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Mailbutler Adds Outlook Add-in to Boost Productivity

Mailbutler is now available for Microsoft Outlook. After having been requested by many Outlook users, the extension can finally be downloaded in the Microsoft app store (AppSource) or through the Mailbutler website. The extension offers an easy way to have a more powerful inbox and optimize workflow. The add-in works just like the one that was already available for Apple Mail and Gmail users – it’s a timesaving tool that includes features such as tracking details, follow up reminders, scheduling, message templates and more.



Key features:

  • Tracking: turn on read receipts to find out if, when and where your email or link was opened
  • Send Later: compose emails ahead of time and schedule them to be sent at a specific date and time
  • Signatures: create professional signatures with templates for you and your team
  • Message Templates: save time by using pre-written messages
  • Integrations: sync emails to your favorite project manager and productivity tools


Tobias Knobl, CEO and co-founder of Mailbutler said: “Over the years we have been asked plenty of times to make Mailbutler available for Outlook users. We have worked hard on making this happen and are grateful for the support coming our way. Writing emails is indispensable nowadays and can be a hassle. Mailbutler’s features allow you to minimize the amount of time spend in your inbox.”


Users can choose between three different types of subscriptions. Mailbutler Essential: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business Features Mailbutler Professional: starting at Euro 6.50 per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features.


Mailbutler’s Gets Major Update With New Features

Mailbutler, creator of the leading email productivity tools, has introduced a major update to its mobile app for iOS and Android. The new features transform the mobile app from an information hub to a standalone email tool.


Users can now directly send emails from their Mailbutler app. What’s more, they now have access to the powerful productivity features of the desktop extension: Tracking, Send Later, Signatures & Message Templates, Follow-up Reminders and more.


Dark Mode: After the successful introduction of dark mode to its desktop extensions, Mailbutler has now brought dark mode to its mobile app!


Self-tracking Prevention: Mailbutler users can now receive more reliable tracking information by excluding email opens from their own mobile device.



Advanced filtering options: Mailbutler users can now apply a vast range of new filter options to Notes, Tasks and Mailbutler-enhanced email in their mobile overview.


Fabian Jager, CTO and Co-founder of Mailbutler said: “Ever since we launched our mobile app, there has been a strong demand from our userbase for tracking and scheduling emails through mobile. With the latest improvements, we give users access to twenty-first century email tools even when on the go.”

Mailbutler – New Assistant Added for Sidebar

Mailbutler has made a major revamp to its user interface by introducing a sidebar. This is a direct response to seeing how one can easily misplace and forget about the Notes, Tasks and Follow-up Reminders. This update provides a better arrangement and easier access to the previously mentioned features. This will help users keep track of their conversations, improve their workflow and save time overall. By creating the Sidebar, old Notes, Tasks and Follow-up Reminders will now be relocated into a more organised and better place.



Tobias Knobl, CEO and co-founder of Mailbutler said, “Creating Notes, Tasks, and Follow-up Reminders are some of Mailbutler’s most-used features. I also use them to communicate with my team and organise different tasks. Sometimes, it was a hassle to figure out, where a Note or Task is attached in the email thread. Therefore, we decided to come up with the Sidebar, which helps all Mailbutler users to seamlessly find and arrange those features.”


Pricing and Availability:
Users can choose between three different types of subscriptions. Mailbutler Essential: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business Features Mailbutler Professional: starting at 6.50 Euro per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features Mailbutler Business: starting at 24.95 Euro per month, unlimited access to all features



Mailbutler: Supercharged Email Tracking Comes to Apple Mail and Gmail

Mailbutler GmbH, creator of the leading email productivity software, today announced a major update to the Tracking Details feature of their Apple Mail and Gmail extension, Mailbutler. The latest version brings powerful metrics to help professionals and teams plan and execute their email outreach. The update is now available for free and is recommended to all users.


“Tracking has become an indispensable tool in the email strategy of freelancers, teams, and anyone working in Sales and Business Development,’ said Tobias Knobl, CEO and cofounder of Mailbutler. “The new Tracking Details brings actionable stats, such as recipient reply time to help Apple Mail and Gmail users understand how contacts are reading and interacting with their message.”


Mailbutler users can activate Tracking to boost the effectiveness of their messages, signatures or templates created with Mailbutler to plan, track and optimize email communication. The new version of Mailbutler introduces powerful Open and Reply Insights in Tracking Details to help users optimize outreach efforts. Users can also evaluate click performance of a specific link in their messages with the new filter option.


The new Tracking Details brings:

*Open Insights: Number of opens, first and most recent open
*Reply Insights: Recipient’s open and reply time
*Activity Stream: Mailbutler automatically logs open activity of recipient after you hit send
*Link Filter: One-click filter to see how a specific link in email performed


Tracking is part of a wide array of useful tools Mailbutler’s extension brings to Apple Mail and Gmail. Mailbutler’s extension is the best and easiest way for Apple Mail and Gmail users to manage their inbox productively, strengthen email professionalism and reveal valuable CRM insights.


Top features at a glance:
* Tracking: Read receipts to know if, when and where your email or link has been opened
* Send Later: Write emails ahead of time and schedule for later delivery at any time
* Signatures: Professional email signature builder with beautiful templates
* Note & Tasks: Add memos to messages and turn emails into tasks
* BCC to CRM: Automatically send a copy of outgoing messages to your CRM service for further tracking
* Snooze: Respond to emails at later time with temporary snooze
* Message Templates: Compose emails better and faster with templates
* Integrations: Sync emails to your favorite task and management tools
* Dashboard: Stats and insights to your email performance and productivity levels


Pricing and Availability:
Mailbutler is available as a Mail plugin on the macOS App store and Chrome extension for Gmail on Chrome Web Store. For more info, visit their official website.

* Essential plan: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business features
* Professional plan: starting 6.50 EUR per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features
* Business plan: starting 24.95 EUR per month, unlimited access to all features

Tracking Details in Apple Mail
Tracking Details in Gmail

MailSteward 13 – The Ultimate Email Management System for macOS

Pubblog has released MailSteward 13. This new upgrade makes MailSteward fully compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave) including a new Dark Mode option. This release also implements a more robust method for scheduling using the macOS “launchd” service and several minor bug fixes.


MailSteward works with the Apple Mail app or Postbox app to archive all your e-mail in a relational database on your Mac. MailSteward has a wealth of features for importing, tagging, saving, and exporting your vital e-mail information in a number of standard data formats.


To understand just how powerful and easy-to-use MailSteward is, download the free version of MailSteward and try it out for as long as you like. The free version is full-feature but limited to a maximum 15,000 e-mails. All versions of MailSteward require macOS 10.11 or higher (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave). Any free version may be upgraded to a licensed version by entering a license key.


MailSteward is available in three versions, MailSteward Lite ($24.95), MailSteward ($49.95), and MailSteward Pro ($99.95) available for purchase in the pubblog online store. Regular MailSteward, using SQLite, can handle large volumes of e-mail, 250,000 or more but for very large volumes which require an industrial-grade relational database server, MailSteward Pro is the best solution. MailSteward Pro requires MySQL database server software to be installed and running.

MailSteward 13
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Pubblog Store

Mailbutler Adds New Dashboard and Integrations, Mojave Dark Mode Support

Mailbutler GmbH today announced the launch of version 2.2 with major updates, featuring Dark-Mode compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave, new service integrations to third-party softwares, and a freshly redesigned Dashboard.


Mailbutler Adds New Dashboard and Integrations, Mojave Dark Mode Support


Mailbutler 2.2 supports Apple’s macOS 10.14 Mojave, enhancing native Mail app’s functionalities with popular features such as read receipts, scheduling, snooze, signatures, and more. Optimized to suit Apple’s new system-wide Dark Mode, users will be able to have Dark or Light Mode auto-switched according to system preferences. “Mojave is the most exciting update for our team so far as it is the first macOS with official support for Mail plugins. We welcome this decision by Apple and we can’t wait for the new possibilities this will bring to our development.” said Fabian Jager, CTO, Mailbutler.


The new version also expands the list of supported integrations with productivity services. Users can now receive notifications of opened emails directly in Slack, create reminders and notes from their inbox and seamlessly sync to Trello, MeisterTask, ToodleDo, Google Tasks, among many more task manager tools. “Email and project management go hand-in-hand. Mailbutler’s integrations allow users to seamlessly bridge the gap between their inbox and task manager, streamline everyday workflow and turn emails into actionable to-do’s,” said Tobias Knobl, CEO, Mailbutler GmbH.


In addition to core optimizations, Mailbutler 2.2 also welcomes brand new advanced features to the web dashboard. Users can now further boost their inbox productivity with the new personalized dashboard, which offers detailed stat insights, productivity analytics, and email performance enhanced with Mailbutler.

Mailbutler 2.2 is available to download for free today on their website and Mac App Store. It is a freemium extension for Apple Mail and Gmail with three subscription plans available: free “Essential” plan (30 limited actions), “Professional” (6.50 EUR per month, limited actions for Business features), “Business” (24.95 EUR, unlimited features).

Mailbutler 2.2
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Moth Software Releases Mail Archiver X 4.2

Moth Software is proud to announce the release of Mail Archiver X 4.2 for Mac OS X, an update to their app that serves as a companion to the user’s current email application/client, allowing consolidation, archiving, and permanent storage of emails. Emails may be saved in the application’s native database format, or in Evernote, Filemaker, PDF, mbox, or Text formats. Archiving emails from a variety of email applications into a single database, the app prevents accidental deletions, facilitates quick searches, and eliminates the storage size limits imposed by many email apps and companies. By saving emails in a single, standardized format, users are ensured that they can read all their emails, even those from legacy applications, from which they have subsequently migrated.


Following the archiving process, users may browse or search from the Mail Archiver X viewer.


You can now archive directly to PDF which makes your archive available on all platforms. “Filtering emails has been a feature that has been requested often. Finally, it’s available.” says Moth Software spokesperson, Beatrix Willius.


New Features for Mail Archiver X 4.2 are:
* The list of mails is now fast again. Everything from loading to selecting and adjusting the column widths is very fast.
* The diagnosis after archival runs faster.
* Duplicate checking is now a bit faster for Outlook and Mail. For Imap this is more than 10 times faster.


Mail Archiver 4.2 still is 32bit! The upcoming version 4.3 will be 64bit and already runs fine on Mojave. 4.3 will be a free update to version 4.2.


Feature Highlights of Mail Archiver X are:
* An ideal email management and archive solution
* Protect and save all emails in a single archive folder
* Archives emails from the following formats: Entourage, Mail, Outlook, Postbox, Powermail, Thunderbird, and standard mbox
* Exports emails to the following formats: Valentina (native), Evernote, Filemaker, PDF, mbox, or Text
* Built-in email database browser
* Exchange is supported for Apple Mail, and Microsoft Entourage and Outlook
* Filemaker support, when using the Filemaker Version 12 browser


Compatible Email clients:
* Microsoft Entourage: 12
* Apple Mail: any version
* Postbox: 1.0 or higher
* Microsoft Outlook: 14.0 or higher
* CTM Development Powermail: 5.1 or higher
* Mozilla Thunderbird: 3.0 or higher


Pricing and Availability:
Mail Archiver X 4.2 is $39.95 (USD) and available directly from Moth Software. A free, fully-functional, 12-day trial version can be downloaded. Mail Archiver X 4.2 comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee. Review copies are available upon request.

Mailtitude Offers Up To 50% Off MailButler And Other Apple Mail Plugins

Berlin, Germany – On the occasion of Apple’s Sierra release, starting today and for the next two weeks, Feingeist Software in cooperation with other leading software developers are offering MailButler and other great Apple Mail plugins for special reduced prices. Visitors of the website Mailtitude will have access to discounts of the following mail plugins:


* MailButler, 50% off: your personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail. Main Features: email tracking, send email later, create notes, follow-up reminder, undo sending, snooze emails, create signatures, upload attachment to the cloud, unsubscribe from newsletters, attachment reminder, emojis and more.


* EagleFiler, 33% off: speed up Apple Mail by archiving your old e-mails. Just select the messages and press the F1 key to import them into EagleFiler for safe long-term storage. (EagleFiler will even preserve any tags or notes that you’ve assigned using MailTags.) Later, find what you’re looking for using EagleFiler’s live search or smart folders.


* SpamSieve, 33% off: gives you back your inbox, using powerful Bayesian spam filtering to provide amazing accuracy that’s constantly improving. It’s quick and easy to control SpamSieve from within Apple Mail. And while your Mac is running (or in a Power Nap), it can clean the spam out of your iPhone or iPad’s inbox, too.


* MailHub, 50% off: a ‘smart’ plug-in for Apple Mail that revolutionises email management. It learns as you work, suggesting likely filing locations to take the pain out of keeping your mail organized. It also allows you to set reminders on emails so you can follow-up later, bulk file by sender or thread, and much more.


* Tealeaves, 50% / 35% off: a plugin for Apple’s Mail that adds a panel to the right of your mail window giving you immediate access to the details about your client that are stored in your Infusionsoft application. Increase the effectiveness of your workflow right now!


* SmallCubed’s Mail Suite bundle, 33% off: The must-have toolkit for processing, organizing, monitoring, and signing your email.


* Herald, free: a plugin for that goes far beyond macOS’s built in notifications. Herald allows you to perform common actions directly from within the notification window, including deleting, initiating replies, or marking as read. And Herald’s appearance is customizable, so you can tailor it to your own taste.


* Letter Opener for macOS, 33% off: the winmail.dat solution, converting all types of Outlook’s winmail.dat files, making your macOS Mail fully compatible with all email services.


* MacOS Mail Anti Inline Plugin, 30% off: solves situations with awkwardly inlined images when sending images to anyone who is not using Mail App. It also prevents Mail auto-preview feature and display attachments as icons by default.


All mentioned plugins are ready for macOS Sierra and are available on the official Mailtitude promotional website.


Feingeist Software
Mailtitude Mail Plugin Promotion


Based in Berlin, Germany, Feingeist develops useful software for Mac OS X. The company was founded with the vision to make the life of Mac users easier, and help them complete their daily tasks in the most convenient and elegant way. The developers perceive security, privacy and productivity as the most important modern problems with their main products particularly target these problems. Their software includes an Apple Mail assistant MailButler, and a VPN client Shimo. They have one target: to simplify life and optimize one’s daily productivity. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2016 Feingeist Software GmbH. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.