How to Use Your iPad as an External Display for Your PlayStation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC

I’m here to show you how you can utilize your iPad as an external display for your gaming console, your PC, or practically anything that has an HDMI output. In this guide, I’ll explain how it works, what you’ll need, and provide a demonstration using my PS5. So, let’s get started, and I’ll lead you through the steps.

How It Works

The magic behind this functionality is that Apple is now allowing webcam support within iPadOS 17. You can connect an external camera and use it as an input device on your iPad. While this is typically intended for video conferencing and apps like FaceTime or Zoom, you can employ a little-known trick using third-party apps to display this input on your iPad screen.

By connecting an HDMI device, you can capture that input and project it onto your iPad’s display, effectively turning your iPad into an external display for any HDMI-equipped device, including gaming consoles and computers.

What You Need

To get started, you’ll need the following items:

  1. iPad Running iPadOS 17: As of now, iPadOS 17 is in a closed beta for developers and public beta testers. You can join the beta program at to try it out. Keep in mind that there may be some bugs before the full release in September.
  2. HDMI Adapter: You’ll require an HDMI adapter to connect your external device to the iPad. Various options are available, but make sure to choose one that suits your needs. The one I’m using is linked in the description, and it’s quite affordable.
  3. Capture Card: A capture card with HDMI input is crucial for this setup. It will connect to your iPad via USB-C. You can also opt for a USB-C hub, which allows you to charge your iPad while connecting your gaming console or PC. Alternatively, if you have Apple’s Magic Keyboard, it has a USB-C input for power and an additional USB-C port for connecting the adapter.
  4. HDMI Source: This could be your gaming console (PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) or a PC. Essentially, anything with an HDMI output should work with this feature.
  5. App: You’ll need an app to run this setup. While there may be several available on the App Store when iPadOS 17 is fully released, for now, during the beta period, you can use one called “Capture Pro.” Find the public test link in the description to download it.


How this works in real time. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your PlayStation 5 (or any HDMI source).
  • Your 12.9-inch iPad running iPadOS 17.
  • A controller.
  • The “Capture Pro” application (or another similar app).
  • Your HDMI adapter and capture card.
  1. Open the “Capture Pro” application.
  2. Connect your HDMI source to the capture card.
  3. Plug the capture card into your iPad via USB-C.
  4. Turn on your PlayStation 5 or HDMI source.
  5. Wait a moment for it to be detected as an external display.

And just like that, you have your PlayStation 5 displayed on your iPad screen. You can navigate your gaming console, select games, and play them directly on your iPad. This functionality works seamlessly with various HDMI-equipped devices, such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PCs. It’s a game-changer for iPad users looking to expand their display options.

In conclusion, this feature leverages Apple’s native technologies and is incredibly easy to set up with minimal additional hardware. It opens up a world of possibilities for your iPad, allowing it to function as an external display for a wide range of devices.

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