How to Select Reliable File Recovery Software Freely?

Is there a free data recovery software that actually works? 

“Hey, folks! Please help me! Any recommendations for efficient free file recovery software? My precious files went gone. I need to rescue them, and I’m using a Windows 10 laptop. Any suggestions will be appreciated.” 

Following irreversible deletion, individuals often seek ways to recover missing files. In the absence of backups, reliance on powerful third-party tools becomes necessary. The preference among users leans towards free file recovery software rather than opting for paid alternatives.

That’s the truth. No need to fret because there are free data recovery tools for you to salvage deleted or lost files from local drives. 

What software can recover permanently deleted files freely? 

As the title suggests, there are two requirements for an efficient data recovery tool. 

First, the file recovery software should either be open-source or provide a free version. Second, its capability to recover permanently deleted files from various storage devices is crucial. 

Therefore, there are several criteria for your reference to pick out one of the best free file recovery software. 

Function: Efficiency takes precedence when considering data recovery software. A leading data recovery program needs to detect and recover users’ deleted or missing files across diverse storage devices. Meanwhile, the more file types it supports, the better reputation it will get. 

Ease of use: Users prefer straightforward apps. If an app lacks a user-friendly GUI and requires command-based operations, it can be difficult for non-tech users. 

Speed: Professional data recovery software needs to scan and salvage all the retrievable data quickly, saving users’ time. 

Compatibility: Apps compatible across multiple platforms are well-received. Precisely, those versatile apps can support the latest and older operating systems. 


Please avoid adding new files to the same storage device after permanent deletion. After overwriting data, it can be more difficult to recover your missing files even with third-party tools. 

Recover deleted/lost files from hard drives freely via MyRecover 

Following our evaluation, we present MyRecover as reliable file recovery software free. This Windows recovery utility provides a free version, a high file recovery rate, a user-friendly design, and easy operating steps for non-tech users. 

Key features of MyRecover: 

Recover 30MB of data for free with unlimited times. 

Recover deleted/lost files from HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, etc. 

Recover 200+ file formats: images (JPG, PNG, DNG, TIFF, etc.), videos (MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.), MS Office and WPS files, folders, compressed files, websites, etc. 

Combined scanning method: Automatically run Quick Scan and Deep Scan to search all the recoverable files. During scanning, you can filter and preview your needed files according to filename, file format, saved path, storage size, deleted date, etc. 

Enjoy its free version by downloading the best free file recovery software on your Windows now! 

Step 1. Install and run MyRecover on your Windows > choose the local drive including your needed files before permanent deletion > click Start Scan

Step 2. After clicking Start Scan, MyRecover automatically runs Quick Scan and Deep Scan to detect all the retrievable files on your selected drive. 

During the scanning process, you can filter and preview your desired files according to Filename, Document Type, Path, Size, Date, etc. 

Name: Enter the relevant filename of your needed files to quickly locate them. 

Date modified: Set the date (today, yesterday, last 7/30 days, etc.)

Size: Set the file size (<128KB, 128KB~1MB, 1MB~512MB, etc.)

Step 3. Under the Deleted Files/Recycle Bin/Other Missing Files folder, select the permanently deleted files you intend to retrieve > click Recover x files

Choosing the upgraded version of MyRecover is a cost-effective strategy for recovering numerous deleted or lost files from your local storage devices. 

In the end 

Want to recover permanently deleted files with free file recovery software but unsure about the right selection methods? If that sounds like you, the above criteria might guide you in choosing powerful and free file recovery tools. 

To avoid enduring a second round of damage, consider making regular file backups via Windows backup features or this freeware-AOMEI Backupper Standard. 

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