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myTracks Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Dirk Stichling announces the 10th anniversary of myTracks, his easy-to-use photo geotagging app for macOS. In celebration of the anniversary, the app is now priced at 50% off for a limited time.



myTracks is the swiss-army knife macOS app for GPS tracks. GPS tracks can be downloaded from various hardware GPS loggers and organize the tracks into a library. The tracks can be displayed on a map, using various map types. myTracks’ geo-tagging feature allows it to write GPS information into photo files (both jpg and raw).


“Ten years ago, I created myTracks to be the do-it-all utility for organizing your GPS tracks. They can be loaded from a broad range of devices, and the app organizes them into an easily accessibly library,” says the developers of the myTracks app, Dirk Stichling. “The app has become extremely popular in the Mac App Store, earning a rating of 4.8 of 5 stars in the German Mac App Store and 4.6 stars in the U.S. Mac App Store.”


myTracks can be used with the macOS “Photos” app, as well as numerous other photo organizing applications, including Adobe Lightroom, GraphicConverter, or even the macOS Finder. myTracks handles the JPEG and RAW photos formats. GPS tracks can be exported in the GPX, KML or KMZ file formats, and can be used with Google Earth.


Features Include:

  • Works great with the macOS “Photos” app
  • Search, bookmark, and organize using the Track Library
  • 1-click, drag-and-drop geotagging of JPEG and RAW photo files
  • Logger Assistant offers more than 50 presets for downloading GPS tracks
  • Import, export, and edit tracks in GPX and KML formats. Export in KMZ formats
  • Ability to display tracks on a variety of maps, both online and offline
  •  iCloud support
  • Free iOS app to track recording and sync with macOS app


“I’m so pleased at how well the app has been accepted by Mac users over the last 10 years, and I’m proud of the rating it has earned in the Mac App Store,” continues Dirk. “I look forward to the next 10 years of development and improvements to the app.”


myTracks 3.4.8 is now $7.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) to celebrate the app’s 10th anniversary (it is usually $17.99 USD), and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Travel category. “myTracks – The GPS-Logger” for iOS is also available for free through the App Store.


Railroad Logistics Challenge for Multiple Platforms

Magnin & Associates announces the release of Railroad Logistics Challenge 1.0, their new game for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Windows PC and Xbox where you can try your hand at railroad logistics.



Daily job cards tell you where to go, which car to pickup, what to load it with, and where to deliver it. Job cards can be sorted in any order to help you prioritize the tasks. There are variety of railroad cars including box cars, flat beds, gondola cars, and tankers. You simply back your train into the car you want to pickup and it couples automatically. Then when you deliver it to the right spot you click on the decouple symbol.


The game was produced by Ed Magnin, designed and programmed by Willie Johnson, Jr, 3d models by Ryan Thomas, playtested by game dev interns from Dallas ISD, Conrad H-TECH at Richland College – David Hayes, Amber Roberson, Carlos Davila, and Gabriela Hernandez-Gasca. Matt Campana created the music and audio effects. According to Ed Magnin, “This was our chance to simulate the responsibility for picking up, loading, and delivering a variety of railroad cars to their proper locations to keep our economy moving.”


Railroad Logistics Challenge 1.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. An Android version is available worldwide from both Google Play and Amazon AppStore. A Windows 10 PC and Xbox version is available from the Windows Store.


Shopsavvy for IOS Includes Shipping Times,Costs & Tax with Product Results

ShopSavvy Inc. releases ShopSavvy 14.7.5 for iOS, provides shipping costs, times and tax costs. The new information will be displayed in the product results screen for each product and retailer.



“Our users have been asking us to provide tax and shipping information for years but the technical limitations have just come together recently. This feature really levels the playing field for retailers who provide great deals on shipping and we couldn’t be happier to bring this long requested feature to users”, said Jake Marsh Vice President and Co-founder.


ShopSavvy will never show a product or offer based on ad revenue. ShopSavvy’s brand promise is to only surface the very best deals at the top of its product search platform.


ShopSavvy users can customize their alerts to display the latest deals from their favorite brands and stores whether large, small, online or local. Instead of sorting through emails from 20 different stores to track sales on products and brands, consumers can follow specific items to find out when those products go on sale at any particular retailer.


With more than 40 million downloads, ShopSavvy rose to prominence as a barcode scanning mobile app for head-to-head price comparisons. Shoppers can use the scanner or simple keyword entry to search for online and local product deals. They can then save these searches to be notified if a deal of interest becomes available.


ShopSavvy has evolved into a complete shopping app for users to discover, shop and save. The app aggregates product prices, deals, and ratings from more than half a million retailers worldwide and partners to provide the most comprehensive source of independent and unbiased information and advice for shoppers.

ShopSavvy 14.7.5



Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror Released for iOS

Spiderweb Software, Inc. releases Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror, our all-new fantasy role-playing epic for iOS now available in the Apple App Store. Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror had a successful Kickstarter, and we have actually shipped the game according to schedule!



You are royalty of the mighty empire of Haven! Your mother the Queen rules, while you enjoy a life of sheltered luxury. Then, one morning, you wake up to find yourself banished to your Empire’s lost colony. You mother has declared your childhood at an end. Your mission? Prove yourself by reconquering Haven’s rebellious vassals, or don’t bother to come home.


Explore an enormous outdoors and a multitude of towns and dungeons. Fight clever, carefully designed turn-based battles. Meet three different fierce nations and deal with them with bribery, diplomacy, or (if you choose) violence. Build new forts and customize them, choosing among upgrades that give your adventurers powerful bonuses.


To win the Queen’s favor, you must rebuild your lost colony. Will you be a diplomat or a warrior of Empire? Obedient or rebellious child? It will be up to you. But beware … Whatever path you try to take, the temptations to turn away from it will be cunning and constant.


Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror can be purchased from the App Store.

TappyTaps Introduces Barkio for Pet Owners to Monitor Their Dogs

TappyTaps introduces Barkio 1.0, a multiplatform dog monitoring app for phones, tablets, and computers. Barkio allows anyone to watch, listen and interact with their dog remotely, without the need for special hardware. The app was especially prepared with a focus to solve dog’s separation anxiety. With live audio and video, dog owners can see and hear everything that their pets are doing, and interact with them remotely. Barkio turns any two phones, tablets, or laptops into a smart dog monitor and proves to be a helpful tool when dealing with dog separation anxiety.



HD video monitoring – With live video feed, pet owners can check what their dogs are up to. The video transmission works on any network, including WiFi and cellular data.


Sound monitoring – Barkio is triggered every time a noise is captured. The app offers five different levels of microphone sensitivity to make sure the pet owner never misses a single bark.


Remote interaction – Thanks to Barkio, the pet owners have a chance to communicate with their dogs remotely. They can talk to the dog directly through the microphone feature or by pre-recording short voice messages and playing them to the dog when needed. Talking to the dog helps to calm it down when the dog is nervous, anxious, or disobeying.


Custom commands – Record custom voice messages such as Stop, Sit, or Stay and send them to your dog remotely whenever you need. Commands come in handy when the pet owner needs to calm the dog, but can’t talk at the moment.


Two-way video – When talking to the dog, pet parents may use the “Face” feature to stream a video of themselves to the dog. Some dogs proved to react better when hearing and seeing their owners at the same time.


Multiplatform app – Barkio is available for multiplatform usage among iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Covering all these platforms, we hope to offer unlimited monitoring options to pet parents all around the world.


All family members can join monitoring – Barkio is tied to a Family Account, which means multiple family members can use Barkio and join the monitoring of their dogs.


Activity log – Pet owners will never miss a single bark with a timestamp from all monitorings. Activity log records all noises so the pet owner can check at any time to find out what’s been going on. The activity log helps to understand dog behavior patterns and discover any problems.


Smart notifications – Barkio keeps the customers notified in every situation. The app will send notifications when the dog is noisy or resting, with recorded noise for the pet owner to listen to.


Power saving background mode – When using the app on the background, Barkio switches to a power-saving mode which informs the pet owners about their dogs through notifications. The audio and video are not transmitted, which saves the battery and lets the pet owners enjoy other apps.


A helpful tool for separation anxiety – Separation anxiety affects dogs of all breeds and ages. Barkio helps to detect separation anxiety as it allows the pet owners to see how the dog behaves when it’s alone. Barkio also helps with solitude training to help the dog feel comfortable when being alone.


iOS and Android versions are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store and Google Play. Mac, Windows and Linux versions are available to download directly from Barkio online. Barkio costs $19.99 (USD) / year or $2.99 / month for up to 10 devices.


Music Vibes Piano App for the Deaf on iOS

Interactive Coconut releases Music Vibes, piano app for iOS that doesn’t just play music as audio, it can also play it as haptic vibrations. That’s right, you can feel the music with vibrations! If you place the phone to your jaw, or the side of your head, the vibrations can be “heard” as music – even by some deaf or hard of hearing people! A fascinating and thrilling experience.



Famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven became deaf later in life. When his hearing had degraded significantly, Beethoven looked for support, and after finding nothing that helped in contemporary solutions, he turned to experimentation. He discovered that if he clenched a rod in his jaw and held it to the soundbar of the piano he was playing, the vibrations he could feel in his jaw could be experienced as sound! Little did Beethoven know that he had discovered the phenomenon now known as bone conduction.


Music Vibes takes this 19th century discovery to the 21st century! Instead of a real piano producing audio vibrations, Music Vibes is a piano app that can produce haptic feedback vibrations on iPhones. By pressing your iPhone to your jaw, users can actually feel the vibrations become sound and melodies.


Music Vibes has many of the features

  • Play music using the piano keys.
  • Record a tune and play it back.
  • Save a tune for later.
  • Share a tune with friends to play in their Music Vibes app.
  • Turn audio on and off or control the volume.
  • Load preset melodies from the library.


Of course the one feature that sets this app apart from other piano apps, is that you can turn vibration on and off, or even control its intensity!


Music Vibes is free. It does offer an In-App purchase of $1.99 (USD) to download a Christmas Pack of Christmas melodies – a pack of 15 Christmas classics, especially for this month, that you can play. The developer has also provided several preset melodies to load, and expects to add to these over time. For more information on Music Vibes, read the company announcement.


Pico Christmas Tree AR for iPhone – Decorate Virtual Christmas Trees 

Independent developer Boleslaw Walczyk announces Pico Christmas Tree AR 1.0, his entertaining holiday-themed app for iPhone and iPad devices. The app allows users to place a Christmas tree anywhere in the room and decorate it using a wide selection of ornaments and decorations.


Select a space in the room where you’d like the Christmas tree to appear, and tap the screen to place the tree. Once the tree has been “planted” in the room, users can then begin decorating the tree, using a wide variety of ornaments and other decorations.


“We all love Christmas time, which for my family always kicks off with decorating the tree a few weeks before the big day. It’s a beautiful family bonding experience and the children in the family especially enjoy it,” shares developer Boleslaw Walczyk. “I’ve always felt the experience should last longer than for just a few hours each year. So, with the latest in iPhone technology, I’ve created an app that allows users to have that feeling any time.”


Pico Christmas Tree AR’s sharing feature means everyone in the family can join in the decorating fun, without needing to crowd around a single small screen. Families can collaboratively decorate the tree by sharing the decorating session with other iOS devices.



Features include:

  • Place the tree anywhere in the room using the power of Augmented Reality
  • Change the location, size and rotation of the tree at any time
  • Decorate using a variety or ornaments and decorations
  • Additional decorations available via convenient in-app purchase
  • Auto-decorate feature decorates the tree on its own
  • Save the current tree project and come back to it any time
  • Built-in gallery allows saving trees for later enjoyment
  • Share a photo of your tree with friends and family


If users can decide how to start decorating the tree, they can make use of the app’s auto-decorate feature. Simply select the desired decorations, and which colors to use, and the app will randomly place the decorations on the tree.


While Christmas is a once a year occasion, decorating the tree need not be, thanks to Pico Christmas Tree AR. Reviewers at enjoyed the app, saying “This app does exactly what it sets out to do. It provides a creative outlet for children who have become enthralled by the idea of decorating trees for Christmas.”



The reviewer also said “Those of an artistic inclination will see how colours can be matched to work best, compare busy designs with minimalist ones, and design a tree that works with the decor of each room in their home. Sharing the decoration of a single tree will encourage children to work together and share their ideas.”


Pico Christmas Tree AR 1.0 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Download in App Store categories.

Xwavesoft Black Friday Sale For All Apps

Xwavesoft announces Black Friday Sale with 60% discount on its well known and highly rated products such as Be Focused, Cloud Outliner, Focus Matrix, Daily Habits and other. From Tuesday, November 26 through Tuesday, December 3, all Xwavesoft’s productivity applications will be offered at 60% discount on both iOS and Mac App Stores.



Since everyone has a tight schedule and always pressed for time, Xwavesoft team are delighted to introduce applications where the latest productivity principles and techniques are incorporated to keep people more efficient. These apps increase personal productivity and helps to focus on things that really matter.


The discount in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store is valid from Tuesday, November 26 through Tuesday, December 3.