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SongOwl Gives Users Many Ways to See Music Collection

Independent developer, Mike Clay announces the release of SongOwl 1.0, his new Apple Music library manager/player for iOS. SongOwl approaches navigation in a non-linear way that allows users to configure grouping and sorting options for each view in over 100 different ways. When user saves these preferences, they are stored in sequence as a reusable navigation pattern called a “Path”. You can even “seed” paths with specific collections, turning basically anything into it’s own mini-library. For instance, you could create a path specifically for The Beatles which shows albums followed by composers, allowing you to split Lennon from McCartney.



“One of Apple Music’s best features is the ability to build this awesome library,” explains SongOwl developer Mike Clay, “but it doesn’t feel very good to actually use it. There’s so many other things they have to accomplish in that app that there just isn’t much space left.” Despite having launched a successful music player before, Clay says it’s a challenge he hadn’t previously tackled directly. “When I started Cs [Music Player] all the third party options adopted pretty much the same basic structure as the stock player. You had to have an Artists tab and a Playlists tab, etc. When Apple Music came out, that pushed a lot of users my way – seeking out that classic interface. But it’s a lot of baggage; I never really took a step back and asked if there was a better way to approach this.”


Users can “snapshot” any library view as a favorite, to be quickly accessed from a dedicated tab. “I tend to obsess a little bit when I find a new band or song, and I listen again and again,” says Clay. “so I live in the Favorites tab, because it keeps that stuff a single tap away.” Users can easily filter out songs that aren’t on their device or safe for work, set a custom theme color, and even preview tracks without interrupting their existing playback queues.


SongOwl 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.


Piano Chords and Scales Update For iOS

Sincere Apps SIA releases Piano Chords and Scales 4.0, an feature update to their popular music app developed for iOS devices. Piano Chord and Scales allows you to understand all the piano theory related to chords, scales and song composing. The true goal for creating this app was to lower the barrier for an individual to start playing and understanding piano. How all the theory comes together and how songs can be composed.


It lets you explore and learn huge collections of chords, scales, chord progressions and compose songs in intuitive and interactive way. It helpful for piano players and musicians ranging from beginners to experts and allows you to understand musical structures and find inspiration. All chords and scales can be played ascending, descending and harmonically and are shown on virtual piano and staff. You can experiment with different roots and inversions. You can also find chords and scales though reverse lookup.


Key Features”

  • Large chord collection
  • Large scale collection
  • Chord progressions collection
  • Song composer with chord recommendations
  • Audio playback support for everything
  • Piano view for chords and scales
  • Staff view for chords and scales
  • Find chords by the root and inversion, notes on staff or piano keys
  • Find scales by the root or piano keys
  • Interactive circle of fifths
  • MIDI in and out support
  • Scale fingerings for both hands
  • Simple and intuitive


The app includes song composer that allows you to easily layout chords progressions and recommend and suggested chords based on selected scale. You can then experiment on those songs by changing inversions, tempo, rhythm and other settings.


New in version 4.0:

  • Chord lookup by notes sheet music staff
  • MIDI in and out connections
  • Redesigned layout for quicker navigation across the app’s user interface
  • Other improvements and bug fixes


Piano Chords and Scales 4.0 is Free (With $7.99 in-app purchase to unlock more content) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.



Music Vibes Piano App for the Deaf on iOS

Interactive Coconut releases Music Vibes, piano app for iOS that doesn’t just play music as audio, it can also play it as haptic vibrations. That’s right, you can feel the music with vibrations! If you place the phone to your jaw, or the side of your head, the vibrations can be “heard” as music – even by some deaf or hard of hearing people! A fascinating and thrilling experience.



Famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven became deaf later in life. When his hearing had degraded significantly, Beethoven looked for support, and after finding nothing that helped in contemporary solutions, he turned to experimentation. He discovered that if he clenched a rod in his jaw and held it to the soundbar of the piano he was playing, the vibrations he could feel in his jaw could be experienced as sound! Little did Beethoven know that he had discovered the phenomenon now known as bone conduction.


Music Vibes takes this 19th century discovery to the 21st century! Instead of a real piano producing audio vibrations, Music Vibes is a piano app that can produce haptic feedback vibrations on iPhones. By pressing your iPhone to your jaw, users can actually feel the vibrations become sound and melodies.


Music Vibes has many of the features

  • Play music using the piano keys.
  • Record a tune and play it back.
  • Save a tune for later.
  • Share a tune with friends to play in their Music Vibes app.
  • Turn audio on and off or control the volume.
  • Load preset melodies from the library.


Of course the one feature that sets this app apart from other piano apps, is that you can turn vibration on and off, or even control its intensity!


Music Vibes is free. It does offer an In-App purchase of $1.99 (USD) to download a Christmas Pack of Christmas melodies – a pack of 15 Christmas classics, especially for this month, that you can play. The developer has also provided several preset melodies to load, and expects to add to these over time. For more information on Music Vibes, read the company announcement.


iCarMode adds Spotify integration with Newest Update

Indie developer, Diego Resnik announces iCarMode 5.4.4, an update to his popular productivity app developed for iOS devices. iCarMode now includes integration with Spotify allowing you to play your favourite music right from your Spotify library. Allowing safer use of any mounted iPhone with minimum distraction, iCarMode features large buttons that allow easy and safe access to music, shortcut for dialing, preferred navigation app as well as other car and driving related functionality.



The new version adds integrates to both Spotify & Apple Music’s AI allowing you to explore and play recommended music suited to match your taste in music. This version also adds a built-in and long waiting radio player & support for the new iOS 13 dark-mode.


These new features comes in addition to previous versions capabilities like music player control, turn by turn navigation, easy access to external navigation app, quick dial-up to favorite contacts, “where did I park?” to find your parking spot, find places of interest nearby, shortcuts to favorite apps and many more.
And all in its big buttoned user interface design suited for in-car use with minimum distraction.

iCarMode 5.4.4 is $1.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.


MegaSeg DJ Updated for MacOS Catalina

Fidelity Media releases MegaSeg Pro DJ and Radio Automation Software for Mac, which adds macOS Catalina support . The MegaSeg 6.1 update features various improvements, including 64-bit native support on macOS 10.13 and higher, support for the new Music app which replaces iTunes on Catalina, video playback optimizations and hot swappable outputs devices.



Fidelity Media is putting minds at ease regarding the removal of the iTunes app in Catalina. “The iTunes app is getting a much needed makeover by moving the non-music related portions of iTunes into separate TV and Podcasts apps, and renaming iTunes to simply Music,” said Jason Cox, president of Fidelity Media. “The new Music app will be very familiar, and work about the same as iTunes–Just with less clutter. All your existing iTunes music and playlists will be intact. You can even still purchase music from the iTunes Store within the Music app.”


New Highlights:

  • Added support for macOS Catalina 10.15
  • Works with the new which replaces iTunes on Catalina
  • MegaSeg 6.1 is now 64-bit native for macOS 10.13 and higher
  • Supports hot swapping external output devices
  • Video playback is optimized with the latest A/V frameworks


MegaSeg is available in two editions. The DJ edition focuses on core live mixing with visual beat syncing via multitouch gestures, multiple outputs for headphone preview, MIDI control, automatic volume, advanced categorization, track logging, and integrated iTunes playlists. MegaSeg Pro adds automated music scheduling, advertisement messaging events, rules for applying artist separations, video playback with ambient visuals, hot keys for triggering sound effects, request lists with reminder notes, and other advanced features for professional DJs and VJs, radio stations, and hospitality businesses such as restaurants and retail.


MegaSeg DJ and Pro editions can be purchased from $99 and $199.

TurnTable to v3.2 – The New Music Player for Mac

Aquarius Computer today is proud to announce the release of TurnTable v3.2, an important feature update to the company’s popular music player app for macOS. A music player made for music – and the art, TurnTable is a new Music Player app that replaces iTunes and plays all its music library files. It’s a player for truly jamming, by day and night. Day dream and play music, feel well, cry, have visions, whatever.



Developed specifically for artists, music aficionados, or people who dream by day and night, TurnTable displays your music in grids of artists for a fuller selection of what to listen to. Or nothing but Albums elegantly displayed with their art, your albums in a collection view. Tracks are displayed in a simpler utilitarian jukebox interface.


Since 3.0, including the new Themes feature, and a new Visual Tracks view, this jukebox is now way more usable, pleasurable even, comfortable. Version 3.2 sports a new, elegant user interface that is perfect for someone who is really into music the art, and a dreamier side to life. TurnTable 3.2 includes a new Visual Tracks view, for playing any songs/albums that may appear interesting. See the tracks you may like, that may get you up during the day, and just play one.

TurnTable v3.2 is only $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Music category.


TurnTable 3.2
Purchase and Download from Mac App Store

Everlisten++ Music File Player for iOS Devices Now Available

Developer, Tomoyoshi Natsui has released Everlisten++, a music listening app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Are you making the best of your music files? Using Everlisten++, you can listen to the main portion of a song track, one after another.


Everlisten++ Music File Player for iOS Devices Now Available


Its usage is up to you. At first, let’s create a playlist. You can add the music from your iTunes library to the playlist. This application plays a music from the “Start Position,” and it plays music for the “Playback Duration.” For example, if you made a setup playback 30 seconds respectively, you can listen to 100 musics in 50 minutes of commuting time. And you may discover a new charm which you have never known in many musics!


Furthermore, you can experience new ‘Parameter’ function with Everlisten. You can control the playback speed and its pitch freely, so how much to unleash the power of the music depends on you. Your favorite music may remind you the thought which only you felt. Now, let’s recover you-likeness.


After installation of this application, it has some restrictions as below. If you want to unlock it, please tap ‘Unlock’ at Playlist view:

1. You can create and edit only one playlist
2. You can register only 5 musics to the playlist

Everlisten++ 2.5 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Convenient in-app purchases are available.

Tomoyoshi Natsui
Everlisten++ 2.5
Download from App Store

The Must-have App for Musicians Is Free for a Limited Time

Melody Composer Squared team today is announcing a free download of Melody Composer Squared during the limited period from 1st till 7th March 2018. Melody Composer Squared is a music editor for iPhone and iPad devices. The app uses a unique Diagram for transposition of musical notes on a two-dimensional plane.


The Must-have App for Musicians Is Free for a Limited Time


Since the Diagram is copyrighted, only Melody Composer Squared is granted to use this innovative method. The app is a must-have tool for any musician who wants understand music the same level as it did the famous composers as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and other geniuses. Melody CS is also useful for music teachers and students.


At the present time, more than 86,000 users downloaded the app. Users can look at examples in the app library, build their own melody note by note and export the melody via email as the midi format. The midi file can be opened in other standard midi software for future editing. Melody Composer Squared is updated for new iPhone X screen proportions and layouts.


The team also started the Official channel on YouTube for the music lovers who would like to look at results of visualization of the famous melodies. More new features are planned to develop in the future: a color mapping for tonality control, comfortable files exchange, replenishment of the library of tunes, and 3/4 tempo of the musical measure.


Pricing and Availability:
Melody Composer Squared 1.2.3 is currently free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.  [GET IT HERE]