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Are you still looking for the best email-to-PDF converter? This post must do you a big favor! 

Here we will introduce MultCloud to you since it is free and easy to use. In the following sections, the specific introduction of MultCloud and the steps for using MultCloud to save email as PDFs will be given. Let’s explore! 

Benefits of Converting Email into PDF?

People may have different reasons to transform emails into PDF files. We list some common ones and you can take them as references:

  • Accessibility: PDFs are widely accessible and can be opened using free software like Adobe Acrobat Reader. This ensures that anyone can read an email, regardless of the device they use to access the internet.
  • Preserving Formatting: Converting emails to PDF helps preserve the original formatting, fonts, and layout. This is crucial when dealing with professional or formal communications, ensuring that the document appears as intended by the sender.
  • Sharing and Printing: PDFs may be easily distributed and printed copies will look identical to the digital version. This uniformity is especially crucial when disseminating vital information or printed materials.

Why MultCloud is the Best Email to PDF Converter?

MultCloud has gained a lot of fame for managing cloud drives and is proud of its Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, and Cloud Backup functions. This year, they released some functions for managing email clients like Gmail and Outlook. Except for the basic functions of cutting, deleting, and copying, the highlights of this time’s upgrading are Email Migration and Email Download.

  • Email Migration: This function can not only convert your emails to PDF files but also save them to a cloud, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others. 
  • Email Download: Download one or multiple emails to your computer and the emails will also be converted into PDFs. 

MultCloud always has a high requirement for themselves so they also released some new features to make the email functions closer to users’ needs.

For Email Migration:

  • Schedule: You may always need to transfer emails to a cloud but repeating the same operations every time seems a little bit troublesome. You can use “Schedule” to set a migration frequency for the task so the task can run automatically when the appointed time arrives.
  • Email Filter: Instead of manually selecting which emails you want to migrate, you can use “Email Filter” to let MultCloud select the emails with their senders, recipients, dates, with attachments or not, and read or not.
  • Migration Settings: There are several options that you can set. You can choose how to deal with duplicate emails; migrate attachments along with emails or not; how to display the messages in the PDF file.
  • Notification: When you check the “Notification”, you will receive an email from MultCloud to tell you that your email migration task is finished.

For Email Download:

Download Settings: You can decide: 1) how to display messages in the PDF file. 2) how to name the downloading email package.

How to Use MultCloud to Convert Email to PDF

Both Email Migration and Email Download can convert emails to PDF. Therefore, we will show you the steps for using these 2 robust functions respectively.

Save Emails to a Cloud as PDF by Email Migration

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Add Gmail/Outlook and your common-used cloud to MultCloud.

Step 3: Select “Email Migration”, choose Gmail/Outlook and the cloud in the boxes, and initiate the task.

Note: If you want to check the migration setting and use “Filter” and “Schedule”, you have to do those things before clicking on “Migrate Now”.

Download Email as PDF by Email Download

Step 1: Add Gmail/Outlook to MultCloud.

Step 2: Open Gmail/Outlook on MultCloud, select the emails that you want to download, and click “Download” in the upper taskbar.

Step 3: Check the “Download Settings” and click “OK” to start downloading.


Discover MultCloud, the top-notch email to PDF converter simplifies your document management. It has an intuitive interface that quickly and easily converts emails and their attachments to PDFs. Get more done in less time by saying goodbye to hassle.

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