10 Rumored Apple Products Might Lunch in Event

With Apple’s Wanderlust event fast approaching, here are ten rumored Apple products that could make an appearance, though realistically, we don’t think they will. Let’s dive in.

1. Updated MagSafe Duo Charger

The MagSafe Duo, Apple’s first wireless charger, has shown its age with a few issues. The iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro’s camera bumps don’t align with the charger, it lacks support for fast charging on newer Apple Watches, and it still uses a Lightning port. Will Apple transition it to USB-C, introduce new features, or discontinue it altogether? Only time will tell.

2. The Apple Car (iCar)

The Apple Car project has been shrouded in mystery for years. It’s unclear whether Apple is developing a complete car, partnering with an existing manufacturer, or focusing on autonomous software. While there’s hope for its reveal, it seems unlikely at this event.

3. AirPods Max 2nd Generation

The AirPods Max could use a refresh, especially to support new iOS features like lossless audio and adaptive transparency. An updated case design, a power button, and USB-C connectivity could also be on the wishlist. However, we’re not holding our breath for a release just yet.

4. 24-inch iMac

The iMac lineup is due for an upgrade, but Apple’s September keynote typically centers on iPhones and Apple Watches. While we’re not betting on an appearance at this event, an updated 24-inch iMac with the M2 or M3 chip could be in the pipeline.

5. M3 MacBook Air

An M3 version of the MacBook Air could be in the works, but Apple recently released the M2 MacBook Air in June. It seems unlikely that we’ll see another MacBook Air refresh so soon, but stranger things have happened.

6. An Even Bigger iPad Pro

Rumors have circulated about an even larger iPad Pro than the current 12.9-inch model. A 14.1-inch or 16-inch iPad Pro could be on Apple’s radar, but concrete details are scarce. It remains a possibility but not necessarily a certainty.

7. AirPods Pro 3

While the AirPods Pro 2 have been around for a while, it’s unclear if Apple is ready to introduce a third generation just yet. There’s talk of an “AirPods Light” model, catering to a more budget-conscious audience, but we’ll see if it makes an appearance.

8. Smart Display

Apple has yet to dive into the smart display market, despite the competition’s presence. Combining TVOS with a HomePod-like device could create a versatile smart display, acting as a central hub for Siri, entertainment, and more. Fingers crossed for this one, even if it might not be revealed in September.

9. Updated Apple TV

There have been whispers of an updated Apple TV, possibly with built-in speakers and a camera for FaceTime support. While it’s not a sure thing, it could be a nice addition to Apple’s product lineup.

10. Surprises Await

Apple often has surprises up its sleeve at events like Wanderlust. While some of these rumored products might not make the cut this time, Apple could still have a few unexpected announcements in store.

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