What Apple Brings in New iMac M3 in 2023?

It has been quite a while since Apple released a new iMac. Apple last updated the iMac in 2021 with an all-new design and the powerful M1 processor, offering it in a variety of striking colors. However, since then, Apple has been rapidly refreshing its Mac lineup, leaving the iMac behind. We’ve seen multiple versions of the MacBook Air, new MacBook Pros, Mac Studios, and even a Mac Pro, yet the iMac still relies solely on the M1 processor.

The M1 Exclusivity

Despite the presence of M2 processors in various Macs, there hasn’t been an M2 version of the iMac. The M1 iMac is the only Mac in Apple’s lineup entirely reliant on the M1 chip. But fear not; the iMac isn’t going anywhere. Instead, Apple is likely to skip the M2 generation and move directly to the M3.

The M3 iMac Is in the Works

Multiple sources have confirmed that Apple is deep into the process of creating an M3 iMac. Mark German reported as recently as March that Apple is already in the Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) phase for the new M3 iMac. Typically, it takes about three months from EVT to production. So, if EVT started in March, we could expect the new M3 iMac by the end of 2023. German also mentioned that Apple is expected to hold an event in October this year, which could be the stage for the new iMacs.

 iMac M3

No Major Design Changes

While the iMac is due for a processor upgrade, don’t expect major design changes. The current 24-inch iMac features a sleek and modern design, with Thunderbolt USB 4 ports and a stunning display. Any changes will likely be minor tweaks to refine this already fantastic design. So, you can expect the same 24-inch iMac, but updated with the powerful M3 processors.

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Beyond the 24-inch iMac

However, the 24-inch iMac isn’t the only iMac-related news. There are strong rumors that Apple is working on an even larger iMac or possibly the resurgence of an iMac Pro.

A New Larger iMac

Rumors dating back to 2021 suggested that Apple was developing a new 27-inch iMac, with some even speculating a release by the end of 2022. However, those rumors haven’t materialized yet. The most likely scenario now points to a late 2024 or 2025 release for a larger iMac, possibly with a 30 or 32-inch display. While there are wild rumors of even larger displays, such as 42 inches, keep in mind that these are likely just testing prototypes.

Expected Features

The new larger iMac will likely feature slimmer bezels to accommodate the larger display and could include features like ProMotion and Mini LED technology. Inside, it’s expected to boast an M3 Pro or M3 Max processor, delivering top-notch performance.

The iMac Pro Dilemma

The future of the iMac Pro remains uncertain. Apple may choose to continue the iMac Pro branding as a higher-end version of the new larger iMac. Alternatively, Apple might opt for a more straightforward naming convention, such as iMac Max, indicating the larger screen size and higher-end components. Either way, the performance of the new 30 or 32-inch model is expected to cater to professional users.

 iMac M3

So, are you excited about the upcoming iMac updates? Whether you’re considering the existing M1 24-inch iMac or waiting for the new models, share your thoughts in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter at Andrew OSU. And if you’re in the market for an iMac, keep an eye out for potential new releases, likely in October.

What to Expect from the M3 iMac

Apple’s shift to the M3 processor for the iMac signifies a significant performance boost. The M3 chip is expected to offer even faster speeds, improved graphics capabilities, and better energy efficiency compared to the M1. This means a smoother user experience, whether you’re tackling demanding creative tasks or simply browsing the web. With the M3 iMac, you can anticipate better multitasking capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly run multiple apps and processes simultaneously.

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Display Enhancements

While the design of the 24-inch iMac remains largely unchanged, it’s worth noting that Apple could introduce some subtle refinements. One area where they might make improvements is the display technology. Although the current 24-inch iMac already boasts an impressive display, Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of screen technology. We might see enhancements such as increased brightness, improved color accuracy, and perhaps even higher resolutions, providing an even more immersive visual experience.

The Role of ProMotion and Mini LED

ProMotion technology, which is currently featured in some iPad models, could make its way to the iMac lineup. ProMotion offers a higher refresh rate, resulting in smoother animations and more responsive touch input. This could be particularly beneficial for creative professionals working on graphic design, video editing, or 3D rendering, where precise input and smooth visuals are crucial.

 iMac M3

Additionally, Mini LED technology may find its place in the new iMacs. Mini LED displays offer enhanced contrast ratios, improved brightness levels, and more precise local dimming. These benefits contribute to a superior viewing experience, especially for tasks that require accurate color representation, such as photo and video editing.

Larger iMac: A Dream for Creatives

The prospect of a larger iMac, possibly with a 30 or 32-inch display, is exciting for creative professionals and anyone who craves more screen real estate. A larger display provides more room to work on complex projects, edit high-resolution photos and videos, or comfortably multitask with multiple windows open side by side. The increased display size could redefine how users interact with their iMacs and open up new possibilities for productivity and creativity.

The Mystery of the iMac Pro

As for the iMac Pro or its potential successor, it remains a bit of a mystery. The iMac Pro has traditionally been associated with higher-end specifications, including more powerful processors, enhanced graphics, and additional RAM capacity. If Apple continues with this branding, we can expect the larger iMac to come packed with professional-grade hardware, catering to users who demand uncompromising performance.

On the other hand, Apple could opt for a more streamlined naming convention, grouping all iMacs under a unified “iMac” banner and distinguishing them by screen size and performance. This approach aligns with Apple’s recent naming strategies for other products.

In conclusion, the future of iMacs looks promising, with the M3 iMac set to elevate performance and potential design refinements and a larger iMac providing more screen space for creativity and productivity. Whether the iMac Pro returns or gets a new name, it’s clear that Apple is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its users, from casual users to creative professionals. Keep an eye on Apple’s announcements for more exciting details about the upcoming iMacs!

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