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Instaz Enhances Photos With a Single Swipe

Whatever Apps announces Instaz, “swipe only” photo editor for iOS. The app makes editing images as simple as a swipe of a finger. The app’s built-in artificial intelligence analyzes each photo and performs complex edits. It improves colors, composition and adds popular Instagram effects, such as frames, collages, dust, stickers and many others.



Instaz does away with the need to come up with a design and then apply photo effects one-by-one using several apps.  Instead, a single swipe automatically performs creative edits.


“Like Tinder has changed the industry of dating apps, we want to change the process of creating eye-catching stories and photos for social media,” says Whatever Apps CEO Ivan Abramov. ‘Just swipe, we will do the rest’ – that is the app’s approach.”


This app eliminates the problem facing non-designers spending long minutes on editing, only to come up with a result that is worse than the initial photo itself. Current editors require time consuming effort for a single Instagram post or stories.


“The app protects your privacy by performing all photo analyzing algorithms on the device. The app never sends the photos or any associated data back to us, we never see your photos,” continues Ivan. “The more you use the app, the better the artificial intelligence understands your photo editing preferences, suggesting the best photo designs customized for you.”


Instaz is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category. Unlimited edit saves are available upon subscription purchase. Subscriptions are available as a convenient in-app purchase of $2.99 per month or $22 per year (A yearly subscription saves $14.00 USD).

GraphicConverter Update Adds Useful Image Editing Features

Lemke Software GmbH announces the release of GraphicConverter 11.2, an important update to their popular image editing utility for macOS. The utility, which has been hailed by users as the “Swiss Army Knife” of image editing applications, can convert any of 200+ graphic file formats into any of 90+ other graphic formats.



Version 11.2 brings a large number of new and updated features, along with bug fixes and performance enhancements. New features include a Live Unskew effect, Dehaze filter, Bulging Eyes filter, and numerous other new and updated features, as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.


“GraphicConverter 11.2 represents just the latest in a continuing cycle of improvements to the GraphicConverter app. We strive to continually add new and improved features that both novice and well-experienced users will appreciate and find useful,” says Thorsten Lemke, founder of Lemke Software GmbH. “We take pride that GraphicConverter has always been simple enough for novice users, while offering powerful features that graphics professionals will appreciate.”



  • Filter External Services
  • Apple II Single/Double HiRes import
  • Browse Nextcloud, Synology Drive and pCloud
  • Faces menu: rebuild database
  • Faces menu: add faces from already tagged images (i.e. images from Picasa)
  • XMP/IPTC menu: copy part of filename to title
  • Preferences General Window Content: option to increase custom pattern display size
  • Edit menu: Crop with last values
  • Edit menu: Crop all open images with last crop values (appears only with pressed shift key)
  • File menu: New: New image from clipboard with name
  • Filter menu: Dehaze with Color
  • Effects menu: Live Unskew
  • Faces menu: Bulging Eyes


Updated features:

  • Slideshow with Find: additional filter orientation
  • Improved File menu
  • Improved Browser context menu
  • Modernized saving (removed a lot of old file manager calls)
  • Log processed file option for batch conversion
  • Progress during resample and rasterize PDF
  • PICT import tries to import JPEG datastream directly
  • Improved browser context menu item order
  • Improved File menu item order
  • Browser context menu in thumbnail area: show submenu supports storing of settings
  • Picture/curves: added reset all button
  • Improved missing profil action
  • ExifTool
  • Slideshow option-o opens image defined Open With app
  • Image window: scale toolbar icon
  • Edit menu optimized
  • Improved speed of slideshow file list reading for large slideshows
  • Added progress dialog to slideshow file reading for large lists
  • Added histogram to raw developer
  • Added note before opening PICTs on macOS 10.15.4 or later


GraphicConverter 11.2 continues the long-standing tradition of offering macOS users the most powerful way to edit and manage images on the Mac. Users can use the app to capture, import, convert, edit and export images. The app can import images directly from cameras, even in the RAW format. Other features include powerful slideshow abilities, support for AppleScript, powerful batch image processing features, image catalog generation, and so much more.


While Lemke Software takes pride in the continual addition of new features and enhancements in every new version of GraphicConverter, it also strives to keep the app a simple to use utility that will allow new users to quickly and efficiently import, convert, and edit their images.


“We continue to offer a trial version of GraphicConverter, as we believe it is important for users to be able to try the app with no risk of any kind,” continues Thorsten. “If users have any questions or have any suggestions on how to improve the app, we encourage them to drop us an email and share their thoughts.”


GraphicConverter 11.2 is only $39.95 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. It can also be directly purchased online from the Lemkesoft website. Upgrades from older versions of GraphicConverter are available for $25.95 USD. The upgrade is free for all customers of version 11.0.

Content Creator – A Content Creation Tool for iPhone

Pearapps introduces Content Creator 1.0.2, a new content creation tool for producing, creating and sharing for iOS. Content Creator is a low effort way to create, produce and share high quality content for any need, right from your phone. Whether you want to create an invitation, a collage of a vacation, a square image for social media, text based image, or anything else – Content Creator has you covered.


Easily to Create:

  • Cool collages
  • Squared images
  • Invitations
  • Images with text
  • Smooth gradients
  • Anything


Creation with this app is intuitive, simple and accessible – allows you to rotate and scale content with gestures or buttons. Users creations can have an unlimited amount of shapes, text, and images. Sharing with Content Creator is easy and allows you to save either a still image, or a still video with length up to 45 seconds. This lets you share to platforms that accept images or video quickly.


Content Creator 1.0.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Graphics & Design category.

HDRtist NX released exclusively for macOS

Ohanaware Co., Ltd. announces the release of HDRtist NX 2.2, a major update to their flagship High Dynamic Range Imaging software product for the macOS operating system. This version includes 26 improvements & 20 fixes/workarounds. Improving the user experience & capabilities of the product, while cracking down on issues. HDRtist NX2 is the fourth major revision of their HDR software, covering 10 years, allowing for a significantly improved engine, modern interface, and extendable functionality.



Major changes in 2.2:

  • 6 New Gradient masking filters, with linear or radial gradients, enabling spot alterations
  • 6 existing filters updated with gradient masking
  • New Noise suppression options in Polaris and extra filter
  • New White Balance extra, for localized corrections and proving a new algorithm
  • Added 16 new blend modes for various filters
  • Improved the hardware options, with a new automated function
  • Cut, Copy & Paste filters between documents
  • More meta data options, including Keywords, the ability to ignore original camera meta data
  • Various interface changes, improving the user experience throughout the application
  • Added an extra 7 1-Click Styles
  • 20 bug fixes and workarounds for various issues


Why HDRtist?

  • 8th Gen detail enhancing tone mapper, with Tone Mapping To The Edge
  • 128-BPP processing uses ^4 more resolution for detail enhancing than some competitors
  • Dehaze & “Highlights & Shadows Pro” to reveal hidden details in the highlights
  • 40 1-Click styles to save time & provide inspiration
  • More than 25 built-in Extras; some expand on existing functions while others are used to add stylistic effects to HDRs
  • Gradient masking provides spot fixes and localized adjustments
  • Works with multiple exposures, single images and improved support for single RAW images
  • Advanced cropping tool, with multiple aspect ratios, fixed sizes & free-form option
  • Editable HDR format, with save history
  • Optimized interface provides a gorgeous high resolution preview area
  • Multiple views for comparing the processed HDR with original exposures

Pixelmator Team Announced Pixelmator Pro Upgrade

The Pixelmator Team announced the Pixelmator Pro Upgrade, allowing existing Pixelmator users to upgrade to the Pixelmator Pro image editor for Mac, the successor to Pixelmator.



“With prestigious accolades like the Mac App of the Year award from Apple, glowing reviews from our users, and thousands of five-star ratings on the Mac App Store, Pixelmator Pro is a hit,” said Saulius Dailide, one of the founders of the Pixelmator Team. “We’re confident every existing Pixelmator user would be thrilled with all the new tools, features, and improvements the app brings. And that’s why we’re so excited to launch the Pixelmator Pro Upgrade Program, letting existing Pixelmator users upgrade to Pixelmator Pro with a discount.”


Pixelmator Pro takes all the power and ease-of-use from the original Pixelmator and builds on it in new ways. Pixelmator image editing experience has been refined and improved. And thanks to the newest Apple graphics technologies powering everything under the hood, that experience is faster and more responsive than ever before.


One of the most notable changes is the new single-window interface, designed to make all the incredibly powerful image editing tools in Pixelmator Pro accessible to everyone. Its streamlined, macOS-native design provides an exceptionally familiar Mac app experience and is fully consistent with the look and feel of macOS.


In addition to the new interface, Pixelmator Pro includes a brand new and much more modern painting engine with dual-texture brushes, true-to-life paint blending, advanced brush dynamics, and full graphics tablet support. For photographers, there is a collection of professional-grade photo editing tools with deep machine learning integration that automatically improves photos like a pro photographer, nondestructive editing, full RAW support, and more. Illustrators can take advantage of the vector tool improvements and SVG support. And the overall speed and performance of Pixelmator Pro is also significantly improved.


The Pixelmator Pro Upgrade Bundle is available from the Mac App Store for $49.99.