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MyArtTools Offers Precision Artistic Tools for iPads

Independent developer, Pirate’s Moon today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of MyArtTools 2.7, an important update to their popular drawing app. The app is precision-optimized for any iPad that supports the Apple Pencil. MyArtTools is the digital creative equivalent of an artist’s painting canvas or drawing pad.



General Info:
MyArtTools is created to be user-friendly and versatile for any skill level from the novice to the professional. All ages can use it for plain-old-fun, fast conceptual sketches or fully finished serious artistic work. Creativity starts with an idea. When inspiration strikes, this app provides fast easy access to creative sketching tools.


Using MyArtTools can be as simple as opening the app, choosing a drawing tool and beginning to draw. As an easy-to-use application with extensive help files built into the program, MyArtTools is the creative onscreen equivalent of a drawing pad or painting on canvas. From realistic to abstract, finger painting to complex drawing, MyArtTools is developed to emulate real-life artistic media including pastel, brush, pencil, pen, conte, and other artistic mediums. The tools respond perfectly to the precision of the Apple Pencil/iPad combination. Using MyArtTools, users can create beautiful sketches and paintings anywhere. Works-in-progress can be saved and reopened. Finished works can be sent out as high resolution files to iCloud and other storage options. Finished works can also be shared with clients, co-workers, friends and family via email, messaging or directly with any of the popular social sharing networks.


Users can create their drawings from scratch, or they can import images or capture live images using the iPad’s camera. Take live camera images or import photos directly where they can be modified or used as templates.


To see examples of what can be accomplished using MyArtTools and the Apple Pencil, visit the Art Fusion blog ( link is below: which has over forty example images created during field-testing for this release version.


Features include:
* Optimized for any iPad that supports the Apple Pencil
* Emulates real-life artistic media
* Intuitive interface
* Multiple layers for precise composition control
* Captures images from the iPad cameras
* Imports images from the iPad Photos Library
* Crop and share creations with all your social networking accounts
* Save high resolution PNG images to iCloud, the Files app, DropBox, etc.
* Within the app, save layered files of works-in-progress
* Reopen saved layered files
* Use clipping paths to extract images from layers
* Combine layers into one image
* Extensive help files
* Help files are localized for English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese
* Fully supports retina screens
* Privacy: MyArtTools collects no information from the user. Zero.


Bitmap Drawing:
* Highly responsive 64bit drawing engine
* Exceptional 64-bit color
* 12 Tools emulating real-life artistic media
* Each tool is a separate layer
* Adjustable layer hierarchy
* Adjustable properties for each tool
* Over 30 GPU accelerated artistic filters
* Save and reopen working files
* Multiple color palettes (fixed or custom)
* Eyedropper color selection
* Convert images to drawing tools


Vector Drawing:
* 64bit vector drawing engine
* Pre-defined and custom shape creation
* Vector clipping paths
* Vector based text tool
* Save and reopen custom gradients


What’s New in 2.7:
* Conversion to swift 5
* Filters migrated to Apple’s Metal technology
* Optimizations for the Brush, Splatter Spots, and Paint Bucket
* Eye Dropper modifies the color picker to improve color precision
* Bezier Line tool supports creating vertical and horizontal lines
* New Drop Shadow filter adds drop shadows to bitmap image layers
* Image import has been reorganized for image placement using either:
1. the iPad screen resolution which maintains image DPI across different screen resolutions
2. or the iPad screen dimensions which adjusts an image to fit the screen width height dimensions
(See the help files for an explanation of this process)
* Clipping paths support feathering the clipped image’s edges
* Help files are updated for all supported language localizations


Pricing and Availability:
MyArtTools 2.7 is only $4.99 and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

Re:Schedule Calendar for iPad: A Better Way to Run Team Meetings

Independent development team, Re: Schedule Inc today is proud to announce the launch of Re:Schedule Calendar 1.0.4, their powerful new calendar app for iPad devices. The app is designed to aid people who spend much of their day running meetings. It brings the tools they need for meetings, such as note-taking and action items/task management, right into their calendar.



Re:Schedule Calendar allows users to manage meeting overload. Team leaders, product managers, and project managers will find that Re:Schedule Calendar makes it easy to prepare for meetings, lead productive discussions, and track results.


In many apps, users need to manually organize information and permissions. In task managers, they may maintain a “Team -> Project -> Tasks -> Subtasks” hierarchy. Document tools may use a “Folder -> Folder -> Document” paths for organizing meeting notes.


Instead, Re:Schedule uses the calendar as an organizing mechanism for the user’s information. This offers several advantages. Users no longer need to manually organize and maintain information hierarchies. They can find information such as meeting notes and tasks more intuitively by scrolling to the appropriate day. They see the information most relevant to them for that moment, since the calendar always opens up to today’s information.


Tapping on a meeting opens a meeting “workspace.” Here, users can add agenda items to meetings, take notes that are organized within the agenda, and attach tasks or action items to a specific meeting. Users can easily refer to previous notes or view all open tasks for the meeting series. Upon completion of a meeting, Re: Schedule automatically shares meeting notes with all of the participants. If a user misses a meeting, they can simply tap on it in their calendar to view its notes.


Features Include:
* Calendar – Organize the work schedule by planning meetings and tasks together
* Task time slots – Block time in the calendar for completing tasks
* Google Calendar compatible – Sync meetings with Google
* Task Manager – Manage personal to-dos and assign tasks to teammates
* Meetings – Add an agenda to meetings and take organized notes right in the Calendar
* Much more


Re:Schedule is a calendar for all of a user’s work. The app allows better time management by planning meetings and tasks together. Users can manage meetings and manage their associated tasks, blocking time off to get those tasks done. Tasks can be viewed in a handy day, week, or month views in the calendar to offer a clearer overview of upcoming deadlines. Re:Schedule works with Google Calendar accounts to sync the meeting information with Google.


The app’s task manager features make it the perfect tool for teams. Tasks and action items can be attached to meetings so teams can discuss progress at recurring meetings. Tasks can even be assigned to team members that are not Re:Schedule users.


Re:Schedule helps users run meetings more efficiently, thanks to its ability to add agendas to meetings. The agenda item currently being discussed is highlighted, allowing participants to follow along with the meeting. Meeting notes are organized according to the agenda and automatically shared with participants. Team members that miss a meeting can tap on a meeting to view the meeting notes. All notes are organized automatically by meeting, making them easy to find.


Recurring meetings are where Re: Schedule really shines, as a mere tap of a button shows users organized notes for the meeting series allowing users to refer back to previous discussions and decisions. Tasks can easily be attached to a meeting series to allow discussion of their progress in future meetings.


Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 11.0 or later
* 27.6 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Re:Schedule Calendar 1.0.4 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Re:Schedule offers a monthly subscription plan for $5.99 per month and a yearly subscription plan for $59.99 per year (prices vary per region). A 30-day free trial is available. After the trial, if users choose not to subscribe, they can continue to view their previously created data for free.

Re:Schedule Calendar 1.0.4
Download From App Store

WaterField Tech Rolltop Backpack Combines Work, Sports, Travel in One

WaterField Designs, an innovative San Francisco designer and manufacturer of custom laptop sleeves, bags, and device-specific cases, introduces the Tech Rolltop Backpack, a multi-use backpack that eliminates the need for a separate work, carry-on, and sports bag. A padded MacBook-iPad compartment and abundant organizational pockets are easily accessible on the bag’s exterior, leaving the expandable main compartment open for bulkier items. As suitable for the office as for the soccer field, the Tech Rolltop Backpack is the ultimate bag for active professionals.


Available in two sizes and three colors, the Tech Rolltop Backpack suits work, play, travel or any combination of the three. The backpack closes with an adjustable nylon strap secured by a no-fuss, magnetic, self-seeking Fidlock® buckle. Synched down, the Rolltop is a compact pack for a mobile office; unfolded the Rolltop expands an extra three to six liters to hold athletic gear for an evening scrimmage or personal necessities for overnight trips. Mesh-lined padding on the ergonomic shoulder straps and the bag’s backside wicks away moisture, and a leather-lined grab handle let users opt to carry the bag briefcase-style in more formal settings.


Ample exterior pockets leave the interior open for large items. A wide, easy-access, upper pocket closes with an invisible magnet; a lower zippered pocket with a handy key fob is protected with a rain-guard flap; and dual side pockets keep water bottles, umbrellas, and other items within easy reach. A secure, padded MacBook compartment at the rear grants easy access in meetings or at TSA security stations and keeps the backside straight and comfortable, even when packed with bulky items.


Inside, an additional padded compartment protects a second MacBook or iPad, a small zippered pocket secures loose items, and the remainder of the gold-lined interior is open for tech, sports equipment, or a change of clothes and overnight necessities. Shock-absorbing foam along the bottom of the bag protects its contents, prevents the bag from sagging, and helps the bag stay more upright when set down.


Early adopters who order the new Tech Rolltop Backpack through May 10, 2019, will receive a complimentary WaterField medium Gear Pouch to organize cables, adapters, and other small accessories.


Availability & Pricing
The Roll Top Backpack:
Price: Compact – $229. Full – $249.
Colors and materials: Brown or blue waxed canvas or black ballistic nylon.


Dimensions, weight, volume:
Compact size – 16.5 X 10.5 X 4.75 inches; rolled up – 12 liters, expanded – 15 liters; 2.4 lbs.
Full size – 19 X 12 X 5.5 inches; rolled up – 18 liters, expanded – 24 liters; 2.8 lbs.
Rear zippered laptop compartment fits: Compact – up to 13-inch MBP Retina. Full – 15-inch MBP Retina.
Interior padded laptop compartment fits: Compact up to – 15-inch MBP Retina. Full – 15-inch MBP Retina.

Pre-order now. Shipping begins May 17, 2019.


The Gear Pouch:
Price: Medium – $45. (Complimentary with Tech Rolltop Backpack orders through May 10, 2019)
Colors and materials: Brown or blue waxed canvas or black ballistic nylon. YKK self-locking zippers.
Dimensions and weight: 10″ x 5.3″ x 1″; 4.4 oz.

Available now.

WaterField Designs
Tech Rolltop Backpack
YouTube Video (Demo)

Polydust 3D Modeling App for iPad Gives Users Full Control Over Modeling

Independent development team, Handcade is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Polydust 1.0, their new 3D modeling app for the iPad, which turns the tablet into a pro modeling device. Users can create basic shapes such as cubes, arcs, cylinders and toruses that can act as the base of custom 3D models. The app also offers users full control of their model mesh, as they can work in vertex, edge, poly and object model.


While Polydust offers a convenient touch interface, the simple user interface also supports keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to control the app, no matter the user’s preferred form of command entry. Polydust allows importing and exporting of FBX models, and offers Sketchfab integration that allows users to publish their creations in a matter of seconds.


Polygons are the building blocks of 3D modeling. The blocks are connected together with edges. The edges are made from vertices. Using them, you can create anything you can imagine. Thanks to the app’s varied polygonal modeling tool set, it’s easy to craft anything a user can think of.


Polygonal modeling is the fundamental digital 3D modeling technique that provides modelers unlimited possibilities when creating their 3D objects. Handcade did their best to make modelers feel comfortable, basing their solutions on a series of well-established ideas.


The app’s User interface is made up of the following:

1. Project Browser: Browse all projects and scenes
2. Undo/Redo: Make a mistake? Instantly undo or redo
3. Hierarchy: View a scene’s hierarchy
4. Scene, Camera, Learn, Export: Adjust all the important settings
5. Add a New Object: Procedural objects, image references, lights and much more
6. Gizmos: Move, Rotate, Scale everything that’s selected
7. Selection: Select by edge loop, world/local space, backface selection and others
8. Operations: All modeling operations and object properties


Polydust includes several built-in operations, allowing users to extrude face, weld vertices, bridge edges, and much more. The app’s Snap feature gets rid of ugly rotations or unorganized positions by rounding positions, rotation or scale to its nearest whole value. The Symmetry Mode makes it easy to create symmetrical shapes like body, head, cars and many others. Users can save time when creating arcs, cylinders, toruses and other primitives by setting the values before creating them. Meanwhile, by harnessing the ease and efficiency of edge modeling, users can precisely control their models’ mesh.


Polydust features include:

* Save and close/continue
* Auto-save
* Undo/redo
* Objects hierarchy


* Move
* Rotate
* Scale – All gizmos with relative / absolute mode and optional snapping


* Add to a new container
* Explode container
* Grow selection
* Shrink selection
* Select edge loop
* Select none
* Select all
* Invert selection
* Modes of selection: default / add / subtract


Vertex operations:
* Weld (custom distance)
* Connect (option: to first)
* Collapse
* Split
* Fill hole (option: entire hole)


Edge operations:
* Connect centers
* Bridge
* Insert edge loop
* Subdivide (custom number of subdivisions)
* Bevel (custom distance)
* Extrude (custom distance, options: as group, manifold)
* Fill a hole (option: entire hole)


Other features include such Poly Operations as slice plane, triangulate, swap edge, remove cross edges, unify normals, flip normals, detach, subdivide, bevel (custom distance), extrude, and delete. Object Operations include merge, mirror (custom axes: x / y / z, options: duplicate, mode: copy/instance), smooth, duplicate (mode: copy / instance), and delete.


Objects can quickly be added to a scene form a variety of types, including box, cylinder (custom axis divisions, radius, height and height cuts), sphere, plane, cone, image reference, point light, directional light, empty container, and FBX model (from an iTunes file sharing folder).


It’s easy to control the color, smoothness and metallic setting of object materials, as well as an object’s properties, include its name, its symmetry mode and its lighting, by controlling the intensity, range, flare, and shadows of the object.


Scene settings allow control of the background mode (solid or gradient), the background lighting, and ambient light. Camera settings offer the ability to control bloom (custom intensity and threshold), vignette (custom intensity and smoothness), and depth of field (custom focus distance and aperture).


Exporting is a breeze, with the ability to export a scene to: PNG (custom width and height), FBX, and Sketchfab (with login). The app also integrates with Sketchfab upload, keyboard shortcuts, and Swiftpoint mouse. Users can also record their creation process via the app’s handy record and pause features, and microphone recording controls.


Pricing and Availability:
Polydust 1.0 is a free download and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. Convenient in-app subscriptions are available to unlock all of the app’s features. Polydust subscription payments can be made on a monthly ($9.99 per month for full access), or on an annual basis ($79 per year for full access). A 14-day free trial is available.

Polydust 1.0
Download from App Store
Polydust Forum
Polydust YouTube Channel

WaterField’s New Sutter Slim Backpack for MacBook and iPad

WaterField Designs has released the Sutter Slim Backpack, a lightweight, executive-style pack for work or travel. The meticulously-designed laptop backpack includes padded compartments for both a MacBook Pro and iPad and evenly-distributed pockets to balance the load for comfort and efficiency. With its sleek, streamlined aesthetic, the Sutter Slim Backpack is the ideal bag to carry a day’s work essentials. Customers who order the Slim through January 31 will receive a complimentary WaterField Tech Pocket.


Highly-functional features enhance the comfort and sleek styling of the Sutter Slim Backpack:
* Two plushly-padded compartments cushion up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
* Rear panel slides over wheeled-suitcase handles for hands-free airport navigation.
* Efficiently-placed pockets in distinct zones prevent bulging and ensure a balanced carry.
* YKK waterproof zipper secures exterior top pocket for ultra-convenient, quick access, especially when the bag is set down or resting on suitcase handles.
* Interior open-topped pockets organize tech accessories.
* Swing-around front pocket, accessible from either side with the bag still on one shoulder, lies behind a full-grain leather panel that extends beyond the zippers to protect contents from the elements.
* Key fob inside the front pocket allows quick key retrieval without fully removing the bag.
* Gold, water-resistant liner lights up the interior for increased visibility.
* Stiffened side and bottom panels prevent sagging and help keep bag more upright when set down.
* Ergonomic, padded shoulder straps and rear mesh padding enhance comfort and airflow.
* Comfortable leather handle facilitates an easy grab-and-go from a car seat or overhead bin.
* Rugged tan waxed canvas or black ballistic nylon with a premium full-grain leather panel presents a look that will upgrade any wardrobe.


Early adopters who order the new Sutter Slim Backpack by January 31, 2019, will receive a matching complimentary Tech Pocket. WaterField’s newest gear pouch, the Tech Pocket organizes the frequently-used, small tech gear ubiquitous in today’s digital society. Lined with super-soft, almost cashmere-like padding, the case closes with a silent, snap-shut magnet. The main compartment and two internal pockets organize dongles, adapters, keys, an iPhone and more. A front pocket for additional accessories closes with a self-locking YKK zipper. Loops at either end of the case can attach to a strap or carabiner.


Pricing and Availability:
The Sutter Slim Backpack:
* Price: $229
* One size: 15.5 x 11.5 x 3.75 inches; 2.2 lbs.
Colors and materials: Tan waxed canvas with distressed, full-grain chocolate leather panel or black ballistic nylon with full-grain black leather panel.
* Padded laptop compartment: fits up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro or 15-inch Surface Book.
* Padded tablet compartment: fits up to a 13-inch iPad or Surface Pro.
* Pre-order now. Shipping begins February 1, 2019.


The Tech Pocket
* Price: $49. (Complimentary with Sutter Slim Backpack orders through January 31, 2019.)
* Colors: Tan waxed canvas or black ballistic nylon.
* Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.75 inches; 2.5 oz.
* Available now.

The Sutter Slim Backpack
YouTube Video (Demo)
The Tech Pocket

Powerful New Calculator Template Features in PowerOne 6.1

Infinity Softworks has released PowerOne 6.1 , a whole new take on mobile-focused, frequently-used calculations. With its combination of a simple interface for using and editing templates, PowerOne ensures that calculations are performed accurately, quickly, and consistently.


Powerful New Calculator Template Features in PowerOne 6.1


Additionally, PowerOne Premium adds a number of useful features for individuals needing more power out of PowerOne, including the access to a wider variety of pre-created templates and themes, create your own custom templates, as well as the ability to share templates with other PowerOne Premium users. PowerOne Premium is available as an in-app subscription service.


Key features of PowerOne Premium include:

* Access to over 300 library templates
* Ability to create and edit templates
* Share templates with other Premium customers
* Share results with more sources
* Customize the look and feel with more themes
* Support future development of PowerOne

PowerOne 6.1 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. PowerOne Premium is available as an in-app subscription service for $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year. More information can be found at PowerOne online. For more information, please contact Elia Freedman.

Infinity Softworks
PowerOne 6.1
Download from iTunes

Pixelmator Photo is The AI-Powered Photo Editor for iPad

Pixelmator Photo gives users all the tools they need to edit photos on iPad – a collection of nondestructive, desktop-class color adjustments, a set of stunning, machine learning-enhanced film emulation presets, a magical Repair tool to remove unwanted objects from photos, support for editing RAW images, and more.



Pixelmator Photo brings a desktop photo editing experience to iPad. It features full support for RAW images from over 500 cameras, a collection of powerful, nondestructive color adjustments – foundational adjustments like Brightness, Exposure, and Saturation, time-tested photo editing classics, such as Levels, and Curves, a Grain adjustment for adding film grain, and many others. And the Repair and Crop tools let users perfect all the details – from removing small blemishes and entire objects to perfecting the composition.


Pixelmator Photo also takes full advantage of Core ML, using machine learning to power its ML Fix, ML Presets, and ML Crop features. ML Crop uses a machine learning algorithm to suggest a way of improving the composition of a photo. Users can choose an aspect ratio and tap the ML Crop button to be offered a suggestion, optionally resizing and repositioning the cropping box to refine the suggestion.


ML Fix uses a Core ML-powered algorithm trained on 20 million professional photos to intelligently enhance exposure, white balance, and every individual color range in an image. ML Fix is designed to take care of all the time-consuming little things that go into a great photo, allowing users to focus on adding their own creative finishing touches.


The machine learning-enhanced film emulation presets allow users to effortlessly emulate the look of analog film in their digital photos. Each preset has been meticulously designed and refined using genuine photographs developed with classic films like Kodak Portra, Fujifilm Superia, Ilford HP5, and others. And with ML Presets, Pixelmator Photo first balances the lighting and colors in a photo using a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm, only then applying the preset to ensure they keep their unique look on every photo.


Pixelmator Photo will be available exclusively for iPad and is coming to the App Store later this year.


PressPad Launches Upgrade to News Apps Platform

Digital publishing technology company PressPad Sp. z o.o. tis launching an upgrade to their news apps platform. The update, brings support for innovative business models in the news publishing industry with a better paywall implementation to their iOS News apps platform called PressPad News.


PressPad News features:
PressPad News is the news distribution apps platform. The branded news apps take content from the WordPress based website or via the RSS feed. Upon new content arrival, the notification is pushed to the mobile device to let the user know about it happens. The content appears in the app in a legible, mobile-first way.

Features of the platform are as follows:

* A flexible paywall
* Mobile Ads support
* Custom content analytics
* Google Analytics integration
* Auto-notifications
* Graphical push notifications

Features for readers include:

* Offline reading
* Keeping up with the latest articles and news
* Saving the most interesting content for the further reading
* Adjusting fonts and contrast
* Text-to-Speech ready
* A flexible approach to paywalls in the news app


A paywall available in the iPhone and iPad apps from PressPad covers the four use cases:

1. Hard paywall – 100% of the content is locked behind the wall in the app.

2. Freemium model paywall – A defined number of articles are available to read for free per month, week or day. After subscribing the full content is available with ads being still visible.

3. Ad-free Freemium model paywall – A defined number of articles are available to read for free per month. Full, ad-free content is available after subscribing.

4. Ad-free model paywall – All the content is available for free but readers see ads – full, ad-free content is available after subscribing.


PressPad connects all these into the one, comprehensive tool for the news publisher – a news distribution channel in the form of a branded iOS mobile app. This mobile technology supports mobile ads, a donation-based model and the freemium model. PressPad apps are available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire.


PressPad News
Cord Cutters News (Example App)
Screenshot (Example of the app ratings and reviews)
Screenshot (iPad App – Locked)
Screenshot (iPad App – Unlocked)
YouTube Video (Explainer)