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Musicality for Mac Now Offers Amazon Music and YouTube

Industrious One today announces the release of Musicality for Mac. Musicality breaks your music out of the browser, bringing desktop conveniences like keyboard shortcuts, powerful AirPlay streaming, and more to over a dozen of the world’s most popular music services.

Easily Play, pause, skip and rate songs on any supported music service. Today’s release brings the total number of supported music services to 15, adding Amazon Music and YouTube to its growing list of supported music services.

Key Features:
* Built-in Controls: Play, pause, skip and rate songs on any supported music service using the Apple keyboard media keys, custom keyboard shortcuts, or Musicality’s convenient menu bar icon.

* AirPlay Streaming: Musicality can stream the audio from *any* website to AirPlay-compatible devices including AirPort Express, Apple TV, and third-party speakers and receivers. Unlike other players, Musicality can stream to multiple AirPlay devices, and play from the computer speakers, at the same time and perfectly in sync, allowing for complex multi-room setups.

* Remote Control: Musicality Remote, available for free from the iTunes App Store, connects to Musicality for Mac to control your music from an iPhone or iPad. Musicality Remote displays the currently playing song and provides controls to play, pause, skip, and rate your music, turn AirPlay speakers on and off, and adjust volumes.

* Background playback: Unlike a regular web browser, Musicality will keep playing in the background when its window is closed. Use a keyboard shortcut or click of the menu bar icon to bring it back.

* Notifications: Musicality works with Notification Center or Growl to show the currently playing song.


Supported Services:

* Pandora
* Spotify
* Amazon Music
* Google Play Music
* YouTube
* 8tracks
* Deezer
* SoundCloud
* Slacker Radio
* TuneIn Radio
* Jango
* MixCloud
* Rhapsody
* Seeburg 1000


Musicality is available now for $11. It requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer and an internet connection, and may be downloaded as a free 10-day trial from the Musicality website. The trial is full-featured and unlocks in-place when purchased. Musicality Remote is available for free from the iTunes App Store.