What’s New Features Coming in Watch Series 9

Apple is getting ready to release the Apple Watch Series 9, as well as the Apple Watch Ultra 2. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Apple’s latest wearables and what the future holds for next year.

Notable Changes for the Apple Watch Series 9

There are going to be two notable changes for the Apple Watch Series 9.

  1. Upgraded Processor: Apple is finally going to upgrade the SIP (System in Package), which is essentially the processor that runs inside the Apple Watch. Apple has kept the processor largely the same in the Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8. They all use essentially the same chip based on the A13 Bionic processor. While they included other new benefits like better battery management and faster charging support, the processor’s speed has remained the same. The S9 inside the Apple Watch Series 9 aims to fix that by upgrading to the A15 Bionic processor, moving from a seven-nanometer to a five-nanometer process, which should significantly improve the watch’s performance.
  2. New Pink Color: Additionally, we should see a new pink color coming to the aluminum version of the Apple Watch. This pink color is described as more pink than rose gold, providing a fresh option for users who prefer a different hue.

Unfortunately, these seem to be the main differences in terms of the color or physical appearance changes with the Apple Watch Series 9.

Minor Incremental Update

I’ll level with you, this seems like a very minor incremental update for the Apple Watch. Last year’s Series 8 wasn’t a huge leap, but this one appears even smaller. Apple is addressing this with a couple of different solutions.

  • WatchOS 10: Apple is introducing WatchOS 10, a significant upgrade that will make the Apple Watch Series 9 look powerful. WatchOS 10 brings substantial improvements to the user experience.
  • New Band Options: Apple is rumored to be introducing new band options with the Series 9, including a woven textured band with a magnetic clasp. This could provide a fresh and comfortable band option for users.

What’s Next?

It almost seems like Apple is taking a gap year because the Apple Watch in 2024 sounds like it’s going to be a big deal. It’s likely to be the Apple Watch 10 or the Apple Watch Ultra 2, but details are scarce at this point. Rumors suggest we might see a darker hue of titanium, but beyond that, not much is known.

The Apple Watch 10 is expected to be a significant overhaul, offering a sleeker and slimmer design. However, this redesign may also mean changes to the band system, potentially moving away from the current sliding mechanism to a new magnetic system. This could be controversial as it may render existing bands incompatible.

So, are you going to pick up an Apple Watch Series 9 or an Apple Watch Ultra 2? Are you hoping Apple has more surprises in store, or will you wait for the Apple Watch 10, Apple Watch Series 10, or whatever it’s called coming out next year?

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