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Pocket Watch LLC Mobile App Development Team Acquired by Cybersecurity Firm SR2 Solutions

Beaumont, Texas – SR2 Solutions today announced the acquisition of Pocket Watch LLC’s app development division including their industry leading mobile printing app, ActivePrint. With this new acquisition, SR2 Solutions is planning to develop an entire suite of cybersecurity focused apps intended for everyone.



SR2 Solutions Founder, Charles Teel, says “we’re seeing new cybersecurity threats every day and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. We see it as our job to provide people with the tools they need to keep themselves and their families safe and that is what we plan to do with mobile app development.”


Over the next six months, SR2 Solutions will be releasing apps on the Apple iOS AppStore and Google Play Store that individuals will be able to use every day to protect themselves. The details of the first two apps were made public with the announcement of this acquisition. The first to be released will be “SR2 Threat Intel” which will provide users security information about their devices and alert them when there is the possibility that they have been caught up in a breach at their bank, email service, or other services where their personal information might be stored. SR2 Threat Intel will be released by February.


The second of these apps to be released, “SR2 SocialMedia Intel”, will monitor a user’s social media accounts and social media in general to identify potential vulnerabilities and alert them if someone else on social media has posted about them in a potentially bad light. According to Teel, “keeping track of how our name is used in the public space can be challenging in this hyperconnected world we live in with social media. Someone can post a total falsehood about you or your family that can negatively affect your reputation and your career as potential employers search social media in their consideration to hire you. We want to help people take control of how their name is used online in a way that is effective and can benefit them.” SR2 SocialMedia Intel is anticipated to be released by April.


Pocket Watch’s existing app, ActivePrint, will continue to be sold but under the new SR2 Solutions name. With ActivePrint users gain printing support for the widest variety of document types in the industry to the widest variety of printers. With ActivePrint users can print almost any content on their iPad or iPhone. Document types that you can print with ActivePrint include all of your popular office document types such as word processor documents (including Word and Pages), spreadsheets (including Excel and Numbers), presentations (including PowerPoint and Keynote), PDF files, web pages, handwritten notes, and all of your popular image types. ActivePrint is available on the iOS AppStore with an upgrade to the pro version for $4.99 (USD).

SR2 Solutions
ActivePrint On The AppStore

Puzzle / Adventure Game ‘Panmorphia: Enchanted’ Now Available for iOS and Android

LKMAd, today is proud to announce the release of Panmorphia: Enchanted, the universal version of their third game, available now for iOS and Android devices. In the first adventure, you used your ability to wield each element and transform yourself into the animal that best represented it! That enabled you to alternate between each animal’s point of view and save the four trapped elements!


In your second family-friendly adventure, Panmorphia calls out to you once more! You are being sent to the Lost Temple to enchant the amulet and evolve your powers. Doing so will enable you in the future to swap freely between the four elemental forms. The Lost Temple is like no other. It has four sides, each representing the four elements! Your powers enable you to do magical things such as breathe underwater, turn day into night, summon the wind, and many other wonderful surprises!


* Point and click, puzzle adventure game
* Custom designed beautiful graphics
* Many items to collect and puzzles to solve
* Dynamic notebook that tracks your clues
* A Hint System that guides you with the next task
* A beautiful soundtrack and original sound effects
* Auto-saves your progress
* Translated into: German, French, Italian and Russian


Pricing and Availability:
Panmorphia: Enchanted is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. The game is also available on Google Play.


Panmorphia: Enchanted
Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play
YouTube Video (Trailer)

Everlisten++ Music File Player for iOS Devices Now Available

Developer, Tomoyoshi Natsui has released Everlisten++, a music listening app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Are you making the best of your music files? Using Everlisten++, you can listen to the main portion of a song track, one after another.


Everlisten++ Music File Player for iOS Devices Now Available


Its usage is up to you. At first, let’s create a playlist. You can add the music from your iTunes library to the playlist. This application plays a music from the “Start Position,” and it plays music for the “Playback Duration.” For example, if you made a setup playback 30 seconds respectively, you can listen to 100 musics in 50 minutes of commuting time. And you may discover a new charm which you have never known in many musics!


Furthermore, you can experience new ‘Parameter’ function with Everlisten. You can control the playback speed and its pitch freely, so how much to unleash the power of the music depends on you. Your favorite music may remind you the thought which only you felt. Now, let’s recover you-likeness.


After installation of this application, it has some restrictions as below. If you want to unlock it, please tap ‘Unlock’ at Playlist view:

1. You can create and edit only one playlist
2. You can register only 5 musics to the playlist

Everlisten++ 2.5 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Convenient in-app purchases are available.

Tomoyoshi Natsui
Everlisten++ 2.5
Download from App Store

Today in History App Allows Users to Relive Iconic Historical Events

Downshift LLC, an emerging mobile application development firm, has recently launched the latest version of their app, Today in History.€™ The app lists historical events that took place on the same day.



People say that history repeats itself, but the reality is that we can learn from the failures of the past. With so much happening around us, it’s hard to keep things in context. We wanted an easy, quick, and consistent way to keep us engaged with history,” explains Manuel Zamora, Founder, Downshift LLC, while explaining the foundation of the Today in History app. “We’ve now made it easier than ever, with our reminders feature, to make sure that humanities’ great achievements are never forgotten.”


Each day, the app features iconic global events that took place in the history on the same day. The app hosts compelling pictures, powerful quotes, and headlines that stopped the world in its tracks.

Today in History offers the following key features:
* Easy access to over 100k historical events, with opportunities for exploration and moving images
* Quote of the day: Timeless wisdom from iconic historical figures
* Headlines: Details on the significant events that shaped our world
* Categories: Find specific content as per your need; events, births, deaths and more
* Share: Easy to share exciting tidbits and trivia with your friends via social media
* Reminders: Receive epic notifications, several of them a day to keep you posted of engaging facts
* Widget: See top event daily on your ‘Today’ feed
* Watch: See top events, updated daily, on your wrist


The new version, besides bug fixes and enhancements, offers the following:
* Improved reminders and notifications. Set a time range and number of reminders per day
* Added categories and link details, now you can see all your favorite events in greater detai
* Improved onboarding
* Updated for iOS 12
* Fixes to sharing and other notable features


Today in History makes it easy to be in touch with the great successes and failures of our past. The more connected to our history we are, the better positioned we are to make positive changes. Regardless of what generation we were born into, let’s remember the human attributes that have continually shaped and reshaped our world,” quips Manuel.


Today In History 5.0.1 is currently free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

Today In History 5.0.1
Download from iTunes

Gesture-Based Calculator Released for iOS Devices

InVooDoo LLC is pleased to announce the release of Calcularium 3.0.2, an update to the company’s popular productivity app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Calcularium is a unique product for a small touch screen device that really unleashes the Power of Touch Interface as it was intended to be.


Gesture-Based Calculator Released for iOS Devices


Calcularium’s gesture language is built on micro-interactions and is nailed down to the following: Swipe left and right to navigate among Functions Section, Conversion Section, and Numbers/Operators Keypad; Tap to add/delete, and Force Touch or Long-Press to Edit or Open. The design language of the Calcularium is based on tokens. All tokens are of the same structure: the left part shows a type of the element, the right part has a result or an entered value and its name on top. In addition to tokens there are pure numbers and math operators.


You can set an expression as a variable with the goal to use it afterwards in other expressions and give every component a clear name to recall what it stands for easily. Create a calculation, and next time you reuse it from History section, every component will clearly speak to you. We’ve investigated and leveraged all relevant technologies and UX conventions Apple provides to create a star product for you. Consistency and Coherence of the system makes it amazingly powerful while ingeniously simple.


* Real Time WYSIWYG
* Multi-Level Sub-Calculations with No Limits
* The Ultimate power of Forth Touch and Select Mode
* History: Editable and Reusable Calculations
* Self-Explanatory Naming for Every Component
* Functions and Reusable Expressions
* Constants and Reusable Numbers
* Multi-Variable Functions as Forms
* Multiple Reversible Conversions
* Advanced Search
* Most-Used Calculations and Built-In Functions
* Clear Color-Coding
* Smart Brackets
* Context-Based Copy, Paste, and Convert
* Multiple Ways to Share Your Calculation
* Root, Power, /- and Equal
* Intuitive Gesture Language
* Interactive video tutorial is narrated by Siri


Our team of engineers, designers, and math junkies has spent 6 months to build stellar interactions, to create seamless UX, and to provide solid math background for Calcularium. Embrace the power!

Calcularium 3.0.2 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. For more information, please contact Anton Anisimov.

Calcularium 3.0.2
Download from iTunes

Life Inventory for iPhone or iPad Makes A Fantastic Last Minute Gift Idea

James Hollender’s Life Inventory iPhone or iPad app makes a great last minute gift giving idea. With these apps users gain an in-depth perception of themselves and why they do the things they do. The apps include built-in instructions that help guide users step by step in creating their own Life Inventory to provide greater self understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses, leading to a better knowledge of self than they ever thought possible. A Life Inventory can also function as a Moral Inventory for those in 12-step programs.


User “Hakerz” says, “There isn’t another app like this anywhere and it helps you with problems you face in your life or how to make your life better. Thanks, James for adding a password! In the app there’s an explanation in how this works.”


Both the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch versions accomplish exactly the same thing, only the interface is considerably different for each because of the significant differences in screen size.


The process of completing a Life Inventory does not directly address anyone’s specific problems, habits or addictions, but rather helps the user examine in detail events that have transpired in their life. The Life Inventory apps gently assists the user in probing into not only what happened, but also why it happened. The questions asked help the user delve into areas often never considered before, like:

* What did I want
* Why did I want it
* What am I not admitting
* What lie did I tell myself
* What did I leave out or not say
* What lie did I tell others
* Have I ever done the same thing
* Was it any of my business
* Were my expectations reasonable
* What was the real truth
* What was I not seeing
* Did I fail to see the facts of the situation
* What actions did I take to get what I wanted
* What actions did I omit to get what I wanted


Life Inventory guides the user through six different steps, each with its own activity grouping, for making a Life Inventory:
* Build Lists
* Causes and Effects
* My Part
* Fears Analysis
* Fear Questions
* Sex Relations


Throughout the process, users are encouraged to enter data into their Inventory, be completely honest about themselves and take advantage of encouragement and support from others.


The Inventory begins by making one simple list, which defines four fixed Categories in which to file away what are broadly categorized as Incidents:
* People
* Institutions and Organizations
* Principles, Ideals and Beliefs
* Sources of Anxiety and Excitement


Each of the four Categories will contain hierarchical sub-categories. From there, users outline Entities and then individual Incidents related each Entity.


Step-by-step, users complete the Causes and Effects of each Incident. Next, and determine the part they played in each Incident listed. It is not unusual to create hundreds of Incident forms, each devoted to a single incident. The app includes the ability to create and save all written lists and forms with password protection. Having completed all their Incident forms, users can refer to these forms to help list all their Fears. The app includes the following eight pre-defined fears, to which the user is free to add more if desired:

* Other people’s opinions
* Not getting what I want
* Not having control of the situation
* Financial insecurity
* Abandonment
* Physical harm
* Failure
* Success


The fifth step is examining each Fear category and answering the following key questions:
* Why did I have this fear
* When did I first notice this fear in my life
* How did I hold on to this fear
* What did this fear make me do
* What chain of circumstances did this fear set in motion in my life
* How did I react to this fear
* What decision did this fear cause me to make
* How did self-reliance fail me
* What should I have done instead


And the (optional) sixth and final step is examining Sex Relations, where users answer all the following questions regarding each of their sexual relationships:
* How was I selfish
* Where was I dishonest
* Where was I inconsiderate
* Who was hurt in this situation
* Did I arouse jealousy, suspicion, or bitterness
* Where was I at fault
* What should I have done instead
* What will I do in the future
* Did I pray or have spiritual conversations with him/her
* Did I pray for him/her
* Did I enjoy his/her company
* Did we bring each other closer to God


James Hollender is also the author of a suite of Nutrient apps based on the USDA National Nutrient Database:
* iCarbs (Carbohydrates)
* iCholesterol (Dietary Cholesterol)
* iFiber (Fiber)
* iKals (Calories)
* iPotassium (Potassium)
* iProteins (Proteins)
* iSatFat (Saturated Fat)
* iSodium (Sodium)
* iSugars (Sugars)
* Vitamin K (Vitamins K1, K1D & K2)
* iNutrients (encompasses all ten nutrients listed above)

Life Inventory and Life Inventory for iPad are each $11.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Lifestyle category. A Lite version of each app is $1.99, which supplement the main app by providing a mock Life Inventory from which the user can learn by example and experimentation, but is limited as to the number of records created so it’s not sufficient to complete a full Life Inventory. Review copies are available on request.

Save even more money with App Bundles:
There are also app bundles where you can save by purchasing both the main and Lite Life Inventory apps along with the $7.99 iNutrients app.

All James Hollender Apps & App Bundles in the iTunes App Store
Life Inventory (for iPhone & iPod touch)
Life Inventory Lite with Optional Mock Data (for iPhone & iPod touch)
Life Inventory for iPad
Life Inventory for iPad Lite with Optional Mock Data
Life Inventory + iNutrients (for iPhone) App Bundle

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem – Drop the Anvil With Bugs

Scopely has launched Looney Tunes World of Mayhem globally. Licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the new mobile multiplayer role-playing game brings an entire world of Looney Tunes characters into battle with anvils, instant boulders and other ACME devices of destruction.


Packed with player vs. player insanity, the mayhem is now available globally as a free download on both iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.


Looney Tunes World of Mayhem assembles more than 70 iconic Looney Tunes characters; from Bugs Bunny to Duck Dodgers, Wile E. Coyote to Witch Hazel. The zany personalities from Looney Tunes history are available to collect and battle with ridiculous, unique abilities that give players a virtually unlimited number of ways to wage insane prank-wars in a diverse array of game modes. The game gleefully updates the contemporary relevance and humor of Looney Tunes with modern gameplay to delight adult mobile gamers.


Looney Tunes World of Mayhem mashes up the humor and attitude fans love about the classic cartoons with an accessible yet deep build-and-battle game and delivers it in one wacky, ACME-branded package. Players can collect and level-up their favorite Looney Tunes characters (including iconic variants, such as Valkyrie Bugs Bunny), shape the world by building personalized “Toon Towns,” and battle it out with their animated neighbors in prank-filled combat.


On December 15, Instagram star Zach King will support the launch with an exclusive Looney Tunes branded video from the ACME Anvil Lab on @ZachKing. Fans can also share the Looney Tunes mayhem with friends with Looney Tunes World of Mayhem GIFs via GIPHY. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem GIFs have been viewed 200 million times to date.


Looney Tunes World of Mayhem 13.0.4
Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play
YouTube Bideo (Gameplay Trailer)

Subtitles Viewer 3.0 Brings Great News for Hearing Impaired iOS Users

Interactive Coconut has released Subtitles Viewer 3.0, an update to their movie utility for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Ever been to the movies in a foreign country and it’s dubbed in the local language? Frustrating! Or how about the deaf or hard of hearing? A cinema experience can be impossible when no captioning is available. Subtitles Viewer works to solve this problem.



Users can view subtitles on their iOS device synchronized with television or movies at home, or at the cinema. Subtitles Viewer make use of the vast database of subtitles at Open Subtitles, with subtitles available for downloading in over 20 languages.


Subtitles Viewer is ideal for a number of situations, for example:
* Travelling/living abroad – the cinema has audio in another language, and there are no subtitles
* The hearing impaired can enjoy going to the cinema
* Resolving arguments at home about which language the subtitles should be in!


Version 3.0 of Subtitles Viewer is localized into 14 languages and has several improvements, including:
1. A brilliant feature for the deaf or hard of hearing ” subtitles with descriptions of ambient audio (such as doors slamming, ominous music, etc) are now marked with the hearing impaired symbol.

2. A new Settings tab, where you can now adjust the “Upload Encoding” of any subtitles you upload. Ever had any issues with uploading subtitles? This new advanced feature gives you access to adjust how the app interprets the encoding of your subtitle.

3. Encoding for downloads has been improved, and bugs ironed out.

4. Some changes have been made to design. The app now starts with a fancy animation of the title.

Since its launch, Subtitles Viewer has generated multiple 5-star reviews from impressed users who have commented that the app is a “must have”, “really improves my life”, and is “a life saver.”

Subtitles Viewer starts you off with three credits to experience the app. To continue viewing and downloading subtitles, you can pay an in-app purchase for more credits or even unlimited credits. You can also make an in-app purchase to upload subtitles to the app. Currently, the costs in USD are as follows:

* 1 credit = $0.99
* 5 credits = $2.99
* 10 credits = $3.99
* Unlimited Subtitle Downloads = $6.99
* Unlimited Subtitle Uploads = $4.99

Interactive Coconut
Subtitles Viewer 3.0
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