All New Features of Apple TV with tvOS 17

Apple is set to release tvOS 17. This is the biggest update in some time for the Apple TV, and there are a lot of new features to check out. Apple TV has always been one of my favorite platforms, and with this update, there’s a bunch of exciting new stuff that I’m eager to show you in this article.


Exploring the New Features

Additional Icons in the Home Screen

The first noticeable change is the addition of an extra column of icons on the home screen. You can now fit one more row of icons, which makes navigation faster and more convenient. It’s a small but welcome improvement.

FaceTime Integration

One of the standout features in tvOS 17 is the integration of FaceTime. You can now start FaceTime calls using your Apple TV, either by transferring them from your iPhone using Handoff and Continuity or by directly initiating a call through the FaceTime app.

FaceTime Features

With FaceTime on Apple TV, you can choose from recent calls, search your contacts, and even use Center Stage, Portrait Mode, and reactions for a more engaging video call experience.

Third-Party App Support

Apple has also extended the Continuity Camera API and framework to third-party developers, promising more innovative applications down the line. Companies like WebEx and Zoom have already announced their support for this feature.


Split-View Multitasking

Enjoy split-screen multitasking during FaceTime calls, allowing you to watch a movie or play a video game together while seeing and interacting with each other in real-time.

Apple Music Lyrics

The Music app on Apple TV now supports Apple Music’s lyric feature. You can even use your iPhone’s camera to create a karaoke-like effect, displaying lyrics on the big screen.

Control Center Redesign

tvOS 17 introduces a redesigned Control Center that provides easy access to system information, Wi-Fi controls, sleep timer, AirPlay options, gaming controllers, accessibility settings, and Universal Spotlight search.

Enhanced HomeKit Support

You can now seamlessly control your HomeKit devices, switch between different cameras, and create scenes directly from your Apple TV. The improved HomeKit support offers a more powerful home automation experience.

Apple TV Remote Locator

If you own the latest Apple TV 4K and the second-generation Siri remote, you can use your iPhone to locate your remote easily. This feature is a long-awaited addition for those prone to misplacing their remotes.

Enhanced Dialogue with HomePod

If you pair your Apple TV 4K with the second-generation HomePod, you can experience enhanced dialogue, making it easier to hear what characters are saying on screen.

VPN Support

Apple TV now supports VPNs, allowing you to protect your traffic, change your location, and access geo-restricted content with ease.

Dolby Vision 8.1

tvOS 17 adds support for Dolby Vision 8.1, offering automatic fallback to HDR 10 when needed, ensuring the best video quality for your content.

New Screensavers

Enjoy new screensaver options, including flyovers of Monument Valley and California’s coastal redwoods, as well as personalized memories curated from your photo library.

Apple Fitness+

The Fitness app on Apple TV introduces audio focus, workout stacks, and custom plans, enhancing your fitness experience and helping you stick to your workout routines.


These are just some of the exciting new features coming to the Apple TV with tvOS 17. This update promises to elevate your Apple TV experience, whether you’re using it for entertainment, communication, or fitness. Let us know your thoughts and which features you’re most excited about in the comments

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