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Beutics for iOS – Beauty, Fitness and Wellness App

Tech Drive Computer FZ LLC announces Beutics, a new flagship on-demand service app launched as a pilot in 3 cities of UAE. The app functions as a marketplace to help users find the finest salon, spa, fitness, clinical aesthetics, and home services in areas around them: a model that connects beauty and fitness enthusiasts with opportunity-seeking service providers. The app brings the much-required visibility and harmony into an industry that is highly fragmented and disorganized. The service  ndustry is known to be very demanding and Beutics technology disrupts the status quo by helping people embrace change and choices effortlessly.



Lifestyle convenience with unmatched benefits becomes the cornerstone of this app. The ability to book appointments 24 x 7 in real-time with one’s favorite staff, virtual zooming into a store, gathering finer details such as prices, offers, products used, staff expertise, etc. make this app a true companion. This app meticulously extracts “word-of-mouth” highlights through a detailed review section; when users habitually share their experiences, other app users can make quick and effective decisions. Another key highlight worth mentioning to have a lasting impact is the ability for users to share their relevant concerns and have them responded by market proponents with domain expertise.


One of the key spokesmen for the app was quoted saying, “We wanted to come up with something remarkably different that could give users not one, but several reasons to use our app. Not just that, we wanted to be of substance for providers to showcase their talent and efforts. By offering the best of rewards, offers, and gifts, and developing an interactive and engaging interface, we have managed to put our best foot forward. We are happy with the response received so far.”


There is no denying the fact that Beutics is surely one of those apps which are likely to become massively popular given the space it addresses offering lifestyle convenience for women and men. On one side, it creates opportunities with a platform for service providers to get their business online and on the other side gives users enormous choices in the market.

Beutics 1.1 is currently available for free on the App Store under the Lifestyle category and Google Play under the Beauty category.

Count Down to Special Events with One Day

Soluble Apps today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of One Day 1.0, the company’s new lifestyle app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. One Day is a calendar for the great things in life. It was designed specifically to help countdown to special events and share the excitement with others.


Sometimes there is a special day that you just can’t wait for- it may be a wedding, the end of exams, or the next Star Wars movie! We help count down to that special day, and share that excitement with friends as anticipation builds. You create repeating events easily, with custom backgrounds, then can view the time remaining in the app or from the Today view, and share the excitement to others through social media and email, or the special iMessage extension.


“I developed this app because my wife was leading a once-in-a-lifetime school trip to Borneo, and we found ourselves often wanting to know exactly how far off it was,” explained Soluble CEO Peter Johnson. “The app lets you see your event countdowns in the app, check them in the Today view, and share them to others really easily over social media.”


One Day is available in two versions. One Day Pro 1.0 is $1.99 . The Pro version lets you track multiple events and customize each event with your own images. One Day is a free version which lets you track one event at once, but can easily be unlocked to add the more advanced features. Both are available through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. one

Baby Monitor 3G Finishes a Strong 2016 With a New Update

TappyTaps has released Baby Monitor 3G version 4.6.0, an update to their popular parenting app developed for iOS, Apple TV and Android devices. Baby Monitor 3G is a universal video and audio baby monitor for your phone, tablet, or computer. Hear every noise, stream live video, and soothe your child remotely.


Baby Monitor 3G Finishes a Strong 2016 With a New Update


Baby Monitor 3G works with an unlimited reach (WIFI, 3G, LTE) and trusted by more than half a million moms and dads. This is the 4th major release in this year.


Features Include:

* HD Video and audio helps parents to clearly listen and see their babies
* Lullabies put babies to sleep without an effort
* Every Noise enables special sensitive mode, so even the quietest noise (like baby breathing) is transmitted to the parent station
* Apple TV & Android TV version



The Christmas update also packed one beautiful gift. The Snapshot takes a photo at any time the parent wants to during the video monitoring. They can save the precious moment or share it with the world via social networks. They can also use a sticker and turn their baby into a little Santa Claus.
Baby Monitor 3G (v4.6.0) is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the App Store. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Pet Monitor Allows Pet Owners to Keep an Eye on Their Pets from Anywhere

Independent developer Martin Man today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Pet Monitor 1.0, his pet monitoring solution for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Anyone can setup an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch at home to act as a camera, and easily monitor their pet’s actions and well-being from their iPhone, no matter where they are.

Pet Monitor Allows Pet Owners to Keep an Eye on Their Pets from Anywhere

Pet Monitor is a breeze to setup. Simply purchase and install the app on one iOS device, and then install it on the second device. (The second installation is free.) Then, plug the iOS device you’ll keep at home into power, run the app, and point the camera at the area you wish to monitor. The device will monitor the area for noise and motion. Then, run the app on the second iOS device, such as an iPhone that’s carried during the day, and that device will receive notifications when the home iOS device detects motion or noise.


When a notification is received, the user simply taps it, and will be taken automatically to a live video stream, where the pet can be monitored. Using FaceTime-like video and audio, the owner can even talk to the pet and calm it if needed, reassuring their pets when they are upset or lonely.


“My original app, Cloud Baby Monitor, is one of the top baby monitors on the App Store,” says developer Martin Man. “I learned that many customers were using Cloud Baby Monitor to monitor and better take care of their pets. That’s when I came up with the Pet Monitor app, which includes features that are specifically tailored for pet owners.”


When pet owners leave home, dogs can undergo separation anxiety, leading them to bark, and act out, sometimes damaging the owner’s property. This leaves the owner with no way of understanding when and why it happens. Pet Monitor allows owners to monitor their pet and its behavior, either at their leisure, or when notified of activity.


* Activity Alerts
* 2-way audio and video allow users to talk to and reassure pets
* Continue training, even from remote locations
* Snap photos, and share them via popular social networks
* Activity log
* High quality live video and sensitive audio make it easy to monitor pets
* Monitor your pets from anywhere
* Supports Family Sharing
* Secure, reliable and easy to use


Pet Monitor can be installed on up to 10 devices using the same Apple ID used for purchasing the app. It can also be installed for free on the device of up to 6 Family Sharing members. This makes the app perfect for use by the whole family, allowing everyone to take turns monitoring and reassuring Fido when he’s feeling lonely. Plus, multiple users can view the live video from the iOS device at home, so they don’t have to take turns when they all want to take a peek at the family pet.


In addition to monitoring the canine companions, Pet Monitor users can also capture photos from the live video stream and share them with friends and family directly from the app to popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. All photos and alerts are stored in a convenient activity log, making it easy to view and share them at a later time.


“Pet Monitor is an especially valuable tool for owners of new puppies. The app allows them to keep track of their new friend, reassuring them when needed,” continues Martin. “New pups can be destructive when upset or lonely. By keeping an eye on their new pet and intervening when needed, pet owners can make pet training much easier, possibly preventing damage to their furniture or other property that often can be caused by an upset pet.”


Pet Monitor 1.0 is only $4.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. Review codes are available upon request.

Pet Monitor 1.0
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Vita Journal for iOS with Location and Weather

Pixolini, Inc. today is proud to announce the release of Vita Journal 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Vita Journal was thoughtfully designed to record your daily moments of life and special occasions including location, weather, temperature*, photos* and tags. The Vita Journal app was designed with these features in mind to help you record your Life.


Vita Journal: Record your daily moments of life and special occasions. Include Location, Weather and Temperature(*), Photos(*) and Tags.


Vita Journal is a one-of-a-kind journal that features the ability to organize entries in multiple books and add multiple photos to each entry. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; organize your life and memorable moments with unlimited photos, audio recordings, and tags. Vita Journal also supports multiple entries per day including past or future dates.


* Multiple Journal Books(*) Personal, Vacations, Ideas, Business…
* Multiple Photos(*) per Diary Entry
* GPS Location with Map
* Weather and Temperature(*)
* Photos can be viewed in full screen mode and zoomed in
* Tag entries by keywords
* Date and time stamp
* Secure Password Protection including Touch ID(*)
* Quickly Search by keywords
* Cloud Sync with multiple devices(*)


(*) Premium Features (available via in-app purchase) include Cloud Sync with Multiple Devices, Multiple Journal Books, Multiple Photos per Entry, Weather and Temperature, support future development


Vita Journal 1.0 is free, and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. A convenient in-app purchase is available to activate Premium Features.

Vita Journal 1.0
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Productivity and Wellness Calendar App for Mindful Women

Novum Press LLC announces the release of ProWell Calendar 1.1, the team’s new lifestyle app for women, developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. ProWell stands out with its simple aesthetics. The app helps encourages output and wellness by connecting a woman’s hormonal dips and surges to her energy fluctuations, so she can plan her productivity effectively.


ProWell is a smart calendar that syncs with other calendars, and intelligently monitors, predicts and displays women’s cycles. It uses the expected cycle-based hormone fluctuations to predict energy levels. Its complete design incorporates the menstrual cycle, energy levels, goal planning, and mindful affirmations.


ProWell has it all in one place:
* It syncs with other calendars
* Accurately predicts and shows future menstrual cycles
* Forecasts energy based on estrogen and testosterone dips and surges throughout the cycle
* Color codes fertile and infertile days
* Sends weekly health alerts, including proven tips on which vitamins and foods to consume at what time of the monthly cycle
* A goal tracking feature for users to create, track, and share with friends, family, or mentors their daily and weekly objectives
* Sends weekly charts to show goals’ progress
* An affirmations feature that encourages mindfulness
* A notes function
* Does not require a user account or any other login


ProWell Calendar helps women to balance the essentials of their intricate lives in a simple way, for optimum well-being. The app adjusts to every woman’s rhythm. It shows the biological and chemical process taking place in the body in a simple, easy-to-understand way, and provides easy organization and planning for months ahead. All the data is available to the user at all times, on all of her iOS devices.


“We understand the natural connection between productivity and a woman’s health, and designed ProWell to make it possible for a woman to track her cycle and her goals in one place, and with mindfulness reminders,” explained Jacquelynn Osoro, conceptual designer. “With ProWell we want to offer women the opportunity to put their health and well-being first, and to incorporate mindfulness in their approach to work and other life goals.”


ProWell Calendar 1.1 is $2.99 USD and is available through the App Store.

Laura Lively Try On Necklaces 1.1 Allows Virtual Trying on of Jewelry

Laura Lively LLC, a direct-to-consumer jewelry company, is very pleased to announce the release of Laura Lively Try On Necklaces 1.1, an update to their “Try On” mobile app. With this unique app, prospective purchasers can now “try on” the entire Laura Lively collection utilizing a state-of-the-art interactive mobile app with powerful yet easy-to-use features. The company understands that wearing beautiful jewelry can be a truly transformative experience. However, as is most often the case, that transformative experience only begins after customers have the opportunity to see how a certain necklace looks while viewing and trying on the piece in person.

Laura Lively Try On Necklaces 1.1 Allows Virtual Trying on of Jewelry

“At Laura Lively, we believe that every woman deserves to feel good about herself on the inside, and the outside,” explained Laura Miniotas, Laura Lively’s Founder and President. “That’s the inspiration behind our line of elegant, timeless jewelry and accessories, made of real freshwater pearls, natural stones, crystals and mother of pearl. You can see it, and feel it, in the weight, beauty and versatility of all our pieces. We wanted to differentiate our offering and give women a unique and fun buying opportunity … we think we have done this.”


Try On Features:
* Take a photo or access your phone’s photo album
* Alternatively, choose one of the App’s 6 models
* Access and try on the entire Laura Lively jewelry collection
* Adjust your photo and/or necklace as needed
* Choose favorites and instantly share via Social Media, Text Message or Email
* Version 1.1 updates the entire necklace inventory and fixes necklace overlay image scaling


“Laura Lively is a company that understands that wearing beautiful, and real, jewelry can be a transformative experience.” continued Miniotas. “It’s personal, emotional and when done right, empowering! The right piece becomes part of you and reflects who you are. While it may seem like a luxury these days, we think every woman should have the opportunity to feel that special every day by wearing genuine jewelry, and still be able to afford the shoes for the outfit. So, we went straight to the source, bypassed the middleman and left out the overhead so that we could share the savings with other women. We call it ‘girlfriend pricing’ because girlfriends always let each other in on a good thing.”


Laura Lively Try On Necklaces 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Shopping category. An Android version will be available on Google Play in the coming weeks. For more information, please contact Tim Tolbert.

Laura Lively Try On Necklaces 1.1
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Everyone Find Open Restaurants with Restaurant Shuffle

Decide-N-Dine is the fun, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing way for everyone to decide where or what to eat by engaging in “The Restaurant Shuffle.” It provides a view into open restaurants in the area, along with menus, photos, contact info, and directions on how to get there. As a restaurant appears on the screen, users swipe right if they want more information. Swipe left, a new random restaurant will appear on the screen. Restaurants can be stored and diners need never worry about a restaurant being closed. Decide-N-Dine removes the clutter of long lists and misleading reviews and focuses on what really matters; finding where and what to eat.


For Restaurants:
Decide-N-Dine ultimately wants to focus on daily specials and promotions that restaurants have to offer in order to provide hard to find information for customers. This is what makes us unique. We have about 500,000 restaurants in our backend, which will continue to grow every day. Our interactive platform serves as an information portal about restaurants along with a service that shines the light on one restaurant at a time. Since each restaurant is featured one at a time, it is up to the restaurant to update their specials, menus, and photos to make sure they shine the brightest.


Decide-N-Dine 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Food & Drink category.

Decide-N-Dine 1.0.1
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