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Planwagon 1.0.2 Designed to Revolutionize How We Make Plans

Independent developer, Khaled Ali today is proud to announce the release of Planwagon 1.0.2, an update to the popular social networking app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Most people make plans in group-chats. Ever tried to make a plan only for the group to get messy and have some people completely miss the conversation? Planwagon finally fixes that problem.


Now available for free, Planwagon is a messenger where people can make plans from within the chatroom (called a “wagon”), then have them appear in a drawer at the top for everyone to see and vote on, which makes deciding where to go out, what food to eat, or any other group decision incredibly faster and easier.


The app is easy and intuitive to use, working like most prominent messengers. However, once a user is in the wagon, creating a plan is extremely simple: Open the plan drawer and press on the “+” button. The best part is that since users log in with Facebook, they have access to all their friends at the touch of a button.


Behind The Idea:
The idea came and was built in a college dorm room, when the founders were fed up with how messy group chats with friends, family, or team members became when trying to make plans or group decisions. A survey found that approximately 87.5% of college students face the same frustration when organizing plans with friends or meetings with team members in group projects.


“I was frustrated even though there were a few apps out there for making plans, but they just seemed to complicate the process if anything. People make plans in chatrooms, so Planwagon brings the solution there. There’s nothing quite like it.” explained Khaled Ali, co-founder and CEO. “This is how I initially came up with the idea. This was, logically, the next big thing. Everything’s moving to chat, including Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat, Allo, each good for different things. And then there’s Planwagon – good for making plans.”


There are plans for Planwagon on Android, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. Version 1.0.2 offers many under-the-hood performance improvements and minor bug fixes.


Planwagon 1.0.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

New Pen Pal App Available Now on the App Store

Why Interactive today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Slowly 1.0, their new pen pal app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Slowly lets users write and receive letters from anywhere in the world. In the era of instant messaging, we hope to provide a platform and connect users who want to share their passion at a slower, but better pace – one letter at a time.

New Pen Pal App Available Now on the App Store

Bringing the traditional pen pal experience to smartphones, the app was created for those who yearn for meaningful connections with others. Users are matched in pairs based on common interests and language. Just like a real letter, delivery time depends on geo-locations and distance between pen pals – users are therefore encouraged to take the time in writing and share their thoughts freely. Creating a profile is very simple: users will be asked to represent themselves by pick an avatar icon and a nickname, ensuring that content of the letters is always the focus of communication.


Another feature on Slowly is the ability to collect stamps from around the world: users start with the stamp of their current location; they can then unlock new ones through meeting pen pals from other countries or by travelling. Currently there are already more than 100 fun and unique stamps awaiting for users to discover – and the collection is still expanding with new stamps constantly being added!


Slowly 1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. As Android version is currently under development and will be released soon. Please visit Slowly’s official website for more information on its features and screenshots of the app.

ALW – New Nerve Center of Social and Personal Relationships is here

ALW World LLC is pleased to announce the release of ALW – Almost Live With 1.2, an update to their popular social networking app for iOS and Android devices. Great news is on the horizon for people who want to experience the next level of social connectivity, beyond the limits of existing platforms. ALW – Almost Live With offers a novel and comprehensive way to stay in touch with loved ones, be it family members, friends, or business colleagues.


Almost Live With (ALW) lets users forge and maintain relationships with friends and family, especially when it’s a constant struggle to always stay in touch. Whether it’s about sharing upcoming vacation plans, or simply checking-in to see the local temperature, time zones, and other information, ALW has it all.


Almost Live With has come up with a vastly superior way to engage with friends and family, as well as the broader global community, in real time. The ALW mobile app is getting ready to launch and deliver the perfect personalized experience. Version 1.2 offers performance many improvements.


With ALW, users will always know who and where their mates (contacts) are through a highly interactive platform that includes mood emoticons, location and weather data, upcoming events and life milestones, and more. It’s the stuff that relationships are made of, whether it’s connecting with loved ones in the same room, friends across town, or family members living in different time zones across the planet.


It shouldn’t be this easy, but it is! The ALW app is as easy to configure for things that matter most, as it is to install. There are six cards available; for presenting photo collages, the “next big thing” timeline, the “Hooked On” display of what a user is currently into right now, or the info-sharing “help” for crowdsourcing questions and even for users to provide tips and answers. The ALW Board screen will, by default, present four of these cards depending on the user’s profile info, channels, and choices.


“Thinking about ALW concept and then creating a platform that really works like this was pretty ambitious, but that’s what innovation does best,” said Amir from ALW. “As entrepreneurs, we often think in terms of key details for security, for scalability, for creating the kind of intuitive and user-friendly experience people wish they had,” said Mervin. The team is persevering to make that available in the real world, for end users to discover that ALW has exceeded their hopes and expectations, and delivered an entirely new real-time communication ecosystem.


ALW – Almost Live With 1.2 is Free and available through the App Store in the Social Networking category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Social-Hub Update: Social Network Aggregator

Worldwide fans of Social-Hub have some new reasons to cherish the unique social network aggregator app, now that a new update is available in the App Store. Created by developer Islom Kamalkhodjaev and offered at no cost, Social-Hub is the brilliant answer to a tedious problem that countless people of all ages and backgrounds have struggled with for years: constantly launching multiple social media accounts to keep up with their friends, colleagues, favorite people and businesses, and so on.


That’s because Social-Hub 3.3.1 lets users access their network’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram live feeds directly from within the app, as well as cross-post to all platforms in a fast and efficient manner. What’s more, Social-Hub emulates each social media platform’s native look and feel, which means that users don’t experience anything unusual or unfamiliar as they stay in the loop. Other special Social-Hub features that have earned the app numerous 5-star reviews and critical acclaim from independent expert reviewers include.


* The option to “like” Instagram photos
* In-app dropdown menus to manage each social network account
* The ability to apply visual effects and edit photos prior to posting them on social media
* In-app Facebook chat, with the option to take a screenshot simply by tapping/holding the screen
* Cross-social posting to save time and effort
* Fun Social-Hub stickers
* The ability to look up new posts via #hashtag
* One-touch shortcut to view messages
* Fast, secure access through TouchID
* A streamlined and elegant iOS 8-inspired interface
* Built-in ad blocker


Social-hub can also be password protected to keep out unauthorized users, and since users spend less time launching various social media accounts, they prolong their device’s battery charge. And now in the latest version, users can take advantage of enhanced Instagram integration.


Social-Hub 3.3.1 is Free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

Neighborhood Discovery and Social App Features New UI

Byber LLC  has released a major update to its unique, no-cost neighborhood discovery and social connection app Byber. In response to popular demand, the company also announced that in addition to the original iOS app, an Android edition is now available on Google Play.

Unlike most social media apps that are boring, predictable and ironically anti-social, Byber enables users to meet interesting new people, connect with friends, and set off on an urban adventure to explore what their neighborhood has to offer. It’s also ideal for singles who are interested in everything from some fun flirting, to possibly finding their next significant other or one true soul mate.


Byber accomplishes all of the above – and continues to generate 5-star reviews and critical acclaim – through a set of integrated modules that are well-designed and easy-to-use. These include:


* Discover: users can discover a world of new restaurants and bars in their neighbourhood. It’s ideal for people who are bored with the same old thing, or who simply want to experience something new and exciting.


* Message: Users can send and receive messages with new people and old friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email. Users can also share images with select recipients or the entire Byber community, and create their custom profile.


* Flirt: users can casually – and fearlessly – break the ice and show their interest by using Byber’s flirt feature. If they get a “flirt” in return, the game is on.


* Maps: even people who have lived in a city for years can find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and unable to find the bar or restaurant they want. However, with Byber’s maps feature, this is no longer a problem. Users can see where they are, and where they need to go.


* Events: Byber makes organizing group events – such as birthdays, bachelor parties, and so on – fast and easy. Users simply use the app to pick where they want to hold an event, select a time, add a title, and send it to attendees. From start to finish the process can take less than a minute.


And now the latest version of Byber for both iOS and Android features an enhanced user interface that makes usage simpler and navigation more intuitive.


Byber 1.2.6 is Free and available through the App Store. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Christmas Coloring Book Contest on PaigeeWorld iOS

Vancouver, Canada – Christmas has arrived on PaigeeWorld! To celebrate the seasons, PaigeeWorld is hosting a Christmas Coloring Book Contest. This contest is made so everyone can enter. Simply color the contest line art and submit to PaigeeWorld via the iOS, Android or Web Client. PaigeeWorld is North America’s largest Manga / Anime community. PaigeeWorld iOS is an award winning app, while PaigeeWorld Web is now the 544th largest web site in the USA.


Amazing artists from around the world have provided Christmas coloring page line art for the contest. Community members are encouraged to experiment with a number of different styles by trying as many of the coloring pages they would like. Grand Prizes are awarded for Best Digital and Best Traditional entries. There are also 11 additional prizes including Consolation, Participation and Bonus.


“A huge thank you to the following PaigeeWorld artists for providing line art for this contest: tsiih, axsen, rhinokin, danipandi, emscribbles, gabrielleragusi, hellomango, jellyemily, mrsrabbit, poisonouspeach, xxanjuxx and queenwicky009,”said Preston Rohrick, CEO of Vancouver based PaigeeDraw Inc. “Seasons greetings from PaigeeWorld! If your not already a member, come check us out for Christmas. Join over 600,000 registered artists on PaigeeWorld.”


PaigeeWorld 3.3 is the latest version of its very popular social network app for mobile devices. Welcome to the world of manga! A world where you can explore fun characters, meet new friends, share your drawings and maybe even discover your own inner artist. You can even request help or advice on your own work. With over a half of a million downloads and over 7000 five star ratings, this newest version is about to impress its users with a whole series of new features.


PaigeeWorld 3.3 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play as well as on the web. The Christmas Contest starts on December 9th on PaigeeWorld and runs until January 2nd, 2017. The PaigeeWorld Christmas Coloring Book Contest line art can be downloaded at PaigeeWorld online. Full contest details are also available on PaigeeWorld.

PaigeeWorld 3.3
Christmas Coloring Contest
Download from iTunes

Bungee Girl is the Girls-Only Travel App for iOS

Outerbridge Ventures Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of Bungee Girl 1.6, an update to their popular social networking app for iOS devices. The Bungee Girl app brings together girls who like to wander. A female-only app, Bungee Girl connects solo female travellers who have an equal interest in visiting each other’s city. Bungee Girl also allows users to find potential travel buddies from their own home city. Creating mutually beneficial connections between like-minded female travelers can encourage women to embrace their venturesome spirit.


For women who are plagued by wanderlust and often settle for cliche trips closer to their home, Bungee Girl is a tool to help gain the confidence to fulfill their travel desires. With an equal benefit, women can use the app to help each other out and enhance their trip experience. These connections can help users find: accommodations, a hangout buddy, advice on where to go and what to do, safety tips and other insider pointers.


To provide a comfort level and rid users of the annoyance of being hit on, the Bungee Girl app is exclusive for women only. Venturing off as a woman can be intimidating so the aim of Bungee Girl is to create a network and community of female travelers. To ensure there will always be connections to make, Bungee Girl is available for select cities with new cities being added based on demand.


Researched shows that sites that help travelers find accommodation or locals to crash with, aren’t made for women who are much more personable by nature and need to first find a connection with someone before feeling comfortable enough to go visit them. With the Bungee Girl app, women who enjoy solo travel no longer need to hesitant at the idea of venturing off alone.


Here’s how the app works:
1. Users can make an awesome profile that displays their best travel experiences and use a tool to discover their travel personality to be able to meet Bungee Girls with similar travel interests and habits.
2. Users can connect with locals abroad that have an equal interest in visiting their city. (or)
3. Find a travel buddy in their own home city. By discovering aspiring travelers in their own city who want to travel to the same locations, users may find a potential travel buddy.
4. Uses can find out who they connect with best and message with their new friends.


Bungee Girl 1.6 is Free and is available through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

JustSeen for iPhone Addresses The Issue of Social Media Isolation

iPhone photo sharing app, JustSeen 2.2, addresses the issue of social media isolation by introducing Collaborative, Curated & Connected Visual Storytelling. Rather than simply posting the occasional, somewhat random photo, JustSeen advocates visual storytelling, where every photo forms part of a greater story, building a deeper visual narrative.

JustSeen for iPhone Addresses The Issue of Social Media Isolation

Most services allow either “friends” or “followers,” JustSeen users can have both. JustSeen users who follow each other become “Friends” and this then allows for added functionality. Not only can posts and stories be shared privately just with “friends,” but users can also invite their friends to join and contribute to stories they create.


Pricing and Availability:
JustSeen 2.2 is Free and available in the App Store.