is the new standard in online payments and best software platform for running an internet business.


With the Gro CRM Stripe integration, it only takes a few minutes to start accepting payments and process credit cards with the Gro CRM platform. This seamless Stripe integration takes all the work out of customer billing and creates a single integrated payment workflow that is simple to use for small businesses.


Thanks to the Gro CRM-Stripe Integration, small businesses can accept all major credit cards from around the world, choose from 135 currencies and save card details so customers can pay again with a single-click. All payments are secure end-to-end thanks to Stripe and Gro CRM PCI-DSS compliance.


“We are excited to offer Gro CRM users the ability to integrate their Stripe account with our small business Mac CRM iOS platform.” said Sophia Maes, Senior Vice President Sales at Gro Software. “This Gro CRM Stripe integration allows Apple iPhone and iPad users to seamlessly accept payments and process credit cards for their customers right from the Gro CRM app.”


Pricing and Availability:
Gro CRM is a free download and available immediately through the Apple App Store and on the Gro CRM website. The download is free but requires a monthly or annual subscription. Solo subscriptions are available for 14.99 USD/seat/month, Basic subscriptions are available for 24.99 USD/seat/month and Pro subscriptions are available for 49.99 USD/seat/month. A 14-day free trial is available on the Gro CRM website.

Math Mathews Fractions for iOS Offers Innovative Adventure Game

Kiupe today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Math Mathews Fractions, a fun adventure game for iPhone and iPad users. Developed for children ages 9 to 12, Math Mathews Fractions is packed full of swashbuckling pirates and helps children learn about fractions. This educational game was designed in collaboration with a team of researchers from the Marc Jeannerod Institute of Cognitive Sciences (Lyon).


Math Mathews Fractions for iOS Offers Innovative Adventure Game


Main Features:
* An adventure game: pirates, puzzles, treasures and fun
* Twelve levels to discover
* Twelve different modules that cover all of the concepts relating to fractions
* An app without any pop-up advertisements or in-app purchases


Includes Mathematical Concepts (in connection with the Common Core Standards):
* Making connections between different representations of fractions
* Using fractions to split quantities
* Using fractions to measure quantities
* Using fractions to show ratios/proportions
* Identifying fractions on a number line
* Placing fractions on a number line
* Identifying equivalent simple fractions
* Comparing two simple fractions
* Ordering fractions
* Adding fractions with the same denominator
* Solving word problems using simple fractions


Pricing and Availability:
Math Mathews Fractions is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

Ski Jumping Pro Owns The Ramp on iOS

Kalypso Media today launched a hugely updated version of its hit winter sports title Ski Jumping Pro on iOS devices. Ski Jumping Pro has been designed to accurately recreate the favourite winter sport through an immersive first-person perspective, with individual courses that have been painstakingly modelled on their real-life counterparts. Gamers have three attempts to land the largest jumps possible while battling environmental factors such as wind direction, heavy snowfall and even limited vision during nightfall, all of which affect optimum launch, jump and landing times. Players can then revel in their own glory through multi-angle slow motion replays.



Ski Jumping Pro offers a variety of different control types to suit gamers both new and old to the game. For those seeking a casual experience, the game features a simple touch-based control scheme requiring players to follow on-screen prompts. Masters of the slopes can now select gyroscope controls, allowing for start to finish handling of their jump. Both control types allow for players of all abilities to nail the perfect launch and shatter records.


With multiple gameplay modes, Ski Jumping Pro will keep ramp-loving adrenaline junkies entertained for hours with its dozens of courses and challenges. Career Mode offers five individual cups while Multiplayer mode enables gamers to play against friends and opponents worldwide in a roster of different competitions and events. High-scoring players can enjoy the fruits of their victories with experience points that can be traded for in-game currency to unlock the hottest cosmetic items and gear.


Pricing and Availability:
Ski Jumping Pro 1.4.6 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. [GET IT HERE]

HOLA! Adds USA Edition to Magzter

Spain’s prestigious magazine brand, HOLA!, brings its USA edition to Magzter, the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand. With this partnership, HOLA! USA, the global brand leader for exclusive fashion, beauty and style content through the lens of celebrities and royals, is all set to reach 36.5+ million users on Magzter.


HOLA! USA offers exclusive access to global celebrities, with a top-notch approach that is always ahead of trend. With an irresistible twist of fashion and lifestyle, the magazine delivers aspirational and intimate stories of the personalities the reader cares about. It is worth mentioning that Magzter has been already digitally publishing HOLA! magazine from Spain and Mexico, and HELLO! magazine from the UK, India, Turkey, Georgia and Thailand.


“HOLA! USA is pleased to partner with Magzter to offer our version of this world-renowned brand to the 36.5 million Magzter subscribers. With 33 editions in 120 countries, HOLA! is well-recognized and Magzter’s global presence will enable us to further expand our digital audience and interactive footprint.” – Jay Annis, Vice President, Business Manager, HOLA! USA


“With the arrival of HOLA! USA, Magzter’s celebrity catalogue has further strengthened. We firmly believe that the existing readers of HOLA! USA will enjoy reading it on our world-class digital platform, and this iconic title will also break geographical barriers and find new audiences. Here’s wishing HOLA! USA to taste great digital success on Magzter!” – Girish Ramdas, CEO, Magzter Inc.


“HOLA! has been one of the best-selling celebrity titles on Magzter and we are delighted to add its USA edition to our catalogue. With its authoritative fashion columns and exclusive coverage of celebrities, HOLA! USA is expected to become a best-seller right away on Magzter, just like other editions of HOLA!” – Vijay Radhakrishnan, President, Magzter Inc.


Pricing and Availability:
Magzter – Digital Magazine Newsstand 7.0 is free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the News category. A bi-monthly magazine, HOLA! USA is published in English and Spanish languages, and it is priced at $19.99 (USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter. The Magzter app is also available on the web, Google Play and is expanding to more platforms soon. Magzter’s easy purchase and renewal systems ensure subscriptions are paid on time, eliminating the need for paper checks and postal mail issues. Users can buy their magazines on any of the above devices/platforms and seamlessly port their purchases to any other devices, a feature unique to Magzter.