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Output Factory for InDesign 50% off on BitsDuJour May 21

Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory for Adobe InDesign is available at 50% off on website BitsDuJour until May 21 only. Output Factory lets printers, ad agencies and publishing houses worldwide automate and simplify their printing and exporting workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks.



“Output Factory has been the single biggest time-saver I’ve encountered in ten years of print production,” says Mike Agate, Head of Production of Which?, Europe’s largest consumer rights organization. “Easily saves hours a week, producing bullet-proof documents over and over… With the reduction in head count and efficiency savings, it must have paid for itself 500 times over.”


With Output Factory, users only need to queue the desired InDesign files and select pre-defined output options. The software will then save multiple files to PDF or other formats with just a click of a button. Output Factory can also assign complex variable file names, output layer combinations, preflight documents before output, and export to multiple formats at once. Output Factory supports printing, PDF, PostScript, EPS, TIFF, EPUB and other formats.


Key Features:

  • Batch printing and exporting of InDesign files
  • Export as single pages
  • Output to several formats with one click
  • Layer versioning: output layer combinations as single files
  • Variable output file names based on file contents, page numbering, date and other data
  • Run custom scripts
  • Preflight InDesign and PDF documents
  • Send output files to FTP and other servers


Output Factory can be purchased form BitsDuJour at 50% off for $84.97 until May 21 only. Trial is also available for download.

Economy Infographics Solution for ConceptDraw

CS Odessa announces the Economy Infographics Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, available immediately in ConceptDraw Solutions. The new business solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM allows anyone to build Infographics from data that conveys a story to one’s audience. The new solution provides all of the graphical user elements needed to transform economic and financial information into a visual message.



The Economy Infographics Solution contains 6 vector libraries composed of 316 scalable icons. One can use this solution to quickly create an impressive infographics which can be used to communicate economic and financial messages at a glance. The Economy Infographics Solution is available at $25US to users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 and ConceptDraw OFFICE v6, via STORE.


ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is well-known for its ability to exchange documents with Microsoft Visio. It can open and save documents that can be used by Visio (VSD, VDX and VSDX documents) users. It retails for $199US per end user license.


ConceptDraw OFFICE v6 is an integrated set of visualization products and document exchange technologies. It consists of a diagramming platform, a mind mapping tool, and a project management tool. These tools are essential to generate business diagrams, project plans, mind maps, dashboards, presentations, schematics, and any other business visualizations.


The suite of these three products found in ConceptDraw OFFICE v6 is designed for knowledge workers, project managers, managers, and academics and retails for $499 (USD) per end user license. The combination of diagramming, mind mapping, and project management tools along with no charge support and ongoing development make ConceptDraw OFFICE v6 a good choice to support the activities that move businesses ahead.

CS Odessa Updates ConceptDraw PROJECT v10

CS Odessa announces improvements for ConceptDraw PROJECT v10 that help project managers plan, maintain, and communicate all aspects of multiple projects on Windows and macOS. The update for ConceptDraw PROJECT brings it to version 10.0.1 and is featured with the set of improvements and fixes. ConceptDraw PROJECT v10.0.1 has been enhanced with Improved recurring task usability that helps easily schedule project tasks that occur on a regular basis.



“Recurring tasks can be rather helpful when scheduling project tasks that should happen regularly. No one will be happy to list all the tasks for the monthly procedure in a project that will take an annum to complete. Instead, the project manager can establish the recurrence, and PROJECT automatically creates all repeated tasks.” – says Robert Mitchell, 11 years experienced IT Project Manager who has used ConceptDraw PROJECT since 2015.


Mac users who are working with larger projects will appreciate the enhanced scroll performance, which is important when dealing with large task lists. In addition, those of them with a passion for Apple technologies will like the improved representation of the application in Dark Mode. Also, the update includes a pack of quality issues fixes.


ConceptDraw OFFICE v6 is an integrated set of visualization products and document exchange technologies. It consists of a diagramming platform, a mind mapping tool, and a project management tool. These tools are important to generate business diagrams, project plans, mind maps, dashboards, presentations, schematics, and any other business visualizations.


ConceptDraw PROJECT is compatible with macOS and Windows and retails for $299 (USD). It is now included in ConceptDraw OFFICE v6 which retails for $499 (USD). The update to ConceptDraw PROJECT v10.0.1 is available at no charge for PROJECT v10 and OFFICE v6 users.

Deliver Now Can Import Cyberduck Bookmarks

Zevrix Solutions announces Deliver 2.6.16, an update to the file transfer solution with automatic email notifications. Deliver lets users send files over the Internet and local networks to pre-defined destinations. The app offers file compression, delivery history, automatic PDF creation and other powerful capabilities. It supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and other remote and local services, and allows to send files to multiple destinations at once.



Version 2.6.16 allows users to import bookmarks from Cyberduck – a popular libre server and cloud storage browser for Mac and Windows with support for FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Google Drive and other services. The bookmarks will be converted to Deliver destinations, which enables users to repurpose Cyberduck favorites for automatic delivery with email notifications.


“Deliver is a Mac app that comes close to fulfilling the laundry list of requirements,” writes Natalia Nowak on Mac360, a Mac app reviews site. “It gives you a methodology and work flow to send files safely and securely to many users over the internet or to local, secure servers.”


Deliver solves the problem of notifying recipients of Internet file deliveries automatically by eliminating the need to compose and send confirmations for each transfer.


Key features:

  • Transfer files to FTP, Google Storage, Amazon S3 and other servers
  • Automatic email notifications based on variable templates
  • Compress files automatically (zip/dmg)
  • Hyperlink to file for instant download by recipients
  • Encrypt disk images with passwords
  • Create lo-res PDF on the fly and attach to e-mail
  • Transfer history


Deliver can be purchased from Zevrix website for $19.95 (USD), as well as from Apple Mac App Store and authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download.

Minim 3.0 for macOS 10.15 Released

SweetP Productions announce Minim 3.0, an update to their advanced Safari content blocker Extension. With Minim, it’s easy to block any or all page resources from the domain you are visiting and also from any third party sites. iCloud support is included for convenient sync between your various Macs.



A content blocker stops url resources from downloading. For example, a lot of websites load images from other websites. With a traditional blocker, these images would be hidden, but still actually download to your computer. With a content blocker, the images are not downloaded at all.


Why use Minim? It’s integrated right into Safari as an extension. Minim is built using the latest macOS technologies to be fast, and does not degrade your browsing experience. It enhances your internet, as everything you decide to block is not just hidden (like javascript based blockers) – but is actually blocked from downloading at all. This has the effect of speeding up your browsing by avoiding download of junk data.



  • Configure global block rules for all domains
  • Setup Exception domain overrides with fully customizable block options
  • Optionally configure to only block exception domains
  • iCloud support for preferences and Exception domains
  • Export/Importing of exceptions for archiving
  • Notifications
  • Handy Safari contextual menu options


Built with the latest technologies, and integrated right in to Safari as an Extension, Minim can help declutter the internet and/or provide a basic level of privacy.


Minim 3.0 is $19.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

Inko 2.0 Brings Remote Whiteboarding

Creaceed releases Inko 2.0, an upgrade to their collaborative whiteboard app for iOS, Mac and Apple TV. Inko 2.0 brings collaborative drawing over the Internet as well as a new Mac Catalyst app. This version also comes with an updated user interface and support for modern iOS features such as high-performance Metal rendering, Dark Mode, and Smart Screenshots.



This app lets multiple users draw together on the same virtual whiteboard with instant feedback. This is a great tool for schools and businesses alike as Inko can be used during meetings, brainstorming sessions and school group work. Inko also offers a remarkable drawing experience through its extensive support for Apple Pencil, as well as a beautiful pixel-free visualization with vibrant colors on wide color displays (P3). Inko’s peer-to-peer connectivity makes infrastructure network or internet access superfluous, offering a one-tap setup process that permits easy deployment in any environment. Moreover, Inko 2.0 now offers remote drawing over the Internet, bringing richer interactions with people from other places or even all around the world.


Macs can now also join other iOS devices thanks to Inko’s new Mac Catalyst app. Combined with video conferencing, Inko 2.0 is thus a key tool for remote collaboration, group work, or 1-to-1 teaching. The free Apple TV companion app enables live mirroring of contents on large displays, up to 4K, at a fraction of the cost of dedicated interactive whiteboards by reusing standard multi-purpose equipment (tablets, TVs), and it also offers innovative interaction with the remote as a laser pointer.


New features in this version:

  • Remote collaboration over the Internet to draw with anyone around the world
  • A Mac Catalyst app that brings the Inko experience to the Mac. Join or create a drawing group using your Mac, along with iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV
  • High-performance Metal rendering
  • Support of modern iOS features: Dark Mode, Universal Link, SF Symbols, Smart Screenshot, Siri Shortcuts


Other features include:

  • Beautiful pixel-free visualization with vibrant colors (on P3 displays)
  • Extensive Apple Pencil support with finger action, angle, pressure, high-speed & predictive sampling
  • Real-time drawing: highly responsive, “appears-as-it-happens” multi-user drawing with no lag including from remote locations
  • Dynamic trails: participants’ labels on drawing trails that show who is currently drawing
  • Nearby collaboration: nomadic connectivity for local devices, even without Wi-Fi access point (peer-to-peer or LAN)
  • Remote Collaboration: seamless connectivity over the Internet for global reach via invitation link sharing
  • Up to 8 participants for peer-to-peer connectivity or 12 participants for LAN/Internet
  • Group saving for quick setup of future sessions
  • Security & privacy: TLS connection between devices (nearby) and end-to-end encryption with daily data removal on server (remote)
  • No account creation
  • Reliable syncing and multi-user undo/redo
  • Pen tool with two sizes & one calligraphic variant. Eraser tool with two sizes
  • Ephemeral highlighter tool. On Apple TV, motion-driven, laser pointer-like control with the remote
  • Hi-res PDF export for a productive workflow
  • iCloud sync for personal drawings
  • Free Apple TV companion app


Inko 2.0 can be freely downloaded on the Mac App Store. Multi-user collaboration requires a subscription.


Apple TV companion app is a free download on the App Store and has no limitation. Existing owners of Collaboration Pack (Inko 1) automatically receive a complementary lifetime subscription to the Nearby Plan. Existing Hero Plan subscribers (Inko 1) are automatically promoted to the Remote Plan with additional features & a lower price.

Whisk – An Essential Tool for Web Developers

Tumult Inc. releases a new web development product called Whisk. This macOS application is a HTML5 and PHP editor with an integrated preview pane that renders pages live as users type. Whisk joins a family of Tumult’s other best-in-class tools including Hype for producing beautiful animated interactive HTML5 content, and Reflect for previewing web pages on iOS devices.



Whisk’s Live Preview feature empowers rapid development, yet has not been as well utilized in other web editors. Live Preview combines the writing phase with the viewing phase clarifies the effects of users changes, speeding up the overall process of making a web page. Beta testers report frustration returning to prior workflows after using this style of live previewing.


The application contains other features to improve efficiency when editing web pages. W3C-based HTML5 validation will red-underline any mistakes live as users type. Whisk finds files that are used by a document, and automatically reloads the preview when they change on disk. Developer Tools access gives users access to the console and page inspector tools.


“Whisk is the type of app that has a spot in web developer’s dock,” said Jonathan Deutsch, founder and CEO of Tumult. “It is lightweight so it is easy to get in and out of. It doesn’t replace other source editors; Whisk can make whole sites but truly shines when needing to test snippets of web-related code, playing with CSS styling, or writing rich forum or blog posts. Live previewing is a pivotal way to work.”


Tumult Whisk is sold on the Mac App Store and the Tumult Store. For new customers, Tumult Whisk is available for $29.99 USD. Whisk also has upgrade pricing available for existing HyperEdit owners. A fully functional 14-day free trial is available for download.

GraphicConverter Update Adds Useful Image Editing Features

Lemke Software GmbH announces the release of GraphicConverter 11.2, an important update to their popular image editing utility for macOS. The utility, which has been hailed by users as the “Swiss Army Knife” of image editing applications, can convert any of 200+ graphic file formats into any of 90+ other graphic formats.



Version 11.2 brings a large number of new and updated features, along with bug fixes and performance enhancements. New features include a Live Unskew effect, Dehaze filter, Bulging Eyes filter, and numerous other new and updated features, as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.


“GraphicConverter 11.2 represents just the latest in a continuing cycle of improvements to the GraphicConverter app. We strive to continually add new and improved features that both novice and well-experienced users will appreciate and find useful,” says Thorsten Lemke, founder of Lemke Software GmbH. “We take pride that GraphicConverter has always been simple enough for novice users, while offering powerful features that graphics professionals will appreciate.”



  • Filter External Services
  • Apple II Single/Double HiRes import
  • Browse Nextcloud, Synology Drive and pCloud
  • Faces menu: rebuild database
  • Faces menu: add faces from already tagged images (i.e. images from Picasa)
  • XMP/IPTC menu: copy part of filename to title
  • Preferences General Window Content: option to increase custom pattern display size
  • Edit menu: Crop with last values
  • Edit menu: Crop all open images with last crop values (appears only with pressed shift key)
  • File menu: New: New image from clipboard with name
  • Filter menu: Dehaze with Color
  • Effects menu: Live Unskew
  • Faces menu: Bulging Eyes


Updated features:

  • Slideshow with Find: additional filter orientation
  • Improved File menu
  • Improved Browser context menu
  • Modernized saving (removed a lot of old file manager calls)
  • Log processed file option for batch conversion
  • Progress during resample and rasterize PDF
  • PICT import tries to import JPEG datastream directly
  • Improved browser context menu item order
  • Improved File menu item order
  • Browser context menu in thumbnail area: show submenu supports storing of settings
  • Picture/curves: added reset all button
  • Improved missing profil action
  • ExifTool
  • Slideshow option-o opens image defined Open With app
  • Image window: scale toolbar icon
  • Edit menu optimized
  • Improved speed of slideshow file list reading for large slideshows
  • Added progress dialog to slideshow file reading for large lists
  • Added histogram to raw developer
  • Added note before opening PICTs on macOS 10.15.4 or later


GraphicConverter 11.2 continues the long-standing tradition of offering macOS users the most powerful way to edit and manage images on the Mac. Users can use the app to capture, import, convert, edit and export images. The app can import images directly from cameras, even in the RAW format. Other features include powerful slideshow abilities, support for AppleScript, powerful batch image processing features, image catalog generation, and so much more.


While Lemke Software takes pride in the continual addition of new features and enhancements in every new version of GraphicConverter, it also strives to keep the app a simple to use utility that will allow new users to quickly and efficiently import, convert, and edit their images.


“We continue to offer a trial version of GraphicConverter, as we believe it is important for users to be able to try the app with no risk of any kind,” continues Thorsten. “If users have any questions or have any suggestions on how to improve the app, we encourage them to drop us an email and share their thoughts.”


GraphicConverter 11.2 is only $39.95 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. It can also be directly purchased online from the Lemkesoft website. Upgrades from older versions of GraphicConverter are available for $25.95 USD. The upgrade is free for all customers of version 11.0.