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PDFpen 10 Adds Watermarks, Headers and Footers, and Enhanced Selections

Smile, the developer of productivity applications for Mac(R), iPhone(R) and iPad(R), launches PDFpen and PDFpenPro 10.0, a new major version of its all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. Version 10 introduces watermarks, headers & footers, and for Pro users, batch OCR (Optical Character Recognition).


Add text and image watermarks with opacity and rotation controls, as well as custom page range options. Use watermarks to identify draft or confidential in-house documents, assert copyright, or clarify intended distribution.


Apply header and footer text with options for customizing page position, font, and page range.


PDFpenPro 10 offers batch OCR for turning multiple scans into searchable documents all at once.


The new Precision Edit tool in PDFpen and PDFpenPro 10 adds selection options and supports moving, resizing, and deleting line art and text blocks. This new tool maintains or decreases file size when moving, resizing and deleting images.


PDFpen 10 includes several additional improvements, including a larger view option for Library items, vibrant drawing colors, and more context menu actions.


“It’s always exciting to deliver features your customers have asked for,” said Philip Goward, Smile founder. “And with version 10 offering watermarks, headers & footers, and batch OCR just to name a few, we have done just that.”


PDFpen and PDFpenPro 10 work with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 3, allowing seamless editing across devices when used with Dropbox or iCloud.


PDFpen retails for US $74.95, PDFpenPro for $124.95. Family Pack licenses, which cover up to five computers in one household, are $94.95 for PDFpen and $149.95 for PDFpenPro. Office Pack licenses start at $224.95 for PDFpen (5 users) and $349.95 for PDFpenPro (5 users).


Upgrades from earlier single user versions of either application are US $30, and free to users who purchased on or after January 1, 2018. Upgrades from any previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 10 are $50. Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs is found in our web store.


PDFpen 10 and PDFpenPro 10 require macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and work great on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). For macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and earlier, see our website for compatible PDFpen versions. Demo versions are available at on our site. Full versions of PDFpen and PDFpenPro are also available for purchase on Apple’s Mac App Store.


What’s New in PDFpen 10:
* Adds watermarks
* Insert Headers & Footers
* OCR multiple documents in batch (PDFpenPro only)
* New Precision Edit tool selects, moves, resizes and deletes line art and text
* Improves move & resize of images
* Enhances page number styling
* Adds larger Library item view
* Prettier drawing colors
* Adds context menu options
* Various improvements and fixes


Features Specific to PDFpenPro:
* Export to Microsoft(R) Excel (.xlsx, .xls), Microsoft(R) PowerPoint (.pptx) and PDF Archive (PDF/A) formats (requires Internet connection for .pptx and PDF/A, must be a licensed user)
* Create cross-platform fillable PDF forms including interactive signature fields and email or web submission buttons
* Create and edit Table of Contents
* Convert websites into PDFs
* OCR multiple documents in batch
* Add and edit document permissions
* Automatic form creation makes existing PDF forms fillable
* Gather submitted form data via backend integration
* Add and delete file attachments and annotations
* Create Portfolio documents, combining related files together
* Correct typos in OCR text layer
* OCR horizontal Chinese, Japanese & Korean


* Add text, images and signatures to PDFs
* Correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks
* Fill out interactive PDF forms and sign them
* Redact or erase text, including OCR text
* Search and replace, search and redact, and search and highlight text
* Export in Microsoft(R) Word format, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and flat PDF
* Scan directly from Image Capture or TWAIN scanners
* Perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on scanned documents
* View OCR layer for proofing OCR text from scanned pages, or remove OCR layer
* Edit original images, including adjusting resolution, color depth and contrast, skew, and size of an image or scanned document
* Sign PDF forms via drawing, interactive signature fields, or AATL or self-signed certificates
* Insert and remove pages; re-order pages in a PDF with drag & drop; combine PDFs maintaining Table of Contents entries
* Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF
* Save PDFs directly to Evernote
* Preview and extract file attachments and annotations
* Record and playback audio annotations
* Copy and paste rich text; retain fonts and formatting when copying from PDFs, including columns
* Context-sensitive popup-menus enable quick edits
* Add notes and comments, print annotation summary with or without the original text
* Mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough
* Save frequently-used images, signatures, objects and text in the Library; sync Library items with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone via iCloud
* Add page numbers, bookmarks, headers and footers, line numbers and watermarks
* Apply business-related and Sign Here stamps via the Library
* Password protect a document with up to 256-bit AES encryption
* Automate PDF manipulations with AppleScript and JavaScript Automation
* Available in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish


* macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later


PDFpen Pricing:
* $74.95 (USD)
* Family Pack: $94.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
* Office Pack: starts at $224.95 for 5 users
* Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpen: $30
* Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs available.
* (Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2018; no free upgrades available on the Mac App Store)


PDFpenPro Pricing:
* $124.95 (USD)
* Family Pack: $149.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
* Office Pack: starts at $349.95 for 5 users
* Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpenPro: $30
* Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs available.
* (Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2018; no free upgrades available on the Mac App Store)


Single user upgrade from the previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 10: $50


Site licenses: PDFpen $1249.95, PDFpenPro $1624.95

Site license terms: Single contact for support; single physical address or company with fewer than 1,000 employees. Visit our site license store.

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PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 is Available Free for a Limited Time Only

Xi’an Pantuo Internet Technology, Ltd. is proud to announce the German language version of their popular PDF editor, PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2, will be free for a limited time. PDF Bearbeiten Mac allows Mac users to easily modify and edit PDF documents. Anyone can add text, insert images, remove unwanted content, draw lines and rotate document pages, all without the need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on their Mac.


PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 – and the accompanying Windows version, PDF Bearbeiten for Windows – will be available free for a limited time. The app is usually priced at 29,99 EUR, but through February 20,2017 Mac and Windows users can download the popular PDF editor at no cost.


“We have received wonderful feedback from the users of PDF Bearbeiten, and they tell us the love the app and find it incredibly useful,” says Xi’an Pantuo Internet Technology, Ltd. CEO Woody Wu. “We decided the best way to demonstrate how great the app is to everyone is to do a giveaway, putting it into the hands of users who wanted to try the app, but were reluctant to spend the money. We know once those users try PDF Bearbeiten, they’ll tell others about it!”


Features include:
* Add text, and move it to any location on the PDF page
* Set text to any size, font or color
* Easily fill out PDF forms
* Use the app’s Eraser Tool to delete unwanted text or graphics
* Rotate PDF pages by 90, 180, or 270 degree, both for current or all pages
* Add images to any PDF. Adjust the height, width, and position of the image
* App supports most popular image formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and more
* Use the Pen, V-Line and H-Line tools to draw lines
* Add a watermark to a PDF document, using text or an image
* Merge several PDF documents to a single PDF file


In the past, Mac users were required to pay out a large sum of cash to gain the ability to edit and save PDF documents. But now, PDF Bearbeiten Mac makes it easy to edit any PDF files in a short period of time. Users can add, edit or delete text and graphics, fill out PDF forms, watermark images, and more, all without being required to have the expensive Adobe Acrobat suite of applications installed on their Mac.


PDF Bearbeiten Mac is usually 29,99 EUR, but fast-acting German Mac users can download the full version of the application for free, now through February 20, 2017, via the PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 Giveaway website. Windows users can also grab a free version of the app for their machines by visiting the PDF Bearbeiten for Windows Giveaway website.


PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 is usually priced at 29,99 EUR (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) but is available free now through February 20, 2017. The app is available worldwide via the PDF Bearbeiten for Mac Giveaway website. A free download of the Windows version is also available. Review copies are available upon request.

PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2
PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 Giveaway
PDF Bearbeiten for Windows
PDF Bearbeiten for Windows Giveaway

PDF Downloader and Reader 7.0 for iOS: Download PDF files to Your Device

iAppsTechnology has released PDF Downloader and Reader 7.0, its PDF app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The app allows you to download any PDF files directly from web using in-build browser and read off-line. It also provides various features which is really cool because you can mark favorite, bookmark, share the PDF files as you like

Features of this app include:
* Easy to use and download
* Search from Internet and easy to download
* Built-In browser for download
* No limit for downloads
* Download multiply files
* Built-In reader
* Easy to Read and mark favourite your book
* Bookmark features while reading any books
* Resume/Pause Features display speed and size
* Read offline and store locally within App
* Share the PDF via email
* Print the PDF using built-in printer function
* Clean and elegant graphics


PDF Downloader and Reader 7.0 is free and available through the App Store.

PDF Checkpoint Now Offers Support for macOS Sierra

Zevrix Solutions announces the release of PDF Checkpoint 1.7.17, a compatibility update to company’s PDF preflight and conversion automation tool. Remarkably fast, PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, exports as images, splits and optimizes multiple Adobe PDF files. PDF Checkpoint is an ideal program for users who need a fast, affordable and easy to use solution to check PDF files for errors and convert them to the desired format and color space.


The new version makes PDF Checkpoint compatible with the recently released macOS 10.12 Sierra and is offered as a free update to the licensed users. The app is available on Mac App Store. PDF Checkpoint is designed to automate and simplify PDF workflows of publishers, ad agencies, prepress houses, printers and graphic designers:

* Batch preflighting and conversion of PDF files
* Check PDF fonts, colors, images and metadata for specific attributes
* Convert PDF color mode using ICC profiles
* Route files by preflight results into success and error folders
* Split files into single page PDFs
* Export PDF as images with specific resolution, color and page scale


For example, users can preflight a folder of PDF files and convert them to TIFF images at 300 dpi while scaling each page by 50%. Or optimize documents for web and mobile devices while reducing file size dramatically by downsampling images to the screen resolution. Users can also create print-ready PDFs from such apps as Apple Pages and Swift Publisher by converting colors to the recommended CMYK profile.


PDF Checkpoint can be purchased on Mac App Store and Zevrix website for $39.95 (USD), as well as from authorized resellers. The update is free to licensed users. A trial is also available for download. PDF Checkpoint requires macOS 10.7-10.12.

PDF2ID v4.6 Offers PDF to InDesign CC 2017 Conversion

Recosoft Corporation, the developers of PDF conversion software and plug-ins for Adobe(R) InDesign(R), is proud to announce the release of PDF2ID Standard and PDF2ID Professional v4.6; the latest PDF to InDesign conversion plug-ins for InDesign CC 2017. PDF2ID v4.6 includes support for Adobe InDesign CC 2017 for both the Mac and Windows platforms. Additionally, PDF2ID v4.6 contains improvements in reconstructing PDF tables as InDesign tables. PDF2ID v4.6 also adds several stability improvements and an enhanced PDF graphics to InDesign graphics conversion.

PDF2ID v4.6 Offers PDF to InDesign CC 2017 Conversion

“PDF2ID has been the go to plug-in for PDF to InDesign conversions since 2007; the latest release for InDesign CC 2017 demonstrates our continued commitment to the Adobe Creative Cloud platform”- Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation”


PDF2ID converts PDF and Windows XPS files into fully editable InDesign files allowing PDF and XPS file content recovery and reuse within InDesign. PDF2ID is the de-facto PDF conversion plug-in for InDesign, allowing anyone to open, convert and edit PDF and XPS documents in InDesign; eliminating the need to acquire additional PDF and XPS conversion tools.


Key New Features
* Integration with InDesign CC 2017: PDF2ID has been enhanced to operate seamlessly with InDesign CC 2017

* Table Construction enhancements: The table reconstruction of PDF2ID has dramatically been improved to recognize even more different type of data as a table

* Compound path and other graphics enhancements: Improvements have been made to handling and application of Compound paths and graphics for better reproduction in InDesign

* Stability Improvements: Many improvements have been made further improving the stability of PDF2ID


System Requirements:
* macOS 10.6.8 or higher
* Intel based Mac
* InDesign CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 or CC 2017
* Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
* Minimum Pentium III computer
* InDesign CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 or CC 2017


PDF2ID v4.6 is a free release for all PDF2ID v4.5 Standard/Professional licensees. PDF2ID v4.6 is available immediately in the following configurations from the Recosoft web store (per license):

* PDF2ID Standard v4.6 US$199.00
* PDF2ID Professional v4.6 US$299.00
* PDF2ID Standard v4.6 Upgrade US$99.00
* PDF2ID Professional v4.6 Upgrade US$149.00


For more information on Recosoft PDF converters and InDesign related solutions, visit Recosoft online.

ID2Office v2.2: Export InDesign CC files to Word, PPT & Keynote

Recosoft Corporation, the developers of PDF conversion software and PDF to Adobe(R) InDesign(R) converter tools, has released ID2Office v2.2, the newest version of the InDesign to Word, PowerPoint(R) and Keynote conversion plug-in for InDesign CC 2017.


ID2Office v2.2 has been enhanced to support Adobe InDesign CC 2017, the latest version of InDesign for both macOS and Windows. Additionally, ID2Office v2.2 has been augmented to convert style sheet properties defined in InDesign tables into Word Table style sheets properties. ID2Office v2.2 also improves conversion fidelity in several areas when exporting InDesign files to the Word, PowerPoint and Keynote type.


ID2Office converts the text, associated styles, paragraph structure, corresponding property, frames linking, tables, graphics and other InDesign object and document properties to the matching Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote object and file properties; converting every page into an equivalent page in the resulting Word, PowerPoint or Keynote file. ID2Office exports InDesign files to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote resulting in enhanced workflow automation.


Key New Features:

* Integration with InDesign CC 2017:
ID2Office has been enhanced to operate and function with InDesign CC 2017.

* Character and Paragraph styles in Table cells:
Character and Paragraph styles which are defined in Table cells are now converted to Microsoft Word style sheets and applied appropriately.

* Paragraph Rules:
Paragraph rules are converted to Microsoft Word paragraph borders.

* Enhanced Conversions:
Conversion of InDesign files to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Keynote formats have been enhanced in several areas providing even more accurate conversions.


ID2Office v2.2 is available immediately in the following configurations from the Recosoft web store (per license):
* ID2Office Standard v2.2 Annual subscription (Mac/Windows) US$199.00
* ID2Office Professional v2.2 Annual subscription (Mac only) US$249.00

BatchOutput PDF Now Supports Apple macOS 10.12 Sierra

Toronto (ON) Canada – Zevrix Solutions today is proud to announce the release of BatchOutput PDF 2.2.23, a maintenance update to its PDF printing automation solution for Mac. The software allows users to print PDF files from watched hot folders, saving the time and effort of opening and printing each document manually.


The new version makes BatchOutput PDF compatible with the recently released macOS Sierra and is offered as a free update to licensed users. The updated also fixes an issue in which blank pages could be printed under some rare conditions.


“This is one of those apps that you never knew you needed until you spend a day using it,” says Glen Saville of eponymous design firm in Hornchurch, UK. “If you handle a large number of PDFs daily this will save you time, without a doubt.”


With BatchOutput PDF users only need to drop their PDF files into watched hot folders – and the software will print the documents automatically using the hot folder settings. For example, the app can generate hot folders for color and black-and-white printers, specific paper sizes, duplex modes, various color profiles and other controls.


BatchOutput PDF offers reliable, robust and affordable solution for users of any trade, whether it’s print, publishing, legal offices, education or financial sector:


* Batch print PDF files automatically from watched hot folders
* Create presets for various print settings
* Work with other programs while BatchOutput PDF prints in the background
* Specify password for encrypted PDFs
* Save time and hassle of printing each PDF manually


In addition to the single-user version of the program, Zevrix also offers BatchOutput PDF Server that can serve unlimited users on a network.


Pricing and Availability:
BatchOutput PDF can be purchased from Zevrix website for $24.95 USD (Server version $99.95), as well as from Mac App Store and authorized resellers. The update is free for licensed users of version 2. Trial is also available for download. BatchOutput PDF supports Mac OS X 10.5-10.12.


Zevrix Solutions
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Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides automation and productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite software, PDF workflows, graphic file diagnostics and Microsoft Office output on Mac OS. Zevrix is dedicated to help professionals increase their profits through automating everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting production costs. For more information, visit their website. Copyright (C) 2016 Zevrix Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

PDF Decrypter Pro v2.2 for Mac OS X Offers Easy Decryption of PDF Files

Guangzhou, China – Adeptshare is proud to announce the release of PDF Decrypter Pro 2.2 for macOS, their easy to use utility developed to decrypt any password-protected PDF files. The app allows anyone to decrypt a protected PDF file, offering them the ability to easily edit, print, select text and graphics for use in other documents, and more.


Occasionally, Mac users will receive PDF documents that are protected via an owner password, which usually restricts a number of actions. Restricted actions can include: editing, printing, copying text & graphics to use in other documents, and more. PDF Decrypter Pro is a compact, simple to use OS X utility created to do one just thing, and to do it well, decrypt password protected PDF files. Following decryption, anyone can make use of the PDF file in any way they wish.


“Encrypted PDF files are difficult to work with, resulting in needless frustration and extra work on the recipient’s part,” says Adeptshare CEO Zhong Linhua. “Using PDF Decrypter Pro, anyone can quickly and easily remove all password protection from any encrypted PDF document. This allows them to make use of the information contained in the document in any way they wish to.”


* Quickly decrypts encrypted PDF files
* Removes restrictions on printing, editing, copying
* Easy drag-and-drop file selection
* Handles 40-bit RC4 encryption, 128-bit RC4 encryption, and AES encryption
* Decrypted files can be edited like any other PDF document


PDF Decrypter Pro offers easy drag-and-drop file selection, or users can select multiple files via the cleanly designed file selection interface. Once files have been selected for decryption, a simple click of the button immediately begins the speedy decryption process. Users can track the decryption process, which is handily displayed in the Results Column.


PDF Decrypter Pro users love the app:


“Many thanks. A very useful tool. I don’t have the full Adobe Acrobat installed on my new laptop, so PDF Decrypter Pro is a great help as I want to remove the restrictions on a particular document right now.” – Iain B, DonationCoder user


“Nothing is more annoying than being sent a password protected PDF and having to track down the sender to get the password. Much appreciated. I have re-tweeted this and posted it on my Facebook page.” – Tom Draxler


The compact and well-designed PDF Decrypter Pro application can remove various types of encryption, including: 40-bit RC4, 128-bit RC4, and AES encryption. The app also allows removal of editing restrictions from compressed files and unencrypted data. And while the application doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat to be installed for its operation, it is compatible with all versions of the Acrobat application.


PDF Decrypter Pro cannot:
* Remove or find the user/open password automatically
* Remove other protections, such as DRM or third-party plug-ins
* Enable Acrobat Reader to save forms and data locally, add comments, or add digital signatures


“Our app prevents the frustration of needing to recreate a protected file when the password has been lost, or the employee that originally encrypted the document is no longer with the company,” continues Linhua. “Retyping the content of a password-protected PDF file is something most users do not want to do. PDF Decrypter Pro saves users the hassle of creating an entirely new document from scratch.”


System Requirements:
* OS X 10.6.6 or later
* 64-bit processor
* 10.2 MB


Pricing and Availability:
PDF Decrypter Pro 2.2 is only $29.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies), and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. It is also available through the PDF Decrypter website. A Windows version of the application is also available. Review copies are available upon request.


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