How To Use Standby Mode with iOS 17

In the world of Apple innovations, iOS 17 introduces a game-changer: Standby Mode. This feature transforms your iPhone into a versatile smart display, creating a dynamic experience for your everyday life. Whether you’re in the kitchen, office, or bedroom, Standby Mode has you covered.

How To Use Standby Mode with iOS 17

Effortless Activation

Using Standby Mode is as simple as connecting your iPhone to power and setting it down horizontally. It couldn’t be more convenient! Whether you prefer a lightning cable or a MagSafe charger, your iPhone instantly adapts to become a customizable smart display.

MagSafe Magic

Opting for a MagSafe charger offers an extra layer of convenience. Snap your phone on and off effortlessly, and even enjoy stands that allow you to control the display angle. Plus, your iPhone remembers each MagSafe charger’s settings, providing tailored Standby Modes for different locations.

Customize Your Display

With Standby Mode, personalization is the name of the game. Choose from a variety of pre-populated widgets like Calendar, Clock, Music, and more. Simply swipe up and down to switch between widgets, and tap and hold to edit and customize your widget stack. You can even enable suggested widgets to anticipate your needs.

The Promise of Third-Party Widgets

While Apple’s widgets currently dominate Standby Mode, iOS 17 is opening the door to third-party developers. Expect an exciting array of widgets to enhance your experience once developers hop on board.

Versatile Viewing

Standby Mode offers diverse viewing options. Besides the default split view with a clock and calendar, you can switch to other layouts. Two-column displays, photo galleries, and single oversized clocks are just a swipe away.

Bedtime Bliss

Your iPhone is more than just a screen; it’s your sleep companion. When Standby Mode detects the lights in your room are off, it automatically shifts to a soothing red display, minimizing blue light and helping you sleep better.

Real-Time Updates

Live activities and Siri results seamlessly integrate into Standby Mode. Track timers, food deliveries, live sports scores, and more on the full-screen display. Siri provides visually stunning full-screen responses, enhancing the usefulness of your iPhone as a smart display.

What’s Next?

iOS 17 promises a world of possibilities with Standby Mode. Expect new features and third-party apps to enhance your experience. Stay tuned for updates and explore the endless potential of your iPhone’s Standby Mode.

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