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VRHopShop for iOS – Author VR Experiences from 360 Photos

PixelSplincher today is excited to announce the release of its new VR authoring app, VRHopShop 1.0, as well as its companion free viewer app, VRHopper. VRHopShop lets iPhone and iPad users compile a series of 360 degree spherical photos into immersive VR experiences, where the viewer “hops” from photo to photo by gazing at target areas specified by the author.


Experiences authored in VRHopShop can be viewed in VRHopper using any Google Cardboard-class headset for the iPhone, or on an iPhone or iPad in “magic window” mode, where moving the device around reveals the appropriate view into the 360 degree environment. Viewers can also pan around just by touching the screen. In addition to hops between photos, VRHopper targets can trigger sound effects or simple labels tied to parts of the 360 degree environment.


VRHopShop works with stereoscopic or mono 360 spherical images from the new generation of VR cameras like Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 360, Nokia Ozo, LG 360 Cam, 360Fly and many others. It can also be used with spherical renders from 3D software. VRHopShop opens the world of VR production to cost-conscious producers in fields from training and education to real estate to virtual tourism.


VRHopper can also directly load 360 degree images, and download virtual tours from Pixelsplincher’s rapidly growing collection of curated tours.
Both VRHopper and VRHopShop include a sample tour of acclaimed 3D artist Matt Borrett’s stunning virtual world, Hypernurnia.


VRHopShop 1.0 is $7.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). VRHopper is free. Both are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

Exif Viewer Now Ranking in Top Charts in iOS App Store

Fluntro today is very pleased to announce that Exif Viewer, the company’s popular photography app, is now ranking in top charts on iOS App Store across China, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong and is now FREE for a limited time (No in app purchase needed). Exif Viewer is a beautiful and a well crafted iOS app for photographers and photo enthusiasts alike. The app displays EXIF metadata of any photo on any iOS device(s), Photo Stream or iCloud, including metadata tags for ISO, shutter speed, focal length, camera model, lens model, lens serial number, time stamp, aperture, shutter count and many more.

Exif Viewer Now Ranking in Top Charts in iOS App Store

Discover a bit more about your photos and technical details using Exif Viewer App. Anyone can take a photo with their digital camera or iPhone and review its EXIF Metadata to help improve the next shot. It also offers one of the best ways to learn from others photography techniques.


Users have the ability to customize the User Interface, re-order EXIF tags in the way they prefer, with the ability to hide EXIF tags that they don’t want to see, as well as select preferred date formats (eg 1 day ago vs December 30th 2016 vs 30-12-2016 etc ). The app also supports three different types of Views, List view, Grid view and Map view mode. In List mode, you can swipe exif card to quickly overview EXIF Metadata. In Grid view, you can view bunch of images on same screen and quickly find image you are looking for. In Map view mode, you can quickly locate a photo and tap on it to view exif detail. Tap on location name to toggle between GPS coordinates and location name.


As a privacy concern, users may, or may not, want to share EXIF details containing location. With Exif Viewer, users can remove EXIF Metadata including the images GPS location (known as Geotagging of photos) and share an image with, or without, EXIF metadata. You can also copy EXIF data to Clipboard, so that you can paste & share EXIF data as text on any other App. Exif Viewer also supports 3D Touch on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus (or newer device with 3D Touch support). The app includes shortcuts to access Favorites, Photo Streams, Albums, and All Photos quickly. Also Peek and POP functionality on ExifCards and photos in Grid view.


Exif Viewer also contains its Photos Extension and iMessage App Extension along with the fully functional app. So once you download Exif Viewer from the App Store, you get the extra functionality of embedded photos app extension with iMessage. Using Exif Viewer photos extension you can view EXIF Metadata of photo directly from Photos App. Send Exif Cards on iMessage App to your friend(s) with an option to turn off EXIF Metadata as text.


For a limited time, Exif Viewer 2.8 is Free (reg. $2.99 USD) and available through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. This discount could vanish at any time so be sure to check it out as soon as you can.

PresidentCam Lets Hillary, Donald, and You Look Presidential, for Free

Rochester, New York – In this crazy election season, people have been asking which candidate “looks presidential.” Now, there’s an app for that! Users can add “Presidential Stickers” to their photos using a live camera view. Select from Presidential-themed stickers including a Podium, the Presidential Seal, the American Flag, a Bald Eagle, etc.! It’s, fun, easy, and for a limited time, free! Plus, users can share their photos via social media and email, thanks to OSTETSO’s custom gallery and photo sharing service.


* Select from a fun variety of Presidential Stickers
* Place, rotate, resize stickers using drag, pinch and zoom gestures
* See stickers superimposed over the camera view in real-time
* Save photos to your camera roll
* Share photos via OSTETSO’s photo sharing service


“This election year, we had so many candidates vying for their party’s nomination. It seemed like everyone wanted to be President,” noted Todd Bernhard, President of NoTie. “And while we may end up with a radically different President… either the first woman or the first businessman, thanks to PresidentCam, anyone can look Presidential!”


PresidentCam is a fun and timely app, and users are going to want to share their creations. That’s where OSTETSO comes in. OSTETSO offers an Instagram-like photo-sharing gallery within an app, automatically. And, unlike the standard iOS Share Sheet functionality, it also allows users to share their custom photos to Facebook, Twitter, Email, iMessage, etc., by pointing to a custom web page featuring the user’s photo, with links back to the app.


Users of PresidentCam may also appreciate another one of No Tie’s other Presidential apps. Ringtone Director: Presidential Edition lets users create custom talking ringtones using the voices of Presidents Obama and Bush. A user types their message, selects from hundreds of sound effects, including Hail to the Chief, and selects either Bush or Obama. Their message is turned into a talking ringtone, with the sound effect to ‘get their attention’ and the ringtone is available in both Apple’s .m4r format and in MP3 format, so it can be installed on iPhones, iPads, Android or Windows phones.


No Tie Software
PresidentCam 3.0
Screenshot (PresidentCam)
Presidential Ringtone Director 20.0
Screenshot (Presidential Ringtone Director) 1
Screenshot (Presidential Ringtone Director) 2


Located in Rochester, NY, No Tie LLC was founded in 2007 by Todd Bernhard. All Material and Software (C) 2007-2016 No Tie LLC / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Manifesto for iOS – Fast Camera, Video & Voice Recorder

Pabro has released Manifesto 1.0, the company’s free new photography app developed for the iPhone. Manifesto was designed specifically for taking super-fast burst pictures and recording video & audio instantly, just by launching the app.

Manifesto can be used for capturing special, or even private moments. But the app shines best when shooting influential stories and sharing them to a large audience in just a few clicks. Using Manifesto’s features, it’s easy to record any content just by swiping between modes and setting the preferred one when needed.

The app can take up to 99 fast burst photos, take horizontal photos and videos while holding the phone vertically, pausing and resuming while recording video.


Manifesto 1.0 is free, and is available through the App Store.