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Sparkle 2.8 is a Sketch Plugin to Turn Artboards Into Fast Websites

Independent development team, River SRL today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Sparkle 2.8, an important update to their visual web designer for macOS systems. Sparkle allows anyone to easily build beautiful websites with no knowledge of HTML or CSS, and no need to be restrained by canned templates or pre-built layouts.


The flagship feature in Sparkle 2.8 is a plugin for Sketch. The Export to Sparkle plugin lets designers transfer a whole Sketch artboard into Sparkle. Thanks to Sparkle’s freeform layout engine, the artboard is instantly turned it into a working website. The plugin makes use of vector formats such as SVG as much as possible, to create a fast loading page.


Sparkle is a Mac app that enables the creation of a successful website. A modern Mac user interface makes simple things simple, complex things approachable, with fine control over the looks and the features of the website.


Sparkle packs great value: it integrates all the media management and integration with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maps, fonts, stock photos and patterns. It then produces optimized websites that score high on performance and SEO, while ensuring compliance and locking down visitor privacy.


With the Sparkle 2.8 release, River SRL introduced a new low pricing tier of $29.99 USD, and an option to subscribe to Sparkle Pro for $71.99 USD per year.


Features Include:
* A fully freeform canvas that makes the app the perfect choice for visual thinkers
* Design responsive websites for desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens
* Easy access to hundreds of web fonts
* Drag-and-drop to add images, videos, audio, downloadable files, and more
* Simple, yet powerful visual contact form creator
* Built-in Google Maps generator
* Live preview the site on any computer or mobile device
* Easy integration with Shopify, PayPal, and many other payment solutions
* Advanced SEO tools, analytics and tag manager
* Twitter, Facebook and Instagram integration
* Best in class in privacy compliance
* Built-in site verification, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml
* Produces fully-optimized code
* Built-in incremental FTP capabilities
* Native macOS interface
* Closely integrated with other Mac apps
* Supports English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese
* Much more


New in Sparkle 2.8:
* A new Sketch plugin to copy a design over to Sparkle
* A new Instagram element, and Instagram support in images and galleries
* Unsplash stock photo integration, in addition to
* The Photos Extension, to create Sparkle image galleries from Photos
* A site search element and search results page
* New stick to top behaviors
* Pinning of a group to the bottom of the browser window
* SVG support for box backgrounds
* Stock and custom patterns for box backgrounds
* The option to make a text box scrollable
* Free gradient angle for box backgrounds
* Proportional width menu items
* Support for removing backgrounds in images shot with portrait mode
* Support for Continuity Camera
* Improved canvas drawing performance for complex layouts (macOS 10.13 or later)
* Pinch to zoom in the canvas
* Faster startup performance for large projects
* Faster SVG rendering performance
* Basic map mode that doesn’t require API key
* Display of publishing progress activity
* The ability to convert from one element type to another
* Text style re-ordering
* The ability to import a website from the local disk
* The Audio player now stops other audio players on the page
* Better support for fixed background images on Android browsers
* Better video player compatibility
* Better page import accuracy
* New publishing setup diagnostics


Sparkle Free is a full-featured totally free app, allowing users to publish a single site, with a total of 3 pages. A “Made with Sparkle” banner will be present on the pages in the free version. Sparkle Basic is available as a one-time $29.99 USD purchase, and allows publishing of a single site, with a 10 page limit but no Sparkle branding. Sparkle One is available as a one-time $49.99 USD purchase, and allows publishing of a single site, no page limit or Sparkle branding and adds the site search component. Sparkle Pro is available as a one-time $119.99 USD purchase, and allows publishing unlimited sites, and the ability to export sites to disk with no page limit and no branding, plus the site search component and the instagram component. Sparkle Pro is also available as a yearly $71.99 USD subscription. Multi-User licenses are also available.


System Requirements:
* macOS 10.9 Mavericks or later
* Optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave
* 61.2 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Sparkle 2.8 is free and is available worldwide from the Sparkle website. The app is also available through the Mac App Store in the Graphics and Design category. Expanded capabilities are available as one-time purchases or as a yearly subscription. Redeem codes are available to journalists upon request. Contact Duncan Wilcox for more information.

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BatchOutput PDF Now Ofers Page Auto Rotation

Zevrix Solutions announces the release of BatchOutput PDF 2.2.37, a feature update to the company’s PDF printing automation solution for Mac. The only consumer-oriented product for automatic PDF printing on the Mac market, the software allows users to process PDF files from watched hot folders.


The new version restores the ability to auto rotate document pages in accordance with their orientation in PDF file regardless of the page orientation selected in the output preset. This option is currently only applies to PDF files where all pages have the same orientation. The ability to auto rotate pages in documents with a mix of portrait and landscape orientations is in works and planned to be added soon. The issue with page auto rotation was caused by a bug introduced in a recent release of macOS.


BatchOutput PDF helps users eliminate countless repetitive tasks of opening PDF files and adjusting print settings manually by bypassing the print dialog. For example, users can create hot folders for color and black-and-white printers, specific paper sizes, duplex modes, various color profiles and other controls.


The app offers the following key features:

* Print PDFs automatically from watched hot folders
* Create hot folders for different print settings
* Detailed output history
* Specify password for encrypted PDFs
* Save time and hassle of printing each PDF manually

BatchOutput PDF can be purchased from Zevrix website for $24.95 USD (Server version $99.95), as well as from Mac App Store and authorized resellers. The update is free for licensed users of version 2. Trial is also available for download. BatchOutput PDF supports macOS 10.7-10.14.


Zevrix Solutions
BatchOutput PDF 2.2.37
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Default Folder X 5.3.7 Now Displays More Metadata, Offers Improved Compatibility

St. Clair Software is happy to announce the release of Default Folder X version 5.3.7 today. This release of its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs addresses compatibility issues with LaunchBar and Mojave’s Finder. It also displays additional metadata in Open dialogs, enhances Default Folder X’s drawer in the Finder, and improves the operation of file dialogs that are partially off-screen.


Default Folder X’s custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. Pop-up menus let you quickly navigate your folders and open Finder windows. Previews, file information, Spotlight tagging and comments are there when you need them. Open, save, and get back to work: Default Folder X speeds your workflow by making file management fast and efficient.


The changes in Default Folder X 5.3.7 include:
* Display of application version numbers and “last opened” dates in the info panel below Open dialogs
* Greatly improved handling of file dialogs that are as large as the screen or that lie partially off-screen
* Users can create an AppleScript to specify default folders for applications on the fly
* Fixed compatibility issues with LaunchBar and tabbed windows in the Mojave Finder
* Addressed problems when running in multiple-language environments
* Improved the behavior of Default Folder X’s drawer in the Finder
* Default Folder X is now Notarized by Apple


Pricing and Availability:
Default Folder X 5.3.7 is a free update for existing version 5 users. New licenses are $34.95 (USD) and upgrades from version 4 and prior are $14.95. Please see the St. Clair Software web site for screencasts, screenshots, a full change log, and additional feature information. St. Clair Software strongly recommends that anyone using Default Folder X install this update.


Default Folder X 5.3.7
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Split View, Font Bar, Continuity Camera Support, and More Come to PDFpen 11

Smile, the developer of productivity applications for Mac(R), iPhone(R) and iPad(R), launches PDFpen and PDFpenPro 11, a new major version of its all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. Version 11 introduces split view, a new Font Bar, Continuity Camera support, and for Pro users, enhancements to interactive form creation and editing.


Split view mode quickly and simultaneously shows different parts of a document. Partition your window horizontally or vertically, scroll to reference another page while editing.


The new Font Bar enables convenient font selection, styling, and justification for new and selected text.


Continuity Camera adds scanning options for users running macOS Mojave and iOS 12. Effortlessly scan documents and images into PDFpen and PDFpenPro 11 on your Mac right from your iPhone or iPad.


PDFpenPro 11 users can select and edit multiple form fields at once. Table of Contents text now wraps, simplifying navigation and editing.


PDFpen 11 includes many additional improvements, including the ability to add multiple items as one to the Library, specify margin positioning for page numbers, and turn position guides on and off.


PDFpen and PDFpenPro 11 work with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 4, allowing seamless editing across devices when used with Dropbox or iCloud.


PDFpen retails for US $74.95, PDFpenPro for $124.95. Family Pack licenses, which cover up to five computers in one household, are $94.95 for PDFpen and $149.95 for PDFpenPro. Office Pack licenses start at $224.95 for PDFpen (5 users) and $349.95 for PDFpenPro (5 users).


Upgrades from earlier single-user versions of either application are US $30, and free for users who purchased on or after January 1, 2019. Upgrades from any previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 11 are US $50. Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs available in our web store.


PDFpen and PDFpenPro 11 require macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later. For macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and earlier, see our website for compatible PDFpen versions. Demo versions are available on our site. Full versions of PDFpen and PDFpenPro are also available for purchase on Apple’s Mac App Store. PDFpen is also available via subscription from Setapp.


What’s New in PDFpen 11:
* Split-view mode for editing
* New Font Bar for expressive font control
* Import scans from Continuity Camera
* Customize page-number locations
* Add multiple items to the Library at once
* Adds option to turn off guides
* Adds Medical/Legal dictionaries for OCR (English language)


Features Specific to PDFpenPro:
* Export to Microsoft(R) Excel (.xlsx, .xls), Microsoft(R) PowerPoint (.pptx) and PDF Archive (PDF/A) formats (requires Internet connection for .pptx and PDF/A, must be a licensed user)
* Create cross-platform fillable PDF forms including interactive signature fields and email or web submission buttons
* Create and edit Table of Contents
* Convert websites into PDFs
* OCR multiple documents in batch
* Add and edit document permissions
* Automatic form creation makes existing PDF forms fillable
* Gather submitted form data via backend integration
* Add and delete file attachments and annotations
* Create Portfolio documents, combining related files
* Correct typos in OCR text layer
* OCR horizontal Chinese, Japanese & Korean


* Add text, images and signatures to PDFs
* Correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks
* Fill out interactive PDF forms and sign them
* Redact or erase text, including OCR text
* Search and replace, search and redact, and search and highlight text
* Export in Microsoft(R) Word format, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and flat PDF
* Scan directly from Image Capture or TWAIN scanners
* Perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on scanned documents
* View OCR layer for proofing OCR text from scanned pages, or remove OCR layer
* Edit original images, including adjusting resolution, color depth and contrast, skew, and size of an image or scanned document
* Sign PDF forms via drawing, interactive signature fields, or AATL or self-signed certificates
* Insert and remove pages; reorder pages in a PDF with drag & drop; combine PDFs maintaining Table of Contents entries
* Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF
* Save PDFs directly to Evernote
* Preview and extract file attachments and annotations
* Record and playback audio annotations
* Copy and paste rich text; retain fonts and formatting when copying from PDFs, including columns
* Context-sensitive popup-menus enable quick edits
* Add notes and comments, print annotation summary with or without the original text
* Mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough
* Save frequently-used images, signatures, objects and text in the Library; sync Library items with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone via iCloud
* Add page numbers, bookmarks, headers and footers, line numbers and watermarks
* Apply business-related and Sign Here stamps via the Library
* Password protect a document with up to 256-bit AES encryption
* Automate PDF manipulations with AppleScript and JavaScript Automation
* Available in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish


PDFpen Pricing:
US $74.95
Family Pack: $94.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
Office Pack: starts at $224.95 for 5 users
Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpen: $30
Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs available in our web store
(Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2019; no free upgrades available on the Mac App Store)


PDFpenPro Pricing:
US $124.95
Family Pack: $149.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
Office Pack: starts at $349.95 for 5 users
Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpenPro: $30
Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs available in our web store
(Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2019; no free upgrades available on the Mac App Store)


Single user upgrade from the previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 11: $50
Site licenses: PDFpen $1249.95, PDFpenPro $1624.95
Site license terms: Single contact for support; single physical address or company with fewer than 1,000 employees. Visit our site license store. For more information about PDFpen, please visit our website.


PDFpen 11
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AI-powered photo color matching tool comes to Pixelmator Pro

The Pixelmator Team today released an update to Pixelmator Pro, adding a new Core ML-powered feature that intelligently matches the colors of different photos or objects using a machine learning algorithm trained on millions of professional photos. The update also brings a new Free Transform feature to freely resize, distort, and transform layers, and includes a number of additional improvements and fixes.



The new ML Match Colors feature lets anyone match the look of one photo to another in an instant. And it couldn’t be simpler to use. To match the style of a photo, users simply drag and drop images onto the Color Adjustments pane. ML Match Colors then analyzes the contents of both the source and target photo to identify any objects, detects their colors and lighting, and applies a range of color adjustments to the target photo. 37 individual adjustments in total, such as Brightness, Shadows, Highlights, White Balance, and Selective Color, are used for color matching.


ML Match Colors is also available in the Edit menu as Paste and ML Match Colors, letting users automatically color match any objects when pasting them into a new image. ML Match Colors has been trained on 20 million professional photographs and is powered by Core ML, delivering unmatched image analysis speed and performance.


Another headline feature in the update is the new Free Transform tool, which adds a number of different ways to transform objects, including the ability to skew, distort, and change the perspective of any layer. Along with perspective transformations, the Free Transform tool lets users resize individual layers using 3 specialized layer scaling algorithms – Bilinear, useful for photographic images, Lanczos, for images with small and intricate details, and Nearest Neighbor, which is most often used for pixel art.

Pixelmator Pro 1.3.4 is available today exclusively from the Mac App Store as a free update for existing users or for $39.99 (USD) for new customers.


Pixelmator Pro 1.3.4
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NeoFinder Mac 7.4 with iView MediaPro Now Available

Norbert M. Doerner today released NeoFinder Mac 7.4, the 90th update since CDFinder 1.0 was released in 1996! The new version adds more than 50 new features and enhancements, many will help iView MediaPro users to work better with NeoFinder.


The Gallery View in NeoFinder 7.3 displays the selected item very lage, but also has a list of other items underneath it for navigation. This of course works not only in macOS Mojave, but all the way back to Mac OS X 10.7!


After the demise of iView MediaPro, many users have started using NeoFinder, and things like the iView compatible web gallery templates, or the “people” metadata cataloging and editing have been added to NeoFinder due to feedback from these users. NeoFinder can use new neural network scene detection engines to automatically find Tags in thumbnails! That will make it a lot easier to handle large amounts of images, and discover surprising photo motives hidden deeply in the folders of the data.


All new features and enhancements of NeoFinder 7.4:
* Catalogs “People” fields in Adobe XMP and IPTC data (and data written by Picasa and Mylio)
* Search for People metadata, and add them to photos and movies in the XMP Editor
* Web Gallery now uses beautiful HTML templates, and you can even design your own! Or use your existing iView Media Pro gallery templates (with some small changes)
* AutoTags: Use ML scene detector engines to automatically detect scenes and items in thumbnails. NeoFinder currently offers two different engines, more to come. This requires macOS 10.13 or newer
* AutoTags: Search a catalog for thumbnails with a particular automatically detected Tag
* AutoTags Inspector shows the detected Tags, and allows you to place them in the file directly
* NeoFinder reads iView MediaPro CatalogSets from XMP records and builds albums and album folders for these automatically during cataloging
* Massively improved handing of XMP keywords for multiple selected files. NeoFinder now displays all keywords in these files, and allows you to add, remove, or edit them, and to place an existing keyword in all selected items
* Refresh thumbnails from photos or videos when updating a catalog, if you need larger or smaller thumbnails
* Delete a keyword from all items in the catalog and even from all files as well
* Detect and “fold” image sequences during cataloging. That is great for video producers with thousands of single frame files to catalog
* Search for video codecs in the Find Editor. That is helpful to quickly find files encoded with deprecated codecs
* The new command “Edit keywords” in the Metadata main menu with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-T places the text cursor in the XMP keywords field of the XMP editor for the selected items
* Rename keywords both in the Controlled Vocabulary, as well as in all items in the database
* A new command in the Metadata menu allows you to write all XMP metadata back to a file. That is useful if you have imported metadata and want to make sure it is actually written into the file, where it belongs
* Catalog metadata and audio thumbnails of “.CAF” Apple CoreAudio Files
* Catalog the number of audio channels for audio files, including 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 formats
* Catalog thumbnails and metadata of compressed Fuji RAW files (RAF file format). Even Apple still cannot do this, but NeoFinder is now able to accomplish that for you!
* Catalogs .JPX, .J2C, and .JPF JPEG 2000 photo files
* Catalog stereoscopic files in the JPS format with thumbnails and metadata
* Edit->Copy now copies the names of all selected items to the clipboard
* File->Open now works like a double click on the selected items
* “Find all media items in a folder” options are now also available in the View menu
* Search for empty, and non empty XMP text fields in the Inspector with a new menu when you click on the label of a field
* The Find Editor can now also find empty and not empty XMP fields
* NeoFinder now displays the number of items in Album Groups (the sum of all files in all contained albums)
* The Display Filter can now filter by “Ratings larger than”
* The QuickLook window will now be opened fullscreen if you hold the Alt key
* Improved handling of .dv video files
* Improved handling of cataloging BMP files
* Improved scrolling in the Gallery View
* NeoFinder now catalogs metadata and thumbnails for Phantom Cine video files
* NeoFinder now catalogs the Creation Date of video content (not the file!), if it is embedded in the data stream
* The Photo Contact Sheet items can now be sorted by EXIF date, too
* NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails and metadata of Kodak .KDC RAW files
* New AppleScript cataloging option to quit NeoFinder after the cataloging has completed
* You can now drop a folder or whole volume on the icon of NeoFinder in the Dock to catalog it
* The suggested keywords while typing XMP Editor and Find Editor are much better now
* The Help buttons are located for the German translation, too
* After deleting items from a catalog, NeoFinder no longer displays the first item in the current folder
* The Find Editor can now search for Disk Images
* Smart Folders and Groups can now have “/” in their names
* Find all media items in a folder is much faster now
* More improvements in dark mode of macOS 10.14
* Improved handling of cataloging BMP files
* Improved cataloging of BWF and WAV files in their newer extended format
* Editing GPS Geotags in a file now properly updates the creation and modification date of that file in the NeoFinder catalog
* Many small fixes and improvements


* NeoFinder 7.4 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later
* NeoFinder 7.4 is a free update to all NeoFinder 7.x users.
* NeoFinder 7.x is a paid upgrade to licensed users of NeoFinder 6.x and the old CDFinder, upgrade price starting at 19 Euros.
* New licenses start at 29 Euros for a NeoFinder Private License.


NeoFinder Highlights:
* Cataloging – NeoFinder catalogs metadata of songs, movies, fonts, and photos, including the MP3-Tags of several audio file formats, EXIF, GPS, and IPTC data of photos. NeoFinder also edits Adobe XMP data, including keywords, persons, and ratings. All these are arranged clearly in the user interface, and can be extensively searched. For numerous photo and video formats, fonts, text files, and even audio files, NeoFinder generates thumbnails during cataloging, displaying them in all list and icon views.

* Managing Metadata – The built-in XMP metadata editor with presets can edit and add keywords, ratings, persons, descriptions, copyright information, and more to photos and videos.

* Networking – Store your catalog database on a server for access from all Macs in the network, and with the sidekick product abeMeda (was CDWinder for Windows) even from Microsoft Windows.

* Mobile – Keep your NeoFinder database with you on your iPhone or iPad with the separate NeoFinder for iOS app.

* Integration – Offering a tight connection to major productivity tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Roxio Toast, FileMaker Pro, Apples Spotlight and Finder, and the extensive support of drag&drop into other applications, NeoFinder can support many workflow scenarios. The AppleScript support in NeoFinder allows custom integrations of all kinds.

* Geotagging – Only NeoFinder offers the integrated GeoFinder, which searches for photos taken near a spot, or the KMZ export for coordinates and photo thumbnails as a way to give geolocated photos to friends. NeoFinder can even geotag photos itself, no other software needed. And only NeoFinder displays important facts about any geolocation in the truly unique Wikipedia Inspector.


Since the initial release of CDFinder 1.0 in 1996, more than 85,000 customers in 101 countries around the world are using CDFinder and now NeoFinder to organize their digital library, and manage their data archive and backups, including NASA, IKEA, BBC, Mattel, Rand McNally, Pfizer, Random House, Oracle, and Warner Bros.
Language Support: German, English, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese


Pricing and Availability:
The price for new users starts at 29,00 (EUR). Multiple user packs are available for network users. Cross-grades for users of similar applications (Cinematica, DiskLibrary, FileFinder, CatFinder, Canto Cumulus, Disk Tracker, DiskCatalogMaker, Atomic View, iView Media Pro, Extensis Portfolio, and others) are available. A free NeoFinder demo version can be downloaded from the NeoFinder website.

NeoFinder 7.4
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BatchOutput for PowerPoint Reduces Security Hassles on macOS Mojave

Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput PPT 2.2.15, a compatibility update to its output automation solution for Microsoft PowerPoint on macOS. The only batch processing tool for PowerPoint on the Mac market, the software helps users eliminate repetitive tasks through automation of printing and professional PDF output.


The new version eliminates the hassles associated with Apple Event sandboxing, a new security measure introduced in macOS Mojave. Under the new policy, applications can no longer interact with each other without prior user authorization. This change directly affects BatchOutput PPT which requires access to PowerPoint and other system resources to perform complex workflow automation tasks. The new update streamlines the authorization process by clearing all permissions during launch time, which eliminates workflow interruptions during file processing. BatchOutput will also reset Apple Event permissions automatically if the authorization was previously revoked by accident.


In addition to batch printing, the software lets users carry out powerful professional PDF production directly from PowerPoint eliminating the need for time consuming post-processing.


BatchOutput PPT brings advanced PDF and printing options right to the user’s fingertips:

* Print and export to PDF multiple PowerPoint documents.
* Split PowerPoint files into single page PDFs.
* Reduce PDF file size and optimize documents for web, print and mobile devices.
* Variable output file names.
* Encrypt and password-protect PDF from unauthorized copying, printing, and viewing.
* Change PDF color tone, brightness and other properties.


BatchOutput PPT is a part of the Zevrix BatchOutput family which also includes output automation solutions for Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe InDesign and PDF workflows.


Pricing and Availability
BatchOutput PPT can be purchased for $19.95 (USD) from the Zevrix website as well as from authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. BatchOutput PPT requires macOS 10.7 – 10.41 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2008, 201, 2016 or 2019.

Zevrix Solutions
BatchOutput PPT 2.2.15
Download BatchOutput PPT

SR2’s Secure Cloud Protects Users From Hackers and Digital Disaster

SR2 Solutions announced today the launch of a new Cloud Storage Service and Personal Cloud Server designed to be easy to use and to help protect iPhone and Android users from hackers and digital disaster. With the rise in data breaches from major cloud storage brands, ransomware, and natural disasters threatening people’s data, SR2 is seeking to help customers protect their documents, photos, videos, and any other kind of digital content against these growing threats.


The first of the new products being announced today is the Personal Secure Cloud Server. This is an easy to install server with its own internal storage where users can backup all of the files, photos, and videos onto hardware that they own. “You should be able easily to hold on to and OWN your files and photos” said Teel. All of a user’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are able to synchronize and backup to these easy to use device not unlike the typical network accessible storage (NAS). But this device takes it a step further by offering fully encrypted off-site backups without needing a professional IT department to implement it.


With off-site backups users further protect their files and photos from fires, floods, power surges, and other disasters that may cause damage to the hardware. A user simply needs to plug it into their router either at home or at their office and it will be ready to go. The Personal Secure Cloud Server is available in a variety of storage sizes from 250 Gigabytes to 2 Terabytes and comes with duel core processors, 4 Gigabytes of RAM, and either HDD or SSD storage to provide top notch performance while working with files.


The second of the two new products being announced today is the Cloud Storage Service which is setup to operate in a way similar to services like Dropbox and Google Drive such as file sync and file sharing but with even more features for security including support for Multi-factor authentication from systems like Google Authenticator and Universal Second Factor (U2F) USB tokens. They also include features to protect against ransomware with file version control. New users can sign up for free 1 Gigabyte accounts. Additionally there are options to upgrade for larger storage plans for anywhere from 5 Gigabytes to 500 Gigabytes. All of this is hosted on SR2 managed servers which are continuously monitored for any security threats.


SR2 Solutions
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Hosted Secure Cloud Service
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