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Updates for ChronoAgent/Mac and ChronoMonitor/iOS Now Available

ChronoAgent 1.9.2, the indispensable companion app to ChronoSync, is now available for download. This ChronoAgent maintenance release adds details to the console logs, improves concurrent file operations and takes advantage of the latest security features available. Several potential crashes were quashed as part of the suite of bug fixes and tweaks.


ChronoMonitor 1.1.3, the best tool to stand watch over your sync and backup performance, offers support for the latest iOS device sizes including iPhone X, Xr, Xs and Xs Max! There’s a new Activity Graph showing separate metrics as well as numerous tweaks, refinements and bug fixes.


Owners of ChronoAgent can start using version 1.9.2 today with a simple download and update! If you don’t already own ChronoAgent, download today and start the 15-day free trial on your Mac to accept secure, reliable and higher performance connections from ChronoSync Macs than using standard file sharing. The ChronoSync/ChronoAgent combination allows you to synchronize files between two Macs, back up Macs to a Mac server or even maintain a bootable backup over a network. ChronoAgent 1.9.2 works on macOS 10.10 or newer and is available for $14.99.


Get ChronoMonitor version 1.1.3 through the iOS App Store. Learn how to better track and monitor your backups straight from your iPhone with ChronoMonitor at


ChronoSync, the multipurpose app for local and cloud backup, bootable clone and folder synchronizing, is designed to work on macOS version 10.11 and newer. Full working trial licenses are available, or purchase ChronoSync for $49.99. ChronoAgent allows any Mac to accept direct, secure connections from any ChronoSync Mac or any InterConneX iOS device so you can access or transfer your data! Full working trial licenses are available, or purchase ChronoAgent for $14.99. ChronoMonitor is an iPhone app that monitors Macs running ChronoSync or ChronoAgent. ChronoMonitor is available in the Apple App Store for $3.99.

Econ Technologies
ChronoAgent 1.9.2
bug fixes and tweaks
Download ChronoAgent

Server Ranger 2.5 Now Available

LibertyApp Ltd has announced the immediate availability of Server Ranger 2.5, an update to their website and server monitoring solution for Mac, Windows and Linux. The new version includes stability improvements, introduces Raspberry Pi support and, for the first time, offers the Mac version on and off the Mac App Store.


Server Ranger 2.5 Now Available


Server Ranger monitors your devices, websites and servers so you don’t have to, automatically sending you alerts when things go wrong. Create alert policies for websites and servers that have a slow response or go offline. Get emails, SMS messages and other alerts automatically sent to you or your colleagues. Analyse the log files for server error messages.


Server Ranger is already in use around the world, from home offices to IT departments to schools. It has been in the Top 5 and Top 10 App Store charts in several categories and in several countries and won a Xojo Design Award in 2018.


Per-Device Policies:
Choose from Critical, Normal or Less important default policies. Or create a custom policy for each server.


Smart Interface:
Nodes performing properly are in green. Yellow indicates the node is online but slow. Red is for offline. Only interested in 1 device? Switch to Single Server Mode to reduce on-screen clutter.


Emails, SMS text messages (*), notifications, sound alerts and more. Decide if alerts should repeat or not. Only receive alerts after a timeframe of your choice. It’s all entirely customisable. (*) Optional SMS alerts use the Twilio service and costs may vary.


Not Just Ping:
Server Ranger can Ping any device to check if it is online and performing properly. But it’s possible for a server to be online yet still have website problems so Server Ranger does more than just Ping. Check HTTP headers are successfully downloaded and in a timely manner. Login to email servers and test for availability. You choose the type of check that Server Ranger performs.


Server Ranger logs every response from your devices. Graphs show uptime and performance. Spot patterns of poor performance and print or export the log to a CSV file.


Big Screen Mode:
Open the Overview window and get a glance at all your servers. Airplay to a screen on the wall or another monitor.


Fast, friendly, professional support is just an email a way. Stay up to date with a free newsletter with Server Ranger news and tips.


Release Notes:
* Web server port setting is now always used
* New info pane for detailed information when a log entry is selected
* Email alert fixes for some email servers
* Various bug fixes and optimizations
* Now includes a built-in version checker


* Server Ranger 2.5 is a free update for all current customers.


Pricing and Availability:
Server Ranger 2.5 for Windows, Linux and Mac ships today and costs $49.99 (USD). Visit the official website for more information.

Server Ranger 2.5

Mailbutler: Supercharged Email Tracking Comes to Apple Mail and Gmail

Mailbutler GmbH, creator of the leading email productivity software, today announced a major update to the Tracking Details feature of their Apple Mail and Gmail extension, Mailbutler. The latest version brings powerful metrics to help professionals and teams plan and execute their email outreach. The update is now available for free and is recommended to all users.


“Tracking has become an indispensable tool in the email strategy of freelancers, teams, and anyone working in Sales and Business Development,’ said Tobias Knobl, CEO and cofounder of Mailbutler. “The new Tracking Details brings actionable stats, such as recipient reply time to help Apple Mail and Gmail users understand how contacts are reading and interacting with their message.”


Mailbutler users can activate Tracking to boost the effectiveness of their messages, signatures or templates created with Mailbutler to plan, track and optimize email communication. The new version of Mailbutler introduces powerful Open and Reply Insights in Tracking Details to help users optimize outreach efforts. Users can also evaluate click performance of a specific link in their messages with the new filter option.


The new Tracking Details brings:

*Open Insights: Number of opens, first and most recent open
*Reply Insights: Recipient’s open and reply time
*Activity Stream: Mailbutler automatically logs open activity of recipient after you hit send
*Link Filter: One-click filter to see how a specific link in email performed


Tracking is part of a wide array of useful tools Mailbutler’s extension brings to Apple Mail and Gmail. Mailbutler’s extension is the best and easiest way for Apple Mail and Gmail users to manage their inbox productively, strengthen email professionalism and reveal valuable CRM insights.


Top features at a glance:
* Tracking: Read receipts to know if, when and where your email or link has been opened
* Send Later: Write emails ahead of time and schedule for later delivery at any time
* Signatures: Professional email signature builder with beautiful templates
* Note & Tasks: Add memos to messages and turn emails into tasks
* BCC to CRM: Automatically send a copy of outgoing messages to your CRM service for further tracking
* Snooze: Respond to emails at later time with temporary snooze
* Message Templates: Compose emails better and faster with templates
* Integrations: Sync emails to your favorite task and management tools
* Dashboard: Stats and insights to your email performance and productivity levels


Pricing and Availability:
Mailbutler is available as a Mail plugin on the macOS App store and Chrome extension for Gmail on Chrome Web Store. For more info, visit their official website.

* Essential plan: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business features
* Professional plan: starting 6.50 EUR per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features
* Business plan: starting 24.95 EUR per month, unlimited access to all features

Tracking Details in Apple Mail
Tracking Details in Gmail

Bento Importer Now Available in DataOrganizer 1.0

Bayhoff Software today released DataOrganizer 1.0, the first version of their new personal database app for Mac. DataOrganizer is designed to be a powerful yet easy-to-use personal database. DataOrganizer is designed for the individual. Whether it is for work or play, DataOrganizer makes it easy to create custom libraries in minutes.



DataOrganizer imports Bento 4 databases. Because the last version of Bento is a 32-bit app, it will not function in future versions of macOS. DataOrganizer imports Bento’s raw database file, ensuring that importing will continue to work even after system support for Bento has been removed.


DataOrganizer is heavily integrated with macOS. A DataOrganizer library can link to a user’s contacts, calendar events, mail messages, and files.


“We were looking to create a personal database that was not only easy-to-use, but perhaps even fun” said Daniel Freedman, the founder of Bayhoff Software. “With DataOrganizer, users have an easy way to organize their home, work, and community projects.”


Main Features:
* Imports data from Bento 4 databases
* Includes eight ready-made templates
* Creates custom libraries in minutes
* Links to system data through four list field types
* Stores collections of photos using media collection fields
* Links libraries to other libraries using relationship fields
* Supports Mojave’s Dark Mode


Supported system data:
* Contacts
* Calendar events
* Mail
* Files via the Finder


Included templates:
* Clients
* Inventory
* Issues
* Journal
* Membership List
* Party Planner
* Recipes
* Serial Numbers


Pricing and Availability:
DataOrganizer is a subscription-based app and is available as a free download in the Mac App Store. It can be tried out for 14 days with no restrictions. After that time, DataOrganizer requires either a monthly ($2/mo) or an annual ($20/yr) subscription. Unlike most subscription-based apps on the App Store, the free trial does not auto-enroll users into a paid subscription plan. At the conclusion of a trial, DataOrganizer simply displays a subscription plan chooser.

DataOrganizer 1.0
Download from Mac App Store

ProteinScope Free 3D Printing Edition Now Available in Mac App Store

ProteinScope(R) for Mac enables full color 3D printing of eligible proteins, using structure files from the RCSB Protein Data Bank. ProteinScope for Mac is hand-optimized for use with the very latest features in macOS Mojave 10.14, providing a fast, smooth user interface and rendering of molecules. ProteinScope can have multiple protein windows open simultaneously, and can display individual proteins in full screen mode.


ProteinScope Free 3D Printing Edition Now Available in Mac App Store


ProteinScope connects to the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank (RCSB PDB) to retrieve structure information. ProteinScope is not endorsed in any way by the RCSB or any other institution. ProteinScope for Mac parses the major elements of the PDB XML (PDBML) file to display the molecule. PDBML is the canonical XML format for the PDB data, and every protein on the RCSB is available in this format. Legacy .pdb file format is not supported. PDB XML files stored on local drives will have the extension .xml with the 4 digit PDB ID as the filename, eg 9ins.xml – from the ProteinScope File menu select ‘Open PDB From Disk…’ and a File Open dialog limited to .xml extension files will open for file selection. Double click the file to open, and parsing will commence. Larger PDB structures will take longer to process. The proteins being displayed will auto rotate. Use the mouse wheel (or equivalent) to zoom in and out.


PDB XML can also be downloaded directly from the RCSB PDB from the ProteinScope File menu; select ‘Open PDB From RCSB…’ and a PDB ID dialog will appear. Type in the PDB ID of the structure to examine, eg 9ins, and the XML file will be downloaded from the RCSB PDB FTP Archive over HTTP. This downloaded file will be accessible via the ProteinScope File menu item ‘Open Recent’. The downloaded file is then parsed as described above. Once the PDB file has been fully parsed, rendering setup begins. ProteinScope for Mac uses the latest Metal 2 rendering engine, exclusively on OS X Mojave. ProteinScope no longer uses the Apple deprecated OpenGL system, but larger files of many atoms may still take some time for initial scene setup and frame rendering. For this version, rendering display has been limited to 65,000 atoms per molecule – most of the Protein Data Bank deposited structures are less than 19,000 atoms.


Proteins can be displayed in different styles; Space-fill and Carbon Backbone. Atom coordinates are interpreted as 1 Angstrom = 1 SceneKit Unit. For Space-fill, the calculated atomic radius is modified for visual effect. For Carbon Backbone, carbon alphas in the same chain are joined together in a continuous linkage. Each link between carbon alphas is colored by the residue it represents, only residue color mode is available in this display style.


The color schemes available in ProteinScope for Mac are:
* Residue – based on the Shapely color scheme
* Atom – based on the CPK color scheme
* Chain – a unique color for each chain the residue is on
* SETOR – designed to allow the display of secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures of molecules
* Temperature – Red is hotter, blue colder. Not all PDBs have this information
* Hydrophobicity – Blue is more hydrophilic, red more hydrophobic


The 3D printing features of ProteinScope can accessed from the “3D Printing” top level menu. With a protein open, menu item ‘Generate 3D Print…’ will take you to the 3D print ordering sequence that is also available from the main toolbar button item ‘Order 3D Print’. The menu item ‘Available 3D Prints…” opens up the main ProteinScope 3D printed molecule store, where existing 3D prints of proteins in various styles and color schemes can be ordered. Recent 3D print orders that have been made from this application device show the ordering URLs below the menu separator, so you can get back to them between application sessions.


If you have an iPhone or Android device with a recent OS version installed, holding the camera up to the QR code 3D printed on the base of the protein will open the URL contained in the QR code. Proteins are printed to a scale of 1 Angstrom = 1mm, so most prints end up being similar in size to a C or D battery. Protein 3D prints are created with full color sandstone printing. Three sandstone finishes are available: natural, glossy and matte. The colors used in the 3D printed model are the same as selected for displaying on screen.


Pricing and Availability:
ProteinScope is Free and available worldwide on the Mac App Store in the Reference category.


More Info
Download from the Mac App Store

Reduce Security Hassles on macOS Mojave With InPreflight Pro for InDesign

Zevrix Solutions today announces the release of InPreflight Pro 2.11.33, a maintenance update to its document preparation solution for Adobe InDesign. InPreflight is a powerful all-in-one solution to check InDesign documents for errors, collect them for output, and ship to final destination. InPreflight helps graphics and print professionals prevent costly mistakes by uncovering hidden problems, save disk space through smart batch-packaging, and reduce production time and costs.


Reduce Security Hassles on macOS Mojave With InPreflight Pro for InDesign


The new version eliminates the hassles associated with Apple Event sandboxing, a new security measure introduced in macOS Mojave. Under the new policy, applications can no longer interact with each other without prior user authorization. This change directly affects such tools as InPreflight, which require access to InDesign and other system resources to perform complex workflow automation tasks. The new update streamlines the authorization process by clearing all permissions during launch time, which eliminates workflow interruptions during file processing. InPreflight will also reset Apple Event permissions automatically if the authorization was previously revoked by accident.


“InPreflight is simple, it provides excellent display of document’s elements with full control over preflighting and file collection,” says Michael Anikst of Anikst Design in London, UK. “I am designing very big books on art, and InPreflight lets me keep all my documents in perfect order.”


InPreflight Pro provides a robust, affordable, and easy-to-use solution for printers, service providers, and publishing houses. It offers the following key features:


* Package multiple InDesign documents automatically
* Collect all shared links into one folder, saving gigabytes of disk space and hours of production time


Quality control:
* Quickly check InDesign fonts, colors and links for common errors
* Create preflight presets for different projects
* Uncover hidden issues such as image compression, embedded fonts and illegal link locations


Graphic preflight reports:
* Print graphic reports and save them as PDF
* Detailed paragraph styles report for typography professionals


Pricing and Availability:
InPreflight Pro can be purchased from Zevrix website for $99.95 USD (Studio version: $39.95), as well as from authorized resellers and Adobe Exchange. Trial version is available for download. Update is free for licensed users of version 2, and $50 from earlier versions. InPreflight requires macOS 10.7-10.14 and Adobe InDesign CS3-CC 2019.

Zevrix Solutions
InPreflight Pro 2.11.33
Download InPreflight Pro

iFlicks 3 Video Metadata Editor and Conversion Now Available for for macOS

Indie developer, Jendrik Bertram has released iFlicks 3, a major update of the popular iFlicks for macOS. iFlicks is the best and most complete video and metadata handling solution available for macOS. There is no easier way to add you video files to iTunes or Plex, so you can watch them on your iOS devices or third party media players.


iFlicks 3 is the third major release of iFlicks, which brings you a bunch of new features and improvements.


It is now possible to process videos containing HEVC content just as quick as H.264. Direct passthrough of HEVC tracks from mkv files to m4v now only takes seconds, just like it has always worked for H.264 tracks. This works just as quick for all your HD content, no matter if 4k or 1080p. Additionally you can use iFlicks 3 to encode video tracks to HEVC. To make use of this feature you need at least macOS High Sierra, as it is the first version to natively support HEVC. On the newest generation of Macs, video encoding can even make use of the T2 Chip to perform encoding as fast as possible.


To provide even more flexibility to our power users, it is now also possible to create custom presets with different settings from the builtin ones. It is also possible to use these custom presets together with the immensely powerful rule system to create an even more customised workflow.


As additional bonus iFlicks 3 has a tweaked interface incorporating countless improvements. The most notable ones being full Dark Mode support on macOS Mojave, as well as Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro.


Leading Metadata Handling
* Automatic lookup for Movie and TV Show metadata
* Finds beautiful Artwork, including squared Artwork for TV Shows
* Automatic lookup for subtitles and chapter titles
* Behaviour completely customisable using a extremely powerful Rules


Powerful Video Processing
* Extremely fast and lossless passthrough for H.264 and HEVC
* High Quality encoding capabilities for H.264 and HEVC
* Dedicated presets for Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
* HD support (4k, 1080p, 720p)
* Encoding of Stereo and Surround Audio tracks
* Supports all common video formats like mkv, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, mpg and many many more
* Subtitle and Chapter support


Extensive Automation Possibilities
* Support for Custom Presets based on user preferences
* Watch Folders to pick up and automatically process files added to monitored folders
* Extremely powerful rules to customise the complete workflow
* AppleScript support for even more fine grained control


Intuitive User Interface
* Just drag videos to iFlicks and hit start to process the videos
* Clean interface to get you started without distractions, Advanced functionality just a click away
* Tightly coupled with iTunes. Just drag items from iTunes to iFlicks to update metadata

iFlicks 3 is available as subscription and one-time payment version. The one-time payment version is available from the Mac App Store for US $34.99, the same price as iFlicks 2 before. Prices may vary by location.

The subscription versions are available from the Website and Mac App Store:
* iFlicks Basic: $0.99 monthly, $9.49 annually
* iFlicks Plus: $2.49 monthly, $18.49 annually

Special upgrade pricing will be in place for the yearly subscription versions:
* 50% Off until end of February 2019
* 25% Off until end of March 2019


iFlicks 3
Download iFlicks (subscription)
Download from Mac App Store (subscription)
Download from Mac App Store (one-time payment)

24U Software’s 24U FM Bench 1.3 Now Available for FileMaker Pro

24U Software has updated 24U FM Bench to version 1.3 which now includes code-signed 24U Toolbox Plug-In 3.0.3 with many new features and improvements. Featuring a 4-step process that to boost the overall speed, 24U FM Bench is a complete optimization solution.


Get the best performance out of FileMaker Pro by optimizing your solutions and achieve 100+% speed gains in almost no time. No more compromises!


* Detective benchmarks user solution – It measures how long everything takes and stores the measured values in a log for further analysis.


* Bottleneck finder finds the bottleneck of user solution – It calculates the total time spend within each script over a specific time period and tells you which script consumed the largest part.


* Session browser lets you examine individual user sessions – User can see every single action that was measured within each session and how long FileMaker spent executing it. This great not for optimization but even better for troubleshooting. Can be seen what users were doing when.


What’s new in version 1.3:
24U Toolbox Plug-In 3.0.3 is now included with 24U FM Bench. This new version of the plug-in brings several new features and improvments, including compatibility with latest operating systems and the FileMaker plarform. The plug-in is now also code-signed. Code-signing is a security feature that allows user to verify the identity of the plug-in publisher and that the plugin has not changed. This makes it easier to deploy FM Bench in environments with strict security rules, where only code-signed software is allowerd to be installed.

Licenses for 24U FM Bench start at $197 per seat and $1177 (USD) per server. Volume discounts are available for 5 or more seats.

24U Software
24U FM Bench 1.3
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