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Cheetah3D 7.2 Adds Support for HEVC, ProRes, IES Lights, More

MW3D-Solutions today is happy to announce Cheetah3D 7.2. The biggest change in Cheetah3D 7.2 is probably the complete rewrite of the movie import/export code. Cheetah3D is using the AVFoundation framework now, which offers much faster and better movie export. It also supports new state of the art movie codecs like HEVC. Professional users will enjoy the added ProRes workflow.


Cheetah3D 7.2 Adds Support for HEVC, ProRes, IES Lights, More


Cheetah3D unbiased render engine Falcon also saw some nice additions like support for IES lights, Filmic tone mapping and improved soft shadows.


Major new features in Cheetah3D 7.2:
* Upgraded form QTKit framework to AVFoundation framework
* Added support for HEVC (just on High Sierra), ProRes422 and ProRes4444 video codecs
* Much faster multithreaded movie export
* Added .gif exporter to Render Manager
* Added support for the iMac Pro with up to 18 CPU cores (and 36 threads )
* Added support for IES light profiles
* Added support for filmic tone mapping to Falcon renderer
* Added support for soft shadows to non-physical light sources in Falcon
* And much much more


Cheetah3D is perfect for graphic designers, architects and casual users alike, Cheetah3D provides the most useful features needed to get the job done, and organizes them within a beautifully elegant user-interface that is powerful, intuitive and quick to work with. It offers many powerful tools, like subdivision surface modelling, joint based character animation system, UV unwrapping, texture painting, rigid and soft body dynamics, PDF import, global illumination renderer, and much more. The possibility to extend Cheetah3D with JavaScripts and support for many common file formats, like FBX, 3DS or Collada, rounds out its feature set.


Pricing and Availability:
Cheetah3D 7.0 is priced at $99.00 (USD) for a single-user license. Customers may upgrade from older version for $59.00 (USD). For customers who purchased Cheetah3D 6.x after April 1st 2015, the Upgrade to v7 is free.

WebSonar Libraries Are a Better Way to Organize, Access and Share

NeoNet Corp is proud to announce the release of WebSonar 3000. NeoNet Corp’s WebSonar is a macOS application that provides a search engine with a built in web server. WebSonar dynamically creates a web presence from files stored in indexed, WebSonar Libraries, including image, audio, video and pdf documents. WebSonar searches at the page level and indexes every page in a document. Documents can include many thousands of pages. Every Library can serve a million documents and one Mac Mini can support 3000 libraries.


WebSonar Library Benefits:
Standard web browser client, all existing resources can be added and shared, paperless, no additional infrastructure, no additional support staff, internet connection not required, library users can opt in or out at anytime, every participant manages their own files, source documents are not edited, designed for iPads. Every document page has a searchable linked note that can be used for collaboration.


Think of it as rolling Google, FaceBook, Pinterest, YouTube and the Cloud into one simple application, minus the spam and privacy concerns. WebSonar libraries have the potential to have a very positive impact on the way we use the internet to acquire knowledge; particularly on education. This community distributed approach may be what the originators of the Internet initially envisioned. In the nineteen-eighties, the Internet was a small, decentralized collective of computers.


This is not the same Internet we know today. Today most communication flows through a small set of corporations; and thus, falls under the influence of those companies and institutions. Internet users now regularly submit to terms-of-service agreements that give companies license to share their personal data with other institutions, from advertisers to governments.


Now you can publish your own content, hosted on your own computer, located at home, in a Data Center, School or Co-op without trading your privacy. Every library owner can add content to their library from any web browser. Each library can contain PDF, image, audio, and video content. Library access can be set to private or public.


Your content can be searched at the page level or by Title. Each page has a searchable note that can be set to read only or editable. The robot search engines cannot index the content of your libraries. WebSonar is scalable and can be used in a closed private network. Adding new content to your library is simple; just drag any file that you want to include into your library folder and then “Index” with WebSonar. That’s it. Your library is now just a click away in any web browser.


School Libraries Network, is a free distributed framework that anyone can use to share education resources right down to the personal library level with WebSonar. WebSonar can be used to dynamically publish library databases, course materials (audio, video, images & PDF), and Apple’s iBooks.


“If you think the internet is not working in its current incarnation, you can’t change the system through think-pieces and F.C.C. regulations alone. You need new code.”


Pricing and Availability:
WebSonar 9 (v2.2.3) is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Education category. WebSonar 36 (v2.2.3) is $29.00 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Education category. WebSonar Pro (v2.2.3) is $99.00 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. WebSonar 3000 (includes Mac Mini) is $4,999.00 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

17th Las Vegas SuperMeet to be Headlined by Film Editor Dylan Tichenor ACE

The Creative Pro User Group Network (CPUG Network) recently announced the 17th Annual Las Vegas SuperMeet to take place on Tuesday, April 10 2018 in the Brasilia Ballroom at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Earlybird tickets, (ends March 9) are on sale online for the price of $10.00 each plus ticket fee and $8.00 for students and Teachers with valid ID. Oscar(R) and BAFTA nominated Film editor Dylan Tichenor ACE is scheduled to present at the event.


Mr. Tichenor received Oscar(R) nominations for editing Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood and Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty. He’s also received a BAFTA nomination for Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain. He received ACE Eddie Award nominations for Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, as well as There will be Blood and Brokeback Mountain.


Mr. Tichenor got his start in the craft of editing with editor Geraldine Peroni who brought him on as apprentice editor on Robert Altman’s The Player. Continuing this collaboration he went on to be assistant editor on Short Cuts, associate editor on Alan Rudolph’s Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, then technical coordinator on Altman’s Kansas City, and finally as co-editor on the documentary Jazz ’34, for which he earned an Emmy nomination. Mr. Tichenor subsequently entered an ongoing collaboration with writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, beginning as post-production supervisor on Sydney [Hard Eight], and then editing the award-winning features Boogie Nights, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.


Mr. Tichenor’s credits as editor also include Tony Drazan’s Hurlyburly, M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, Andrew Dominik’s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt, Drew Barrymore’s Whip It, Ben Affleck’s The Town and John Hillcoat’s Lawless.


His recent projects have been Daniel Espinosa’s Child 44, John Hillcoat’s Triple 9, Doug Liman’s American Made and David Gordon Green’s Stronger. Tichenor’s latest release is another collaboration with director Paul Thomas Anderson, 2018 best-picture nominated Phantom Thread. Editor and Author Steve Hullfish will moderate. Mr. Hullfish is best known as the author of “Art of the Cut: Conversations with Film and TV Editors.”


Doors will open at 4:30PM (16:30) with the SuperMeet Vendor Showcase featuring over twenty software and hardware developers including Adobe, Blackmagic Design,, HP, Atomos, Digital Anarchy, B&H, Future Media Concepts, Master The Workflow, LumaForge, ATTO, Boris FX, CoreMelt, Red Giant Software, Drobo, Pond5, Maxon, RE:Vision Effects and more to come. Here, attendees can enjoy a few cocktails, mingle and party with industry peers, network one on one with leading manufacturers and learn about the latest trends in collaborative editing workflows for post production and broadcast markets.


The full SuperMeet agenda will not be announced until shortly before the event date, however the producers have stated that there will be USER driven presentations by Blackmagic Design, Adobe,, Atomos, HP and more.


Rounding out the evening will be the always wild and crazy “World Famous Raffle,” where tens of thousands of dollars worth of valuable filmmaker-related prizes, will be handed out to dozens of lucky winners.


To purchase Earlybird tickets, (ends March 9) and for complete daily updates on the SuperMeet, including agenda updates, directions, transportation options, and a current list of raffle prizes, visit the SuperMeet web site.

Default Folder X 5.2.2 – Speed Improvements, New Features, Bug Fixes

St. Clair Software is happy to release version 5.2.2 of Default Folder X today. This update of its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs delivers improved performance, new AppleScript commands and user interface improvements. It also addresses several reliability issues.


Default Folder X 5.2.2 - Speed Improvements, New Features, Bug Fixes


Default Folder X’s custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. Pop-up menus let you quickly navigate your folders and open Finder windows. Previews, file information, Spotlight tagging and comments are there when you need them. Open, save, and get back to work: Default Folder X speeds your workflow by making file management fast and efficient.


The changes in Default Folder X 5.2.2 include:
* Improved performance, halving the time it takes for Default Folder X’s controls to appear next to a file dialog
* New AppleScript commands let you remove recent files, recent folders and default folders
* Placeholder text makes it clear where to enter comments and tags
* Group headers in the Shortcut preferences are more prominent, making it clearer when particular shortcuts are active
* Fixed a bug that could leave a file dialog stuck on screen with a spinning progress indicator
* Corrected compatibility issues with Keyboard Maestro, LaunchBar and InDesign
* Fixed a number of bugs and crashes


Pricing and Availability:
Default Folder X 5.2.2 is a free update for existing version 5 users. New licenses are $34.95 (USD) and upgrades from version 4 and prior are $14.95.

Money 5 Finance Tracker App Gets Direct Downloads, Goes Free

Jumsoft has launched an update for the popular personal finance tracker Money 5, which brings the version number to 5.3. The update brings substantial changes to the app, including the addition of popularly requested features such as Direct Downloads and local data backups. Money is now a free download on the App Store to allow users to test the app before making any commitment.


Money 5 Finance Tracker App Gets Direct Downloads, Goes Free


“This is the most significant release of Money to date. We are very proud to be able to offer a market-leading coverage for the Direct Downloads functionality in Money for Mac! At the moment, Money supports over 50,000 financial institution connections across 57 countries, so it will be a treat to our users all over the world” – said Algirdas Unguvaitis, CEO of Jumsoft. “We have worked hard to fulfil some of the most popular requests from our users with this release. In addition to Direct Downloads, we added another layer of data safety with regular automatic data backups, introduced support for various cryptocurrencies, and made overall improvements to the app that all our users will benefit from!”


The free version of Money 5 will allow adding 100 transactions to the app, which will let users decide if the app is right for them. After that, unlimited functionality can be unlocked via a one-time Money Standard purchase or by opting-in to Money Premium subscription plan with Direct Downloads. Direct Downloads are currently available on Money 5 for Mac.


Local data backups are available on macOS and iOS devices to give all Money users more confidence and control over their data. This functionality allows Money to create regular automatic data backups, as well as gives the liberty for users to back up manually and have a restore point at a particular point in time.


Money 5 is now available as a free download on Mac and iOS App Stores. Users of earlier releases of Money 5 will automatically receive Money Standard activation for a lifetime of unlimited accounts and transactions free of charge, and will be able to opt-in for the Money Premium plan with Direct Downloads separately. Money 5.3 can be downloaded or updated via App Store for macOS and iOS.

Compositor 1.0 Brings Real-Time WYSIWYG Interface to LaTeX Typesetting

Austrian indie developer, Karl Traunmueller today released Compositor 1.0, a new Mac app that brings WYSIWYG features to the LaTeX document preparation system widely used in academia for preparation of scientific and technical publications.


Compositor 1.0 Brings Real-Time WYSIWYG Interface to LaTeX Typesetting


Based on LaTeX, a document preparation system written by Leslie Lamport in the 1980s as a collection of macros for the TeX typesetting program developed by Stanford Professor Donald Knuth in the late 1970s, Compositor builds on a well-established platform of the highest quality typesetting that handles anything from letters to full-size books.


Although LaTeX has seen widespread adoption over the last three decades, the way it works has changed little. Because of the limitations of late 1970s computer systems, the underlying TeX typesetting system was designed for batch processing, with limited interactivity via a command-line interface. It has therefore been stuck in an antiquated edit-compile-review workflow, in which a document has to be fully processed (“compiled”) by the system before the user can review the effects of changes. That results in a delay between typing the material in, and seeing the typeset result.


In Compositor the document is typeset with every keystroke the user makes, and the results are displayed immediately. Whereas in a traditional LaTeX workflow users could spend significant time waiting for compilation to complete, Compositor’s real-time typesetting eliminates that turnaround time. This amounts to significant time saving, particularly as LaTeX compilation takes progressively longer as documents grow.


A second improvement over traditional LaTeX use is Compositor’s unified WYSIWYG interface. In standard LaTeX workflows, the user edits the “source code” of a LaTeX document using a text editor, compiles it, and reviews the result in a separate PDF viewer application. With Compositor, editing and viewing are fully integrated – the user types directly into the viewer. Coupled with its real-time typesetting, Compositor delivers the same convenience and productivity of any modern word processor.


Lastly, Compositor brings a vastly improved installation experience over traditional LaTeX distributions, which usually involve downloading several hundred megabytes, and require manual post-installation maintenance when adding extension packages, for example.


Together, these transform LaTeX into a thoroughly modern platform for creating beautifully typeset documents of all kinds and lengths. Compositor appeals to everyone already working with LaTeX, and should attract many Mac users who care about the way their documents look, even if they have no previous exposure to LaTeX. It sets a new standard for the preparation of scientific and technical publications.


* Zero-turnaround, real-time typesetting
* Modern WYSIWYG interface
* Simple drag & drop installation; no additional software required
* Automatic, on-demand extension package installation
* No proprietary document format, compatible with regular plain text .tex files
* Based on texlive, a comprehensive standard LaTeX distribution


Karl Traunmueller, the developer, says: “With Compositor, I address the shortcomings in LaTeX: this app lowers the entry barrier to getting up and running in the first place – a step that’s more complicated than it should be. The app is a small (~30MB) download and installs like any modern Mac app by simply dragging it to the Applications folder. That’s all there is to it – you’re all set for working with LaTeX documents. Second, it provides a major boost in productivity by eliminating edit-compile-review turnaround times. Users shouldn’t have to wait to see their work. Lastly, it provides the user experience of a modern app that is fully integrated and provides all the facilities you expect from a word processor.”


Compositor has been in development for nearly three years, mainly during evenings and weekends when working full-time as a freelance iOS & macOS developer; Karl Traunmueller points out that version 1.0 is in some respects a starting point, and is undergoing further enhancement in the coming months. The product’s web site details its current limitations and links to a roadmap of planned improvements and features. This build-up of features is reflected in an early-adopter pricing strategy: all purchases include lifetime updates, but the current entry price of $19 will rise to $29 midway through the year, and to $39 (USD) by end of the year.


A fully-functional 60-day free trial is available for download from the product’s website. Licenses can be purchased from the product’s online store at an early-adopter price of $19 (USD). The purchase includes all future updates, including major version updates. There are currently no plans to support Windows or Linux platforms.

ChronoSync 4.8.4 Improves APFS Performance

ChronoSync 4.8.4 brings significant improvements to APFS backups as well as improved reliability to scheduled backups and syncs. As a result of Econ Technologies’ devotion to analyzing and testing APFS under High Sierra, syncs, backups and bootable backup performance and reliability is taking a big step forward.


Package File analysis performance is significantly faster in ChronoSync 4.8.4 which directly reduces the time needed to scan for changed files. Furthermore, APFS bootable backups now start up the first time more reliably, Preboot and Recovery volumes are updated more reliably and even Archiving package files is faster.


In addition, unique issues have been revealed whereby certain Mac/OS combinations don’t provide the same signaling and wake-to-sync behavior that has been tried and tested for generations of ChronoSync under macOS. As a result, new techniques are now in place to ensure scheduled backups run as expected on these newer platforms.


Numerous other issues addressed in ChronoSync 4.8.4 are related to the Validator performance, general App UI performance and working around inconsistent SMB File Sharing behavior on High Sierra.


Owners of ChronoSync should download and update immediately since the update is free! If you don’t already own ChronoSync, download today and start the 15-day free trial.


ChronoSync, the multipurpose app for local and cloud backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronizing, is designed to work on macOS version 10.10 and newer. Full working trial licenses are available or purchase ChronoSync for $49.99 (USD). ChronoSync’s companion app, ChronoAgent, allows any Mac to accept direct, secure connections from any ChronoSync Mac or any InterConneX iOS device to access or transfer data! Full working trial licenses are available or purchase ChronoAgent for $14.99. ChronoMonitor is an iPhone app that monitors Macs running ChronoSync or ChronoAgent. ChronoMonitor is available in the Apple App Store for $3.99 (USD).

GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2 Now Available

The graphic design company, Graphic Node today is pleased to announce the release of GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2, an important update to its high-quality templates for iWork products for Mac. Destined to become one of the most vibrant productivity and graphics templates marketplace on the Mac App Store, GN Templates for iWork is an all-round productivity assistant, packed with productivity and graphics templates, designed for an unmatched variety of productivity suites and image-editing applications.


GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2 Now Available


The ideal tool for users of iWork, GN Templates for iWork provides you with over 10,000 unique designs for Pages documents, spreadsheet templates for Numbers, first-class slideshow themes for Keynote, over 2000 images and graphics for illustrating your content. All templates are available in the US and international paper sizes. The new update adds hundreds fresh elegant and easily-customizable designs. New game-changing interface and the new section for Pictures which is completely free. All templates are available in the US and international page size.


Templates for Pages:
The premium-quality Pages Templates set offers over 3100 beautiful and functional templates for Apple’s Pages. It includes a variety of template types, from business cards and brochures to posters and invitations. Pages Templates features a compelling combination of a modern and professional print layout and the gripping feel of creativity, adding a note of sophistication to your content.


Templates for Numbers:
The high-quality Numbers Templates collection offers diverse and useful templates for Apple’s Numbers. Use them for your business or personal needs. Handle your day-to-day tasks without difficulty. Customize the templates to your requirements: create tables, make calculations, draw diagrams, insert images thus tackling your job efficiently and effortlessly.


Keynote Templates:
Keynote Templates consist of huge variety themes for Keynote presentations. These are more than just pretty backgrounds – each one of them includes up to 24 different master slides, which lets you choose the best layout for your information. The themes are available in up to two sizes: standart 4:3 and widescreen 16:9. Let us take care of the appearance of your presentation, while you focus on the content.


Graphics is a collection of over 2000 beautiful, detailed clip-arts, illustrations.


Royalty-free stock images, illustrations, photographs in a fast-growing library. Can be used in both personal and commercial projects.


GN Templates for iWork 4.0.2 is free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.