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Theatre Tales – A new children’s game title for Apple TV

Baked Games announces the June 23 release of Theatre Tales, their new children’s game title for Apple TV. The game allows kids to enact fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Puss in Boots. They get to play with cute handmade puppets, featuring unforgettable cartoons that are beautiful, and colorful with a moral to each story. Theater Tales was a finalist in the Applovin’ Apple TV App Challenge.


Theatre Tales - A new children's game title for Apple TV

* Great scenes from famous fairy tales
* Stunning graphics
* Mini games
* Simple gameplay told without words
* Highly interactive and responsive
* Freeplay mode with multiplayer


Theatre Tales will be first released on the Apple TV on 23rd June 2016. The game will cost $1.99.

Tip Tap Toe 1.0 for iPad Offers Interactive Story for Kids

Outside the Box Creative has released Tip Tap Toe 1.0, their magical new interactive kids story app developed exclusively for iPad. The app features touch-responsive pages, which give kids the feeling that they’re truly immersed in the story. There are numerous touch-and-drag objects, a “read it myself” option and so much more.



The first-rate talent behind Tip Tap Toe reads like a “who’s who” list. For starters, the original story was crafted by internationally-acclaimed storyteller, author and literacy educator Lesley Dowding. As noted by the New Zealand Guild of Storytellers: “A story is given up to the listener as they enter it and they can be transferred to other worlds. They can walk through walls, fly like Pegasus or enter a room through a keyhole, especially when Lesley tells the tales”.

The app offers gorgeous, hand-painted images by renowned artist, photographer and art teacher Sarah Sampson. In addition, the perfectly-suited original music in Tip Tap Toe was composed by Joel Gennari.


Tip Tap Toe Offers:

* Touch-responsive pages, which give kids the feeling that they’re truly immersed in the story
* Numerous touch-and-drag objects, including some that are hidden so that kids can enjoy exploration and discovery
* A “read it myself” option that allows kids to take over the narration, which is excellent for helping them develop their literacy skills and reading confidence in a relaxed, pressure-free manner


Tip Tap Toe 1.0 is $0.99, and is available through the App Store.

Henry The Little Fish 4.0 for iOS Offers Interactive Storytelling for Kids

Pipit Press has released Henry The Little Fish 4.0, an update to their popular interactive storybook app for iOS devices.

Follow Henry as he encounters a variety of other fish. Henry shows them his special treasure, and makes many new friends along the way. As well as an updated and expanded storyline, version 4.0 includes a completely new user interface with pages that turn like a real book. Children can choose to read the story themselves, or have the narrator read to them.

The app’s storyline focuses on friendship and family. As a child often does, Henry becomes instant friends with the other fish he meets, no matter their differences.


Readers can enjoy the story in two different ways:
* Read & Play – Each page includes interactive elements with a noticeable sparkle in the same place on every page, so that young readers always know where to click. Or:
* Read To Me – Full narration allows young readers to become immersed in the story. The interactive fun begins on each page just as the narrator finishes reading.


* Family friendly storybook app
* Pages turn just like a real book
* Interactive – with a click, the reader can trigger animations on each page
* Clearly narrated, but readers can also choose the non-narrated version
* No in-app purchases (IAP)
* No ads
* Bright, colorful seascapes, rich in detail
* The story focuses on friends and family
* The repetitive pattern provides comfort and predictability


Henry The Little Fish 4.0.0 is $2.99, and is available through the App Store.

Guess the Animal 1.0 for iOS Offers Animal Guessing Fun

Independent developer, Tomer Arkin has released Guess the Animal 1.0, his new simple and fun iOS game. Players reveal the tiles and guess the animal behind it, making it perfect for players of all ages. The game offers a large range of animals such as dogs, rabbits, fish, birds, insects and many more cute pets in this beautiful animal game.

Educational Game For Kids And Toddlers:
* As more as you play this game, the faster you learn the animal world
* Toddlers can play this animal picture game for hours, you are not limited in turns
* Not like any other school game you’ve played, all the animal pictures will fill your time with joy while learning the animal world

High Quality Nature Photos
* The app contains 500  nature photos of cute animals, each photo will show only once

Play As Much As You Want:
* Kids can play this game as long as they want, you can’t get stuck or loose the game. this cute pet game lets you play over and over again
* The less tiles you reveal the bigger score you will get
* Each answer has an icon so there is no need to type anything
* You will experience fun and engaging learning

Not Like Any Other Zoo Games:
* Includes animals from zoo games you’ve played before and much much more
* It’s a charming game with a bright change from others in this genre

A large range of animals such as dogs, rabbits, fish, birds, insects and many more cute pets in this beautiful animal game.
* A huge selection of animal pictures shown in a very simple interface while the app is lightweight

Guess the Animal 1.0 is free, and is available through the App Store.

New iOS App Aims to Teach Children Empathy Towards Animals

Sacramento Non-Profit RedRover has launched E-Books for Empathy 1.0, an innovative app designed to help kids ages 7 to 11 practice empathy skills. Parents and educators can work with children by using questions included in the story to help kids identify the behaviors and emotions of animal and human characters and imagine how the characters are feeling, skills necessary for empathy.

RedRover helps animals and people in crisis from all over the country, and seeks to enhance the relationships people have with animals as a means to prevent animal suffering and neglect. The organization’s CEO, Nicole Forsyth, puts it like this:

“The first step to preventing animal cruelty is to help people have better relationships with animals. Once you understand an animal, you can feel empathy for an animal and naturally begin to treat that animal better. It is important to learn these valuable skills as children, as it not only will effect their interactions with animals all their life, but builds empathy skills for people as well.”

Following a successful Kickstarter in 2014 that raised more than $19,000, RedRover is bringing the program into more classrooms and homes – using everyday mobile technology that will make learning empathy skills easy and fun for kids – and their parents and teachers.

E-Books for Empathy 1.0 is $2.99, and available for iOS devices through the App Store. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.